The Hidden Secret of Web Hosting to Boost Your Site Speed

Technology is moving forward at a very fast pace, and this fast-growing technology is going to make everything load up! No one likes slow websites, if you have to sit for minutes by clicking on the link, most users will close the website and move to a different site, just like I do myself! On the other hand, the webpages that load faster provide more engagement, get more conversions, and increase the cell! With fast loading websites, search engines provide a better ranking, meaning SEO has a huge impact on site loading speed! So my endeavor is to point out regarding the hidden secret of web hosting.

Hidden Secret of Web Hosting

I have previously written a detailed article on increasing the loading speed of the web page by optimizing the website. Just 1 or 2 facts don’t depend on creating a web page fast loading. Your site may be slow for web hosting even if all the optimization tricks are correct. In this article, I will try to cover the hidden secret of web hosting. But here’s how web hosting can affect site speed?

How Does Hosting Play a Role in Loading the Web Page Quickly?

Web hosting plays a key role in delivering your web site to the user’s browser! When the user tries to load your website from his browser, the browser sends the request to your web hosting and if everything is right, the web server will supply the desired page to the browser. Now the webserver will be able to send the page as quickly as possible, and the browser will be able to load the web page as fast as possible. Read this article for more details.

How Does the Webserver Work?

How Does the Webserver WorkDifferent hosting solutions are required for websites created in different technologies. Not all types of websites run well in the same type of hosting. For example. Your website static means just created by the HTML page, so your site can be run on any serverless hosting. You will need good disk speed and adequate bandwidth support to get more visitors to page together!

Again, many websites are dynamic, using software to generate web pages like WordPress! This type of site requires completely different web hosting because it comes with computing!

What do You Need to See Hosting for a Site?

This means you need to choose the hosting plan depending on the type of site you are on. In a word, your website can be instant fast by spending more on hosting and choosing the right hosting!

Solid State Drive (SSD) is much faster than a traditional hard drive when your website is static or dynamic, fast page serving. If you’re using a solid-state drive on your PC, you might know the difference yourself! So in the case of web hosting, the hosting plan SSD offers must be a process!

Now this is the most important factor, your hosting company may be offering you an impossible amount of resources for a small amount, while on the other hand, the different hosting companies charge 3-4 times more for the same amount of resources, so you’re cheaper to get more resources. You’re going to be on the hosting side, right? Well, most companies that offer more resources for less money are over-selling, meaning your resources are shared with another user. Your disk space is shared with others, your virtual server RAM, CPU is using more users together, web hosting companies don’t let you understand it using their special software, but your resources are not dedicated. Your site works slow despite having a lot of resources available. So, seeing that more resources are paying less, it’s not immediately worth buying, dedicated resources are necessary!

More resources: If your site gets more traffic, you’ll need to buy more resource web hosting plans. The more traffic you try to handle, the more you will need server resources.
Fast web hosting helps fast page loading!

Fast web hosting is a very essential thing, you can’t fast loading the site even after thousands of optimizations if your web hosting isn’t fast enough. Especially if you have a lot of elements on your site and a lot of visitors, you can understand the instant difference in speed by upgrading the hosting plan. Sometimes the site can work slower, as many visitors are browsing the site simultaneously.

You have to optimize the website, use a variety of techniques to use the caching system. But web page optimization is not the first and only thing. You have to cross-check a lot. And the key check is that your web hosting plan is fast enough?

And not only is fast web hosting or optimized pages everything but if you have a lot of images on your site, especially e-commerce sites, you need to use CDN, which will see an improvement in the site’s speed time. Also, you need to host the site to a nearby data center based on the location of your site’s visitors, which can improve loading time!

More Exclusive 10 Hidden Secret of Web Hosting:

1. It’s All About Cache

If you wonder where all the cached data is stored, the answer depends on it. There are different types of caches, which follow the same principles but work differently in practice.

Browser Cache (User Level): Website cache means that the browser cache stores larger static files so no user has to load them whenever they visit a website. This is mostly for images like scripts, CSS and other static files. This allows visitors to access a website more quickly as the client/browser does not have to request for each file every time.

2. Hidden Secret of Web Hosting: Server Cache

Server cache works similarly at the browser cache-server level. WebServer Cache can be emptied in WordPress with Air and Cloudflare.

Distributed Cache (CDN): A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a group of geographically distributed servers. They work together to deliver content online. These global servers share static files of a website such as images, videos, CSS or JavaScript. And they provide these from the nearest server to their user’s physical location. For example, when a user clicks on a video, the file loads quickly because it is delivered from a nearby server. Websites use CDNs to ensure that global visitors have a more accessible and faster experience.

3. Configure “Expired”

Another hidden secret of web hosting speed is “Expired”. All types of caches, file titles have an expiration date that determines how long these files will be stored on the viewer’s computer and server. The default is set to zero seconds, so everything is done now. Images (JPG) are set to 1 week.

4. Use the Necessary Plugins

50 About 50% of the 172 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. Plugins often make your life easier. However, the more plugins you have on your website, the longer it takes to load. Outdated plugins can drastically degrade website performance.

For example, you can manually add tracking code to the footer of your website instead of the Google Analytics plugin.

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5. Customize Your Image

According to the HTTP archive,% 1% of a website’s page weight is the overall size of your small business website and especially the size of the image greatly affects your site’s speed. Obviously, the larger the container, the slower it is.

Images You can start by reducing the number of images. However, it can be annoying. So, reducing the file size of your images is a great solution. Change the resolution (quality) of the image to the standard web resolution size. It is 72 dpi. Another easy way is to reduce the size, compress the image and / or crop the image (cutting out unnecessary areas).

6. Compress Your Content

Images In addition to images, you can customize the rest of your content. It also contributes to javascript and CSS files grouping to improve the functionality of your website. This hidden secret of web hosting also can boost your site.

7. External requests are limited

Java If a website requests a lot of files from Google Fonts, Facebook and other social media sites as well as third-party servers such as CDN for JavaScript files, then you first need to connect to a lot of servers.

8. Hidden Secret of Web Hosting: Selecting the physical server

For example, if your target audience is in Germany, choose your web server in Germany to load your website faster.

9. CSS. Combine images with CSS Sprite

An image says more than a thousand words. But if you have several images on your page, you are forcing multiple roundtrips to the server to get all the resources. This reduces the burden of your site. Image sprites are a great way to bypass this problem.

For example, an image sprite can combine all background images of a page into a single image. This means that all images appear after the main “sprite” is loaded. It also reduces flashing images and cozy experience for your users.

10. Hidden Secret of Web Hosting: Reach for the Cloud

Your web server is one of the easiest ways to speed up your website. Consider changing your hosting plan instead of cheap shared hosting. Ditioning “Shared Hosting” hosts websites on a physical server where all resources are shared (often not equal) between websites.

Cloud Hosting, on the other hand, ensures virtually unlimited resources for all applications. Also, cloud hosting gives users more control over how they can customize their servers and install the necessary software.

I think you already realize the hidden secret of web hosting. By following those tips your site may boost up to a certain level.

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