The Best Puzzle Games for Android Users

Are you a puzzle fanatic? Do you love nothing more than finding the best brain teasers and challenges around? If so, it’s time to check out some of the fantastic games you can play on your Android phone designed just for puzzle lovers like you.

From classic crosswords to mind-bending puzzles, there truly is something for Android users – all waiting to be explored! If you’re eager to challenge your skills and broaden your gaming horizons, read on – we’ve rounded up some of the best games for puzzle fans to enjoy for a non-stop puzzling adventure.

Top 8 Puzzle Games Available for Android Users

Whether you enjoy an excellent classic puzzler or something more sophisticated, below is a list of the best puzzle games you can enjoy on your Android phone.

1. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon by Netflix Games

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is a puzzle game published by Netflix, which means it’s exclusive only to Netflix members. This roguelike puzzle game brings you to a puzzling dimension where you must guide the Puzzle Knight.

The gameplay consists of battling bosses, and traversing the eerie dungeon to procure new weapons or equipment is essential. Overall, it’s a puzzle game with a dungeon-crawling twist.

Roguelike Game Features:

  • Control up to ten different characters with unique play styles and capabilities from the Shovel Knight universe
  • Equip items and weapons to enhance your power
  • Choose your game mode: Adventure Mode, Daily Challenge2 player competitive Versus Mode

2. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles by Orbital Nine Games

Give your brain the challenge and exercise it deserves with Brain It On! It’s a deceptive puzzle game where you must solve physics-based levels. However, you must earn enough stars from the previous level to unlock the next level.

Give your brain the challenge and exercise it deserves with Brain It On! It's a deceptive puzzle game where you must solve physics-based levels.

There are also player-created puzzles available, so there are dozens you can try with numerous ways of solving them. Through this, you can compete against your friends and compare your unique solutions to see who did it best. Are you ready to get the Brain It On! Crown? Then play this game now!

3. Minesweeper by

A classic puzzle game that will blow your mind is Minesweeper. This game is about choosing the correct box on the grid and ensuring you don’t uncover the wrong one containing a bomb. It’s a classic game based on the original one from Microsoft, so it has an old-school feel with modern visuals, available on your Android phone.

Choose from three difficulty levels; Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert. Each level has different grid sizes to challenge your skills and test your patience. Don’t forget to employ your tactics and be careful not to click on the wrong mine to avoid repeating the entire game.

4. Mekorama by Martin Magni

Mekorama revolves around a lonely robot who needs to make his way through puzzling dioramas. It has 50 levels, all with different challenges and solutions. To do that, you must move the robot around to find a way out.

Charming Game Features:

  • Level cards to collect
  • Make your diorama in the Diorama Maker
  • Relaxing gameplay and adorable robots

5. Lost Words: Beyond the Page by PID Games

Go on a narrative adventure in Lost Words: Beyond the Page. Here, you get to immerse yourself in a 2D world while navigating and solving various 3D puzzles. By harnessing the words around you, the environment will begin to change and give you a refreshing platforming experience, which you won’t find in other puzzle games.

With multiple 2D worlds to explore, you must utilize your storytelling skills and create a story inside Izzy’s diary. With your curiosity, you get to propel Izzy on a magical journey through the world of Estoria. Marvel at the watercolor world while helping Izzy become a guardian of the fireflies and protect this fantasy world through words.

6. Monument Valley by Ustwo games

Monument Valley is a mind-bending game that will test your architectural and logic skills. This indie game has exceptional gameplay, giving a truly unique experience to its players. As you begin, you’ll notice a structure that requires manipulation to uncover a stunning world for Ida to explore.

Compelling Game Features:

  • Minimalist 3D design with optical illusions
  • Easy game mechanics where you can freely twist the world to help Ida explore
  • Surreal and beautiful soundscape provides a relaxing experience

7. Bonza Word Puzzle by MiniMega

Discover an addictive word puzzle game called Bonza. It has a mix of jigsaw, crossword, and trivia elements, where you can experience them simultaneously. Due to its incredible features, many players get addicted to it as it offers entertainment and challenge at the same time.

Bonza features various puzzles and thousands of words to keep you entertained. You can also customize a Bonza puzzle through the Bonza Puzzle Creator. Share it with your friends, and see if they have the power to solve it!

8. The Room: Old Sins by Fireproof Games

Experience escaping the room and hidden objects gameplay rolled into one by playing The Room: Old Sins, and see if you have the courage and wits to withstand the creepy and haunting atmosphere this puzzle game offers. Tactile exploration and captivating storylines will get you hooked as you venture through the intricately designed rooms.

Adrenaline-Fueled Game Features:

  • Complex dollhouse design
  • Interactive objects with a unique pick-up-and-play design
  • Atmospheric soundscape
  • Hold and maneuver the objects to find their hidden mechanisms
  • Explore an engineer’s home where he and his wife disappeared
  • Find the precious artifact
  • Numerous rooms to access using hidden objects

Which Games Do You Want to Play on Your Phone?

If you’re among the millions of Android users searching for games to play anywhere and anytime for free, don’t hesitate to choose from the puzzle games on this list. Whether you like a classic Mine game or something more thought-provoking, there’s something for you to download or play on your phone’s browser.

Become an expert puzzle solver with whatever genre you wish to play. Begin with the abovementioned puzzle games, and improve your strategic thinking skills as you progress. Ready to reach the next challenge? Pick up your phone, and start playing!

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