Best 20 Puzzle Role Playing Games for PC and Android

Gamers always love to explore different dimensions of gaming. Puzzle games have been a popular gameplay genre for an extended period. But you can find differences in this genre too. Not all puzzle games are of the same kind. Kids may love to solve riddles and easy puzzle games to pass the time. But you might not be satisfied with these simple features. The game developers have added exciting fusions of Puzzle Role Playing Games for PC and Android to satisfy gamers.

Nowadays, role-playing games (RPGs) are becoming more popular among people. In such a game, the player has to act as the game’s main character. It increases the gamer’s excitement as he has to lead the game. In the case of puzzle RPGs, the same thing happens. You have to use your tricky mind to solve various riddles and mazes. The perfection of the game will depend on how you can run your character. It creates a fantasy among the players and involves them in the adventure. Are you feeling interested in playing such a game? Just go through the article to learn more about puzzle RPG games. 

Best Puzzle Role Playing Games for PC

Best RPGs for PC” means the greatest video games where you become characters in made-up worlds, going on quests. Games like “The Witcher 3,” “Dark Souls,” and “Skyrim” are really fun and let you make choices.

Puzzle games are equally popular among kids and grown-up people. You can play such kinds of games both on PC and Android devices. However, there are some differences in the playing modes of these two platforms. Some players may like PC games more than playing on other devices. Likewise, the opposite situation also exists.

Considering both circumstances, I have reviewed the best 20 puzzle role-playing games. I have separately mentioned the top ten puzzle games for PC and Android. Hopefully, this review will be beneficial to you in choosing your desired game. 

1. We Were Here Together

A popular co-op puzzle game is We Were Here Together. This game is, at the same time, an adventure game. It requires solving puzzles to escape from danger. You need to communicate with your partner and solve the mysteries. The game will take you on a tour of distant frozen Antarctic valleys, expedition base camp, and the Sinister castle rock. You have to apply your wittiness to get rid of the dangers. We Were Here Together Puzzle Role Playing games

We Were Here Together tells a story of a dark history. You will know about the game’s evil named ‘the Jester.’ Various tricky puzzles will appear before you. It would be best if you faced all the furious situations by solving the problems. Here, finding the path to get to the source of the distress flare would be best. Teamwork is essential in this game. This role-playing puzzle game allows you to use a walkie-talkie to contact your partner. You might be captivated by the Sinister castle rock. Work together to escape from there. This exciting game will give you the best feeling of playing a puzzle RPG. 

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2. The Witness

Another one of the renowned puzzle role-playing games is ‘The Witness.’ This game is full of witty puzzles and mazes. You need to act as the central role of the game. Here, you will find yourself alone amidst a large island. The island is full of puzzles. It would be best to get out of that place by solving those puzzles. This task will get more challenging as you finish each level. You will forget all the memories of how you entered this island. The only thing you need to do is use your instant mind and find a way to escape.The Witness Puzzle Role Playing games

The Witness will divert your mind into an imaginary world. Here you will get a lot of clues. You need to follow those and try to regain your memories. The more you can discover the hidden meanings of the clues, the more you can solve the puzzles quickly. This single-player game enables you to explore various locations. You have to face above 500 puzzles in this game. The time used for solving the puzzles is vital for increasing your score. This game shows many new ideas for getting through the tricky puzzles. 

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3. Fract OSC

Fract OSC is one of the best puzzle role-playing games with a different atmosphere. This game is based on musical graphics. The puzzles are also equipped with various kinds of music. You need to explore this strange world and rebuild it in your way. For this, you have to solve the musical puzzles. The main task you have to do here is to reshape the sounds. This feature will help you to discover the secrets of this imaginary land. You can also create music inside the game.Fract OSC

Fract OSC is full of well-designed visual and musical graphics. The game can easily make you addicted with its soothing sounds. Moreover, it allows you to compose and use your music in the game. You can also share and export that music with others. The game enables you to unlock tools and use FRACT Studio to create your compositions. You must identify the tricks hidden under the sounds and increase your points. Fract OSC is an excellent medium for exploring the open world. 

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4. Puzzle Agent 2

Puzzle Agent 2 is the famous game ‘Puzzle Agent.’ This game has become more popular than its last part. The play portrays the discoveries of an agent, Nelson Tethers. In the 1st sequel of this game, his boss ended the season without solving the whole mystery. This part came with the new excitement of solving puzzles with Nelson. Here, you have to play the role of Nelson, who will try to discover all the mysteries by himself. Puzzle Agent 2 Puzzle Role Playing games

Puzzle Agent 2 contains several levels. The challenges will be tough gradually. Some of the levels may be unsolvable. You have to collect all the achievements to increase your score. In that case, you might choose a guide. Brainstorming is required to solve the puzzles.

Moreover, the interesting characters in this game made it more fun. This adventurous game is full of creepy puzzles and dark humor. Puzzle Agent 2 is a comparatively short game. However, this game is not appropriate for Mac OS 10.8.x and above.

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5. Edge

Edge is an award-winning role-playing game. You have to control your character by own self in this game. Lots of tricky puzzles made this game popular among the players. You will get more than 100 levels in this puzzle RPG. Moreover, the game includes basic levels, bonuses, and extended gameplay. You will love the retro-style platform of Edge. This is by far one of the greatest puzzle role-playing games of 2020.Edge

You have to rearrange the cubic puzzles in this game. By searching for the new prisms, you need to find the shortcuts. It will help you to solve the puzzles quickly. Remember that your puzzle-solving time is essential to make your scores high. Edge contains a classic 8-bit-inspired soundtrack. It also involves you fighting against the notorious dark cubes. The challenging levels of this game will surely catch your mind. 

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6. Night Sky

Night Sky is another mentionable puzzle role-playing game. This game will give you a different vibe while playing it. Night Sky is not like other random puzzle games. It gives you challenges in a picturesque world. This world had been broken into different areas. Advanced realistic physics has been used to make this game. The unique atmosphere will give you a paranormal feeling. Likewise, discovering the hidden meaning of the mazes amidst this environment enhances its attraction. Night Sky Puzzle Role Playing games

This Puzzle-based gameplay is made on a 2D platform. You have to face a lot of challenges while solving the puzzles. There are eleven challenging levels in this game. You might have to explore various locations to find the clues. The secret rewards and unlockable features can make you score high. Night Sky also has soothing background music. The sound quality of this game is satisfactory. You can undoubtedly try this game as a way of passing the time. 

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7. Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 is a puzzle game with ultimate fun. The visual and audio graphics of this game can quickly attract players. There are more than 40 exciting levels in this game. Moreover, it provides you with eight different gameplay modes. So, you can choose your favorite and comfort zone for solving puzzles. The game contains non-stop action features combined with various mysteries. You have to figure out the clues for discovering the mazes to get a high score.Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 offers you classic gameplay containing powerful new gems. This game’s 40 challenging quest puzzles will make you use your brain sincerely. The graphical designs of this game are praiseworthy. This heart-pounding game creates a magical atmosphere, including high-quality sound and visual mechanisms. Here you can also earn badges as you finish the levels. Secret modes are also available for you to unlock. Overall, Bejeweled 3 is a good puzzle RPG to provide immense pleasure. Download one of the most outstanding puzzle role-playing games now.

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As a puzzle, RPG, RUSH has established its place since 2010. This game is full of fun and thrilling segments. There are about 70 levels in this game. However, the difficulty level increases gradually. Rush is a three-dimensional game. You have to guide codes to the color-coded exit points. To do so, you will get conveyor belts, warps, stop signs, splits, etc. This game is built on a 3D platform. RUSH Puzzle Role Playing games

Playing RUSH is not so difficult. You can control this game using your mouse. The game contains drag-and-drop functions. Here, you can finish the levels effortlessly just by using your brain. The game provides various hints to lead you to the right path. The highly stylized atmosphere of RUSH is another reason for its popularity. 

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9. Gems of War

Gems of War is a sequel to Puzzle Quest. The game is full of exciting challenges. This puzzle RPG is a mixture of action and solving problems. You have to think strategically while playing the game. It would be best if you were the leader of a fantastical monster gang. Moreover, you can equip your character with many guns and armor to prepare to fight against the mighty bosses.Gems of War

There are several different stories in Gems of War. You have to play this game fighting a vast array of quests. This game allows you to create teams and play together. It also contains special rewards and unlockable prizes for the best teams. You may also take part in the weekly tournaments. PvP matches provide bonus rewards to you. Gems of War attracts many players as it combines multiple arenas of role-playing games. Any PC with Windows 7 or above can support this game. 

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10. Puzzle Dimension

Puzzle Dimension is one of the most addictive puzzle role-playing games. This game is simpler and easier to learn than other games in this category. Here you have to follow the rules for gravity and movement. The main task of this game is to collect the sunflowers and exit through the portal. Your points will depend on the time you take to finish the level. After that, you will find yourself in a land of 3D structures and tricky puzzles.Puzzle Dimension Puzzle Role Playing games

Puzzle Dimension requires you to solve more than 100 unique puzzles and mazes. It can easily make you addicted to the game. The game contains crystal clear music and 8-bit stereo-style chip tunes. The visual graphics are also noteworthy. You will get puzzle contents on blocks of ice and fire, teleporters, buttons, spikes, etc. It also enables you to play online with others. Puzzle Dimension can be played on any PC having Windows 7 or above. 

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Best Puzzle Role-Playing Games for Android

Here are ten of the best Puzzle Role Playing games for Android devices.

11. Legendary: Game of Heroes

Game of Heroes is a perfect combination of action and puzzle RPG. It is one of the best puzzle role-playing games for Android devices. You must find the right puzzle card combination in this game. You need to use magic cards to make special attacks. In this way, you can reveal the cunning strategies of the villains. Power up the correct legendary hero character to gain more points.Legendary: Game of Heroes puzzle role playing games

Legendary: Game of Heroes is more enjoyable if you play it with the team. Your heroes, monsters, and other characters will regain their powers at each level. You can also join the guild of heroes to increase the fantasy of this game. You will get extra levels and bonus points in weekly events. Moreover, the game includes a unique graphical interface. Exciting puzzle quests, and twists can divert your mind within a minute. This Puzzle RGP’s magical atmosphere is the players’ main attraction. 

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12. Empires and Puzzles

Empires and PuzzlesEmpires and Puzzles is a comparatively new but popular puzzle game. It is a match-3 game containing RPG elements. You have to match various colorful shields in this game. The game becomes more exciting with the collaboration of different characters. This game includes powerful heroes, monsters, and other fantasy characters. Besides, you can increase their powers by upgrading the levels. There are unique arms and outfits available for the characters. 

Empires and Puzzles require you to build new combos by solving puzzles. This game provides three different seasons of content. You can carry on your adventurous journey through distinct worlds. It also allows you to build your war fortress. You can summon hundreds of heroes and troops to gain powers. This game also enables you to play PvP matches online. Empires and Puzzles are full of action and mind games. You will surely love the exciting features and impressive graphics of this game. Get this marvelous puzzle role-playing game on your Android.

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13. Match Land Puzzle RPG

Match Land Puzzle RPGMatch Land is a game of running a medieval market of food shops. This 8-bit fantasy game contains various dimensions of puzzles. It also included adventures and battles. Moreover, you can create combos while playing this game. For this, you have to make multiple matches per turn. There are over 30 unlockable food shops. You need to continue the battle to 700 levels. Seventy legendary bosses are waiting for you in Match Land. 

The cute characters of Match Land fascinate the players. This game provides beautiful 8-bit retro pixel art. Moreover, you can form your team, including the characters of 60 pixels to 8-bit superheroes! Match Land Puzzle is a long game. The changes in this game come slowly. So, it can be a better option to select it as a relaxing game. The tricky puzzles will also make your mind active and refreshed. 

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14. Puzzle Combat

Puzzle CombatIf you want to play a fast-paced puzzle RPG, Puzzle Combat is perfect. This game is full of your favorite characters and superheroes. You have to survive the attacks of the evil characters by solving puzzles. Besides, it would be best if you made the correct moves of your character. Any mistake in your movement will direct you to death. So, use your brain carefully while completing the levels. 

Puzzle Combat adds special characters each month. You can collect, summon and level up them. You can also collaborate with your friends while playing it. Training of the heroes is also possible here. Puzzle combat allows you to play PvP matches against other players. By completing the daily tasks, you will get a reward from the path of Valor. Overall, Puzzle Combat is worth mentioning for its beautiful features. 

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15. Puzzles and Conquest

Puzzles and ConquestPuzzle and Conquest is role play games for PC and a free-to-play game for Android. It is a mixture of puzzles and strategies. You have to use the skills of your superheroes to defeat the enemies. Moreover, you can recruit various mythological characters to power up yourself. This game requires exploring the world to find clues to solve mazes. You will get valuable resources and treasures during your travel.

Puzzles and Conquest tells a story of an ancient land attacked by the army. Here, you have to play the role of a responsible leader. You have to rebuild the ground with the help of your powerful characters. Elves, Dwarves, and other races are also included in your alliance. You have to prove your leadership quality and intelligence to increase points. This game is perfect for players above 12 years.  

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16. Puzzles and Survival

Puzzles and Survival puzzle role playing gamesPuzzles and Survival is another puzzle computer game. Here, you have to solve puzzles to kill the zombies. A dangerous virus has been spread around the world. It turns humans into zombies. It would be best if you discovered the mysteries to save humanity. For this, prepare by equipping yourself with arms. Unique tactics and strategies will help you to defeat the zombies. 

You will find tactical wargames and casual puzzles in this game. Puzzles and Survival will give you an innovative post-apocalyptic experience. You have to stay secure from any potential threats. Find the superhuman powers alongside the zombie viruses. Use your brain to escape from all the dangers. Your puzzle-solving capacity will lead you to the following levels. The game is undoubtedly an exciting one to play.

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17. Puzzle Dragons

Puzzle DragonsPuzzle Dragons is another free puzzle games for PC for people of all ages. This puzzle RPG is so addictive that it will make you play it for hours. There are multiple levels in this game. Each level will be more complex than the previous one. You need to solve puzzles and match the combinations among different dragon characters.

Puzzle Dragons contain an easy-to-play interface. You need to fight against more than 20 enemies in this game. You can destroy a dragon if you can link three or more identical gems. Your points will depend on the number of dragons you can kill. There are unique puzzle structures at every level. You can play this game for free. However, Puzzle Dragons support advertising.

18. Mythwars and Puzzles

Mythwars and Puzzles puzzle role playing gamesMythwars and Puzzles will take you into a magical world. It is one of those different puzzle role-playing games with various mythological characters. Here, you have to play the role of a mighty Lord. The game requires you to fight against the evil Gods and reconstruct the city. You can also recruit some legendary heroes to support you. The game uses the classic match-3 Puzzle to convert the powers of the Gods to your army. 

Mythwars and Puzzles are full of fantastic content. You can enjoy a lot of mythological scenes here. You need to command on the battlefield to lead your army. It also allows you to play matches with other players around the world. This casual, strategic game san surely win your mind.

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19. Battleship and Puzzles

Battleship and PuzzlesIf you want to experience a role playing games for PC, Battleship and Puzzles will be the best for you. This puzzle RPG contains naval battle features with thrilling PvP matches. This game will find hundreds of warships, carriers, and submarines. You have to build a powerful army to challenge the opponents. 

Battleships and puzzles provide an exciting experience of fighting in the water. The main motto of Battleship and Puzzles is to rebuild a robust navy base. You must recruit the best warships and naval commands to enrich your fleet. You can also upgrade your base to boost your power. Moreover, you have to establish your Naval empire to enforce your control. This game also supports multiple players online. 

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20. Magic: Puzzle Quest

Magic: Puzzle Quest puzzle role playing gamesMagic: Puzzle Quest is one of the best puzzle games on PC. This deck-building strategic game is full of magical features. The central part of this game is collecting magic. You need to acquire powers by gathering the deadliest spells. There are creatures like Kopala, Warden of the Waves, here. You must pick magic cards and build the ultimate deck to face the opponents. 

In Magic: Puzzle Quest, mana gems can be a great source of your magic. You have to collect these gems to increase your power. Then, you can cast deadly spells and use the creatures. You can also recruit your favorite heroes to expand your capabilities. This PvP game lets you play online and lead the scoreboard with various special rewards. Build more powerful decks and achieve your points!

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Final Thoughts

Puzzle role-playing games are excellent sources of entertainment and brainstorming as well. You need to apply your instant wittiness to play these games. Besides, it is fun to act as the game’s central character. The game’s result will depend on controlling and conducting the situation and solving the puzzles. The games I have mentioned in this article are highly recommended. This list gives you enough options to play puzzle RPGs on PC or Android. Hopefully, you will love all these games and send positive feedback. 

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