The Best Top 10 Tax Preparation Software For All Taxpayers

The tax preparation software is used for filing income taxes online and offline. These websites benefit taxpayers who find it difficult to pay taxes online. There is thousand of tax preparation software online, including TurboTax, Taxslayer, and others. But you might get confused about which are the cheapest. Tax preparation software is needed for individuals and business persons. This software claims to make impeccable diagnostics.

Best 10 Tax Preparation Software

Tax preparation software also keeps the data records for years. Some of that helps you by making a list of potential clients. You can also get advice on tax preparation from a tax pro. If you are going to hire one from outside you, have to pay a lot of money, but you can do this for free with this tax preparation shareware. I’m going to talk about the cheapest tax preparation software which will meet all your needs. 

1. TaxAct

taxactWhen we’re talking about the cheapest tax preparation software, then Taxact has to be the number one. It is the cheapest and affordable expense management software. It is an American software that is primarily free, and they assure you that you have to pay for the commodity you need. Taxact also proceeds e-filing, and it has been making it free filing for the U.S military. Taxact has owned by H&R block. But this act was formed in 2010. Before that, Taxact was only a tax filing software. 


  • Taxact has specific payment plans. It has plans for every user. So users find these plans flexible and can access them according to their choices. Taxact has Free plans, pro plans, Premier+ Deluxe+, Self- Employed+ and Basic+ plans. Each plan has its respective features. 
  • The users want to use the free plans. They can access this software for tax filing. Taxact has a free plan, but it only provides the basic features. If you’re satisfied with the plan, you can go with it. 
  • Taxact is the best scalable software with the most detailed information about tax filing. Any user can get the procedure on how to file tax, and there each step will be recorded and delivered as a report by Taxact. 
  • Taxact provides the top-notch benefits of e-filing. They conclude the quickest confirmation by the IRS and states. Moreover, it has been confirmed through e-mail. 
  • It also includes the refund option, so scamming is not possible. As soon as the filing process declines, this software gets the customer refunded. 
  • Taxact also included several plans like individual plans and business plans. These plans make it easier for business people who own several businesses. 

Pricing option and price range: TaxAct has a lot of payment options. They have set the filling for the federal refunds free, but the charge for state filing starts from USD 19.95 to USD 44.95. You can access deluxe, premiere, and additional state return fees within this range.

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2. ProSeries® Tax

ProSeries® TaxProSeries is a tax preparation software owned by intuit. It is an American tax filing software best for small and medium organizations. 

ProSeries follows the accounting method named Quickbooks infrastructured by intuit. Professional tax preparers delineate ProSeries. This tax preparation software is recommended by many. However, some thought it was a valuable and time-saving tax filing software. 

ProSeries is a renowned and legitimate software. It serves you the ultimate benefits by tracking and managing data. Moreover, it submits your every step as a report after filing any tax. You can save a large amount of money by availing yourself of any plans.  


  • ProSeries is a desktop-based tax filing software. It has the most advanced intuition and diagnostics tools for tax preparations. 
  • This software is best for personal businesses. As I’ve mentioned before, ProSeries is best for small and medium businesses. But this is not for commercial use because its mother software has banned ProSeries and other software for commercial uses. 
  • This tax filing software is best because it will provide daily reports. Those reports are made its advanced diagnostic features. So any error mustn’t happen with this software. 
  • The most eccentric feature is financial intuition, and you can download the files. This feature saves both times for you and your client. So you will be able to download the most correct and formed based data. 

Pricing option and price range: You can only ingress ProSeries with your desktop. They have two payment plans one is essential, and another is professional. Different payment plans are based on different price ranges. The basic plan starts with USD 402 and ends with USD 2602.

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3. ProConnect Tax Online: Best Tax Software for QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors

ProConnect Tax Online Best Tax Software for QuickBooks Online ProAdvisorsTo be more precise, ProConnect is not free, but it is one of the cheapest and comprehensive tax preparation software. Intuit also inherited this program and can perform a little similar to the ProSeries tax filing software. Like the ProSeries tax preparation software, it is also directed by the accounting method of QuickBooks. It is not just tax preparation software. It is like a relationship builder. Because it works in the background and builds a beautiful relation with your client and you, it has many fertile features like no hidden charge will be cost, and it is the most secure tax preparation software online. So you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. 


  • The intuit link collects data, and the software does it after meeting with your client. Data collection comes with your potential clients’ portal. 
  • More than 20,000 data is collected, and the software calculates the sum without an error. So, you can expect the most error-free diagnostic.
  •  This software is accessible in the free version. Some basic features will be provided to you. However, you can start with a light configuration with ProConnect. ProConnect ensures the most accessible onboarding program for its users. 
  • ProConnect is always there for your service. You have to knock to their service provider for any queries, and they will answer all your uncertainties. 

Pricing option and price range: The accessible plan of ProConnect starts with USD 94.95 for individual returns and 117.95 USD for Business returns. As ProConnect follows the Pay-per-return method on refunding, all the consumption is calculated individually.

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4. Drake software

Drake softwareDrake software is a professional tax preparation software, but it only works for mid and small organizations. It is commonly used as tax filing software. Drake is also recognized for its exceptional customer service and super easy feature. They made their features super easy to make them accessible for all kinds of users. Drake is a desktop-based software. Being a cloud-based software makes everything quicker. You can meet up with your client virtually and file taxes through meetings. 

Drake has the shortcut keys for simplifying data and macros for sending them quickly. Drake has the tools and other necessary features that a tax professional would need for tax filing. So Darke software is considered the best tax preparation software. 


  • Drake has automated data flow, and it updates all the previous data from your previous year. Data will be updated according to your preference. It can be restored at once or categorized by date and year. 
  • You can search for tax resources online. You will get the list of the most reliable resources here. That will make your journey more accessible for clients to do business and find. 
  • You can add your signature digitally through the e-signature feature. Moreover, you can add e-signatures on your tax files or bank drafts to make it more official. You can even attach a barcode scanner. So every procedure will let you have a more safe tax filing journey with your clients. 

Pricing option and price range: Drake has two types of manifestation. One is a cloud-based, web-hosted version, and another is the desktop version. Drake’s desktop version starts with USD 330 and USD 1,695. On the contrary, the cloud version starts with USD 99 without purchasing the license.

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5. Lacerte: Best Software for Preparing Complicated Tax Returns

Lacerte Best Software for Preparing Complicated Tax ReturnsLacerte is another tax-filing software owned by intuit. Intuit can not be questioned for its service as well as features. But I will explain why you should choose Lacerte over other tax preparation software. Cloud access makes it a hundred times more desirable than other software. You will get built-in security, and your data won’t be shared with your clients. There is no chance of being hacked because the security is so well maintained. 

Many tax preparation software is not available for every region. But with Lacerte, you don’t have to worry about access. Auto backing up data will save your time, and you will get remote access online. 


  • You can quickly jump to the input files, and it has the most consolidated return files. This step makes it easier for the funds to return immediately to the gas and oil business.
  • You will get complete guidance to your every need by the software. You can ask any objections and questions you have; they will let you know with a whole file.
  • Lacerte has the automatically imported partnership for the users. It means you don’t have to find your clients. You will get the depository data transfer with a return transfer data to make a dispense with your client. 

Pricing option and price range: Lacerte is another series of Intuit. So they follow similar pricing and refunding. Lecerte’s individual federal and one state starts at 81 USD, and the business one state goes for 105 USD. Different payment plans follow different pricing methods. 

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6. TaxSlayer

taxslayerTaxslayer is free software and can be accessible for all. This software is free but not for all users online. You can access it free if your payable tax income is less than 100,000 dollars, but if your payable tax is more than 1,00,000 dollars, you have to pay the minimum remuneration for tax filing. 

But tax slayer is free for state filling, which will be eligible for all users. Taxslayer is legitimate software, and you can pay taxes for your personal use and your business usage. You can pay salaries, tips and wages and all other payable taxes.


  • Tax slayers have options to get the tax fling within the tax slayer product. And you don’t have to file from your pocket. Just pay through the federal refund. 
  • Getting refunds after the filing is canceled is confirmed by the app itself. They ensure you a 100% guarantee on data accuracy and refunding.
  •  Tax slayer confirms the fastest way to refund after you’re done with your e-filing.
  • Tax slayer has its in-built refund calculator. You can use this to calculate your expenses for free. You won’t have to pay a penny for calculating your federal expenses. 

Pricing option and price range: TaxSlayer has a lot of payment options. They have set the filling for the federal refunds and state funds free who doesn’t income the taxable payment. You can access classic and premiere, Gradually start at 24.95 USD and 44.95 USD.

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7. TurboTax

turbotaxTurboTax is the world’s number 1 tax preparation software considering the fastest data refunding. This software has the cheapest plans for beginners, and there is no hidden charge included with the program. You can also access it free if you don’t earn the taxable payment. Live helpers are always active in serving you. Those who have a necessary expense to pay can ask for help them. TurboTax has been out online since 1980, and it is the most favorable tax preparation software because of its user-friendly environment. TurboTax will guide you to file your taxes by yourself. They will ask you some questions, and you can make your need clear to them by those questions. 


  • Turbo Tax has several remission plans like other tax preparation software. But the thing you should notice here is this website is relatively cheap.
  • The Turbo tax deluxe plan costs USD 60 for federal and 50 for the state. Other payment plans are cheap as well.
  • This software calculates new tax abstraction and credits without error because it has the most accurate diagnostic and intuition features. 
  • Some people often compete Turbo tax with the tax slayer tax preparation software. Both have free plans for the acquitted customers. But none of them is way cheaper than the other. 
  • E-file gets the fastest confirmation at the time of refunding. Certain people audit the whole personnel of this software, and they try to keep pace with the whole filing process. 

Pricing option and price range: TurboTax deluxe starts at 60 USD for federal funds and 50 USD for state filing option. Filing option of TurboTax Premier and self-employed starts over 90 USD.

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8. H&R Block

H&R BlockH&R Block is a world-widely known tax preparation software. Some have expressed concern about this software being closed down by the H&R Block authority. It is partially true that they have announced something like that. They stated that their 400 locations would be closed if they failed to collect the revenue they expected to earn from those locations. But in reality, they have more customers beyond their expectations. H&R Block has completely free filing options. But they have their turms to accept that. These free features are acceptable for state and federal costs. You can get a piece of professional advice when you are filing your taxes.


  • Ever consider getting a deduction with every swapping with your credit card. Moreover, you will get a handful of refunds, and you can get to know the tax preparation before filing taxes. 
  • You will get every free plan here, like free federal filing, accessible state filings, student returns, and even self-employed refunds are free. So, you will get the maximum refund here. 
  • You will get your tax return immediately with H&R Block. It organizes all data according to years’ transactions. You can file taxes both online and can do it physically. Filing online is more accessible than making it physically. They will calculate all your exhaustive explanations and provide you the step by step guide on how you should file taxes online.  

Pricing option and price range: H&R Block has a free version for state and federal forms. H&R Block’s basic online version starts with $ 69.99 for federal and $ 39.99 for the state. Deluxe starts with 49.99 for both funds.

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9. Jackson Hewitt

Jackson HewittJackson Hewitt is more than a mere tax preparation software. The more you get involved, the more you will get attached to it. Jackson Hewitt also creates an excellent opportunity to get a job. They hire all the tax pros around the USA. They ensure you 100% accuracy of their domestic calculation, and the pricing is cheaper than other tax preparers. The hourly rate in Jackson Hewitt is high. They pay 9 to 21 Usd per hour based on your acknowledgment. They clinch the highest rate of refund on your task preparation. Moreover, the giveaways for those who don’t make fantastic refunds. 


  • You can grab an advance loan from your federal fund. They will deduct the sum from your following filing amount or repay the amount in money. When you require money and can’t manage the sum, you can ask for Jackson Hewitt, and your money will be refunded.
  • Jackson Hewitt has both online and offline e-filing benefits. They also give discounts on students loans. This tax preparation software can be used by the students as well. 
  • Like other tax preparation app, Jackson Hewitt has some data payment plans. But each payment plan covers each area, and people who don’t income the taxable payment don’t have to pay for it. They will have other discounts. 

Pricing option and price range: Jackson Hewitt follows similar pricing and refunding with H&R Block. Jackson Hewitt’s individual federal and one state is free, and they give unlimited e-mail and e-filing features with the free version.

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10. CCH Axcess Tax: Best Cloud-based Software to Manage the Whole Firm

CCH Axcess Tax: Best Cloud-based Software to Manage the Whole Firm is a cloud-based tax preparation software. I like cloud-based software because the software will back up all the available data. However, you will find data from the previous years. It might be data from 10 years back. CCH Axcess is a mobile-access software as well. You can use it on your smartphone. It can be used in IOS and on Android. This app is the best software for students who pay taxes through e-filing. 

You will get the most approachable and compatible client list here. The data will be backed up through some files. The pro-tax preparers in town will ensure the best accuracy.  


  • CCH Axcess is an award-winning tax preparation software. Because of its cloud storage feature, it gained popularity in no time. The firm will discover the most accurate information, which needs to covet clients. 
  • As I said, working in cloud storage doesn’t feed any strings attached while filing taxes. You can gain the maximum profit despite working from home without giving up on productivity. 
  • It tracks all your steps and even makes a match with your previous year’s workflow. Then you can keep pace with the billing and filing taxes online. 
  • An audit solution is the best for filling data online. All are checked thoroughly by the audit panel, from integrated data to filing taxes online and putting e-signature on your bank document. The same goes with your client’s panel. This app makes CCH Axcess is legitimate in a legitimate way. 

Pricing option and price range: The accessible plan of CCH Axcess Tax is assigned like other tax preparation software. As CCH Axcess Tax follows the Pay-per-return method on refunding, the fee you are filing as the annual fee or others; the refund will be paid accordingly.

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Final Thought

In this article, I’ve told you about different tax preparation software in different price ranges. But they are the cheapest tax preparation software you will find online. More people are attracted to intuit software, but TaxAct, CCH Axcess is more than reasonable. These programs can provide you with the best services.

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Arundhuti Ghosh
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