Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): The 11 Best Strong AI Examples

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) also known as strong AI is the mimic of generalized human cognitive abilities. AGI has the thinking and acting capabilities of human beings. So it can think, perform as human beings. It is the application of emergent behavior that ensures reinforced learning. Strong Artificial intelligence describes a mindset of AI development within a game environment. Moreover, it is indistinguishable from the human brain. Here we will discuss details of AGL and the best possible artificial general intelligence Examples.

AGI Meaning: What is the best definition of strong AI?

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)Deep AI or Artificial general intelligence (AGI) refers to the hypothetical ability of an intelligent agent that can perform any intellectual task like humans. It is the representation of human cognitive performance through machines. It consists of comprehensive knowledge and cognitive computing capabilities of the human brain. Sometimes, this type of artificial intelligence is beyond human capacities to process vast amounts of data. 

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) also refers to general intelligent action, full AI, and deep AI. AGI is a continuous process that discusses science fiction and future studies. We can compare it with a child because it focuses on learning through experience. It constructs mental abilities through different functions and processes impersonated from the human brain. It needs continuous processing, developing, and upgrading to reach the optimum perfection level.

We can see science fiction movies regarding the application of artificial general intelligence. Sometimes we found it in games. AGI is independent and can adapt to new situations. It is a crucial part of the AI revolution. 

The theory of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI ) rests upon complex machine systems that study neural networks. It is the system’s actual ability capable of solving complex situations by trial and error systems. Many AI experts think that AGI does not exist, but some believe in AGI.

Why Do We Call Strong AI as General AI?

Strong general intelligence is capable of doing many complex tasks. As a result, maximum intelligence functions can be solved by this AI. So we can generalize all the requirements if we can implement AGI. As a result, we can consider it as general AI.

Tests of AGI

So far, we have found two tests of deep AI. The first one is the Turing Test, developed by Alan Turing in 1950. He discussed it in the paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”. 

The second one is the Chinese Room Argument (CRA). John Searle discussed it in 1980.

Strong AI vs. weak AI

What’s the difference between strong AI and weak AIStrong AI is the intimation of human intelligence. We can compare it to a childhood brain. A brain develops from childhood to adulthood. Similarly, this AI develops in the process of the learning experience. Weak AI or narrow AI is the opposite of it. Narrow AI has limited memory and does not have any experience.

AGI is dedicated to all sorts of tasks. On the other hand, weak AI is capable of solving particular problems. Artificial general intelligence performs a variety of functions and solves problems from the scenario. It does not rely on human interference. In the country, weak AI depends on human interference. Fuzzy logic is the example of AGI, and Self-driving cars and virtual assistants are the examples of weak AI.

Why is Deep AI so powerful?

AI bridges the gap between data science and its execution. This emerging technology has become an essential part of our daily life. Moreover, it is consists of big data, machine learning, neural network, and deep learning. Each moment it gathers experience from previous learning. Sometimes, it performs based on the situation. All of those elements make IA more powerful. 

What is Artificial General Intelligence Examples?

The application of AGI is in the developing stage. It simplifies the task and gives results in an accurate and faster way. Moreover, we can use it for precise predictions, decisions making, and accurate analyses. However, here are some possible examples of strong artificial intelligence.

1. Manufacturing Robots

AI-based robot control solutions can automate manual workstations. We can implement manufacturing robots in plugging cables, assembling products, Picking parts, tracking contours, etc. A single-camera can assist this project.

2. Self-driving cars

Without human drivers, self-driving cars can drive up to their destination. It uses sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) to run smoothly. nuTonomy, AutoX,, Optimus Ride, Waymo, Zoox, and Tesla are examples of AI-enabled solid self-driven cars.

3. Smart Assistants

AI assistants are a combination of microphones, computer chips, and AI software. It takes input and process with intelligence. Alexa, Siri, Nina, Viv Google Assistant, etc. are the example of Smart assistants.

4. Proactive healthcare management

We can see countless applications in healthcare. AI can contribute EKGs, genomics, radiology images, blood tests, and managing patient medical history. It eliminates the chance of human error.

5. Disease Mapping

We can see the uses of STRONG AI in mapping diseases. For any infectious disease, it can be the best example. During the covid situation, we can get the best utilization of AGI.

6. Automated Financial Investing

The digital platform sets a pre-plan of the investment policy, customer information, and trading-based algorithm. Underwriters take decisions from the credit system. The application of Artificial general intelligence (AGI) can make confident decisions.

7. Virtual Travel Booking Agent

The travel industry is booming after the use of artificial general intelligence. It is highly suitable for flight booking and accommodation. Intelligent chatbots and AI assistants are the key factors motivating tourists in the tourism industry. 

8. Social Media Monitoring

AI is also important for social media monitoring. It can deliver insight regarding social media profiles and brand insight. AI responds to customers based on their preferences. 

Example: EThe Facebook chatbot is an example of AI Social media monitoring.

9. Conversational marketing bot

A set of AI technology is used for automated speech recognition and human-like interaction. It serves 24/7 and reduces the cost of stuffing. Almost all business organizations are using the Conversational marketing AI bot.

10. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tools

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that understands natural language and acts accordingly. Translation, spell check, or topic classification are some examples of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools.

11. Fraud News Detection

Deep AI can understand the insight of massage. So, it can detect the fraud news quickly. It helps a lot for misleading people. 

What Can Artificial General Intelligence Do?

Artificial general intelligence is known as deep AI. This concept mimics the human brain, understanding, thinking, and applying solutions in real life. Its theory of mind part explains the needs, beliefs, emotions, and thought of human psychology. It can perceive the environment and solve any real-life problem like humans.

Requirements of Artificial General Intelligence?

We already study narrow or weak AI. But, AGI is different from narrow AI. Similarly, the requirement for strong AI is also different. Here is the requirement of deep AI:

  • Application of common sense
  • Background knowledge
  • Capacity to learn machine learning and deep learning algorithms
  • Good knowledge of Statistics and modeling
  • Transfer Learning and Abstraction
  • Knowledge of the different programming languages.
  • algorithms writing capabilities to find patterns and learning

How far are we from artificial general intelligence?

Everything is possible in theory. But, in real life, it isn’t effortless. Till now, we are at the age of narrow AI. The scientist is trying, but it is far away. Quantum computing may be the gateway of artificial general intelligence.

With the advancement of technology, we expect to get the blessing of deep AI within a few decades. Experts expected to offer the beta version of AGI by around 2030. However, based on the ongoing research, we can expect artificial general intelligence within 2060.

Does Deep AI happen? Is AGI possible?

We can assume that AGI is possible because of the cognitive stimulation of the brain. But there is a controversial issue of duplication of human intellectual abilities. However, doubt may arise because of the lack of substantial progress of deep AI. Moreover, there is no real definition of AGI relating to the human brain. Finally, the question is whether artificial general intelligence is possible or not.

Final Thought

Artificial General Intelligence or deep AI is a mimic similar to the human brain. We can compare it to the brain of a child. Every moment it is learning. We can see the super fiction movies of AGI. But, in the real world, it may not be possible. Scientists are trying to implement Strong AI into different solutions. We hope to see artificial intelligence within the next decade.

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