The Best 10 Volleyball Anime in 2024 [New and Famous]

Sports animes are getting popular these days. The popularity of this genre has skyrocketed after the successful release of Haikyuu!!. Fans could easily connect with the characters, and soon, the fame of the volleyball anime rose more than before. These animes are exciting, fun to watch, and entertaining all through. 

There are some outstanding volleyball-based animes out there. They may feature beach volleyball, national or international tournaments, and many more. I am an anime fanboy and enjoy sports anime series and movies. That is why I thought of sharing my favorite anime sports shows. Read the full article to find the top volleyball anime of all time.

Best 10 Volleyball Anime

Sports-based anime is always entertaining and inspiring to watch. The struggle and challenges faced by the characters are sure to move viewers. There are some excellent quality anime on sports. However, this list is about the top 10 sports anime based on Volleyball.

1. Haikyuu!! (2014)

  • Japanese: ハイキュー!!
  • MAL Ratings: 8.45.
  • Studios: Production I.G.
  • Number of Episodes: 25.
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll.
  • Source: Manga.

Haikyuu!! (2014) Volleyball Anime

Haikyuu is currently the number one volleyball anime in Japan. There are no other sports anime that connects with the audience like Haikyuu. The anime has 25 episodes in the first season. There is a total of 4 seasons under the title Haikyuu!! The anime focuses not only on sports but also on friendship, struggles, and success. Many of the moves used in the anime are later repeated in actual sports tournaments. If you want to get acquainted with the terminologies of the game or start Volleyball, then Haikyuu can be the perfect entertainment for you to watch.


The story of Haikyuu revolves around a high school boy Shouyou Hinata, who has been a volleyball fan since seeing the Little Giant on the court. Even though his efforts failed in middle school, he didn’t lose hope. In high school, he joined Karasuno High’s volleyball team. And the new chapter of his life began then. The anime portrays team friendship, dedication, success, and failure. The Karasuno High School team aspires to top place in Japan in Volleyball.

2. Haikyuu!!: To the Top (2020)

  • Japanese: ハイキュー!! TO THE TOP.
  • MAL Ratings: 8.36.
  • Studios: Production I.G.
  • Number of Episodes:  13.
  • Where to watch: YouTube.
  • Source: Manga.

Haikyuu!!: To the Top

Haikyuu!!: To the Top is the sequel of Haikyuu. This installment has two parts in it. And both of them are amazing. The anime begins after the mesmerizing victory over Shiratorizawa Academy. The animation and movement of the characters are much more refined in this anime. The characters are now more aware of their abilities and shortcomings. Haikyuu!!To the Top offers viewers a new world of anime about sports. If you enjoy Haikyuu, then you will love Haikyuu!!: To the Top.


The Karasuno High volleyball team has secured their long-waited national spot after a surprise victory over Shiratorizawa Academy. Kageyama, the talented setter of Karasuno, gets invited to the ‘All-Japan Youth Training Camp’ to participate alongside other nationally famous players. Meanwhile, Tsukishima has been invited to a rookie training camp for first-year students in Miyagi Prefecture. The energetic Hinata feels left out for not receiving any invitations.

3. Attack No.1 (1970)

  • Japanese: アタックNo.1.
  • MAL Ratings: 6.82.
  • Studios: Tokyo Movie Shinsha.
  • Number of Episodes: 104.
  • Where to watch 9Anime.
  • Source: Manga.

Attack No.1 Volleyball Anime

Attack No.1 (Atakku Nanba Wan) is a classic Japanese volleyball series released in 1970 (winter). This anime has 104 entertaining episodes and tells us the story of Kozue. Attack No.1 is a tale of a girl’s challenges, passion, and love for Volleyball.


Kozue is a middle school girl who enjoys Volleyball. Her ambition is to reach the national volleyball league. She gradually advances through the Volleyball ranks during the series, starting in the school district league and progressing to the Japanese volleyball championship. However, the faster and higher Kozue climbs the ladder, the more she is confronted with the negative side of success: unreasonable expectations, ego, and rivalry lead to severe challenges.

4. Harukana Receive (2018)

  • Japanese: はるかなレシーブ.
  • MAL Ratings: 6.66
  • Studios: C2C.
  • Number of Episodes: 12.
  • Where to watch Crunchyroll.
  • Source: Manga.

Harukana Receive

Are you a beach volleyball fan and like to watch pretty girls in swimsuits? Then Harukana Receive is the perfect anime for you? This 2018 anime volleyball show is appealing, seducing, and comedic. Harukana Receive shows us the journey of a group of girls who aspires to reach the apex of beach volleyball. The playing style is perfect, and the girls are adorable and sexy.


Aces are not necessary, nor is there a place for them in beach volleyball. To win, players must select one irreplaceable partner they can trust on the sand. That is what Haruka Oozora discovers on her first day in Okinawa after moving in with her cousin Kanata Higa and grandma. Haruka comes upon some girls playing beach volleyball while exploring the beach and soon joins them. When Narumi Tooi sees Kanata approaching the court, the friendly match escalates into a match. Despite the two’s crushing setbacks, Haruka finally understands why her cousin is so quiet and distant. Kanata and Narumi were a perfect beach volleyball combo until Kanata retired, owing to her short stature causing issues for Narumi.

5. Attacker You! (1984)

  • Japanese: アタッカーYOU!
  • MAL Ratings: 6.64.
  • Studios: Knack Productions.
  • Number of Episodes: 58.
  • Where to watch: aniDB.
  • Source: Manga.Attacker You! Volleyball Anime

Attacker You is a great classic volleyball animation T.V. show based on the manga. The story features a 13-year-old girl who is fascinated with the game. You, Hazuki, decide to become the number one volleyball player. However, her father is opposed to the idea. The anime will take you inside the lifestyle of a 13 years old girl. The anime is a prequel to Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi.


You Hazuki moves from Osaka to Tokyo to live with her father and little brother. Her mother left them when she was little. She is fascinated by Volleyball and targets to be the top player. She joins the school volleyball team and meets new teammates. Her struggle and challenges begin with her first match.

6. Ashita e Attack! (Attack on Tomorrow) (1977)

  • Japanese: あしたへアタック!
  • MAL Ratings: 6.27.
  • Studios: Nippon Animation.
  • Number of Episodes: 23
  • Where to watch:  9anime.
  • Source: Original.Ashita e Attack Volleyball Anime

Attack on Tomorrow is a drama series based on Volleyball. The story tells about a girls’ volleyball team and the team members. The team is undermined, and everyone thinks of them as weak and unorganized. However, the girls are determined to prove everyone wrong and deal with Tomorrow like champs.


Ashita e Attack is a story of Mimi, a girl who enjoys playing Volleyball. Although her school team is not up to the mark, it doesn’t discourage Mimi. Her extraordinary passion moves the members and sparks a light inside them. The story is about failure, joy, bonding, and success. 

7. 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team (2021)

  • Japanese: 2.43 清陰高校男子バレー部.
  • MAL Ratings: 6.15.
  • Studios: David Production.
  • Number of Episodes: 12.
  • Where to watch: Funimation.
  • Source: Novel.2.43 Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley

2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team is one of the latest manga based on sports. Like other sports anime, 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team features many students who are fascinated by this game. The story begins when Kimichika, a pro setter, leaves his team and settles back in his hometown.

The animation styles are clean and to the point. The moves used by the characters are taken from the actual game. You will love watching 2.43: Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team if you are a volleyball fan.


After an incident with his teammates in Tokyo, the genius setter Kimichika Haijima moves back to Fukui. He is reunited with his middle school friends and notices his potential in sports. From learning from his past mistakes, Haijima tries to better himself and form an undefeated volleyball team.

8. Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi (2008)

  • Japanese: 続・アタッカーYOU 金メダルへの道.
  • MAL Ratings: 6.13.
  • Studios: Knack Productions.
  • Number of Episodes: 52
  • Where to watchaniDB.
  • Source: Unknown.Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi (2008)

Suppose you want to enjoy a romantic sports anime, then Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi may be of your liking. This anime features the dedication and hard work of a group of young girls. They are targeting to reach the apex position in Volleyball.


Young and energetic girls aspire to be the best volleyball team in the world. Outside the court, they encounter the challenge of termination if they do not win, as well as family, love, and friendship issues.

9. Kougyou Aika Volley Boys (1997)

  • Japanese: 工業哀歌バレーボーイズ
  • MAL Ratings: N/A.
  • Studios: J.C.Staff.
  • Number of Episodes: 2
  • Where to watch
  • Source: Unknown.Kougyou Aika Volley Boys

Kougyou Aika Volley Boys is a volleyball-centered comic sports cartoon. It’s the story of Kudo High School, where some teenage boys join the girls’ volleyball team, hoping to meet some attractive girls. This two-episode comedy anime is packed with laughter and joy.

10. Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake (2009)

  • Japanese: 少女ファイト 野良犬たちのおでかけ.
  • MAL Ratings: N/A.
  • Studios: Production I.G.
  • Number of Episodes: 01.
  • Where to watch:  aniDB
  • Source: Manga.Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake

Though the art style is odd and funky, Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake is a thirty-minute anime comprising only one episode. Based on a Manga, this volleyball-based anime is quite attractive.

The plot follows Neri Ooishi, a brilliant volleyball player in high school. She was the captain of a national champion elementary school team. However, she spent three years as a substitute at a junior high known for its volleyball program. She is now in high school and has another opportunity to show herself.

Final Thoughts

Sports anime are always entertaining as well as educational. Sports-based anime is my favorite, and they are pretty enjoyable. I hope you will enjoy my recommendations of the Best ten volleyball anime in 2024.

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