The Best 20 Android Golf Games to Play in 2024

Golf has been a popular form of sport for the last five centuries. It is more enjoyable to people who don’t like games containing physical attacks from opponents. Golf is a peaceful game. Here, your target will uphold your performance. If you can put the golf ball into the hole, you can go to the next level. The game might be boring to someone, but it has its charm. 

However, it is tough for golf lovers to find a golf field near their living place. So, you can hardly get enough opportunities to play Golf in real life. But there must be an alternative way to meet up with your hobby. Fortunately, android games have shown such a way. You can find a lot of Android golf games on Google Play. Don’t be confused about choosing the right one. I am ready to help you to remove the confusion. You can learn about the best golf game apps for 2024 here. 

Best 20 Golf Games on Android

Choosing the best one from a long list is the most challenging task. You might also face the same situation while selecting the perfect golf game. But, considering some basic features, it is easy to find the best one. However, it needs a lot of research. Don’t worry! I’m not suggesting you try many games to select the best. I have researched for you.

I have mentioned the top 20 best smartphone golf games for 2024. Each of these games is a gem. So, you can undoubtedly choose one from the list to pass your time. But don’t forget to notice the features carefully!

1. PGA Tour Golf Shootout

PGA Tour Golf ShootoutYou can play PGA Tour Golf Shootout to enjoy your virtual golf match. This golf game app will provide you with a variety of features. The game is available in both single-player and multiplayer versions. So, you can get a taste of both types of tournaments. Again, PGA Tour Golf Shootout contains an excellent 3D graphical interface. You will feel comfortable playing this game because of its intuitive control system.

You can select your opponent players from all over the world. The daily and weekly challenges will help you to increase your scores. You can unlock other features like golf clubs gradually. The game contains 72 holes to place the ball. So, it will give you a vibe of the actual golf ground. It is one of the best golf games for mobile phones. 

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2. WGT Golf

WGT Golf Golf Games for Android WGT Golf is one of the best free golf games for Android. This game will give you a real-life golf-playing experience virtually. Moreover, it contains authentic brands and exciting golf courses. You will get 18 holes while playing the single-player mode. The game also offers you to play against others online. Multiple leaderboards and various challenges made WGT Golf more popular.

You can take part in several free virtual golf tournaments in this game. Furthermore, the realistic simulation of WGT Golf will attract you more. You can choose your shot type as you like. You can also join the country club and improve your gaming skills. WGT Golf offers you to communicate with other players during the match too! The game is indeed a complete package of a virtual golf tournament. 

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3. Golf Battle

Golf BattleOne of the best Android golf games containing multiplayer features is Golf Battle. You can play this game against up to six Facebook friends. Moreover, it will offer you a lot of exciting levels and mini-tournaments. You can unlock more than 120 holes till the final level. Show your golf skills and place the ball into the hole. By winning against others, you can lead the scoreboard. 

Golf Battle contains an attractive 3D interface. The game is not a difficult one to play. Besides, you will get various environments and spots to continue the match. Playing in the Pine forests, rocky mountains, snow valleys, Mayan jungles, windy cliffs, etc., will add a new charm. You can also upgrade the game to unlock other features. Win the matches and achieve the title ‘Golf King’! 

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4. Mini Golf 3D City Stars

Mini Golf 3D City StarsIf you are searching for offline golf games for Android, here I have one. Mini Golf 3D City Stars will give you the best experience of virtual golf playing. You can customize your golf balls according to your choice. Collect coins and diamonds to buy more exciting equipment. You will get 245 putt-putt courses containing different challenges. Improve your playing skills by passing the levels. Various obstacles and dynamic objects will make the game more lively.

Moreover, Mini Golf 3D City Stars also offer you the multiplayer option. You can challenge the whole world to compete with you virtually. Your avatar will represent you in the tournaments. You can also select your country flags at the start of the tracks. Give realistic shots and collect rewards. Monthly updates will increase your achievements. This easy game can be a great companion for leisure time with your favorite hobby.

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5. Golf Clash

Golf Clash Golf Games for Android One of the most popular real-time Android golf games is Golf Clash. This game offers 1v1 quick-fire gameplay. You can make your shots by flicking your fingers. Here, you will get an aiming feature to make your target accurate. The golf courses of this game will develop your gaming aptitudes. You can also upgrade your skills by unlocking the golf clubs.

Golf Clash offers daily and weekly challenges. You can earn more points by trying the golden shots. There is an option for saving and sharing your best shots with others. You can also chat with your Golf Clash Clans. The collective reward feature adds a new dimension to this game. Be the Golf Clash King by defeating your opponents! 

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6. Desert Golfing

Desert GolfingPrice: $1.99

Are you longing for a different taste in golfing? The Desert Golfing game will provide you with the same experience. Here, you have to play Golf amidst the sandy environment of the desert. You may find yourself in different deserts throughout the world. This game is pretty much popular among the players.

Desert Golfing is one of the best offline golf games for Android. It requires simple knowledge of gaming. Besides, you can easily control this app. This 8-bit golf game app does not contain fancy features like other renowned games. But this endless game will make you feel relaxed after a hectic day. 

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7. Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf Golf Games for Android Birdie Crush is a fantasy anime golf game. The game tells a story of a magical golf school named Delion Bridge. The charming characters of this game create the main attraction of Birdie’s crush. This straightforward game contains realistic hitting effects. You have to aim your shot and try perfectly putting the ball into the holes. The user can also take courses to develop their timing and aiming senses. 

Players can hit the dynamic shots in Birdie Crush using its simulation model. You have to win the matches to increase the scores. Moreover, there is also an option for challenging the player from worldwide. Birdie Crush is one of the best Android apps that can attract people not interested in golfing. Its amazing animations and storytelling characteristics make people love this free game. 

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8. Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3DGolf Master 3D is another PvP game. You can play Golf virtually with any of your friends from anywhere. This real-time smartphone golf game is also one of the best golf game apps for 2024. It contains an intuitive control interface and superb 3D graphics. The game becomes more exciting when you take challenges against other players. Mega prizes are waiting for you if you can perform well.

You will get several notable tournaments in Golf Master 3D. You have to win the matches against your opponents. The tremendous 3D physics of this game will give you a natural feeling of golfing. You can also customize your golf equipment and costumes. Various power-up features will increase your points. You will love this free golf game after playing once. 

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9. Flick Golf Extreme

Flick Golf Extreme Golf Games for Android Do you want to get a twist on your golfing experience? Flick Golf Extreme will give you so. Here, you can play your tournaments from skyscrapers, oil rigs, aircraft carriers, and other crazy positions. The excellent gameplay sceneries will amaze you too! Its fantastic ball control feature will help to play smoothly.

You can set your balls on fire with various effects in Flick Golf Extreme. It is considered one of the best free offline golf apps. The premium version is also available at $2.99But you can also buy the premium version at $2.99. However, the game requires a high concentration level. If you do not play the game seriously, you might not be able to score well. You can also improve the gaming effects with the new game engines.

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10. Golden Tee Golf: Online Games

Golden Tee Golf: Online GamesGolden Tee Golf allows you to play the Golden Tee games in your palm. This game’s exciting challenges made it so popular among the players. You can also play this game in a multiplayer version. Select your golf clubs and tees to improve your scores. Golden tee golf puts you in complete control of Golf. You will find it challenging to pass your balls through the snowy ground of the Tundra peak. 

Golden Tee Golf will offer you nine shots as your daily tasks. By completing that, you can earn special rewards. You can also play Golf with the Golden Tee Goodness in the campaign mode. The challenge mode will make you a pro at Golf. Here, you have to face various obstacles to lead the scoreboard. By upgrading the game, you can get premium features. 

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11. Ultimate Golf

Ultimate Golf Android Golf GamesUltimate Golf will give you the taste of an actual golf tournament. Its 3D simulation makes the game look more realistic. Besides, this free online Android golf game offers endless Golf. Using the multiplayer option, you can challenge your family and friends to beat you. You can develop your shots and aiming control by participating in the courses. 

You can join several golf clubs in Ultimate Golf. There are professional golf materials to make your shot a perfect one. This real-time game offers you to play with up to 20 players. By taking shots on various complex surfaces, you can develop your skills. Be a golf master by beating your opponents. However, this game requires a high version of Android. 

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12. OK, Golf

OK GolfPrice: $2.99

Are you a lover of simplicity? Do you want to play a golf game having no complex features? Then, OK Golf will be the perfect game for you. It is one of the best offline golf apps. You will find some classic golf destinations in this game. Choose one, and start hitting the ball. You will find immense pleasure in playing OK Golf. 

OK, Golf is also one of the best single-player golf apps. No clubs will interfere with you while playing this game. Moreover, you can also play OK Golf as a relaxing game. Its soothing playing environments and soft sounds will please your mind. This game also contains a multiplayer online gaming mode. This simple game will be more enjoyable after unlocking the secret areas and new courses.

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13. Golf Open Club

Golf Open ClubGolf Open Club is another Android golf game offering you 1v1 golf matches. You can quickly master this game. You might play against your friends, or the app will select an opponent. Moreover, you will get to prove your golfing skills in the Golf Open Club game. Try all the well-designed courses to increase the excitement of the game.

Golf Open Club offers you to customize your outfits. You can unlock and collect the legendary clubs. Collects the coins and gems to unlock the chests. Beat your opponents and be the highest scorer. Gifts, daily deals, and VIP passes are also waiting for you. Participate in real challenges and prove yourself in front of the world. 

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14. Golf Strike

Golf Stike Android Golf GamesGolf Stike is an online multiplayer golf game. It allows playing against up to 6 players in real time. You can unlock beautiful courses with increasing strikes. Here, the exciting challenges and obstacles are the game’s main attraction. You can quickly learn Golf Strike. But, you may find it challenging to be a master of it. 

Golf Strike can be considered one of the best golf apps for Android 2021. You can collect the best golf equipment to improve your shots. Also, you can manage the legendary clubs here. There is also a customizing option for your golf balls. Getting the balls in the holes within the least number of strikes would be best. Challenge your opponents worldwide and show your amazing excellencies in Golf. 

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15. Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2Let me mention another amazing Android golf game. Super Stickman Golf 2 has been a popular game for a long time. People recommend this game for its increasing features and upgraded versions. Usually, the game contains over 20 dynamic courses. There are a lot of challenges that you have to take to increase your points. 

Super Stickman Golf 2 offers you 180 challenging holes. Also, there are 53 different characters. Each of them has special powers. You can collect other power-up options to make yourself more powerful. The game also rewards you with up to 28 hats for your performance. You can turn on the multiplayer option to play with golf lovers worldwide. It is undoubtedly recommended as one of the best golf game apps. 

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16. Golf Rival

Golf Rival Android Golf GamesGolf Rival is an easy-to-play, multiplayer game. You will get instructions before starting the game. By using your fingers to aim, you can make your shots ideally. Joining various clubs will make you feel more interested in Golf Rival. You can invite your Facebook friends to be your opponents in this game. Also, you can select any players from any country in the world.

By playing against the best golfers, you can feel the charm of this real-time game. Different dynamic golf courses will make the game more attractive. Golf Rival is a great game for passing your time. You will get addicted to this game after starting to play. It will be one of the best mobile golf games in 2024. 

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17. Idle Golf Tycoon

Idle Golf TycoonWant to experience a twist between Golf and adventure? Idle Golf Tycoon will provide that to you. Continue to play the game and earn cash all the time. It can be recommended as one of the best free offline Android games. In this game, you have to manage a driving range. You have to upgrade their tees at the driving range. Earn trophies and boost your income! Hire pro golfers to automate your money collection.

Your golfing adventure will take place through Birdie Beach to the Misty Mountains. You can unlock new locations and maps. Manage your tycoon to be the top golf range. You have to clash with your rivals to earn more points. Make more money while playing Golf to beat your competitors. 

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18. Mini Golf King

Mini Golf KingMini Golf King is designed with a combination of Golf and adventure. Various obstacles, like pyramids, bomb traps, mazes, etc., make the game more exciting. You must jump over the pyramids, swing on drawbridges, go through tube slides, and increase your points. This multiplayer golf app offers you to obtain new golf equipment to increase your power.

You can quickly fire your shot in Mini Golf King. You have to aim your shot using your fingers. It’s pretty similar to a pool game. You can also clash with your rivals to collect coins and gems. Improve your swing by upgrading the game. You can also customize your golf clubs, balls, and gloves. Earn rewards and prizes by showing your best golf skills. 

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19. Golf King- Word Tour

Golf King-Word TourGolf King provides a realistic golfing experience to the players. It is one of the best golf games for Android. Here, you can enjoy 1v1 golf matches. Besides, there are a lot of 3D realistic courses in Golf King. You have to complete the exciting challenges to top the scoreboard. There are customizable characters and pieces of equipment in Golf King. The intuitive shot control procedure will help you achieve points fast.

You will get daily and weekly tasks in Golf Kings. By showing your competency, you can earn rewards and trophies. Select the best clubhouses and caddies to join. It will benefit you more in the game. It would be best to reach a high rank in the coin rush to get prizes. Upgrade your golf materials with various drivers, short and long irons, wedges, rough irons, etc., to be more powerful. 

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20. Mini Golf Tour

Mini Golf Tour Android Golf GamesLast but not least, I recommend you try Mini Golf Tour. It is also one of the best game apps. This mini-putt game contains exciting features that you may like. You can get the feeling of playing outdoor Golf in this game. The procedure is the same. You must put the ball into the holes within the fastest possible time using the least number of strikes. If you can beat the other players, you will achieve exciting prizes. 

The most attractive feature of the Mini Golf Tour is unlocking the tours. Here, you will get six tours full of exciting challenges. You can customize your golf balls, trail, and holes to make them unique. Complete your challenges faster and gain extra points. Clashing with the rivals adds more fun to the game. The unique 3D graphics and sound give pleasure while playing Mini Golf Tour. 

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Final Thoughts

Golf is mainly lovable to people who want to escape the hectic modern lifestyle. It is slower than other games. In the Android version, you will find the same characteristic of this game. However, the developers are trying to make variations on the Android golf games to attract players. 

Here I have recommended the top 20 golf games in 2021 and their features. I hope that you can fulfill your desire to play Golf by using these golf game apps. Choose one or more from the list and start playing. Taking these games as your outdoor golf alternative won’t disappoint you. 

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