The Best 5 Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2024

Email marketing is an effective means to connect to the target audience in a personalized way and allows easy advertising of your goods and services. Getting started with an email drip program is not that easy, but thankfully there are a few good email marketing tools to get the job doneYou need to use the best email marketing tools to achieve the desired results through email marketing

Best 5 Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools abound over the internet, but the catch lies in picking the ones that can get higher returns on your investment. Choose an option that can perform additional tasks alongside tracking your emails. It should also merge your marketing channels, segment your lists, and increase your target audience.

The competition in the competitive business world is intensifying. 89% of marketers rely on email marketing to generate leads. You need to select email marketing tools to compete. Here are the best email marketing tools for 2023.

1. Mailchimp

Choosing Mailchimp will address the majority of your business needs. It is easy to use and less complex than other email marketing tools. Therefore, you can start using it immediately after subscribing to its service.

Best Email Marketing Tools MailchimpWith Mailchimp, you can perform a wide range of tasks. These include scheduling campaigns and getting reports for subscriptions, click-throughs, and open rates. You can also use it to generate an A/B test copy for testing software. Mailchimp is the answer to your search for a simple medium to interact with your customers through emails.

You can either subscribe to the free or paid version of Mailchimp. The latter option has more features than the former to support the current marketing trends. If you have an advanced marketing team, the paid version will keep you ahead on several fronts. This option allows you to customize your campaigns and integrate them with several software platforms.

2. ActiveCampaign

If you wish to personalize your campaign through an automated email marketing software program, ActiveCampaign is the best solution. This tool can personalize your campaign through pre-built automation. You will find hundreds of options while using this effective email marketing tool.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing ToolsThe automation support of ActiveCampaign makes customer interaction straightforward. You can also benefit from its CRM, which includes sales automation free of cost with the paid version. Not only does it support more than 850 integrations, but it also has robust customer support for quick issue resolution.

Regarding the subscription plans of ActiveCampaign, you can choose one of its four available plans. These include the Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. The Enterprise plan is the best choice as it offers full-fledged support for all features.

3. MailerLite

MailerLite is the ideal choice if you want an email marketing tool to create your preferred design with freedom. You can easily use its drag-and-drop interface to accommodate your preferences while designing an email.

mailerlite email toolsMailerLite covers all grounds without creating clutter. Its advanced system provides all essentials for email marketing without a crowded interface. For this reason, you will find it easy to use.

With MailerLite, you can achieve more even with a tight budget. Its free-forever plan lets you access 1,000 subscribers. You can also send 12,000 emails to your contacts. If you want more, you need to pay a reasonable fee.

4. Hubspot

Great tools are necessary to report marketing campaigns to different channels. You will hardly find a better option than Hubspot to address this need. With a subscription to its service, you can extend your reporting to various marketing channels. These include email marketing, social media, websites, and more.

Hubspot Email Marketing ToolsUsing Hubspot, you can store the details of all your contacts in a CRM. It will give peace to your mind without fearing the loss of any information about your contacts. This way, you can focus on other tasks and boost your productivity.

Besides a free 14-day trial, Hubspot offers three paid plans: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. A subscription to these plans will unlock the full Hubspot marketing suit. Under it, you will get a bunch of email marketing capabilities. You can also use Hubspot’s blogging, social media, and CRM features to your benefit.

5. Moosend

Moosend is a low-cost option for accessing the top features among email marketing tools. It differs from other options because it only charges a fee for sending emails. If you are on the go, you can quickly email using one of its customized templates.

moosendThe free-forever plan by Moosend accommodates as many as 1,000 subscribers. To expand this scope, choose one of the four paid plans that range between $10 and $40. Opting for the latter option will let you extend your subscriber base to 8,000 subscribers.

The integration options of Moosend may not be as great as some of its other pricey alternatives. But it is decent enough to help you conclude your tasks on a medium scale.

Final Thoughts

Current trends have expanded the scope of email marketing in 2023. The tools that were once relevant are no longer as helpful as they used to be. To achieve targeted outcomes, you need a strategy featuring the best email account providers and email marketing tools. Try one of the emails mentioned above, marketing tools, and see how it improves your results.

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