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The 30 Best Free Manga Website to Read Manga legally in 2020

This article is dedicated to all the Otaku and Weeb out there. Being an Otaku (オタク) I know the appeal of having a free best Free manga website lets you read manga online. When it comes to manga, finding an English translated version is difficult, and reading a Japanese manga is somewhat impossible for people who don’t know how to read Japanese. But there are some great websites for us non-Japanese otakus who have English translated versions.

I can not wait to introduce these free manga websites to my fellow manga lovers, So let us begin.

What is Manga?

I don’t have to tell the Manga community what manga is. But, for those who do not know about this or are willing to get acquainted with this world, Manga( 漫画) are comics, or graphic magazines originated in Japan. Most of the Manga art style was developed in the early 19th century. Though the word ‘Manga’ outside Japan is referred only to comics, it refers to comics and cartooning in Japanese terms.

It is popular in Japan as well as in other countries. People of all ages in Japan enjoy reading it. It is a part of Japanese culture and bears importance in society. There has even been a highly competitive course in Manga at Kyoto Seika University, Japan, since 2000. There are several other established universities and vocational schools to train new manga artists.

The Manga has now become a global phenomenon. All over the world, people are increasingly becoming fans of Manga and anime.

If you are willing to get acquainted with manga, you should also know how to pronounce it otherwise, you might offend the whole manga community. We pronounce it like “mahn-gah”, which is fairly close to the original pronunciation in Japanese.

Difference Between Manga & Anime

To put it simply, the manga is the term used for Japanese comics and graphic novels. On the other hand, Anime is Japanese animation. Most of the anime is based on mangas. Though both of them originated in Japan and are closely related, there is a certain difference between them. One is a paper illustration, and the other one is an animated video.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Reading Manga?

I think the only disadvantage of the reading manga is the lack of sound and colors compared to anime or other animated works.

But if you ask me, personally I will be hooked either way. If you are a fast reader, then manga is better for you as you can pass through side stuff and get to the story’s juicy and relevant part. It is less time-consuming. I even lost track of how many times I skipped parts of ‘Kuroshitsuji’ (Black Butler) to understand what the story was about. Then I watched the Anime of the same title, and I was mesmerized.

You see, there is a certain charm of reading the source of the Anime you love. Most of the Anime is based on the manga, and you will get chills through your bones when you read the original work of the artists.

In most cases, the manga art is detailed so anyone can get through the story even without reading the dialogues of each page.

One bummer for manga is that it can kill the suspense. When watching an Anime, the characters and storyline holds the audience and makes you want to know what’s next. But in Manga, you can just skip through the pages as you have the whole story in your hand. For me, these are the advantages and disadvantages of reading manga.

There are two parts to this question. If they are selling the manga, then it is legal. And if not, there are some things to consider. For instance, if they are showcasing manga in chapters/ volumes, then it’s probably illegal. And if they are offering strips/ pages, especially if branded to the site, then it’s probably legal. Some manga is now licensed as web-comics. So if it is licensed under that category, then it is legal too. Sometimes these sites come with small subscription fees or banner ads to provide the money to run the website legally.

Another method is scanlations, the process of scanning and translating Manga in a foreign language. This is technically illegal, but the Manga publishers tend to look away as long as the websites don’t violate any direct rules and copyright law.

Apps to Read Manga on Your Windows PC & Smartphone

Before getting in the main article, I thought of mentioning some apps to read manga directly from your PC or Smartphone.

Windows Application

If you are a windows user you can get some legally Manga Windows app at your PC easily. Those apps are free to install and use. You can use both computer and mobile apps for reading manga.

Manga Blaze

Manga BlazeManga Blaze is the most popular manga reading app for Windows. It is available on the Microsoft store and is free of cost. You can keep track of your reading and enjoy the most common manga available. It is undoubtedly the best manga reader for windows. You can also download manga from Manga Blaze to read it offline.

Microsoft Store

Manga Z

Manga ZManga Z is another excellent tool for manga reading. It is also the coolest manga reader app. Manga Z is free to download from the Microsoft store. You can enjoy Manga in English and Japanese.

Microsoft Store

Manga reader

Best free Manga Websites to Read Manga legallyManga reader supports all manga that is currently available. You can install it on Windows 7 and higher. It is a fun way to read manga from PC.

Microsoft Store

Manga Bird

Manga Bird to Read Manga legally in 2020Manga Bird is one of the best manga apps for windows. It offers many titles, and you can enjoy all of them for free. You can also download the manga and read it in your free time. You can organize your favorites and bookmark your readings.

Microsoft Store  

Manga Pixie

Manga Pixie is a fantastic manga reader app for your PC. You can install it for free and enjoy more than 15,000 titles. It is suitable for Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft Store

Smartphone Manga Reader Apps  

We don’t want to dishearten smartphone users. You can get the manga readers’ app on your mobile device. We are recommending some best manga readers mobile apps for your collections.

Anime Amino

Anime Amino Smartphone Manga Reader AppsAnime Amino is one of the most excellent mobile apps for manga reading. You can install it for your iPhone or Android and enjoy countless numbers of the manga.

iOS  Android


ComiXology An Amazon Manga websiteComiXology is an excellent app for your mobile to enjoy manga and other comics for free. It is an excellent application for comic lovers.

iOS Android


Webcomics Manga Reader AppsWebcomics is another excellent app for manga lovers. You can use this app for reading manga and other comics daily.

iOS Android

Manga Toon 

Manga Toon Manga Reader AppsManga Toon is a great mobile app for reading manga. You can get daily updates of your favorite manga and enjoy it for free. You will get both iOS and Android manga apps here.

iOS Android

Best free Manga Website to Read Manga Legally

As a smart user, you can read manga using any web or Android browser. It is very easy and user-friendly to use. Find some legal manga web apps.

Shonen Jump: The Best Manga Magazine Ever

Shonen Jump The Best Manga Magazine EverIt will be an injustice to the manga community if I don’t start the list with the Weekly Shonen Jump. WSJ may mean Wall Street Journal to the normies, but to all the Otaku, WSJ stands for Weekly Shonen Jump. For some people, it may even be their first love. It is one of the largest and oldest Manga magazines.

You can now read it all on the WSJ website though the digital version is called only Shonen jump. It is partnered with viz.com to present all the latest manga published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Without any doubt, it is the best manga website out there. You can read for free, buy manga and download them if you want. The monthly subscription fee is 1.99 USD to unlock the massive collection of original titles. Some titles are free, but you have to pay money for all the exclusive series depending on the series. It is the best place to read the manga.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.

Cost: Free, $1.99/month.

Notable Titles: Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Gin Tama, and many more.

Web App  Android iOS

MANGA Plus by Shueisha The most popular manga websiteThe previous website I mentioned was a collaboration of the Weekly Shonen Jump and VIZ and is an American Website. But MANGA Plus is published directly by the Weekly Shonen Jump authority. Yes, my friends, this is the officially managed 100% genuine manga website by the Weekly Shonen Jump. The website started its journey in 2019 and is growing every day. The contents and works are in English and Spanish.

As you can see, it is the real deal, so there are no legal bindings, and you get to enjoy the manga firsthand. As soon as the magazine hits the shelf in the book stores, you can read it on MANGA Plus by Shueisha. You can now read famous manga like One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and other popular titles from the WSJ.

You will be mesmerized when you look at the quality of the works. As the WSJ’s official website and all the images are in the original version, it is keen to read the manga. You might think you must have to pay to get these fantastic works. But NO! All of the manga are free of cost. No doubt, it is the best manga website.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Assassination Classroom, Black Clover, Bleach, Boruto, And many more.

Web App Android App iOS App

Comic Walker The Best Free Manga Website

Comic Walker best Free manga websiteIf you want to have the real feel of reading Manga, then Comic Walker is the perfect website for you. You will get most of the manga published by Kadokawa, one of the largest publishers in Japan. This is the official website of Kadokawa, and you can read all the manga for free here. The website is in Japanese, but you can change it in the Language bar.

Comic Walker is famous for its no-nonsense and no string attached method. You don’t have to subscribe or pay any money. The website is to enjoy the magic of Manga without any hassles. You can read to your heart’s content from your PC browser or phone browser. You will find most of the famous manga of Kadokawa. There are works of famous manga artists from Japan. The website for manga is updated every Sunday and Wednesday. You will surely enjoy this best manga website.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: Mobile Suit Gundam, Accel World, Cross Angel, Kagerou Daze.


BOOK WALKER: e-book store for manga

BOOK WALKER e-book store for mangaBOOK WALKER is the official ebook store for manga and light novel fans. It is like kindle but for manga. It is the best place to read manga online. It started as only Kadokawa manga but now has titles from famous publishers like Kodansha and Yen.  

It is just like buying magazines from a book store. You can buy manga digitally or in paperback from BOOK WALKER. Or you can download and read from the massive free collection of manga too. They offer popular manga for reading with purchase only. But there is some excellent manga for you to grab for free of cost. You can either download the BOOK WALKER app for your mobile or visit the website to read the manga. The website is full of great manga. It is well sorted so that you won’t face any problems browsing through it. You can also preview the manga before purchasing it. This is a great site to read the manga.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.

Cost: Free Per Book.

Notable Titles: Overlord, Attack on Titan, No Game No Life, Alita, Fairy Tail, etc.

Web App Android iOS

VIZ: Best non-Japanese manga website

VIZ Best non-Japanese manga websiteTo all the non-Japanese manga fans, VIZ is the best manga website to read manga online. It has become popular in countries like the UK, South Africa, India, and growing daily. It has popular genres like romance, action, ecchi, and many more.

They feature popular manga like Naruto, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and much more top-class manga in English. You can read all the manga for free. This most popular manga site is a must for you if you are a manga fan. Not only manga, but you can enjoy popular anime dubbed on VIZ also. It is a great manga website for manga fans around the world.

Platforms: Web.

Cost:  Free, Paid.

Notable Titles: Sailor moon, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and more.

Web App

Crunchyroll: The Best Free Manga Website

Crunchyroll Best manga readerAnime and manga go hand in hand. How much you want to separate them won’t work. And Crunchyroll is just a website to present you both Anime and Manga. We all know Crunchyroll as an Anime site, but it has a vast collection of manga onboard. It is a great deal for all Japanophile.

Though the site is not completely free, it would be stupid not to mention it. Because you will be surprised how low it costs per month compared to how much stuff you get. You will receive every title as soon as it is published in Japan. It is just like heaven for manga fans. It is the most popular manga site. You can enjoy as much manga you want on Crunchyroll. The website is ad-free and well organized. It is one of the best manga websites for manga readers.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.

Cost: You can get a 14 Day Free Trial, $6.95/month.

Notable Titles: Attack on Titan, Ajin, Space Brothers, Fairy Tail, Grand Blue, Final Fantasy, The Seven Deadly Sins, etc.

Android iOS


MangaBox best Free manga websiteManga box is a unique and exquisite site to read the manga. It has quite a number of out of the box stance and scene. The manga on the website is free to grab. You will get most of the popular manga on Manga Box. I should mention here that the website is in Japanese, and you might need a  VPN or Proxy server to access it, depending on your location.

Overall it will be a fun experience for the hardcore manga fans. You will get to enjoy the Manga in their original form. All the artworks and dialogues are intact. It is just like reading the original Japanese version of the manga. It is surely one of the best manga sites.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: BECK, Fling girls, Love and Lies, Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon, High-rise invasion, Atom the Beginning, and many more.

Android iOS

Manga.Club: Read free official Manga

Manga.Club is more of a clustered and crude clownish poster of endless manga type websites. It is free, and all you can read the website for manga readers. There are categories like pick up manga review or today’s hot manga or even multilingual manga. The site is designed in a way that will attract the manga fans. You will just love this most popular manga site.

You can choose and find your favorite manga from the ocean like a collection of Manga.Club. It will feel like a paradise to you if you are into Manga. This best manga website is entirely free and available worldwide for manga lovers of all ages.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free, Some official titles are paid.

Notable Titles: Garuda, Sinner, Satan’s Contract, Maria X Maria, Creature, Matching Our Answers, etc.

Web App

The Best Free Manga Website: Honto.jp

The list will be incomplete if I don’t mention Honto.jp. This is one of the best manga sites for free and also the most popular one. The site is nearly 92% in Japanese. And you can read all the manga in their original language. I mean, the manga here is all in Japanese.

The website has a huge collection of manga and webtoon for your enjoyment. You can enjoy manga of different tastes. All the work here is directly from the authors or artists and completely legal. Not only that, but you can also buy ebooks, paper books, e-cards, and many manga-related goodies from Honto.jp.

Platforms: Web, Android, and iOS.

Cost: Free and Paid both are available.

Notable Titles: The baton was handed over, Made in Japan, Attack on Titan, My hero academia, Spy X Family, etc.

Web App  Android iOS


If we are making a list of the best manga websites, we cannot leave Mangareader.net. It is one of the most popular manga sites of 2020. It enables the love for comics and manga under the same roof. The website is entirely free to access. The manga on Manga Reader is filled with action, romance, and drama. Surprisingly you will get almost every manga on Manga Reader. And the manga here is all translated to English. So, you won’t have any problems reading them.

MangaReader.net offers high-quality content, and the website is regularly updated with new titles. You will be able to read all the famous manga on this best manga reader as soon as they are translated. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the fantastic collection of manga from mangareader.net.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: Ao no Exorcist, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, The Gamer, etc.

Web App

ComiXology: An Amazon Manga website

ComiXology An Amazon Manga websiteIf you are looking for a website with both American comics and Japanese manga, then comiXology is just for you. It is an Amazon company. You can read some of the content for free, but most of them are paid. But you can get access to all of the content if you subscribe to their unlimited plan. Then you don’t have to pay for every manga or comic you read. You can have a free trial for 30 days before you pay the money. They won’t charge you a penny for the trial period. The only issue with this is that the service is only available in the USA.

You can also buy comics and manga and get them delivered to your doorstep. It is just like shopping on Amazon, but you are, searching for graphic novels, comics, and manga. This popular manga site has a lot to offer to its users. The website is well designed and easy to browse. You won’t have any problem finding your loved manga. It has a free section for you to read for free.

Platforms: Web, Android, iOS.

Cost: Free, $5.99/month after 30 days of free trial (Only in the US).

Notable Titles: Ajin, Ace of the Diamond, Demon Slayer, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, etc.

Web App Android iOS


If you are looking for the best place to read the manga, then MyReadingManga is the place for you to visit. It is one of the top-ranked websites that offer accurate English translation of the manga. To read manga in your language, you don’t have to sign up or pay any fee. One thing to mention before you access MyReadingManga, it is mostly focused on Gay and LGBT content. So keep that in mind.

On MyReadingManga, you can search for your favorite manga and read it directly from your browser. You will get almost every manga title here. And there is more. It has anime and videos on MyReadingManga as well as an option to discuss weekly episodes. It is one of the most popular manga readers online. One thing I should mention you might need to use a VPN to access MyReadingManga smoothly, depending on your location, and it does not support Mini browsers like UC Mini, Opera Mini.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: Danshei Ninshin, Chikakodah, etc.

No Link

The Best Free Manga Website: MangaPanda

best Free manga website MangaPandaMangaPanda is the name of the best manga website having 40% of its visitors from the US. With a convenient search bar, it is easy to find your favorite manga on MangaPanda. This awesome popular manga website delivers you high-quality manga. The best manga reader is updated daily.

You are not required to confine yourself in subscription or annual fees. It is free of cost to use, and you will get high-quality content by filtering your search. It has the manga sorted alphabetically and easy to read.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: Martial Master, Heaven Defying Sword, Bleach, Hunter X Hunter, etc.

Web App


best Free manga website MangaParkAnother best manga website on our list is MangaPark. You can read manga online for free as much as you on MangaPark. It is one of the most popular manga websites with manga scanlations. You can find your manga easily as all the manga are sorted according to their genre. So you can choose if you want to enjoy action or romance or comedy. It has popular genres like Shounen, Action, Supernatural, Comedy, Sci-fi, Slice of life, etc. You can use MangaPark from your PC, Android, or iOS to enjoy top-class manga. No doubt, it is the best place to read manga online.

Platforms: Web.

Cost:  Free.

Notable Titles: Deadly VS Romance, The Hunter, Eternal, Rebirth of the, etc.

Web App

Comico.jp: The Best Free Manga Website

Let me introduce you to a fantastic manga reader for free that is Comico. It is a popular graphic novel platform that allows you to read manga online for free. It is another manga website that is in Japanese and offers you original manga from the artists.

On Comico.jp, all the manga are in the Japanese language. So it may be challenging to go through the website and enjoy the manga for people who are not proficient in the language. Comico has ranked on the top of the best online portals for arts & entertainment in Japan’s origin country.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles:  Cartoonist and Yakuza, Emperor’s only Daughter, The Strongest Hamiko, etc.

Web App


best Free manga website MangaKakalotWe will need to log in to MangaKakalot to enjoy the exciting world of manga. You can also read some manga without login in. We can’t get enough of what the manga site has to offer. It is filled with high-quality graphic novels. This popular manga site is updated regularly.

MangaKakalot has a huge collection of popular genres. The manga on here is all in English, which is great for people outside Japan. The manga is translated properly, and the quality of the work is great. You can access MangaKakalot from your PC or Mobile device without any barrier. It is most certainly one of the best manga sites.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: Evil again, A-bout, The Net Generation Teacher, Re-birth: City deity, Yuan Zub, The Mythical Realm, and many more.

Web App

MangaFox: The Best Free Manga Website

best Free manga website MangaFoxIt is not the animal fox but the fox of manga! It has more than 20 categories on the website to choose from. This popular manga website hosts a huge collection of manga just for your enjoyment. You can enjoy different genres like Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Slice of life, etc.

MangaFox is continuously updated, and you get to enjoy manga on the same page. It does not redirect to some other random page. All the work is stored on their database. The website interface features a light theme, which is appealing to the eye and comfortable to watch. You can choose from the hot collection of the most viewed section. It is the best place to read manga online.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: I became a millionaire’s daughter, Eleceed, Evil Again, Hajime no Ippo, Martial Peak, etc.

Web App

Manga Doom

best Free manga website Manga DoomMangaDoom is another popular manga website that is best for manga readers. It has a vast database of manga and graphic novels, and it is growing daily. New titles and chapters are added hourly. You will get the latest updates of dubbed manga on Manga Doom.

There are some advertisements on the website, but it is not irritating or annoying. It has a simple interface and offers you a search bar at the top to find the latest manga. The latest updated manga is on the home page, and you can follow the series quickly. No question it is the best manga website.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles:  Against the Gods, The Legendary Moonlight, Against the Gods, Attack on Titan, etc.

Web App

MangaFreak: The Best Free Manga Website

best Free manga website MangaFreakMangaFreak is another best manga website that is just awesome. The manga website is free. Not only for reading, but also you can download all the manga directly to your device. It lets you enjoy the manga even offline. All the manga is in English. So it is wonderful for the manga fans outside Japan.

The website is pretty accurate when it comes to updating the newly released titles. The only bummer is that it may sometimes redirect you to an ad page or a fake page. Then you have to close the page and try again. You will be surprised how much popular manga are on MangaFreak. From Dragon Ball to One Punch Man, you will get it all on MangaFreak.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: Black Clover, Re: Zero, Gleipnir, Koi To Uso, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, and more.

No Link


Niaad.com is the best place to read the manga. It is much faster when it comes to loading and opening a manga. The manga site is lightweight and loads faster. The interface is clean and comfortable to the eye. The manga here is all translated and has excellent quality. You can enjoy the most famous manga on Niaad.com.

The website is updated as soon as the translated version is available. You can access the manga for free and read as long as you have a stable data connection. You can read manga on Niaad.com from your Web browser. Not only read but also you can upload your works on Niaad.com. Undoubtedly it is the best manga website online.

Platforms: Web.

Cost: Free.

Notable Titles: The God of High school, Kimetsu no Yaiba, One Piece, Solo Leaving, and many more titles.

Web App

Final Thoughts

Manga is now one of the hottest and most favorite content all over the world. But you must read manga from legal sources as it encourages the artists and people who are directly involved in the industry to create more excellent works for our enjoyment. The revenues from legal sites support the cause. As a manga fan, I believe we must support the manga industry.

All the manga websites on this list are legal and safe to read. I hope you enjoy reading legal works on these manga sites.

Fardeen is a technical content writer who specializes in the areas of Windows, Android, and Online Tips. He is highly up to date with the technological world. Writing is not just his passion but the only thing that carries life satisfaction. If not writing, you may find him playing games on his phone.



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