The 20 Best Games Like Infinity Blade for Android in 2023

The game that created quite a hype among gamers is “Infinity Blade.” The developers decided to remove this trilogy to focus on their next game project. And there is no chance that this game will return. So, it was no surprise when this iOS game was removed from the app store, and the gamers jumped on the internet to find an alternative to this game. There is no doubt that this RPG iOS game was a sensation. And only another Simulation game for Android can take its place. Here in this article, there will be names of some fantastic games that can replace Infinity Blade saga and give a gamer a similar experience. Here are the 20 Best games like Infinity Blade for Android in 2023.


Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, these two developer groups, released Infinity Blade in 2010. It is solely an action-based third-person hack and slash game. As it was an IOS exclusive, gamers had been eager to get the android alternative of this game. Someone may ask here why this fantastic game was not released on the Android platform. The answer is simple- due to the piracy issue.

1. Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow The Pact-infinity blade for androidDark Meadow: The Pact game, with a stunning visual work, was nominated for the Game of the Year award. No doubt, the game has a unique storyline that will intrigue any gamer. It is a role-playing action game. But the mysterious journey a gamer will have here is more interesting than anything else. With a surreal surrounding, a gamer has to unfold dark mysteries one after another.

The setting of this game is a ruined hospital. But the interesting fact about this game is it will give the gamer a fairy tale vibe. Every moment of this game world will create a new mystery with a seductive witch and her companions. The focus of the gamer will be destroying this mischievous creature. Only then will salvation come. 

Important features:

  • This game is an action-based role-playing game
  • Here the virtual world is made with the unreal 3 engine.

2. Blood and Glory: Legend 

Blood and Glory Legend -games like infinity blade for androidBeing a fighting game, Blood and Glory can be the best replacement of Infinity Blade for Android. No wonder this game has a bunch of similarities with Infinity Blade. The fights here will remind the gamer of the combats of a Roman gladiator. The gamer will take the role of a gladiator and face other fighters like giants, women warriors, gladiators.

As there will be a series of combats, a gamer must know the art of perfect movement in a fight. Attacking, blocking, and every other move will determine the fate of a warrior.

Important features

  • Winning the game series depends on the timing of a gamer
  • Gamers have to take part in challenging tournaments gradually
  • The more a fighter will participate in combats, the better will be his chance to win gold 

3. Dragon Slayer

Dragon SlayerA gamer will step into the magical world of dragons and spells through this enchanting game. The excellent graphic works of this game will ensure a real-life fighting experience with these gigantic magical creatures. Undoubtedly a gamer will get the same vibes here as he is supposed to get while playing Infinity Blade saga, except for the dragons.

In with the magical creatures in a fantasy world, only the spells are the weapon. Besides striking the dragon enemies, a fighter must defend himself with his shield and quick movement of his feet. Magic is the attraction of this fantastic game.

Important features

  • In this game, in every duel, a warrior must face a dragon 
  • There are three main ways to kill the dragons- lightning, ice, and fire

4. Goddess Primal Chaos

Goddess Primal ChaosGoddess Primal Chaos is a 3D action-based android game that can be an excellent choice to replace Infinity Blade. This RPG game is more exciting than others because a gamer can team up with other players. A gamer will have three groups to choose his partners from- the warrior, the summoner, the bloodline. 

No matter who the player chooses to team up with, they will share a similar goal. And it is to kill the supervillain Tyrant and save humanity from ultimate doom. But to do that, a gamer and his teammates need to go back in time and kill the evil before his birth. So it is obvious that time traveling is involved in this game.

Important features

  • The gamer aims to kill the evil Tyrant and save humanity from doom
  • Gamer can choose from multiple PvP modes such as 1v1,2v2,3v3

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5. Darkness Rises like infinity blade For android

Darkness Rises like infinity blade For androidDarkness Rises has similar gameplay to Infinity Blade. It is also a hack and slash game. The very name of this game is suggestive. In this game, darkness prevails the world, and ferocious demons are unleashed upon this world. The motto is to kill the demons and send them to hell at any cost. With this game, the exploration of the dark world begins.

The most intriguing part if this game is a player can customize his characters. He can attribute any characteristics to his companions for his advantage.

Important features

  • A gamer has the golden opportunity to turn a hero on his side to fight evil.
  • If a gamer wishes to face the monsters by himself, he can choose the single-player mode.

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6. Dragon Project

Another monster slayer game is Dragon Project. This multiple award-winning android game can be a good recommendation for all gamers who are missing Infinity Blade’s experience. It is a multiplayer game that is totally strategy-based. 

A group of heroes has risen to defeat monstrous dragons and massive creatures. The gamer will be one of them. One after another, a difficult challenge will come, and a gamer has to face them with tricks and skills.

Important features

  • Gamer can team up with three more players to defeat the behemoths in a co-op multiplayer battle. 
  • The magical weapons can be used to get an extra advantage against the monsters. 

7. Rage of the Gladiators

Rage of the GladiatorsIf a gamer wants to play Infinity Blade with a mythological essence, Rage of the Gladiator is the best choice to play on android. The creatures a player will fight are mostly mythological characters. The more a gamer will progress, the difficult opponents he will have to face.

As it is a first-person action game, a gamer will take a gladiator’s role and show his arena skills. 

Important features

  • The gameplay here is a relatively simple dodge, attack, and block.
  • A gamer can choose his armors and also can get extra advantages like changing his size.

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8. Death Dome

Death Dome Infinity Blade for AndroidAndroid game Death dome has such gameplay that will remind a gamer of Infinity Blade again and again. This game’s setting is a ruined city named Death Dome, which is now dominated by dreadful and gigantic creatures. That’s not the end. The whole city is under the attack of a ruthless virus. The mission of the gamer is to make his way out of this horrible city.

The graphics of this game will lead a player to such a reality that does not exist. But all will feel so real. That’s the fun part of this game.

Important features

  • It is a third-person action game.
  • Survival in this game will depend on the gamers choice of weapons

9. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the FallenIn this game, a gamer will battle with the gothic monster in a 1 on 1 combat. The world is now dominated by a female demon named Queen Acasha. The player aims to kill this evil and destroy her minions.

In a medieval fantasy world, a gamer’s only weapon is his skills. A player needs to show his fighting skills, mingling with his wits to achieve his goal.

Important features

  • A gamer needs to swipe to strike and tap to defend himself.
  • It’s possible here to choose medieval heroes as a character. 

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10. Dawnbringer Like infinity blade For android

Dawnbringer Like infinity blade For androidOne thing is evident in this RPG game, and that is “drama.” It is a mysterious land, an exiled hero, a clash between two brothers- these are the game’s themes. All the things here will happen in Mourngard.

This android game has many similar aspects to Infinity Blade. Especially the hack and slack combats. 

Important features

  • Dawnbringer is both an action and exploration game
  • In the combats, a gamer has to show his skills to challenge his brother in the game

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11. Horn

hornInfinity Blade inspires the plot of this android game. Horn is the name of the character that the gamer will take. He is a common man, an apprentice of a local blacksmith. But fate and the course of time turn him into a hero.

The story begins when one fine morning, everyone in Horn’s village turns into monsters. Now, Horn has to show off his skills to break the curse.

Important features:

  • The game will first introduce the gamer to the rules of the world the gamer is in
  • Horn is a swiped-based third person.

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12. I, Gladiator

I, Gladiator Infinity Blade for AndroidI, Gladiator is the best game to get the surreal experience of a real gladiator fight. These fights in this game scream the similarities with Infinity Blade. If a gamer wants to win in bloody combat, he needs to focus on everything- his skills, wit, and strategy.

Through this game, a warrior will taste the actual feeling of stepping into a gladiatorial arena. And there, he will not only face the other warriors but also escape from vicious traps.

Important features:

  • From time to time, a warrior has to fight with ferocious animals and human opponents.
  • During the combats, a gamer can change his armor to his advantage. 

13. Stormblades Like Infinity Blade For Android

Stormblades Like Infinity Blade For AndroidStormblades is another Infinity Blade-inspired game. A gamer will experience a thrilling adventure in the remaining of an old lost city.

The only job of a gamer here is not only fighting. Instead, he has to explore this land and jungles and valleys to protect himself.

Important features

  • It has one of the most beautiful graphics work among the android games.
  • The combat system in this game is to strike your enemy and defend yourself.

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14. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Iron Blade Medieval LegendsIron Blade is a perfect blend of action and magic. The setting is a medieval war-stricken continent. And here, the gamer has to get involved in bloody fights one after another. 

The role of the gamer will be a knight. Who will be the opponents of the knight? Mostly the gamer has to face opposite forces from France. But sometimes, he has to fight magical creatures like the undead of Scotland and vampires.

Important features

  • Here gameplay is quite simple, and battles are short-lasting.
  • To fight both mortal and magical enemies, a gamer needs to change his strategies from time to time.

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15. Injustice Gods among Us

Injustice Gods among Us Infinity Blade for AndroidInjustice Gods Among Us is very different on android compared to the other versions. There is no story mode. It plays much differently on other consoles and pc. The controls are very similar to Infinity Blade. You can play it both online and offline.

Injustice Gods Among Us is a unique game. Marvel still has not been able to create something like this. There are 35 characters for you to choose from. Each character has different versions.

Important Features

  • You can play as your favorite DC character and pit them against each other
  • A total of 35 characters with 144 versions are available for you to play with.
  • Stunning Visuals and the grim presentation accurately depict the world of the DC universe.

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16. Batman Arkham City Lockdown

Batman Arkham City LockdownThough non-canon Batman Arkham City Lockdown packs enough punches. The game contains actual voice works from the people who worked on the console and pc versions of the game. The controls and combat are much similar to the infinity blade.

This is the game for you if you’re both a batman and an infinity blade fan. The game holds much of the atmosphere from the console version of the game. But the controls and combat are changed to suit the Android platform better. 

Important Features

  • You can play Batman with different Batsuits.
  • The stunning visuals of the game will give a genuine Arkham Experience.
  • The game contains exhilarating action that is both satisfying and challenging.

17. Blade of God: Vargr Soul

Blade of God Vargr SoulBlade of God is a game like Infinity Blade for Android-based on Norse Mythology. Be that as it may, the game offers a very original story of its own. Take on monsters ten times your size and battle your way to glory.

The gameplay includes quick time events, dodging, mounting, combo moves, light and massive attacks, and much more. You, as a member of a family of a mysterious bloodline, must rescue your family. The game throws many tough choices at you that you must make on your own.

Important Features

  • You can fight your way through almost 100 gigantic beasts and Nordic Gods.
  • It contains a huge world extended across 3 realms and 9 countries.
  • The visuals of the game contain a dark, gothic art style.

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18. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

Godfire Rise of Prometheus Infinity Blade for AndroidGodfire: Rise of Prometheus sets you on a journey against the gods to save humanity. You get to fight against gigantic bosses and throngs of foes. Character customization is also available in this game. You can even wear the armor of Prometheus.

The visuals of the game come to life with the power of the Unreal Engine technology. You explore the distinctive world of Godfire freely. The gameplay also includes survival and a time attack mode. For a unique and quality experience, this is a must-try if you like Infinite Blade.

Important Features

  • The game offers massive boss battles that last through many phases.
  • You can explore freely in the distinct world of Godfire.
  • The epic story of the game involves the fascinating myth of Prometheus.

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19. Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Implosion Never Lose HopeImplosion: Never Lose Hope is a free third-person action game on the play store. The game requires no internet connection for you to play it. The action-packed title offers intuitive touch controls and a friendly user interface.

The campaign mode of the game offers you complete four chapters. Be that as it may, the game updates frequently. The game contains professional voice acting and stunning visuals. Hack and blast your way through with super-tech weapons as a humanoid. It is a must-try if you like Infinite Blade.

Important Features

  • It offers an exhilarating original story that will compel you to play the game till the end.
  • The game contains breathtaking visuals along with professional voice acting and audio.
  • The intuitive controls and plethora of weapons and upgrades create an experience like that of no other.

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20. Way of Retribution: Awakening

Way of Retribution AwakeningWay of Retribution: Awakening lets you go on a journey to a foreign, mysterious land. The world of this game is full of rich stories and lore. You can combat not only in-game enemies but also other people over the internet.

You are free to explore the rich open world full of magic and mystery. The easy controls and satisfying combat of the game make every battle fun and exciting. You can also customize your character down to the tiniest of details. This is a must-play for all Infinity Blade lovers.

Important Features

  • It offers a variety of enemies, which keeps everything fresh and exciting.
  • The easy controls and intuitive combat makes every encounter with an enemy a treat.
  • This game offers an open world for you to explore.
  • The character customization of the game is very detailed.

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Final Thought

Infinity Blade held a special place in the hearts of many gamers all over the world. The discontinuation of the game led to many heartbreaks. This game was never available on android. Nor can you play it on pc. As for now, there is no word on the development of Infinity Blade 4. So are you left with nothing to do but despair? We think not. Infinity Blade might have died. But the legacy lives on. It has inspired many video games that have tried to put their spin on the “Infinite Blade” formula. And many of them have been successful in creating something very similar to Infinite Blade. Through this list, we have tried to bring some infinity blades for android to you. For more fascinating and informative lists, stay with Fossguru. Let us know in the comment section what you would like to add to the list.

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