Best 20 DJ Apps for Android Like Cross DJ and Virtual DJ

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Many people have good taste in music but do not get the chance to apply for it. You might be one of them. And, if you are a DJ music lover, the task becomes more challenging for you. Most people think being a Disc Jockey is expensive and complicated. But modern technology has made this complex task easier for you. Now, you can find a lot of DJ apps for Android devices. A well-designed DJ app improves your music skills and increases your knowledge about beat mixing. So we will recommend some of the best DJ apps for Android, like Cross DJ and Virtual DJ.

While choosing the best DJ app, you might hear the names of Cross DJ and Virtual DJ. These apps are undoubtedly serving great. But it is better to learn about some more DJ apps like Cross DJ and Virtual DJ to keep a substitute for them in your hands. 

Cross DJ and Virtual DJ

The Cross DJ app is very much popular in Disc Jockey careers. This app contains many features that help you create your DJ tracks. The five-level pitch-bending part of the Cross Dj app makes it unique. You can find auto mixers, sample packs, and external mixer support in this app. The Cross DJ app will provide the best sound effects for blending beats. This free DJ app is a complete package of innovative techniques to make you shine as a DJ. You can find more advanced features in the Cross DJ Pro app. 

They highly recommended the Virtual DJ Mixer app to the Disc Jockey community. It contains the best tools for music mixing and editing. The app is designed with a vast collection of unique sound effects. Moreover, this DJ app will be an experienced teacher to make you a Disc Jockey. But it would be best to remember that the Virtual DJ is made only for personal use. If you are a professional DJ, you must pay for a license using the Virtual DJ Mixer Pro app. Besides, this app is free and requires no subscription. 

Best 20 DJ Apps for Android Alternative to Cross DJ and Virtual DJ

I have told you before that choosing Cross Dj or Virtual DJ as your DJ app would not be wrong. But if these apps do not work correctly or their reviews fall, keep knowledge about other best apps as alternatives. You can find many DJ apps on Google Play and other websites for your Android. But how can you figure out which one is the best for you? Again, there are ratings of the apps according to their specific features and services. You can never randomly guess which app will contain the part you want to play DJ music. And here I am to help you choose the best companion for your DJ activities. 

1. DJ Studio 5

best dj app for androidThe 1st DJ app that comes into my mind for you is DJ Studio 5. It is one of the best DJ apps for beginners and professional audio mixers. The more you practice, the more you can feel the swiftness of this app. A variety of features of this app will astonish you. DJ Studio 5 app is free and requires no hidden costs. This ad-free DJ app contains no limitations or watermarks. 

You can use the DJ Studio 5 app on any Android device newer than version 2.2. There are eight sound effects and three bands equalizer for each deck. You can access and browse your MP3 library and re-order your playlist using DJ Studio 5. The beat detection and auto-mixing features of this app are fantastic. Besides, it offers you two virtual turntables with Crossfader too! Considering these fabulous features, you can easily take the DJ Studio 5 app as your Cross DJ alternative. 

Key Features

  • The DJ Studio 5 App contains unique scratch engines and disc physics. 
  • It allows you to customize decks with up to seven skins.
  • The app live records your audio mixing using its recorder. 
  • It allows you to share your creation with others. 
  • This DJ app offers you ten customizable sample pads with live spectrum views. 
  • You will also get the pre-cueing option with your earphones in this app. 

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2. Djay – DJ App & Mixer

djay – DJ App & MixerThe day app is another full-fledged package for creating DJ music. This DJ app for Android offers you to record your live performances. It contains a vast collection of music, including your MP3 library. Besides, you can find a combination of mixer, tempo, pitch-bend, filter, and EQ controls in this app. The app has remix tools like a sequencer, looper, and beat-matching drums.

The day app can detect tempo and beats automatically. The app includes options for previewing and preparing songs using headphones. The day app stands out from others with its Automix AI function that intelligently identifies the rhythmic pattern of a music flow. The well-designed user interface of the day app will quickly motivate you to choose it as an alternative to Virtual DJ or Cross DJ. But sometimes, the frequent popping up of the notification for upgrading the app may annoy you. 

Key Features

  • The Djay app contains Auto mix AI to detect the flow of music. 
  • It has a well-designed UI and rich remix tools.
  • The app allows playing music from your library and other sources.
  • This free DJ app also has a fabulous looping and cueing feature. 
  • The day app includes high-class DJ hardware integrations. 

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3. Edjing Mix

best dj app for android 2021The Edjing Mix app is one of the best DJ apps for Android. It offers +70 million remix tracks from your music library and other music sources. Besides, this DJ app contains a queue feature to prepare your upcoming songs. The Edging Mix app’s intelligent search and advanced storing part are outstanding. 

The Edjing Mix app is made with high-quality hardware. You can sync between several tracks and manage 4DJ effects while mixing the music. You can access 16 samples of EQ three bands and Gain on the free version. Professional Disc Jockeys designed the features of this app.

The Edging Mix app supports a little audio spectrum to navigate your music and broad audio spectrums to optimize beat detection. This DJ app offers automatic BMP (Bit Per Minute) detection for all your songs. The app offers a pro version, including more advanced features. It also contains an in-app purchase option too. 

Key Features

  • The Edjing Mix app teaches you how to become successful in DJ activities using tutorials and intuitive lessons.
  • This DJ app contains ultra-precise scratch and ‘slip’ modes for looping.
  • The turntables and crossfader features of this app are satisfactory.
  • It allows you to set Auto mix mode while creating tracks.
  • You can apply two audio FX at the same time on each deck.

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4. Music Maker Jam

 best dj app for pcMusic Maker Jam is an all-rounder DJ app for Android to serve your desires. An extensive music collection awaits you, including over 300 mix packs and over 500,000 loops. You can perform live using this DJ app. 

The Music Maker Jam app cares about your music style. It allows you to choose your type of music from a vast collection like- Trap, EDM, Rap, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Rock, etc. This app is a brilliant companion for music producers too. 

The Pro version of the Music Maker app allows you to make playback loops, harmonies, and speed variations and add various band effects to your tracks. You might find the pro version costly, but you will forget the money you had to pay.  

Key Features

  • The Music Maker Jam app contains many music tracks, beats, and loops.
  • It allows you to create your music style and share them with others.
  • The app provides you with track remix facilities using your favorite instruments.
  • This app enhances your creativity by combining your vocal and auto-tune features. 
  • The Music Maker Jam app allows you to join a large DJ community and develop your skills. 

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5. Party Mixer – DJ player app

Party Mixer – DJ player appAre you a party lover? Do you want to surprise your friends at the party with your DJ skills? If yes, then the Party Mixer app is ready to help you. Moreover, this is one of the best DJ apps that doesn’t require any previous DJ experience. You have to follow the instructions and work accordingly. You will surely get astonished at your track of mixing powers!

The Party Mixer app allows you to play two pieces of music simultaneously and crossfade between them. Likewise, this app can find beat changing, tempo mixing, BMP, and pitch tracking features. This free DJ app will make you feel like a DJ pro!

Key Features

  • The Party Mixer app supports all downloaded music on your device. 
  • It has an auto DJ mode to mix the tracks automatically for you.
  • The app allows you to play two tracks simultaneously and contains a crossfading option.
  • It allows you to save and share your creation. 

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6. MixPads – Drum pad machine & DJ Audio Mixer

MixPads – Drum pad machine & DJ Audio MixerAre you searching for an easy audio mixer app? MixPads will be the best solution for you. It is one of the best DJ apps that offers you multiple features. You can remix your tracks, create beatboxing, create hip-hop beats, use your recorder audio to mix with other music tracks, and whatnot! 

MixPads contains an easy interface with thirty drum pads, including original music loops. You can find twelve creative one-shot sound pads for mixing your tracks. You can get precise, high-quality-tune and audio files using the MixPads app. The sound adjusting and BMP controlling features of this app are pretty good. You can get this full free DJ app in HD quality. This app can beat the Virtual DJ app too! 

Key Features

  • The MixPads app contains creative shots and different sample packs for music mixing.
  • It offers an autoplay mode to mix music automatically.
  • This app offers studio-quality sound effects and pitch-controlling features. 
  • You can record your voice and get share options here.
  • The app supports all screen resolutions and devices. 

7. WeDJ

best dj app for iphoneIf you want a flexible and seamless DJ app for Android, the WeDJ app might be your best DJ app. Like the Cross DJ app, it allows FX to create sound. The app contains a 3-band EQ feature for adjusting your music smoothly. WeDj offers you two-channel layouts and creating remixes. Again, the crossfader option will change the beats of the mixed tracks. 

There are looping and hot cueing features included in the WeDJ app. The app also allows you to record your tracks and replay them. Besides, WeDJ lets you enjoy the party using the auto-play mode! This free app is a worthy one to use as an alternative to the Cross DJ app.

Key Features

  • The WeDJ app serves excellently as a beat mixer.
  • It contains remix and crossfader options.
  • The app allows you to record and share your tracks. 
  • The autoplay mode of WeDJ is satisfactory. 
  • It includes looping and cueing features, too. 

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8. Disc 3D Music Player

Disc 3D Music PlayerThe Disc 3D Music Player app added a new version to DJ activities. It is one of the best DJ apps that can compete with virtual DJ and Cross DJ. It offers you a ten-band equalizer that is rare in other apps. Disc 3D Music Player contains 3D effects in its user interface. Moreover, there are seventeen presents available for beginners.

You can find Pre-cueing, Pre-listening, and Split Audio Output features in the Disc 3D Music Player app. There are various sound effects and BMP control features in this app. But this app only supports the downloaded music tracks from your device. You might find the app difficult to use at the beginning. But afterward, you will love this best  Music Player. 

Key Features

  • The Disc 3D Music Player app offers you a 3D music mixing environment.
  • It contains a 10-band equalizer and seventeen presets.
  • The app includes high-quality looping and cueing features.
  • It is an excellent app for professional Disc Jockeys. 

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9. Mix Fader DJ

best dj app for android 2021Mix Fader DJ is one of the best DJ apps for Android, appropriate for personal and professional DJs. While using this app, you must buy a mix-fader device and connect it to your Android. The Mix Fader DJ app will provide a specially designed vinyl interface. Like the Cross DJ app, you will find options for adjusting the crossfader curve and real-time sound analysis. 

There are five sound effects available in the Mix Fader DJ app. It is a great scratching tool giving access to over 50,000,000 songs through SoundCloud, Deezer, and your local mp3 player. The Hd recording feature of this app makes it handier. You can get all pro-level DJ tools in Mix Fader DJ for free. 

Key Features

  • Mix Fader DJ is a helpful app for professional Disc Jockeys.
  • This app gives you access to 50,000,000 to make remixes.
  • It contains BPM and pitch-controlling features.
  • The app has a well-designed interface with physical turntables. 

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10. DJ Pro Mixer

The DJ Pro Mixer app is a DJ app for Android that can satisfy your hobby and profession. Like Cross DJ, you can create and edit songs saved on your devices using it. Besides, you can make scratch and set loops for your music tracks. 

DJ Pro Mixer

The DJ Pro Mixer has unique audio mixing, crossfading, and tempo control features. The BPM tracking feature helps this app to work more smoothly. Anyone, a beginner or a pro, can use this app to explore his creativity without costing a penny! But the app requires ample storage. 

Key Features

  • DJ Pro Mixer allows you to create unique music tracks.
  • This app contains excellent features for audio mixing.
  • It provides you with a realistic and professional equalizer.
  • The app is an intuitive one. 

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11. DJ Mixer Studio

DJ Mixer StudioDJ Mixer Studio apk is another strong competitor of the Virtual DJ app and Cross DJ app. The app allows you to create unique music remixes anytime and any place. This app can crossfade between two tracks played seamlessly. Again, there are 12 loop pads and two turntables in the app.

The fantastic interface and huge playlist collection of DJ Mixer Studio will amuse you. It offers you to share your tracks through Facebook and Youtube too! DJ Mixer Studio contains various melodies and sound effects, making audio mixing perfect.

Key Features

  • DJ Mixer Studio app gives access to your favorite songs instantly.
  • It supports crossfading and looping of music.
  • The app offers an easy backup option on the Cloud. 
  • You can create real-time music by changing the tempo and pitch using this app. 

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12. You. DJ

virtual dj app for androidYou.DJ app is a very user-friendly DJ app suitable for beginners and professional Disc Jockeys. It is a fun and easy DJ app offering must-have DJ tools. This free DJ app for Android contains no ads. You.DJ supports downloaded music from your device. The clear audio quality of the tracks will surprise you.

The You. The DJ app contains basic features like turntables, loops, 2-channel audio mixing, cues, FX, etc. You can choose music from SoundCloud and mix them according to your will. But if you want more advanced DJ tools, you may integrate any other DJ apps like-djay edging, etc., with You. DJ. 

Key Features

  • The You. DJ app is a user-friendly app for beginners.
  • They integrate the app with SoundCloud for mixing music.
  • The audio mixing feature of this app is pretty good.
  • It enables you to use any other DJ app jointly if needed. 
  • The You. DJ app is completely ad-free.

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13. Edjing Pro Le

Edjing Pro LeDo you need a brand-new sound system full of excellent DJ features? Edjing Pro Le will serve you that. Like the Virtual DJ app, it contains automated audio effects to make your tracks sound better. They integrate the app with your device’s SoundCloud, Deezer, and MP3 library, offering you the most extensive music collection. 

The Edjing Pro Le app offers you an interchangeable mixer interface. It is one of the best DJ apps containing a 3-band equalizer and musing syncing options. The ‘Freeze’ feature added dimension to it. Besides, the Automix function of the Edjing Pro Le app is compatible with the Cross DJ app.

Key Features

  • The Edjing Pro Le app supports a vast collection of music tracks.
  • Its automated audio features are prominent. 
  • The app contains an interchangeable mixer interface with a vinyl turntable. 
  • It adjusts the beats manually using natural sweep and pinch gestures.

14. DJ Name Mixer with Music Player

DJ Name Mixer with Music PlayerThe DJ Name Mixer with Music Player app can significantly support you in creating remixes. It is an audio mixer app that allows you to mix beats effortlessly. The app recommends you trending songs and helps you to combine them. But it does not provide you with any tutorial videos. 

The DJ name Mixer app contains simple features to make the app user-friendly. The DJ Name Mixer app does not contain any unnecessarily complex settings. It has only four knobs to create your desired tracks. You can also record your voice and music tracks while using it. But the disturbing factor of the app is the frequent appearance of ads. 

Key Features

  • The DJ Name Mixer app does not require any logins. 
  • This DJ app contains high-quality sound effects. 
  • It is effortless to use.
  • The audio-generating process of this app is fast. 

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15. Virtual DJ Pro Mixer

The Virtual DJ Pro Mixer app is an upgraded version of the Virtual DJ app. You might experience the best feeling after creating an audio track using this app. It does not just work as an audio mixer. The Virtual DJ Pro Mixer app tracks and remixes the music flow perfectly. 

Virtual DJ Pro Mixer

The Virtual DJ Pro Mixer app lets you get all the essential DJ tools like loop pads, turntables, various sound effects, etc. There are 12 mixing pads and two mixing discs available in the app. Indeed, the app allows you to explore your creativity in audio mixing. The Virtual DJ Pro app will take you one step ahead to become a professional DJ. But the app would serve better if there were frequent updates. 

Key Features

  • The Virtual DJ Pro Mixer contains a variety of DJ tools.
  • It provides you with 12 mixing pads and two mixing discs, and other necessary equipment.
  • The app has an attractive user interface.
  • It helps to enhance your audio mixing skills to a great extent. 

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16. DJ Mixer Player Mobile

DJ Mixer Player MobileDo you want to make remix tracks for parties using simple methods? The DJ Mixer Player Mobile app will provide you with this opportunity. It is a professional Virtual DJ app with unique features to simplify your DJ activities. This app allows you to create tracks by mixing songs and beats per your wishes. 

You can find two DJ scratching sounds and a virtual interface in the DJ Mixer Player app. The outstanding sound effects and its accurate display will attract you more. You can get hundreds of sound effects free of cost here.

Key features

  • The DJ Mixer Player contains high-quality sound mixing features.
  • It offers you original sound effects and BPM-controlling facilities.
  • The app contains features for audio recording and playback.
  • This app gives you access to hundreds of sound effects free of cost. 

17. DJ Mixer Player

DJ Mixer PlayerDJ Mixer Play can give you a pleasant DJ experience. This DJ app is designed with exceptional audio mixing options. It will allow you to create your tracks according to your wishes. The app contains basic DJ features like BMP control, loop, cue, effective turntables, music syncing, crossfading, etc. It supports all primary audio forms. We consider the DJ Mixer Player app a virtual DJ app for Android. 

Key Features

  • The DJ Mixer Player contains a powerful audio blending capacity.
  • It offers 3D integration to mix and remix music.
  • You can get an audio syncing option here.
  • The app has the Automix feature too. 

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18. DJ Name Mixer Plus

DJ Name Mixer PlusDo you want to add your name while creating a remix track? The DJ Name Mixer Plus app will do that for you. It allows you to include voice records or names on the music track. The app also uses special sound effects to make the track more attractive. DJ Name Mixer and other essential functions contain real-time visualization and spectrum analyzers. Again, the app has an equalizer and unlimited real-time music streaming and recording in the fantastic UI with simple functions, making this app comparable to the Virtual DJ app.

Key Features

  • The DJ Name Mixer Plus app functions great in mixing names with tracks.
  • The mechanism behind this app is highly satisfactory.
  • It contains special sound effects.
  • The app serves as a professional audio mixer.

19. Professional Piano and DJ Mixer

Professional Piano and DJ MixerProfessional Piano and DJ Mixer is a virtual DJ app for Android. This app combines a drum pad, piano, and other features. It allows you to record and save the tracks on the SD card. The six sets of ten loops, eight drum pads, and 15 electro pads made this app different. But frequent ads may bother you while using them.  

Key Features

  • The Professional Piano and DJ Mixer app contains Volume rhythms and sounds to create a good mix.
  • It will provide you with the sounds of the instruments like drums, piano, organ, saxophone, guitar, etc. 
  • The app has multiple viewing features. 
  • Pianos contain four different themes and colors.

20. Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad MachineLast, you can install a Drum Pad Machine as your DJ activity companion. It is one of the best DJ apps for Android that offers to make music on a device like a beatmaker. This app will develop audio mixing skills using various sound effects and tools. It is suitable for both pro beatmakers and newcomers. 

Key Features

  • Drum Pad Machine offers you hip-hop tracks along with beatbox makers. 
  • It supports composing tracks, making beats, and creating mixtapes.
  • The app records your tracks using its built-in recorder.
  • It allows you to share your tracks with your friends. 

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Final Thoughts

Are You still worried about how to compose your DJ tracks? I don’t think so. Now, remove your tensions and get ready to create great audio remixing. Choose your favorite one from the list of the best DJ apps for Android and explore your creativity. I’m pretty sure these apps will serve as well as Cross DJ and Virtual DJ.