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The 20 Most Accurate Ovulation And Period Tracker App

You may wonder why do we need period tracker apps. Also, you may have questions about why do we need apps to ensure pregnancy. As an answer, I would like to answer those questions. It is a matter of shame that no only men but only all women don’t know about the period cycle. They are not aware of their period cycle and the duration of their cycles as well. Knowing your period cycle can help you to overcome many crucial diseases. 

Why We Need Period Tracker Apps

Before installing some menstruation tracker apps, you have to know why we need such tracker. The period is a common phenomenon that all women face after a specific time. We have to go through this stage until a certain age.

The period is inevitable, and it keeps our body’s ovulatory cycle at pace. You might be curious about the period checker apps that it works or not. But most of the time, the period checker apps work pretty fine. It needs some basic information.

When you give all the correct information, menses tracker apps calculate the average possible date of your next cycle. Sometimes, the calculation might be more or less than the actual date. 

Menstruation tracker apps calculate pretty accurately for the average aged woman. But when it comes to the women having irregular and variable periods, they might not calculate the period cycle correctly.

The period cycle might vary with women of age 42-55. So you have to consider all those variables while using a menstrual cycle calculation app. It helps in many ways. We, women, all should know the period cycle of every month. How many days the period stays, how many days remains the ovulation period, and those menstrual cycle apps can know the necessary information about the period.

Best Period Tracker Apps for Android

Menses tracker apps can help us to be prepared for the next bleeding days. If you have plans for overseas or away from home, you can know previously when is your due date. Then you can plan accordingly for your menstruation tracker apps. You can do it also. You won’t face unwanted cramps and other mood swings cause by a period. Moreover, you can take precautions for those symptoms.  

1. Flo Period Tracker. My Menstrual Cycle Calendar

Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation & Pregnancy CalendarFlo period tracker is a viral period tracker among women. It is proven that the accuracy of this app is 54.7%. Over 180 million women downloaded it and used it. It has good ratings on the Google play store, and you can get it for free. You can log in on the app with the necessary details. Then Flo will let you know about your fertility days and ovulation period.


  • You can get to know about your period days in advance. Flo period tracker uses artificial intelligence to measure your neural changes. According to those changes, it let you know the possible day of your next period.
  • This app is working on its other features. Since 2017 it is working on its feature. Now Flo period tracker also includes a pregnancy tracker and an irregular period occurrences tracker. You can know if you’re pregnant or not by this app.
  • You can access this app on your smartwatches. So, you just have to install the Flo period tracker and install it through your Google account. Then sync with your smartwatch. And can get notified priorly about your period.

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2. Clue Period Tracker, Cycle & Ovulation Calendar

Clue- Period tracker, Ovulation & Pregnancy AppClue period tracker is the best menstrual tracker apps for android. You will find 4.7 ratings on the Google play store. Besides that, people go crazy over this app. You can also track your fertility days and PMS( pre-menstrual syndrome) by this app.

Clue period tracker also works through artificial intelligence. It will let you know the relation between the mind and body. You can also know that mood swings that caused by hormonal changes due to the period.


  • Clue period tracker works as an ovulation tracker and period calendar. You can use it as your health checker. 
  • Many voted that this app gives almost accurate predictions for your following period dates. But unexpecting situations always occur. It might start before or late to the date is shown on the app.
  • The clue period tracker is known as the period tracker. You can know your menstrual calendar through this app. Besides that, you don’t have to count your ovulation period. Clue period tracker segment these days in different sections. 
  • You have to input your menstrual flow, the products you use in your period. You have to mark the days when your period has started in the previous month.  

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3. Eve Period Tracker

Eve Period Tracker - Love, Sex & Relationships AppEve period tracker is the best free period tracker for android. You can get this free app in the Google play store. You will believe that the eve period tracker is the best in 2021.

Moreover, you can join the Eve community that is formed by this period tracker app. So you can join the community to get help. You can share your menstrual problem there. If there is someone who faced the same problem as you, I can give you a suggestion. You can also find a permanent solution from the community. 


  • You can check your period in a fun way but yet effective. The logging feature of this app is flexible. You can quickly log in and log out from this app. 
  • You can use this app’s free version. But to access the premium features, you have to subscribe to its monthly plans.
  • If you think you can’t sync with the data plan, you can cancel at any time. To cancel the Eve subscriptions plan, you have to go to the edit section. Then tap the change subscription plan. You can cancel the subscription plan as well. 
  • You can review your past month’s period records. Moreover, you can also observe that any discontinuity is occurring or not. 

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4. Period Tracker, My Calendar

Period Tracker - Period Calendar Ovulation TrackerPeriod tracker has 4.9 ratings on the Google play store. It is a popular app in 63 countries. Period tracker claimed that 100 million uses use this application. So you can completely trust this period tracker. This app is the best period and fertility checker app for android.

Moreover, you have got to the easy log-in and log-out options. You can access the period for free. You can get to know the PMS and menstrual calendar by accessing this app. 


  • The period tracker also works as the weight loss app. You can see by this app that you’re overweight or not. Moreover, you can also know how many pounds you have to lose to maintain a healthy body. 
  • You can also track your regular body activity. You can know that you’re blood pressure and menstrual flowing is normal or not. So, you can maintain your menstrual calendar on the check. 
  • It is the best app to track your irregular and uneven menses. You can hide the notification text to pop up. You will just be notified when your period date is due. But the notification details can’t be seen unless you unlock your phone. 

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5. Glow Fertility – Ovulation Tracker, Period Tracker

Glow Fertility - Ovulation Tracker, Period TrackerSometimes it gets confused by people that glow and eve period tracker might be the same. But it’s not. The same company sponsors it, but it runs pretty different work. The functions are not the same to deal with these two apps.

Glow period tracker just tracks our heart rates, checks the ovulation period, and lets us know. This period tracker works simple and is free. You can access all the features with the free versions.


  • This app contains the best bleeding tracking features, and it has a sophisticated virtual background for a period tracking app. 
  • You can predict your upcoming fertility days with this app. You can check how many days your fertility period is staying. Moreover, you can also check your menstrual period to make sure you’re not having any unwanted pregnancies. 

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6. Teen Period Tracker

Teen Period TrackerTeen period tracker is trendy among teenage girls. Those girls are considered as the newbies when it comes to periods. It will be difficult for them to understand the critical metaphor of the app. This app is made only for kids.

Kids who are facing periods recently, she can use it. So, they can understand how to act in this situation. Magicgirl is the best teen menses tracker app for android. It is legitimate and free for use.


  • How easy this app is to access. It is the best apps for teenagers. It accesses simple features customized for teenagers. You can take a look at these features and will understand.
  • You can also know which products are best on your menstrual days. If your parents are working parents, they don’t have much time to pay attention to you. So you have to understand your hygiene by yourself. 
  • MagicGirl keeps records of your last menstrual periods. You will know if you’re having a regular period or not.
  • You will get to know the facts and tips about the period. In our teenage, we do many dangerous things due to a lack of proper knowledge. This app will prevent you from taking a hazardous step. And will give you explicit knowledge about the period.

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7. Period Tracker lite

Period TrackerPeriod tracker lite is the most manageable period tracking app. You will find this app for free. Besides that, it can be used by women of all ages. If you’re a busy woman and can’t remember your due date, you can install this app. To get along with this app, you have to do nothing. You just have to install this app and put in the necessary information. Then by one tap, you can get along with the app.


  • Period tracker lite will note down all the symptoms that you face during your period days. So this app will predict what kinds of PMS you’re going to face next month.
  • The logo of this app only symbolizes the ‘P’ letter. It only shows the letter. If you’re embarrassed about having a period tracker app on your phone, then you can go for this app. But there is nothing to be ashamed about the period,
  • You will get to know by the logo of this app. The logo of the flower blooms when your fertility days come. So you can know without opening the app that your period is coming soon.

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8. MyFLO Period Tracker

MyFLO Period TrackerMyFLO period Tracker is the best period tracker for women who face irregular periods. Women with several period issues like bloating, overflowing, migraine, constipation, and many more should follow this app.

MyFLO helps to keep on check your fertility days. You will also get to know what kinds of food you should take to overcome these severe problems during the menstrual period.


  • If you have PCOS, MyFLO will tell you what kind of diet plan you should follow. By following this app correctly, you will overcome your hormonal changes.
  • This app will secure your personal information. Passcodes enable with the MyFLO period tracker. So, you can use MyFlo without any worries.
  • You can track 30 symptoms like bloating, PCOS, and many more with this one app. You can for your next menstrual cycle period with MyFLO. Moreover, it overcomes your PMS syndrome by following MyFLO’s instructions effectively.

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9. Period Calendar, Cycle Tracker

Period Calendar, Cycle TrackerPeriod Calendar is a highly legitimate and sophisticated app. You can know your period cycle, ovulation period, and fertility period with this app. These are some basic features that every tracker app follows. But Period Calendar is a bit more than a standard app. Period tracker tracks the period cycle and tracks mood, blood flow, temperature, and symptoms. With just one app, you can get the whole package of menses tracking.


  • This app contains a daily calendar. It kind of daily reminder about your body, mood, and health issues. So you get an idea of your mood and health before starting the day.
  • The features of this app keep updating. Now Period calendar has added the pregnancy detector. You can assume your pregnancy with the Period calendar. So you will get the premium features with this app.
  • You can always reset the data and then start all over. If you ever feel that your fertility period needs to track down with a new date, you can always reset the previous data. And then, by inputting new data, you will be reminded of your period date accordingly.

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10. Period Tracker – Fertility & Ovulation Calendar

Period Tracker - Fertility & Ovulation CalendarPeriod tracker acts like your personal health guide. This app is one of the best menses tracker apps in 2021. You will find the Period tracker on the Google play store. And there is nothing much to worry about, and the features are super easy to access. You can start using this app with just one tap.


  • This Period tracker helps to hold a grip on your previous menstrual cycles. Past menstrual records are vital with a view to delivering the following data.
  • The Period tracker keeps your data safe and secure. This app’s privacy policy is robust, and for this safety menses tracker has a 4.2 rating on the Google play store. 
  • The period tracker will help you by providing the best article about period and health. You can find those articles helpful to maintain proper health. 

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Best Ovulation Tracker App for Android

Ovulation tracker apps are like blessings from God in this modern world. We all lead a busy life, no matter men or women. So we get a little time to pamper ourselves. Nowadays we belong to a nuclear family, so there is less chance to live with all your family members. So taking care of your time in need is not plausible at all. So we have to be careful and considerate about our health. 

Pregnancy is a blessing to most parents who are expecting children. But unwanted pregnancies can cause a mental breakdown to people who are not prepared for this. The ovulation tracker apps let you know about your pregnancy. If you are not concerned about your ovulation period from an early age, you will face pregnancy problems in the long run.

Continuously taking contraceptive pills are also a barrier to having a regular ovulation period. These ovulation tracker apps help to keep a record of your regular ovulation period. If you do not have a regular one, you are requested to consult with a gynecologist. 

11. Ovia Fertility: Ovulation, Period & Cycle Tracker

Ovia pregnancy tracker is so reliable for pregnant women.Ovia pregnancy tracker is so reliable for pregnant women. You can tell by the ratings and honest reviews that are online about this app. If you are worried about this ovulation tracker app, then you can use it. Then this is proven that Ovia is the best pregnancy tracker for new mother. You can track all your mood swings and changes in behavior with this app. From mood change to cramps, all can be tracked down by this one app. Ovia Fertility is considered the companion of women on period days.


  • Ovia fertility works as your diary by dropping the regular TTC tips and tricks. These tips are beneficial on period days. 
  • This app contains the data that is based on the information that you gave. Based on your information, everything is calculated and delivered. 
  • You will get a personalized data calendar with your period days, ovulation period, fertility days.

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12. Natural Cycles – Contraceptive App

Natural Cycles - Contraceptive AppNatural Cycles is the app that you will need if you are bored taking contraceptive pills. It works perfectly under typical use. The accuracy rate under typical use is 93%, and it reaches 98%-99% under perfect use. But I can say that it works 100% accurately. Some women got pregnant despite using this app. But this is the best birth control app for android. 


  • This app is effective, and it works like hormone-free contraceptive pills. As I’ve mentioned before, the accuracy rate is relatively high. It has high ratings on the Google play store.
  • You will get daily updates on your period days. 
  • The pregnancy rate reduces a lot due to the use of this app. It’s adequate to the rate that only 2 women can get pregnant out of 100 in a year while using Natural Cycles. 

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13. Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Tracker

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation TrackerKindara Fertility is often compared with the Natural Cycles. Both apps are sophisticated in their respect. The features are not the same to compare one with another kind of is best for an ovulation tracker, but the subscription fee is not much. You have 4.99 USD. But you can always switch to the yearly plan. Then this app will cost cheaper. You have to 49.99 USD for one whole year. So this ovulation app is considerably cheap when it comes to service compared to the subscription fee. 


  • Kindara predicts ovulation through psychological parameters. For example, you have to put your body temperature, cervical mucus, period cycles, etc.
  • You can find a companion on Kindara. With whom you can share your menstrual records regularly. You can check others’ reports here. This app is best when you check your progress by another.

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14. Sprout Pregnancy

Sprout Pregnancy is not entirely free.Sprout Pregnancy is not entirely free. You can use the free seven-day trial and then decide whether you want to use this app. After the free trial, you can’t use this app free of cost. You have to pay the subscription fee. That is 7.99 USD per month. Moreover, you will get all premium features with the paid version of this app.


  • You will get daily notifications about your developing child. You will get notifications about your fertility periods, ovulation period, and menstrual cycles. 
  • This app is considered the best apps for new parents. This app contains all the essential information that is needed to know.
  • Sprout Pregnancy is continuously working on its feature. The features are updating every day. So you will get the best service here.

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15. Fertility Friend Ovulation App

Fertility Friend Ovulation AppFertility Friend is the best ovulation tracker app. It is a natural companion when it comes to tracking the ovulation period and fertility period. Fertility Friend tracks the ovulation period when it comes to the thermal state. After tracking the ovulation and fertility period, it shows the results in charts. So, the charts are more understandable than the reports. Fertility friend has a sophisticated way to show the menstrual cycles.


  • Fertility Friend gives fertility period reports as charts. So you can import those charts as jpeg images. Then you can keep a record of the menstrual cycle.  
  • You can join the vibrant community of Fertility Friend. In that community, you can post your problems and can get solutions from them.
  • Your data will be kept safe and secure with this app. Your personal information won’t be leaked when you join the community.  

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16. OvaGraph – Official TCOYF App

OvaGraph – Official TCOYF AppTCOYF stands for Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. The name has been taken from the name of the best-selling book based on fertility checks. Ovagraph is the app that creates graphs and analysis your period days into graphs. You will get results through graphs. You can see by the graphs that your ovulation period is rising or not. What to do when your ovulation period rises, or should you do when you have irregular fertility periods. Millions of women use this app. OvaGrapgh is the best app for an ovulation tracker. 


  • You will get directions from Toni Weschler. The period calendar is designed by himself and also endorsed by him.  
  • This app is completely free to use. You won’t get these elegant features elsewhere. 
  • You can check your fertility days which are automatically interpreted by the fertility indicator. 

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17. Period Tracker

Period tracker. Ovulation calculator & fertilityPeriod tracker is another menstrual period tracking app. It also has a high rating in the Google play store. Period tracker has been the best companion on the period days. Period tracker tracks your mood swings, temptation, body temperature, and many more. 


  • The Period tracker is the best diary to keep records of your irregular period history. You can put a tail on your fertility days as well. 
  • It notifies you when your due date comes. You don’t have to put any reminder to keep reminding you. This Period tracker is beneficial for all women out there. 

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18. Ovulation Calendar & Fertility

Ovulation Calendar & FertilityOvulation Calendar is considerably the best fertility tracker app on android. If you are planning to take a baby, you can install this app. Getting pregnant with this app is much easier. You can know the period cycle here and can learn when you are the most fertile. This app has proved that the pregnancy chance with this app increases a lot than usual. 


  • Ovulation Calendar records your health data and keeps the record. You can check your health record from two years now on. 
  • It allows you to be sure of your fertility days, and ovulation works like your personal health dairy.  
  • You will find hundreds of articles and tips here about the period, fertility days, and ovulation period.

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19. Bellabeat Period Diary

Period Diary. Cycle Calendar & Ovulation TrackerBellabeat is the most sophisticated period diary you will find online. The tracking records of Bellabeat are pretty accurate. The fertility days are almost precisely counted for your next period. 


  • Bellabeat is a free and legitimate app. This app will secure your data. You can use Bellabeat as your period recorder as well as a health checker. 
  • It monitors your daily health by checking normal mucus, temperature, and period cycles. You can know earlier when there is a problem with your fertility period.

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20. Maya – Period, Fertility, Ovulation & Pregnancy

Maya – Period, Fertility, Ovulation & PregnancyMaya period tracker app is the winner of Facebook’s prestigious app in 2017. It is a great app when it comes to tracking period, ovulation, and fertility days. You can check your past cycles here. You can quickly enter your cycle’s momentum. So, this app can rectify the blood flow accurately. So the disease caused by over-blood flowing can be recognized as well. 


  • You can set a password on this app. The notification will pop up, but the information will be kept hidden. So nobody can go through your app while you’re not looking.
  • When you install the Maya period tracker, you‘ve to create an account. Your data will restore to your account. If you uninstall this app, the data will remain the same. Then when you install it again, you can check those data.

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Final Thought

It is high time we took a step forward to keep ourselves healthy. We can check our health regularly by following these kinds of period and ovulation tracker apps. We, women, face menstrual and feminine problems due to ignorance in these fields. By checking on these apps, we can be sure about our fertility, ovulation, and menstrual periods. So you should install at least one of them. 

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
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