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IaaS Cloud Computing for Managing Small Business

IaaS or Infrastructure as a service is the architecture of cloud computing. The small business uses the infrastructure as a service or IaaS to reduce costs. The IaaS cloud provider hosts the setup mechanisms.

Usually present in an on-premises data center, with storage, servers and networking hardware. As a result, the virtualization or supervisory layer becomes easy. Before going to discuss IaaS at first we will know Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing means the storage of data on the cloud. Here cloud is a myth. Cloud computing is keeping data on various servers and utilize it from the best possible storage. The data is stored in a redundant form. In case of the disaster of any server, another server responds instantly without delay.

IaaS Idea

Infrastructure as a Service provides a virtual computing structure. Normally the business has to purchase computer accessories for their own business. It will cut a big figure from working capital. In the meantime, the cloud computing service provider offers to use big virtual infrastructure to use computer support. This is known for cloud IaaS.

SaaS Idea

With IaaS, a third-party service provider provides virtual resources. Such examples are server space, network connections, and IP addresses. It host, build, test, and scale websites and applications. Business frequently uses IaaS clouds as the platforms for new applications.

This service model expanding existing applications to larger audiences. Such kinds of cloud platforms provide location independence and avoid long-term investments. Sometimes they use a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Both developers and system administrators use the IaaS cloud service as the best alternative to the traditional office.

Some Example of IaaS

Now the organization is shifting towards infrastructure as a service. Many companies offer IaaS. For example Rack space, Google Compute Engine, Amazon EC2, and Windows Azure. The pricing of Infrastructure as a service varies organization to organization. Some organization likes to use pay as you go.

How It Works

IaaS is included in extremely computerized and accessible compute resources, added by cloud storage and network capability. That is provisioned, metered, and existing on-demand.

How IaaS WorksIaaS providers deal with these cloud servers and their related resources via dashboard and API. Its client has direct access to their servers and storage. Consumers of IaaS can outsource and build a “virtual data center”. Infrastructure as a service is the most flexible cloud computing model. It permits processing power, storage, networking and automated deployment of servers.

Infrastructure as service clients has real control over their organization than users of PaaS or SaaS services. A lot of providers offer Infrastructure as a Service such as Softlayer NaviSite and exascale.

Some IaaS for Small Business

1. Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services is a pioneer of cloud computing. They offer various range of storage services. Due to the increase, the costing of physical devices Amazon brings a low-cost solution.

Amazon AWS


• AWS is Comprehensive and has security capabilities
• Offer Rich controls, auditing
• Works on Hybrid IT architectures
• Highly Scalable
• Support Applications, Big Data & HPC
• Easy Backup and storage
• Also, have the disaster recovery

2. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is a cloud computing service provider. They provide tools that permit consumers to manage virtual servers in the cloud.

DigitalOceanKey Features:

• This cloud infrastructure can deploy in seconds
• Have SSD performance
• API is simple
• Storage is highly available
• Fast network access
• Open-source apps

3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure or Windows Azure is the public cloud of Microsoft. Azure provides a structure from which consumers can manage, deploy and build applications. This cloud service can be used on Windows, as well as other OS, tools and languages.

Microsoft Azure

Key Features

• Microsoft Azure is Ease of use
• It has an administrative tool
• Used as PaaS
• Operate in an operating system

4. Rackspace Open Cloud Service

Rackspace is a cloud computing service with all the gears that customer’s requisite for building scalable websites.

Rackspace Open Cloud Service

Key Features

• Private, Public, hybrid, and multi-cloud
• a control panel is Datastore
• Customer service is great
• Basic monitoring authorizations like ping or HTTP checks for an extra fee.

5. Google Compute Engine

Compute Engine of Google is a scalable, high-performance virtual machine that can allow you to run large-scale workloads. This Google Cloud Platform is the product of Google. It is a suite of cloud computing services. This cloud service runs on the same setup that Google uses inside for its end-user products.

Google Compute Engine

Examples are Google Search and YouTube. Google cloud service provides a series of modular cloud services including data analytics, computing, data storage, and machine learning. It needs credit card bank information for registration.


  • Developer(s): Google Inc.
  • Initial release: April 7, 2008; 10 years ago
  • Written in: Java C++ Python Go Ruby
  • Platform: Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Datastore, Google
  • Cloud Storage, Google Big Query, Google Cloud SQL
  • Type: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Serverless Platform
  • License: Proprietary

Key Features

• Google cloud infrastructure backup
• Service is Scalable
• Have High-performance
• Offer low cost, automatic discounts
• Efficient networking and fast
• Environmentally friendly
• Global network
• Flexible Service

6. HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure

HPE Converged System service is a cloud built on Open Stack. Its Infrastructure as a service is part of Converged Cloud Solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds.

HP Enterprise Converged Infrastructure

Key Features

• Lower cost of system ownership
• Application is Flexible
• Pre-packaged Power
• Slighter, faster and hyper-converged

7. IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise

IBM Smart Cloud service is a super performance cloud that offers core compute and storage services. This cloud service is perfect for an organization that manages larger numbers of developers and testers.

IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise


• Great software for security of enterprise and cloud administrators
• Good management information systems

8. Green Cloud Technologies

Green Cloud Technologies is an IaaS cloud service provider. It is also a cloud technology partner and private cloud provider.

Green Cloud Technologies

Key Features

• Hosted backup Service
• Disaster recovery facilities
• Virtual desktops application

9. Cloud Stack

Cloud Stack is an open-source cloud computing service that was planned to manage, create, and deploy infrastructure cloud services.


Key Features

• Rich Management
• Good User Interface
• Brand-able User Interface
• AJAX Console Access is secure
• API is powerful
• Workload Management
• Easy Template Creation

10. Linode

Linode is a cloud service solution that offers high-performance. It uses SSD Linux servers for infrastructure needs. Linode is easy to use, and good for those just getting started with infrastructure as a service.


Key Features

• Good support
• Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
• Backups, Node Balancers, Linode and Longview Managed
• API is powerful
• Stack Script Deployment

The benefit of IaaS for Small Business

The main benefit of IaaS is to reduce costs. If the business thinks they will not invest much in physical infrastructure then goes for virtual IaaS. Some benefit of IaaS in small business are:

  • IaaS can be used for firewalls load balancing, virtual desktop hosting, IP addresses, servers, routers, storage, and much more.
  • Never need to buy physical hardware or other equipment ever again.
  • It takes out all the buying costs and maintenance associated with hardware.
  • Most small businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage equipment which makes IaaS a great alternative.
  • Many small businesses do not have the capital to invest in brand new hardware.
  • IaaS is a pay-as-you-go service
  • It saves a business with a tight budget of money.

Many Small businesses grow into big businesses that means they need set-up which will raise with them and the main factor is IaaS.

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