Best Software Configuration Management Tools in Software Engineering

Software configuration management(CM) tools are a must in the tech industry. It helps improve efficiency in the making of software apps. From configuring to tracking changes, these tools are effective and fast. But which ones are the best in the tech market? Well, lucky for you, this article lists the top 15 CM tools. Read along to find out which CM tool is the one for you.

What is a Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool?

In simple words, an SCM tool helps you control and track software changes. You will then have better flexibility in developing programs. It manages software elements, versions, and much more. Do not worry about bugs or any sort of issues anymore. The SCM tool tracks and stops anything that causes problems. It is a dream come true for tech professionals. 

Why do you need a SCM tool?

Let us now see what benefits these tools have in your projects. 

  • More Efficiency

An SCM tool maintains consistency in a product’s performance. It handles all the new changes in the app-making process. An SCM plan makes sure everything is smooth as you progress. You will enjoy better cost efficiency and time management. 

  • Less risk of cyberthreats

The tool leads to fewer chances of bugs or any viruses. There are fewer chances of something fishy happening, as it helps you keep track of all changes. A CM program is quick to detect if something unusual happens. 

  • Instant response

The tool responds as soon as something goes wrong. It is much easier to correct things right on time. So, there is less wastage of time and resources. 

  • Fixes outage problem

The SCM tool documents all software-related things of a project. So, it is quicker to restore the services during outages. 

15 Best Software Configuration Management Tools

We finally arrive at our most-awaited list of SCM tools. Go through each to find the best one for yourself. 

01. CFEngine Configuration Management

CFEngine Configuration ManagementCFEngine is a configuration management system that gives instant fixes. It automates the most difficult work to provide quick solutions. CFEngine can handle projects of any size without any problem. The tool ensures that systems are running in a smooth way and following standard rules. 

LinkedIn, Paypal, and many other companies enjoy using CFEngine. Now you can be sure how reliable the tool is for performance. It is a favorite CM tool for Windows users. You can download the community version for up to 25 nodes. Other cost details are available on their official website.  

Key Features

  • CFEngine is one of the most secure tools in the market.
  • It can manage projects of any size with efficiency.
  • Change any part of the project in real-time.
  • You can manage patches with quick and easy steps. 
  • It does not take up much space on your system.

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02. Puppet Configuration Management

Puppet configuration managementPuppet is another amazing software configuration management tool to get. It fixes all security-related problems to protect your projects. The SCM software works with cloud apps to give the best solutions. Users love it for its fast and reliable deliveries. Complete all the time-consuming tasks in an instant. It improves productivity and satisfies employees on all levels.

It automates the work in a smooth flow. You will enjoy working with Puppet with cloud apps. Get it if you are a big fan of cloud platforms. The tool is modern with its features. The tool supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is an open-source tool that provides a trial version before use. 

Key Features

  • Puppet can automate workflows to make the process faster.
  • It features a log section to spot errors. 
  • It comes with verification testing for a more secure workflow.
  • The tool has a clean interface to make navigation easy.
  • Puppet manages certificates for new systems. 

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03. CHEF Configuration Management

CHEF configuration managementCHEF configuration management tool is the Masterchef of managing projects. The software handles programs and files on systems. It even handles virtual machine setups on the cloud. CHEF uses automation to manage all the complicated tasks. For DevOps-related work, it is the number choice. There are many convenient tools to help with teamwork.

CHEF can automate executing codes. So, there is no need for manual coding. The tool makes your work easier, faster, and more efficient. It is ideal for large projects with loads of coding. It checks all the programs on a regular basis to make things error-free. You can also set up various cloud apps and services. 

Key Features

  • CHEF runs tests on a regular basis ensuring everything is following standard rules.
  • It is easy to move apps from one environment to another.
  • The tool features pull configuration and dynamic nodes.
  • It creates software environments that are like production.

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04. Ansible 

Ansible Ansible is a popular open-source configuration management tool. It helps with configuring the software to improve performance. The tool also automates scaling according to your needs. Manage codes, products, and all other app controls with Ansible. Enjoy all its convenient features to complete tasks faster. 

Ansible supports many systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux. The tool is perfect for teamwork and group projects. Its enterprise version is available to use on a free trial. Contact the official website to learn more about Ansible pricing plans. 

Key Features

  • Ansible is perfect for large organizations where you need to automate scaling.
  • The tool saves your time by configuring software programs.
  • Access a visual dashboard that is perfect for your role.
  • It also manages standard rules and policies for your projects. 

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SALTSTACK Saltstack is one of the top Linux configuration management tools out there. Automating tasks like managing coding and networks is its specialty. Any kind of security flaws cannot hide from Saltstack. The SCM software is powerful in finding solutions for all problems. Fix issues in an instant at any stage of the process.

Saltstack supports different platforms including Windows and Linux. Once installed, the rest of the features are easy to use. You will also get a clear look at what is happening inside Saltstack. All the processes are easy to understand and apply. The enterprise version will cost $150 per year for every machine. 

Key Features

  • Saltstack features single-line commands.
  • It has instant solutions for faults in the system.
  • As a user, you will enjoy using the stable setup.
  • You can use the tool with different cloud providers like Amazon and Google.
  • It provides a clear overview of the insides of the software. 

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06. Rudder 

Rudder Rudder steals the sixth stop on our list. It is an open-source tool that supports many different platforms. Use it with systems including Linux, Ubuntu, and CentOS. The tool checks all the technology setups on a regular basis. It makes sure everything follows the standard policies. Rudder also prepares reports to update you on work progress. 

The web interface feature helps control your environment. It makes configuring and installing a lot easier. You can get Rudder on both free and paid versions. Fix security flaws and customize the reporting feature on the paid version. Users love the paid version because of its more valuable features. 

Key Features

  • Rudder joins with other tools like Ansible and Vault to provide better service. 
  • You can also manage web interfaces with a drag and drop editor. 
  • The tool provides graphical reporting as well.
  • It has a library that follows the best practices. 
  • The paid version supports systems like Windows, Linux, and many more. 

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07. JUJU Configuration Management

JUJU Configuration ManagementJuju is one of the best automating tools in the market. Many call it the best software configuration management tool. It can handle the most complex software tasks for you. Run any apps that you want on several platforms. Use automation to reduce loads of other software. 

Juju supports a wide range of public and private cloud services. It uses modern security tools to protect data. You can switch to the cloud platform with some easy steps. An ideal open-source tool for cloud users, Juju helps to customize solutions. You gain more control over the functions. Check out the official website to see individual pricing plans.

Key Features

  • Juju supports several systems like Mac and Ubuntu.
  • It provides instant scaling to increase productivity.
  • The service offers high security through modern technology.
  • It is compatible with cloud services. 

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08. TeamCity

TeamCityTeamCity offers high-quality SCM plans. The open-source software includes about 100 ways to configure projects. Take help from the SCM program to maintain a secure working environment. Every project will have a high coding standard. You will be getting top-notch service from the program. Download TeamCity for free and get unlimited users to build projects.

The free version also offers automation for codes and testing. Look at their clean interface that gives you a clear overview of everything. Try using TeamCity with Docker, and GitHub for more advanced features. It is well-loved by many for its quick software solutions on the cloud platform. 

Key Features

  • TeamCity is scalable and lets you customize features.
  • It provides high-quality services with fast solutions.
  • The tool helps keep the systems stable and secure.
  • It shows real-time reporting on progress.

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09. Octopus Deploy Configuration Management

Octopus Deploy Configuration ManagementOctopus Deploy is gaining popularity worldwide. It is an excellent configuration management tool in DevOps. The software works exactly like an octopus. It lends hands in different areas of a software project. You can automate many different tasks to reduce work pressure. The tool handles the most difficult tasks in a matter of seconds.

25,000+ companies are using the software and loving it. Some of these companies include Microsoft, Disney, and NASA. Developers love Octopus for its wide range of automated features. It offers 400+ templates to help you kickstart your work. Both the free and the paid versions have certain conditions set up for use. Check out the official website for more details on the different versions. 

Key Features

  • Octopus Deploy will help you recover from disaster fast.
  • It can restore data and features backup testing.
  • The tool works well with apps like Slack, Azure, and DevOps Toolkit.
  • Octopus Deploy is easy to install and use. 

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10. ConfigHub 

ConfigHub ConfigHub is a software configuration management tool perfect for group projects. It gives you control over all your projects. Customized options help build projects the way you want. The software allows you to save and manage the settings of your apps. Enjoy its excellent service in the security of your work.

ConfigHub is all about convenience in configuring setups. It removes errors like duplication to give the perfect results. The program brings all the setup controls to one place. You will have an easier time handling your projects. Have fun with this open-source tool that is available for free. 

Key Features

  • ConfigHub prevents duplication from happening. It reduces errors and saves users time.
  • It brings together all the config controls in one place.
  • ConfigHub SCM tool is open-source and free to use for all.
  • It keeps all your data secure with modern technology. 

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11. Alibaba Application Configuration Management

Alibaba Application Configuration Management is a well-known SCM. It makes sure that servers are always available to you. Configuring programs in real-time is also available. You can manage software versions thanks to Alibaba CMS. Do not worry about the security of your apps. Alibaba keeps all the sensitive information safe.You have to pay to access its services. The Paid version brings in many impressive features. There is no doubt that every penny will be worth it. Alibaba platform is reliable and fast in performance.  It can solve small as well as big tasks with quick fixes. The software is perfect for those working in the DevOps field.

Key Features

  • Alibaba keeps sensitive data away from potential bugs.
  • This app configures a real-time version for your working environment.
  • It makes sure that you can access the server 24/7.
  • It supports actions like managing versions and releases.

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12. Bamboo Configuration Management

Bamboo Configuration ManagementBamboo Configuration Management is always ready to boost your performance. Buy the software right away if you are struggling with work pressure. The program helps you with all the software configuration management activities. Bamboo is for everybody. Developers, admins, and testers are all fans of this software.

Gather all the sensitive data in one secure place. Share your work with teammates in a commonplace. You will find comfort and safety when working in teams. Automating tests and many other activities help you get quick results. Bamboo also makes sure that the results are error-free. Firms like Walmart and Zendesk are also using the software.

Key Features

  • Bamboo runs tests to track changes on the app.
  • The program supports different OS platforms and DevOps platforms.
  • It is compatible with cloud technologies like Docker and AWS.
  • The software comes with a simple interface to help navigate better.
  • It is popular bug-catching software that tracks down issues in an instant.

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13. Auvik 

Auvik Auvik tool is a simple SCM in software engineering. Users love Auvik for its simplicity and ease of use. The software includes up-to-date features to help you stay in the competition. Keep track of bugs and manage your network at all times. Auvik offers you control of all your projects.

Auvik provides real-time tracking of networks. Automate backup of all your sensitive data. You can keep all the sensitive information on network devices. Check out the free trial version of Auvik. The paid version starts at $150/month. You can contact the official website for other pricing plans.

Key Features

  • Auvik lets you manage your network from anywhere.
  • It automates updates on security and performance.
  • It is good at tracking and fixing network problems.
  • The software makes it easier for you to navigate your network.
  • It uses advanced security methods to protect your network data.

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14. IBM Rational Team Concert 

IBM Rational Team Concert is an easy-to-use IT configuration management software. Tech companies use the software to automate tasks. Build, control, manage, and test projects faster and easier than before. The software makes information exchange smooth in workspaces. It offers a wonderful working platform for tech professionals.

The software has two types of versions: client and web. Tracking defects and fixing bugs is something it does well. You will also enjoy managing codes and reports with the software. Start your project proposals and have them complete on time. IBM offers the best practices to carry out projects.   

Key Features

  • IBM Rational Team Concert reuses items for faster results.
  • It gives a scalable platform for your growing business.
  • The IBM software works well with other third-party services.
  • Personalize your dashboard for better control.

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15. ButterCMS 

ButterCMS ButterCMS is the final software configuration management on our list. The program is an excellent provider of security. ButterCMS is scalable, so you can manage the company’s growth. It provides the perfect solutions for markets and e-commerce industries. You can also use it with most in-demand cloud services.

Use ButterCMS to manage creative content like blogging. Add more exciting features to your existing apps with its help. The CMS tool joins with other technology solutions to bring more ease to work. It will win you over with its unique functions. The tool costs $49/month and $40/month for an annual subscription.   

Key Features

  • ButterCMS features a media library to help manage content.
  • It provides support for creative content like blogging.
  • The software can work with any technologies in programming languages, libraries, etc.
  • You also get to use their in-built SEO feature.

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  • What is the best configuration management tool?

According to my research and the reviews I saw, CFEngine seems the best choice. But it all comes down to your needs. IBM Rational Team Concert is a good choice if you want to only focus on technical analysis. ButterCMS is good for those who are into creative content. 

  • What is the purpose of an SCM tool?

An SCM tool helps manage, control, and organize all the nitty-gritty of projects. These include coding, reporting, and testing. The purpose is to boost productivity with as few errors as possible. 

  • What are the four main components of a CSM system? 

You can find the four components by the following points:

  1. The changes you are making in the process.
  2. The status of the changes you are offering.
  3. The time you are making the changes.
  4. The components are being affected by the changes.
  • What are configuration management activities?

SCM activities include both technical and administration. These include creating, managing, and controlling changes. It is also ensuring that the quality of the work remains good. 

Final Thoughts

Did you find what you were looking for in my article? I hope you liked my list of the best software configuration management tools. Every software is different from one another. I tried to summarize all the features in one article. Read it again from the start to understand the tools better. Visit their official websites and view the pricing plans before the final decision. Lastly, do not forget to share my article with others. Good day and good luck!  

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