Splitgate Online Video Game: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Splitgate is an online video game with First Person Shooter perspective. It has won first place in the heart of many gamers today. 

Thanks to its multiplayer arena support that allows multiple players to connect and play.

One of the fun facts about Splitgate is the use of portals. The feature gives players Sprint ability and extra traversal with the help of their jetpack. Since almost everything about the game is centered on the portals, learning how to place them is vital.

Strategies of Splitgate Online Video Game

If you’re a newcomer to the game, we suggest you explore our Splitgate hacks & cheats. Moreover, let’s look at some tips and tricks to help you enjoy Splitgate.

Always Have a Plan B

In each map in Splitgate, you can open portals on walls with a blue lattice texture. Other than traveling freely between two portals, you can use them as an escape route in sticky situations.

Mastering the portals is important to play effectively in Splitgate. They are linked and allow things to pass freely through them. Besides using them to escape, there are many tricks you can pull off with your portals.

Always Close Your Portals

Although you’ll need to memorize extra commands, it’s worth doing. If you’re firing at enemies via an open portal and, unfortunately, they shoot back at you, it’s faster to close the portal than run from the enemies.

This means shutting portals is as vital as opening them. You need to work on your muscle memory ahead of time. Not only will it prevent you from getting hit, but it’ll also help you live longer.

Perfect Tactics to Aim High Always

Unlike other FPS games, most of the money you make in Splitgate comes from headshots. For instance, if you’re aiming at the enemies’ head level in the Deathmatch mode, you’re likely to win. This is because you’ll have a lesser shot count.

Although body shots may look easier to pull off, headshots can kill faster and more precisely. You need to practice until you’re perfect with headshots. 

Moreover, it’s ideal to pre-aim as you run. It goes a long way in the game as it helps you launch an attack on the target on sight.

Keep an Eye on Your Crosshair

Even if you customize your crosshair type for all the weapons in your settings, it’ll always change color when you hover across an enemy. It always happens when you look through the enemy’s portal.

Monitor and know when the color of your crosshair changes (it changes once an enemy is spotted). 

Shooting at that point will give you a precise hit on the enemy. Keep your eyes open when using the crosshair.

Be Tactical With Portal Placements

It’s not possible to place your portal where someone’s portal already exists. So, before another player or enemy places a portal, try your best to place yours before them. This is a great way to build a defense around your portal camp.

If you’d like to take over any already-occupied space, kill the portal creator or initiate an EMP grenade. It will destroy the portal and allow you to place yours. Remember, placing your portals tactically will help you block up walls against enemies’ portals.

Listen and Try Not to be Loud

Hearing footsteps around you signifies two things: a friend or an enemy. You must listen carefully. One tip you can keep in mind; enemies leave loud footsteps, while friendly ones leave slightly loud noises.

So, once you hear any footsteps, stop moving and listen. Enemies can hear yours too. By stopping for a while, you can cut them off from detecting you.

 More importantly, don’t spend too much time in a position. Keep moving when everywhere is quiet.

Swap Weapons as Quickly as You Can in Fights

In Splitgate, the animations for raising and lowering your weapons are very swift. It makes swapping weapons extremely fast. So, instead of reloading, you can quickly swap from a Carbine to a Battle Rifle or Assault Rifle.

This practice is handy in game modes like Team Shotty Snipers, where all players have a shotgun and a sniper rifle. You can give enemies 70+ damage and get rid of them with the shotgun. It makes the game more appealing than using some slow-to-reload weapons.


You can improve your Splitgate experience by following these tips and tricks. For instance, you must use your portal to escape deadly confrontations. Also, listen to sound bearing in mind that friends are loud, but enemies are louder. 

Meanwhile, understand the good and bad of all your weapons. It will help you to swap and use it very fast. Don’t forget to close your portals before an enemy strike. 

Finally, watch your crosshair and place your portal before enemies.

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