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The 21 Best Free Anime Character Creators Online in 2023

Best Free Anime Character Creators Online

Arigatou Gozaimasu! We all very much know what Anime is. Anime is Japanese animation that is currently the most enjoyed method of entertainment. Anime has its distinctive color, vibrant cute-looking graphics with an adorable art style. In this article, I will talk about 21 of the best anime character creator online. So let’s get started. 

Best 21 Free Anime Character Creators Online

As the popularity of Anime is growing, people tend to use anime avatars or characters for themselves. And since the last few years, internet use has made it easy to create your anime character online. You can use some fantastic anime full-body character creators online to create a perfect avatar to share on social media.

There are several online full-body avatar creators where you can create anime avatars. Here we have listed 20 of the best sites and tools for the job.

1. CustomSticker.com

Creating holographic stickers according to your anime characters is the best idea! You can design anything you like, such as textures, colors, and items. Whether as a festival gift or a souvenir of special days, people interested in it will fall in love with these commemorative gifts.

holographic stickers Free Anime Character Creators OnlineThe unique rainbow luster makes products more attractive and wins more people’s attention and love. Print your holographic stickers with no shape limit die-cutting process right now.

2. Faceyourmanga.com

Faceyourmanga.com is the first site on our list. It is the best site you can go to to create a perfect full-body avatar. The site comes with all tools you need to make a Kawai avatar. It has got all the things you need.

Faceyourmanga.com - anime character creator online AvacharaYou can add blemishes, band-aids, scars, and birthmarks to your character on Faceyourmanga.com. The service is free. You can also print your Avatar and have them shipped to your house. The tool can also make free stickers to use on social media.

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3. Portrait Illustration Maker

Next, we have Portrait Illustration Maker, a perfect way to make your anime character accessible. The site lets you design your anime characters from scratch. Their site is the easiest to form an anime avatar without any cost.

Portrait Illustration Maker - anime character creator onlineUsers can use a fantastic feature called ‘RANDOMIZER’ to generate random avatars. Though the site lacks overwhelming features like Faceyourmanga.com, it does its job entirely. If you are looking for a perfect customized avatar, Portrait Illustration Maker can be your go-to site.

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4. Custom Anime

Custom anime is a great anime character creator online. It is one of the most used avatar creators out there. It gives you total freedom over your Avatar. From body shape to beard color, you can customize it all. Custom anime is a full-body character creator with unique features.

The site has many options to help you create an avatar just as you want. You can change the shapes of clothes, body parts, or gender. Additionally, the completed Avatar is downloadable as a jpg image. So, you can easily use it and share the anime character online. The website is free of cost to use.

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5. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot - anime character creator onlineMy Blue Robot is the best anime character creator online. With this website, you can create unique cartoons online for free. My Blue Robot has many outstanding features that output interesting and attractive results. On the site, you can customize the characters fully. You can add shapes to the eyes, lips, and other dresses.

There is also an option to make the eyes more prominent and adorable. You can also tilt the head of the Avatar to make it more attractive. You can download the Avatar as a profile picture on Facebook or Instagram.

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6. Picasso’s head

Picassohead anime character creator full bodyPicassohead is an anime avatar maker online for you to create unique avatars for free. If you like Picasso and want his touch in your Avatar, you should try Picassohead. The website has a unique tool that lets you create imprints of Picasso’s famous drawings. Using the feature, you can create avatars and pictures like the famous painter Pablo Picasso.

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7. Cartoonify Anime character creator online

Cartoonify is a tremendous online anime character-generator tool. This particular software adds a realistic touch to your Avatar and makes it more appealing to the eyes. Therefore, if you want your Avatar to look like real life, Cartoonify is where you must try.

Cartoonify anime character creator onlineCartoonify creates an avatar in an instant without wasting time loading. The site contains more than three hundred (300) graphics samples that you can use to create a perfect avatar of your liking. You can easily convert any photo into an anime cartoon. Try Cartoonify and create your Avatar.

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8. The Character Creator

As the name suggests, the Character Creator app allows you to create male and female characters for free. It is a full-body character creator that you can use to make beautiful models. You can change the characters, like changing the skin tone or impression of the face. Additionally, you can choose the accessories or body shapes of the models.

The Character Creator 3d anime character creatorAfter creating the model, you can download the character’s PNG or SVG file. You can use it in comics, cartoons, or wherever you want. The tool is free to use, and you can log in to the website to save your progress. The Character Creator features a wide range of options to select from. It is easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

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9. Pick a Face

Pick a face is an excellent tool to try making an anime character for yourself. This is one of the most popular websites for a 3d avatar creator. Pick a Face is a site with several useful features. The outcome of this site is outstanding.

Pick a Face 3d avatar creatorPick a face that creates an adorable 2d and 3d anime avatar. The processing time is low, and it delivers top-of-the-class avatars. All the characters are in high resolution. So you don’t have to worry about the picture quality of them. If you are looking for a free site to create a funny avatar for yourself, you should visit Pick a Face’s website.

10. Dude Factory

Dude Factory video animation makerDude Factory is an online cartoon creator. It can generate hilarious-looking cartoon characters at your command. There are several presets from which you can start off your characters. The website is free, and you don’t have to be a nerd to use Dude Factory.

What is excellent about Dude Factory is that it has various body parts and clothes to choose from. Though the characters lose their human face, it is unique in art style. They are fun to look at too. If you want an easy way to create a cartoon character, then Dude Factory is your go-to site.

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11. Avatar Maker- Create Your Avatar For Free

Avatar Maker is another tool to create 3d anime characters online. The site is entirely free of charge to use. It has a user-friendly interface with all the necessary elements to create your Avatar. You can create both male and female characters on Avatar Maker.

Avatar maker- Create Your Avatar For FreeAvatarmaker also customizes dress, eyes, nose, and mouth size control. You can also change the color of every element of the Avatar. If you want to create a beautiful avatar, don’t waste your time on cheap sites, and try Avatar Maker for free.

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12. Crypko- Free Avatar Maker

Crypko is a great software that can create beautiful anime characters like professionals. It uses GAN or generative adversarial networks to design memorable anime characters from scratch. You can also create Crypto cards, and with them, you can generate high-quality anime avatars.

Crypko- Free Avatar MakerMoreover, you can combine these cards and create more anime avatars than usual. It works like Adobe Illustrator but generates avatars. It is a handy online tool to make facial avatars for free.

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13. MakeGirlsMoe

MakeGirlsMoe is a professional-level 2D anime model creator. You can create beautiful girl models on MakeGirlsMoe.com. It is an excellent character creator online, free from the photo. Fudan University, Stony Brook University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Tongji University collaborated and created this fantastic character design tool.

With MakeGirlsMoe, you can create fantastic girl avatars without the help of any other human. And it is available for non-commercial use only. You can choose all the options for the model you are creating. From hair size to ribbon on the head, MakeGirlsMoe enables you to design every bit of the character.

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14. Charat. Me -Anime Character Creator Online

If you want to design an anime character for your animation or commercial purposes, then Charat. It is the place you should look. This fantastic online tool lets you design a character from scratch.

Charat.me -Anime Character Creator OnlineCharat. It features excellent designing tools with a wide range of options. You can create a full-body avatar on this one. You can choose the skin color, eye shape, hair type, and dress you will wear with just a click. Besides, it comes with more design options for anime girls than boys. That is a good thing if you like creating female anime characters. You can generate unique and 100% original icons and avatars on Charat. Me.

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15. Marvel Superhero Avatar

As the name suggests, you can create marvel comics superhero avatars on Marvel Superhero Avatar. If you are an MCU fan, try this site and create your own Marvel superhero. There is an app for your smartphone, also.

Marvel Superhero Avatar anime character creator onlineMarvel Superhero Avatar can create full-body avatars in the easiest way possible. Your imagination is the limit. You can easily design Iron Man, Spiderman, and other Marvel heroes. But there is not much customization option available. Most designs are preset, and you must use them from the list. Apart from this limitation, Marvel Superhero Avatar Creator is a hit.

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16. Avachara anime character creator online

If you need help making animation online for free, you should try Avachara. This website is a multipurpose online tool. You can create anime avatars, cartoon characters, manga characters, and many more. You don’t need to upload any images to make an avatar. It lets you create male or female characters from scratch. After you have selected the gender of your Avatar, you can customize the eyes, hair, lips, and all the other parts of the body.

Avachara anime character generator from photoBesides customizing the body parts, you can add jewelry and other accessories like necklaces, glasses, or tattoos. Avachara is a simple, easy-to-use online 3d character creator.

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17. SuperMii- Mobile Anime Character Designer

SuperMii- Mobile Anime Character DesignerSuperMii/ SuperMe is an app for iOS and Android used to create anime boy and girl stickers. The app is free to download from the Google play store and the App Store. There are some preset stickers on which you can add expressions and ornaments. The app has limitations, like you cannot change most things on the avatars.

Despite its limitation, SuperMii/ SuperMe is on this list because you can share and use the avatars you make on Social media and Chats. They are supported on Facebook and other platforms. Moreover, the apk is easy to use. You should try SuperMe/ SuperMii to create a simple anime character.

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18. Factory for Avatar- Anime Girl Maker

Factory for Avatar- Anime Girl MakerFactory for Avatar is another Android tool to create cute anime characters. This small app can help you generate random avatars and create one. The app also lets you create stickers and share them on social media. The app is small in size and available on the Google Play Store.

On Factory for Avatar, there is a factory of options. You can dress up the characters in fancy dresses and ornaments. There is only one issue with the app: you must download every element before using them. Apart from this, there are no other issues with Factory for Avatar.

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19. Bitmoji

Since 2020 Bitmoji has been one of the most used stickers and avatar makers online. Millions of people use it worldwide on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You can share the avatars as stickers with your friends online.

bitmoji make your own anime character freeThere is an app for Android and iOS devices that you can install on your smartphones. The PC version is available for free for you to try. Make the chats more colorful with customized stickers and avatars.

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20. Kusocartoon- Cartoonize Yourself

Kusocartoon is a cartoon maker that you can use to create beautiful cartoon characters online. You can create a cartoon from scratch or upload your photo and make a cartoon out of them. It is fantastic to see your selfie turned into a cartoon.

Kusocartoon- Cartoonize YourselfAdditionally, this offers other filters to make any simple photo extraordinary. You can edit your photos on Kusocartoon too. The service is available online, free of charge. You should give it a try and see for yourself.

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21. Cartoonize.net

Cartoonize.net can be used as a free cartoon movie maker. This website allows you to create various cartoon characters from your imagination. You can upload any image and cartoon it. It comes with many filters and tools to colorize your images. You can edit your cartoon if you want. The Avatar saves to your device after completing. You can then share it online on any platform. 

cartoonize create animation online freeThere are several avatar creators, but this one is in its league. It is easy and comes with a fantastic user interface. You don’t need to create an account to use it; the service is free. Try out Cartoonize.net for free today to create awesome avatars.

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Final Thoughts

Anime characters are adorable to look at and have their style of presenting themselves. As the popularity of Anime is growing, people tend to portray themselves in the characters from their favorite Anime. You can use any of these tools to create online Anime characters for free. Tell us which one of the sites you found most helpful. Share this article if you found it helpful.


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