The Best 20 Free Offline LAN Games for PC in 2023

It is true that the internet has brought changes in our lives and has paved the way for a convenient game experience. But setting up an internet connection to play multiplayer games with your friends and family is a LAN party game for PC easy and cost-efficient. A LAN or Local Area Network connection has made this task possible. And the most exciting thing is that you don’t need to connect to the World Wide Web to enjoy a game with your friends.

A LAN multiplayer gaming setup is often referred to as a LAN party. You may ask, but not every game is supported on a LAN connection. Worry not; that is what this article is all about. Here we introduce you to the Best 20 Offline LAN Games for PC.

What exactly is a LAN party?

A LAN or Local Area Network party is a gathering of people where they join and connect several computers to play the game on them. LAN parties or offline LAN games were popular before online multiplayer games were introduced. It is still popular and fun to enjoy games when friends and family gather on holidays and occasions.

Things you’ll need to set up a LAN party

These things are essential, and you must have them before you set up a LAN party. They are as follows:

  • A powerful router or hub/ switch.
  • A complete computer setup for every participant with a keyboard, mouse/ controller to play the game on.
  • Network cards or wireless USB dongles for each PC (if you choose a wireless method to create the LAN)
  • Ethernet cables to connect the PCS. (If you choose a wired method to create the LAN)
  • The game you want to play is installed on every PC.

Which one is better, a wireless connection or a wired connection?

When you set up LAN PC games, there are two options to set up a connection: wireless and wired. You have to choose which one is best suited for you. Here, I will briefly discuss both of them.

Wireless connection

Wireless connections are exemplary in a clean environment where the signal won’t be interrupted. It also requires a powerful router connecting to several PCs to play the LAN games. It is a great way to connect laptops as they have built-in wireless internet receivers, but for desktops, you may require an additional USB Wi-Fi dongle to connect to the network.

If you are playing over the internet or connected to a server-based game, this method is acceptable, but if you set up your PC as the host server, it may lag a little.

Playing over the internet also reduces ping, whereas the number of pings in a wired online game may rise.

A wireless connection is easy to set up whenever and wherever you need it.

Wired Connection

Setting up a wired connection for a LAN party game for a PC is slightly more complicated than a wireless one. You will need appropriate cables and a network switch/ hub to connect all the PCs. The offline gaming experience on a wired connection is better than the wireless one.

The wired connection lets you add as many PCs to your network as long as ports are on your hub/ switch. You may also require network cards if your PC has no built-in one.

Best offline LAN Games for PC to Play

Game Genre Player max limit
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Shooter 8 players
Adrenaline Shooter 16 players
Code of War RPG, Shooter 10 players
Tesseract FPS, Action 999 players
Unreal Tournament Action, Shooter 64 players
Neotokyo FPS 32 players
RenegadeX Strategy, Action 40 players
Cry of Fear Horror, Action 4 players
Warface Action, RPG 32 players
Counter-Strike Action, RPG 32 players
Path of Exile RPG 6 players
Day of Defeat: Source  WWII, FPS 32 players
Smokin-Guns Western, Shooter 16 players
Boid RTS 8 players
Zero-K RTS 32 players
Red Eclipse 2 Action 999 players
OpenSpades Action 32 players
Xonotic Action, FPS 255 players
0 AD. RTS 8 players
OpenRA Strategy 16 players

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

  • Genre: Shooter.
  • Player limit: 8 players.

Alien Swarm Reactive DropAlien Swarm: Reactive Drop is one of the best cooperative games available for free on Steam. This adventurous shooting game features squad-level tactics and all types of modern weapons. The war simulations feel like you are in an active warzone. Your task is to destroy all the aliens that have come to threaten the Earth. The backgrounds and graphics are great for free multiplayer LAN PC games.

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  • Genre: Shooter
  • Player limit: 16 players.

AdrenalineAdrenaline is a fast-paced multiplayer shooting game. You can play this game in both online and offline mode. Adrenaline is a perfect 16-player PC LAN game to enjoy on the holidays. The game is only 7 MB in file size. It features assault rifles, submachine guns, lasers, grenades, and all other modern warfare weapons to give you the best shooter experience.

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Code of War

  • Genre: RPG, Shooter.
  • Player limit: 10 players.

Code of WarCode of War is the best offline LAN game for PC. This RPG shooting game is free to download and play from the Microsoft Store. This realistic command adventure game features modern 3D graphics, a wide range of weapons, camouflage, and other necessary warzone equipment. The gameplay is rather exciting and consists of different challenging missions and tasks. Ten players can enjoy the game simultaneously in a LAN party.

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  • Genre: FPS, Action.
  • Player limit: 999 players.

TesseractTesseract is a first-person shooter game that is focused on a deathmatch system. The last person standing wins. No limit exists on how many players can join the battle to win the victory title. But it is suggested to keep the number around 999. The host can design the map easily in the game, making the game flexible when it is required. This open-source offline game is a blessing for gamers who want to enjoy their summer breaks with friends and other pro gamers. The overall gameplay and graphics are mind-blowing. Give the game a try.

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Unreal Tournament

  • Genre: Action, Shooter.
  • Player limit: 64 players.

Unreal Tournament Are you tired of the same old shooting games that cannot fulfill your challenging gamer thirst? The Unreal Tournament is perfect for real action shooting on PC LAN games. This massively multiplayer online shooting battle will make any gamer happy. The powerful weapons, amazing graphics, authentic gun sounds, and no-mercy gameplay make it one of the best shooter games to play at a LAN party.

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  • Genre: First-person Shooter.
  • Player limit: 32 players.

NEOTOKYO° lan games for pcNEOTOKYO° is a multiplayer FPS 32 player that can play 32 players simultaneously on an offline LAN PC. The graphics and gameplay of NEOTOKYO° are magnificent. The game provides realistic combat scenes in a futuristic setting. The weapons and scenery are just out of this world. It can be the best free offline game for PC to enjoy on the weekend with our friends. Try out this free FPS game now.

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  • Genre: Strategy, Action.
  • Player limit: 40 players.

offline lan games for pc RenegadeXIf you want to organize a college gaming party, then RenegadeX could be the game of your choice. RenegadeX can be played with 40 players simultaneously on a LAN connection. This strategy-based action game will blow your mind. The game is updated regularly. So that you can get all the new and exciting features, unlike other offline games, the game is free of charge and can be easily installed on any operating system.

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Cry of Fear

  • Genre: Horror, Action.
  • Player limit: 4 players.

You must try Cry of Fear if you have four players and a thirst for horror-action games. This horror four-person action game is the best offline LAN game for PC. This psychological thriller has both single-player modes as well as a co-op mode. It’s time to bring your worst nightmares to life. It is none of my all-time favorites, with horrors, blazing guns, and an interactive game story.

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  • Genre: Action, RPG.
  • Player limit: 32 players.

Warface is a free-to-play educational game free download for PC offline. This amazing combat game features everything you can ask for in a war game. With mind-blowing graphics, new and improved weapons, and ultra-realistic sounds, Warface is the best action-free offline PC game. There are different maps and characters to choose from. The overall gaming experience is excellent, though it is free to play.

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  • Genre: Action, Sniper, RPG.
  • Player limit: 32 players.
  • Price: $1.09

Counter-strike 1.6 Shooting GamesCounter-Strike is regarded as the world’s #1 sniper shooting game. It is an online game, but you can set up your LAN connection and play it with your busies.32 players can join in the action simultaneously. Take out the enemy with modern weapons. New guns and vehicles unlock as you progress in the game. Your rank also increases in the game as you destroy more enemies. Counter-Strike is the best LAN game for PC to enjoy a first-person shooting experience with fellow gamers.

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Path of Exile

  • Genre: RPG
  • Player limit: 6 players.

Path of Exile is an online multiplayer game set in a dark fantasy world. This RPG features interactive gameplay and lots of in-game itineraries. You can customize the characters completely. On a LAN setup, 6 players can join in the fun.

The game is free to download and play. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. This skill-based RPG is fun and exciting to spend your holidays.

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Day of Defeat: Source

  • Genre: Action, FPS
  • Player limit: 32 players.
  • Price: 1.09 USD.

Day of Defeat: Source offers an intense gaming experience in the World War II environment. This first-person action shooter features all the WAll uniforms and aprons elements; all are realistic and similar to the war period. The enhanced graphics and authentic sound scores make the game more enjoyable.

Day of Defeat is filled with adventures and challenges. You will need excellent skills to complete the game, making it a perfect choice for a LAN game party. The game’s price is only 1.09 bucks, affordable for hours of fun gameplay. Get it from Steam now.

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  • Genre: Western, Shooting
  • Player limit: 16 players.

Smokin-guns is a Western-style shooting game that is a new experience for most players. The game is set in the wild-west, where you must participate in missions and gunfights to keep the city under control. The game has both single and co-op modes. Sixteen players can participate in a LAN party.

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Boid LAN Party Game for Windows

  • Genre: RTS
  • Player limit: 8 players.

Boid is a real-time strategy game with high-octane battles. It is survival of the fittest. A kill-or-be-killed situation makes the gameplay exciting and challenging. There is no building or managing structures, just brutal fights with guns and modern weapons. Eight players can join in the game.

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Free LAN Multiplayer Games Download – Zero-K

  • Genre: RTS
  • Player limit: 32 players.

Zero-K is another massive offline LAN game for 32 players can play players. The game is a real-time strategy shooting game that is free to play. You can play the game from 1v1 mode to 16 v16 modes. There is no in-game currency or extras. This is the best offline game PC to experience the fun of gaming with friends.

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Red Eclipse 2

  • Genre: Action
  • Player limit: 999 players.

Red Eclipse 2 is the best offline PC game many people can enjoy. Around 999 players can join in the arena shooter Red Eclipse 2. It is a fun gaming experience for everyone, teens, old, teens, or adults. The game is available for free. Red Eclipse 2 can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD operating systems. The artistic background and interactive gameplay make playing Red Eclipse 2 a fun experience. The overall game story, weapons, and sound designs are great in Red Eclipse 2.

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  • Genre: Action
  • Player limit: 32 players.

OpenSpades is a free online first-person shooter game that is available for free. The game can be played on a LAN connection without the internet. The graphics of OpenSpades are pretty block-like. It feels like you are playing Minecraft but with more action and gunfight.

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  • Genre: Action, first-person shooter.
  • Player limit: 255 players.

Xonotic is another excellent free-to-play arena shooter game. It is free to download, and you don’t have to install the game on your PC to play the fantastic offline game for PC. The game is supported on Linux, Windows, and macOS. Xonotic is an addictive first-person shooter game that can be played by 255 players in a LAN setup without any live internet connection. The game’s graphics are basic 3D models, and looking at the characters is not a great experience. But the gameplay itself is pretty unique.

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0 AD.

  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Player limit: 8 players.

0 AD is a cross-platform multiplayer game. The game is one of the best offline games for PCs. You can play the game on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. This real-time strategy game supports 8 players to play the game simultaneously.

You can download the game for free. The game features real-world map realism, authentic historical details, and planned naval warfare to make the gaming experience more for you. 0 AD is an under. Still, time, but it has all the potential to be one of the best offline games.

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  • Genre: Strategy, Action.
  • Player limit: 16 players.

OpenRA is an excellent strategy action game to play offline. The game also has an accessible online mode. It is the perfect game for your weekend gaming party as a free offline game for PC. You have rebuilt the modern era with this open-source, real-time strategy game. So, you can easily create a server and play the game with 16 players by creating a lobby. You have to invade enemy regions and, at the same time, protect your castles and base.

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LAN Games Without Needing Internet

Enjoy these Offline multiplayer PC games for exciting multiplayer experiences without an internet connection.

Offline Multiplayer PC Games Description
Counter-Strike 1.6 Classic FPS, where teams compete in tactical battles.
StarCraft: Brood War Iconic RTS with factions battling in a sci-fi universe.
Left 4 Dead 2 Cooperative FPS where players fight off hordes of zombies.
Age of Empires II Build civilizations and wage wars in this historical RTS.
Warcraft III Engaging RTS with diverse factions and epic battles.
Command and Conquer It’s a strategic warfare game that lets you control armies.
Borderlands 2 Co-op FPS offers fast-paced action and loot collection.
Rocket League Unique soccer-meets-racing game with rocket-powered cars.
Diablo II It’s a classic action RPG with dungeon exploration and loot.
FlatOut 2 It is an excellent racing game featuring both racing and destruction.
Minecraft Sandbox game allows players to build and explore worlds.
Team Fortress 2 Cartoon-style FPS offers various classes and objectives.
LAN-enabled emulators Use emulators to play classic multiplayer games locally.

Final Thoughts

Offline LAN games for PCs are a great way to spend time with friends and sharpen your gaming skills for competitions. Tournaments are ongoing all over the world, featuring these LAN offline games. If you introduce yourself, Asmer, you must try out these best LAN games with your friends.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or Christmas; you can organize a LAN party game for PC and enjoy it as long as you have the setup of these games. Comment down below which one is your favorite offline game.

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    • Yes, it is possible. You can simply connect to the LAN from network sharing option from your macOS settings and there will be option to connect with the LAN connection.

  1. Code of war is only online. I don’t see where to make local server or invite someone on my network to play.


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