What is an Anonymous Proxy?

The internet has given us so much – it has transformed the world. But the internet also has many privacy and security issues, such as virus and malware infections, Trojans, data theft, phishing, ransomware attacks, mobile banking hacks, identity theft, password sniffing, and so many other threats. No one is safe from these threats. Some famous cyber attacks have been the April 2011 attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network, the 2014 cyber attack on Yahoo, and the power grid attack in Ukraine.

The cyber criminals launch attacks to strike networks, computers, and information systems. They employ different methods, but the goal is always to steal or delete data. Cyber security experts worldwide are always trying to come up with solutions to make the internet a safer place.

Reduce the Risk with an Anonymous Proxy Server

One way you can eliminate or reduce the risk is by using an anonymous proxy.One way you can eliminate or reduce the risk is by using an anonymous proxy. A proxy server is a router or system that will work as a gateway between you and the internet. It will prevent the attackers from entering into a private network. Proxy servers work by using a different IP address on your behalf and can conceal your read address from the web servers. In other words, the proxy will use its own IP address, which is a non-identifiable IP address. It will mask your identity, thus ensuring that no one will be able to track your online activities.

An anonymous proxy server will help you in three ways – it will help you stay safe on the internet, it will maintain your privacy, and help you remain anonymous, thus ensuring a lower risk of an attack.

What is an Anonymous Proxy Server used For?

These proxies are mainly used for maintaining anonymity and privacy. Many people who want to browse the internet without revealing their IP and other vital information use them. This is useful for anyone who is concerned about online privacy.

This doesn’t just refer to bankers, journalists, and high-ranking government officials. According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the US, 19% of homes in the country have experienced an incident of identity theft or security breach since 2019.

Apart from providing anonymity, good proxies at proxys.io and elsewhere can also bypass geo-restrictions. You will be able to access restricted content as the proxy will mask your IP address and replace it with one from a different location.

Difference Between Anonymous and Other Types of Proxies

There are different types of proxies out there – 

  • Transparent Proxy – This is an intermediary system that will sit between you and the content provider. Firewall is an example of a transparent proxy. It will allow the traffic to flow between the internet and an internal network but will block the traffic if it violates the rules set in the firewall. Unlike an anonymous proxy, it won’t wide your IP address. It will forward your real IP address in the HTTP headers. As a result, the target server will know that you are using a proxy and will be able to identify your actual IP address.
  • High Anonymity Proxy – Also referred to as elite proxy, it provides a higher level of anonymity. It hides your IP address and also doesn’t identify itself as a proxy. As a result, the target server won’t even know that you are using a proxy. It is a good solution for those who need maximum security and privacy.
  • Distorting Proxy – It is somewhere in between a transparent proxy and an anonymous proxy. It will hide your real IP address. It will send a false IP address in the HTTP header, which will distort your true location. This helps you bypass geo-restrictions and also lets you stay anonymous.
  • Data Center Proxy – You can host an anonymous proxy on any machine. A data center proxy, on the other hand, is hosted only on servers in the data center. These proxies provide reliable and fast connections but are not associated with an ISP. Websites may block requests from data center IP addresses.
  • Residential Proxy – It uses the IP addresses of residential users that an ISP provides. You will be able to stay anonymous. It will also be very unlikely that the websites will block you as you will appear like a regular user. But, these proxies are usually costlier and slower compared to anonymous proxies.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Anonymous Proxies?

Every technology has two sides. Anonymous proxies too have their own disadvantages and advantages. A good understanding will help you decide whether you should go for an anonymous proxy.

Advantages – 

  1. You can stay anonymous – The main benefit is that you will be able to hide your identity. It will mask your identifiable information and IP address. Your online activity cannot be traced.
  2. You can bypass geo-restrictions – An anonymous proxy will help you access content, which is otherwise restricted in your place. The proxy will replace your IP address with an address from another location. This will make it seem that you are browsing from that other place.
  3. Content filtering – There are anonymous proxies that offer content filtering features, which will let you block some types of content.

Disadvantages – 

  1. Speed – The anonymous proxy may slow down the speed of your internet as the data must travel through this proxy server.
  2. Reliability – You cannot rely on all anonymous proxy servers. Some of them won’t work every time. Others are slow. This is why you must select a good provider.
  3. Encryption – All anonymous proxies don’t use encryption. So, there is still a chance that your data may be read and intercepted.

Final Thought

An anonymous proxy is very important for internet security and privacy. It can safeguard you to a large extent and also help you access content by bypassing geo-restrictions. Yes, there are some drawbacks. But the benefits of using these servers far outweigh the challenges, particularly for organizations and individuals who prioritize internet security and privacy.

Naturally, anonymous proxies have become very popular. More and more individuals and businesses are now using them.

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