What Type of Gaming Laptop is Good for a Beginner?

The laptop needed for the gamer and corporate professional are not the same. The business professional needs a more analytical-enabled PC, whereas the novice gamer needs a long-lasting laptop. Since the requirement is different, therefore, the configuration is different. 

There is a common question regarding the best gaming laptop for beginners. People want to develop gradually from the lower end to the higher end. Choosing a higher-end PC will not be wise from the very beginning. So we endeavor to guide the parents to choose a good laptop for the beginner to play high graphics games on PC. 

What is Meant to be the Best Gaming laptop?

The best gaming laptop definition depends from person to person based on the requirement, budget, and functions. To answer the question, we need to reframe the question again. When you ask for the best gaming laptop within a limited budget, the answer will be different from a pro gamer. However, we will focus only on the requirement of novice users today. Mainly we will focus on a low-budget laptop for under $300.

Facts of Best Gaming Laptop for Beginners

As a novice gamer, you need to know your actual requirement. Here are some of the requirements for you:

The Good Quality GPU

What is GPUGPU is an essential component used in a gaming laptop. We can say that the difference between a gaming laptop and a simple laptop is GPU.

There are many options for a graphics card, but we recommend using Nvidia RTX 2020 to run your favorite games on higher settings and resolutions.

Many laptops have default Nvidia cards installed, but you can easily replace or upgrade them if they don’t have them.

If you are not willing to use Nvidia GTX 2020, you can also go for Nvidia GTX 1660, the best gaming laptop choice.

Screen display

The screen display is the second most important thing to consider while buying or upgrading them. It is not wrong if we say that our gaming depends on the screen display.

We have many options for a screen display and screen resolution, but this is something that a user will choose according to their comfort. Some players love to play games on a wider screen, and some want to play on a compact device.

Playing games on a compact laptop lets you play games while staying in your comfort zone. We recommend you have a full HD display, and the screen size must be at least 15 inches, or you can go higher, but you must not use a shorter screen than 15 inches.


After GPU and screen display, the third thing is the CPU. If you have a good GPU and the best screen resolution and size, but you don’t have the best CPU or processor, it’s a waste, especially for gaming.

CPU is the heart of every computer, so it must be so good. We recommend using at least core i5. If you can afford more than a Core i5, you must go for Core i7 processor.

Using i5 and i7 can help your laptop run your favorite games without lag and make your laptop heat up.

RAM for the Best Gaming Laptop for Beginners

So, here comes one of the most essential and portable hardware. For a gaming laptop, there is always an important part played by RAM. If you are using low RAM, it contains lag in your games, and it must not be a good choice for a gaming laptop.

So, having a gaming laptop, you must go for the best RAM. We recommend using 8GB RAM, the minimum figure for a gaming laptop. But if you use 16 GB RAM, it will be the best choice and make your laptop the best.


SSD and Hybrid DriveThere are two storage options; one is a hard disk drive, and the other is an SSD. SSD is comparatively speedy and quickly responds to your click, and hard disk drives are slower than SSD.

According to professionals, you can use both. They recommend keeping the windows in SSD and storing your data in hard disk drives.

When we talk about storage, we mean storing games, and we all know that a gamer doesn’t play only one game; he is playing more than one game and needs smart storage to keep these games.

We recommend using at least 512 GB SSD or 1TB if you can afford it. But a gaming laptop must have at least 512 GB SSD or HDD.

Final Thought

In this discussion, it is clear that you don’t use a very high-end laptop to start your passion. It would help if you had a laptop and could easily make it according to your requirements.

We have discussed all the essential specifications of the best gaming laptop for beginners, and these specifications are replaceable and upgradable. You can upgrade them at any time. Considering the figures mentioned in this article, playing games without lag would be best.

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