The Best 22 Windows Port Checker to Scan Easily in 2023

Windows port checker is an application to find open ports and gather information about the network. A Port scan is used to determine the vulnerability and security against hackers. Programmers, systems, and network administrators apply it to detect the presence of security like firewalls.

Open Port and Close Port

The network port is determined by network traffic. When a port does not restrict the incoming and outgoing data following and transmitting packets, we consider it an open port. It is vulnerable and risky. On the other hand, when restricting data flow and packets among different networks, we consider it a closed port. Unnecessary ports need to be closed to ensure better security.

 Port Checker Vs. Port Scanner

The Port Checker and Port Scanner are similar, but some differences exist. Here are some points of Port Checker Vs. Port Scanner:

Port Checker Port Scanner
an open port scanner checks the external IP address Search the network for commonly forwarded ports
finding open ports on that connection

What Are the Needs of Port Scanner and Checker?

Port scan and Port Checker are required to determine your network’s open and closed Ports. We know open ports are risky. The attractors can easily find the open ports and run malware to hack our system. It is more vulnerable than closed ports. Moreover, the open ports provide all the information, which may cause havoc to the network system.

The Best 22 Windows Port Checker to Scan Easily

In our study, we will try to find out the best Windows Port Checker. The port scan includes online and offline for Windows users. It is not based on ranking but rather availability on the internet.

1. SolarWinds Port Scanner

SolarWinds Port ScannerSolarWinds Port Scanner is one of the best tools to find all IP addresses’ open, closed, and filter ports. It is a commercial tool, but you can use it for free. You will be happy to get the network configuration manager. Now, scanning IP addresses will be easier to identify network vulnerabilities.

Insight of SolarWinds Port Scanner

  • SolarWinds Port Scanner supports multithreading, so it reduces scanning time.
  • You can run the scan with the command line.
  • With your choice, you can define a DNS server.
  • In your scan profile, it can save the scan configuration. 
  • You can write a batch script to execute at the scheduled time.
  • It supports Windows 8, 10, and Windows servers.

Price: Free

Download: You can download SolarWinds Port Scanner from their official site.

2. Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP ScannerTo analyze, your LAN Advanced IP Scanner is one of the best port checkers. More than 45 million users trust it. The port checker is reliable for all types of users. You can use the portable edition of the software. As a network admin, it can be your first choice. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows 10, which you can use for free.

Insight of Advanced IP Scanner

  • Advanced IP Scanner offers easy access to network shares.
  • You can control it via RDP and Radmin.
  • It can detect Mac access.
  • You can control your computer remotely from the Scanner.
  • There is no requirement for installation.

Price: Free

Download: You can download Advanced IP Scanner from their Official Website.

3. Windows Port Checker: Angry IP Scanner

Windows Port Checker Angry IP ScannerScanning multiple ports and thousands of IPs will take time, but an Angry IP Scanner makes the job fast. This program requires a Java runtime environment to run. You will get open, close, and stealth ports without any installation. Angry IP Scanner also supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Insight of Angry IP Scanner

  • Angry IP Scanner does not require any installation.
  • It allows you to scan ports from any remote network.
  • The plugin integration is easy because of the Java language.
  • You can export the result into CSV, XML, and TXT files.
  • It supports both GUI and command line interfaces.

Price: Free

Download: You can download Angry IP Scanner from the official site.

4. Nmap Windows Port Checker

Nmap Windows Port CheckerNmap is a popular network scanning and host detection tool. It is used both for gathering information and checking vulnerability detectors. The port scanner supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems. You can check the Port with a command line and graphical user interface.

Important Features

  • Nmap can scan up to 100 top ports in the light version.
  • The full scan can check 65,535 ports.
  • You can export the result.
  • It can handle firewall evasion and multiple scanning techniques.

Price: Free

Download: You can download Nmap from the official Website.

5. Windows Port Scan NetCat

Windows Port Scan NetCatNetCat is a popular backend tool for a network admin. Though the Windows port checker released its last update in 2004, it is perfectly workable with all modern operating systems. Besides network scanning, it can send and receive TCP packets over the network. This network dubbing and exploration tool can write and read data across networks.

Insight of NetCat

  • NetCat allows access to TCP and UDP ports for outbound and inbound connections.
  • It is famous for its built-in port scanning facilities.
  • You can use it for advanced options such as buffered send mode and hex dump.
  • From the standard input, it takes the command line arguments.
  • NetCat provides many facilities like open remote connections, running remote commands, and tunneling and proxying.

Price: Free

Download: You can download NetCat from Here

6. Lan Sweeper IP Scanner

Lan Sweeper IP ScannerLan Sweeper IP Scanner is a fast and advanced network IP scanner. It offers a variety of scanning targets. It gathers information via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, and SSH. You can schedule scanning all the networks by IP range. Moreover, it allows you to track an IP address, ping the computer, and remote shutdown.

Insight of Lan Sweeper IP Scanner

  • Lan Sweeper IP Scanner has an integrated tracking system, communication hub, and help desk.
  • It scans IP addresses automatically and on demand.
  • With a single click, it re-discovered the entire subnet.
  • You can import the entire network setup via a CSV file.
  • Moreover, it can detect external and internal IP addresses, including hardware and Mac addresses.

Price: Free Up to 100 network nodes after each subsequent check $1 per asset per year.

Download: You can download Lan Sweeper IP Scanner from the official Website.

7. MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner

MyLanViewer NetworkIP ScannerMyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner is an excellent tool for finding the Mac address, IP address, and shared folders. You may think it is outdated software, but it is compatible with all modern OS, including Windows 10. This software uses Netbios to find possible shared folders on the network. It can only identify the connected computer on the network.

Insight of MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner

  • MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner is a powerful tool for Windows.
  • The remote wireless network monitor can perform remote shutdown and Wake On LAN (WOL).
  • It also helps you to find IP addresses and Mac addresses.
  • Some other functions are sleep, hibernate, lock the workstation, log off, reboot, and power off.
  • Now, Version: 4.21.0 is available with a 2,83 MB size.
  • It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit of all versions of Windows.

Price: Free

Download: You can download MyLanViewer Network/IP Scanner from the Official Website.

8. Slitheris Network Discovery

Slitheris Network DiscoverySlitheris Network Discovery is a premium IP Scanner for Windows users. This premium agentless network can identify and scan your Port correctly. It is a paid software that provides more advanced features than others.

Insight of Slitheris Network Discovery

  • Without a need for credentials or agents, it collects information from devices.
  • You will get a ton of information about ports.
  • It uses advanced algorithms.
  • To identify hidden devices, it Uses the ARP cache.
  • The portable version of Slitheris Network Discovery is available.
  • It allows you instant access with GUI on the browser.


  • Up to 50 devices are free.
  • For up to 256 devices, the price is $195.
  • For up to 1000 devices, the price is $295.
  • Above 1000 for unlimited devices, the price is $395.

Download: You can download Slitheris Network Discovery from their Website.

9. Unicornscan Windows Port Checker

Unicornscan Windows Port CheckerUnicornscan is a similar port scanner to Nmap. The asynchronous TCP and UDP scanning capabilities of Unicornscan are famous. We can consider it a sophisticated, robust, and stateless port scanner. Other features are Relational database output, Custom module support, Customized data-set views, and PCAP file logging and filtering.

Insight of Unicornscan

  • With the command line, Unicornscan enables multiple modules. 
  • It supports remote operating systems.
  • You can detect IP ports and services.
  • This software supports Asynchronous UDP scanning.
  • It attempts a User-land Distributed TCP/IP stack.

Price: Partially Free

Download: You can download Unicornscan from here.

10. TCP Open Port Scanner

TCP Open Port Scanner helps determine what ports are open on a server. It offers services like Ping Test, DNSSEC Test, TLS Scanner, TLS Scanner Traceroute Test, and TLS 1.3 Test. It has described the access of ports like:

  • SSH service runs on port 22
  • HTTPS service runs on port 443
  • HTTP service runs on port 80

11. Windows Port Scan Spyse

Windows Port Scan SpyseSpyse is an advanced port scanner online. You can enhance the overall security posture with this posture. You can apply it to Spot Open Ports, Map Networks, and Identify Weaknesses. Moreover, it is speedy for gathering data.

Insight of Spyse

  • Spyse scans through all main ports in your network.
  • It allows you to find all IPs with a specified port.
  • Some other features are Simple Interface, Cherry-Pick, and API Access.

Price: It is free. You can use the standard ($22.50) and Pro ($90) versions.

Download: You can download Spyse from the official Website.

12. Windows Port Checker PortScan & Stuff

Windows Port Checker PortScan & StuffPortScan & Stuff is an excellent tool for finding active network devices. It allows Ping and Traceroute devices besides the speed test of your network. It shows all the available information on open ports. To scan the large IP address, it uses up to 100 threads.

Insight of PortScan & Stuff

  • PortScan & Stuff scan ports to get MAC address, HTTP, SMB, FTP, SNMP, etc.
  • You can search the devices on your network without knowing the IP address.
  • With the 3 standard-size ping packets, you can ping any computer.
  • You may need to upload data to different servers, which helps test the internet speed.
  • PortScan & Stuff supports languages like English, Russian, German, Greek, Turkish, etc.

Price: Free

Download: You can download PortScan & Stuff from Softpedia

13. is one of the most powerful penetration testing tools for discovering vulnerabilities in any website. The system administrator, penetration tester, IT auditors, web developers, and website owners use this tool for various purposes. It lists all the open ports and numbers, including the service name.

Insight of

  • allows you to discover the vulnerabilities of a website quickly.
  • It can scan your network correctly.
  • You can use it for quick security assessment, continuous security monitoring, and third-party security evaluation.

Price: It has different pricing types like Pro Basic, Pro Advanced, Enterprise, and on-demand enterprise custom. 

Download: You can visit’s official Website

14. IPFingerPrints

IPFingerPrintsIPFingerPrints is a great tool to scan and check open ports. You can use it for both standard and advanced modes. We can use it for IP geolocation tools. The information it provides is 99% accurate at the country level, 90% accurate at the state level, and 81% accurate in the city.

Insight of IPFingerPrints

  • Only open and closed ports are shown on the list.
  • The essential tool is high-speed compared to others.
  • IPFingerPrints is a complete tool so you will get many other features. 

Price: Free but supported by Advertisement.

Download: IPFingerPrints is an online tool to visit the official Website.

15. Free Port Scanner 3.6.2

Free Port Scanner 3.6.2 is a free but fast scanner to check your Port. This robust port checker can scan your Port within a few seconds. It uses TCP packets to determine the available host and open ports. I love its user-friendly interface.

Insight of Free Port Scanner 3.6.2

  • Free Port Scanner 3.6.2 is a free tool that scans ports within seconds.
  • It runs on low computer resources.
  • The size of this tool is only 620 KB.
  • It supports all versions of Windows OS, from XP to Windows 10.

Price: Free

Download: You can download Free Port Scanner 3.6.2 from Softpedia

16. Windows Port Checker MiTeC Scanner

Windows Port Checker MiTeC ScannerMiTeC Scanner is a free multithreaded port scanner. With many advanced features, it can scan Port, IP, NetBIOS, and ActiveDirectory. It is usable for both system administrators and general users. The program auto-detects and resolves your IP address. Some accessible functions are SAM accounts, WMI Queries, Powerful WhoIs clients, Running processes, Terminal sessions, Event Logs, and Installed software.

Insight of MiTeC Scanner

  • MiTeC Scanner offers three options: scanning the active directory, network use, and the adapter defined by users.
  • It shows the network adaptor’s name with the upload and download volume.
  • It scans for open UDP and TCP ports.
  • This tool can scan the Registry, WMI, or SNMP.
  • It performs several ping sweeps.

Price: MiTeC Scanner is free for private, educational, and non-commercial purposes.

Download: You can download the MiTeC Scanner from its official site.

17. WhatIsMyIp Port Scanner

WhatIsMyIp Port ScannerAlmost all of us have heard the name of WhatIsMyIp. It is the industry leader in providing accurate IP address information to general users. But you can do many things with the application, like internet speed test, DNS lookup, Proxy check, reverse DNS lookup, Hostname lookup, and port scan. It is one of the best apps for Windows networking.

Insight of WhatIsMyIp Port Scanner

  • The package provides information on essential ports.
  • The basic features will give you info on WhatIsMyIpHTTP, POP3, and MySQL.
  • You will get the functionality of cPanel, DNS, WHOIS, TrelliSoft, TFTP, etc.
  • It is highly effective for games like Second Life, Call of Duty, Xbox, Minecraft, and other online gaming.
  • Speed is the main asset of this tool.

Price: Free

Download: You can use the service from the official Website.

18. Port Scanner by DNS Tools

Port Scanner by DNS ToolsIt is recommended to test your system before others do. Port Scanner by DNS Tools is one of the best tools to test your systems. It tells you what services are accessible from the outside of your network. With the help of port forwarding, you can redirect the Port if it is vulnerable.

Insight of Port Scanner by DNS Tools

  • Port Scanner by DNS Tools shows your actual IP address.
  • You can test 25 ports free of cost.
  • A small box shows all the required information about your system.
  • You must fill in the captcha to prove you are not a robot.

Price: Free

Download: You can visit the Official Website.

19. Port Scanner by Hacker Target

Port Scanner by Hacker TargetWith a hosted Nmap port scanner, the Port Scanner by Hacker Target will quickly scan your vulnerabilities. This online port scanner is straightforward to use. With Nmap version detection, this free Windows port checker can scan any IP address, including ten standard TCP ports.

Insight of Port Scanner by Hacker Target

  • Port Scanner by Hacker Target is a fast and lightweight vulnerability scanner.
  • It supports Windows versions (XP, 2003, 2008, 10) and Linux / FreeBSD
  • Launching an Online Nmap Port Scan in 3 Simple Steps, targets, options, and reports is easy.
  • You can log in for Advanced Options.

Price: Free

Download: You can visit the online port scanner website.

20. Port Scan by T1 Shopper

Port Scan by T1 ShopperT1 Shopper is an online port scanner. It is used to scan an individual port. With free registration, the user can scan the UDP port. It is beneficial for scanning a targeted port.

Insight of Port Scan by T1 Shopper

  • T1 Shopper online port scan has completed more than a million port scans.
  • It is free to use.

Price: Free

Download: You can visit the online port checker’s official Website.

21. Advanced Port Scanner

Advanced Port ScannerAdvanced Port Scanner is a Windows-compatible free port checker. It is effortless to identify the programs running on detected ports. It will give you easy access to HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and shared folders. You will also get Remote access via RDP and Radmin.

Insight of Advanced Port Scanner

  • Advanced Port Scanner is suitable for Windows.
  • You will get the facility of Fast multithreaded port scanning.
  • It is effortless to get information about network access.
  • You can run commands on a remote computer.
  • You will get a Remote PC shutdown and a Wake-On-LAN facility.

Price: Free

Download: You can download Advanced Port Scanner from the official Website.

22. Windows Port Scan Cenix Network Port Scanner

Windows Port Scan Cenix Network Port ScannerCenix Network Port Scanner is a Windows application to scan your open ports. It offers a scanning test of your network security. You can set the IP range to check the open ports on your network. A minimum of Windows 8 is required to scan the Port.

Insight of Cenix Network Port Scanner

  • Cenix Network Port Scanner is the best security scanning tool for Windows.
  • You will easily find the vulnerable, open ports of your network.
  • The Windows port checker is free to use.

Price: Free

Download: You can download Cenix Network Port Scanner from the Microsoft store.

Is Port Scanning illegal?

Without authorization, Port Scanning is illegal. But you can scan for yourself and your client. The server administrator and penetration tester use the port checker to check the system’s vulnerability. In that case, port scanning is legal.

How to Scan Open Port Windows 10?

How to Scan Open Port Windows 10Windows 10 users do not require any third-party port checker. With the command prompt, you can check the open ports of your computer. Here are the steps to correct the open Port in Windows 10:

  • Step 1: Go to the Start menu of Windows 10 and open the command prompt.
  • Step 2: Type “netstat -a” and hit enter.
  • Step 3: Within a second, you will get the list of connected ports of your computer.
  • Step 4: Exit when your job is done.

Risk of Open Port

Risk of Open PortThe best practice is to keep a minimum exposed service to ensure security. The open Port can be vulnerable to attackers. It may reveal information to all the people. Sometimes it can destroy your system. Moreover, malware can attack by open Port.

Final Thought

To ensure the security of your network, you have to take different initiatives on your own. Windows Port Checker can be the best option to check the vulnerability. Out of the long list SolarWinds Port Scanner, Angry IP Scanner, Nmap, and Lan Sweeper IP Scanner are the best port scan tools. I may miss any great port scanner. So, you can recommend the missing one over the comment.

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