Best 20 Arabic Learning Apps for Android in 2024

Arabic isn’t the first spoken language in this world. There are many types of languages, and Arabic is one of them. It is the native language of Arabic people. 

Learning the Arabic language is not as easy as you think. Besides, you can’t learn the Arabic language in a few hours. But the Arabic learning app makes your work easy to learn Arabic. You can also say that the Arabic learning app is the fastest and easiest way to learn this fantastic language.

In this digital era, people are so busy with their work. They have no time to learn Arabic at a language-learning institution. , they can install an app on their smartphone and start learning this language. It will reduce extra work pressure, and you will learn Arabic whenever possible. 

Why do you need an Arabic learning app?

It is flexible

The most important thing is that it is flexible for all people. We have a lot of things to do. Therefore, we can’t spend extra time learning different types of languages. With the help of a learning app, you can learn Arabic at any time or place. You can also learn language break time in your work on the smartphone.

If you have a smartphone, you can log into the app when you get time. The best part is it allows you to learn flexibly. Learning apps balance your everyday work and your language learning.  

Make you independent

Learning language through apps means learning oneself. It makes a student’s time management independent of learning. It isn’t institutional learning. You can learn to gain knowledge. How much knowledge you gather from here on one pressure for your learning is up to you.

Self-learning is the best learning. It is the best skill of a person which everyone searches to choose an employee for their work—besides, teachers always time students who are quick learners on their effort. When you start learning a language through a learning language app, you can teach how to learn quickly, what materials are best for you, and which lecture is helpful. All things depend on you only. Day by day, it makes you self-motivated.

Gain knowledge about global culture.

Learning a new language means learning new experiences. When you start learning the Arabic language, it gives you a cultural view of Arabic people and their culture. It can help to understand how vital the Arabic language is. You can communicate with Arabic people easily and express your feelings; when you can’t understand some Arabic word, you can log into the Arabic learning app and check that word quickly. So, it is said that the Arabic learning app makes an easy connection to gain knowledge about global culture.

It dramatically impacts a person in both personal and professional life. And also, it makes it easy for both personal and professional life.

Make adapt to technical learning.

Online learning is entirely dependent on technology. If you want to learn Arabic online, you should know how to use a smartphone, install an Arabic learning app and run them. Your technical knowledge will grow when you start learning Arabic with the Arabic learning app. At present, all learning processes depend on technology. It can improve our technical knowledge as well as make our learning easy. We can learn quickly with this. We can learn many desired things at a time.

Easy to learn

Learning every language is hard except for your language. If you want to learn a language, the app will suit this. Arabic learning app helps a learner to learn the Arabic language quickly. A learner can learn the language besides their daily life work. All lessons are well organized, so people can check this when they have time. This learning app organizes their lesson nicely so that a learner can benefit from it and helps to understand easily. A learner can learn at any time through it. It is also time-saving for every learner. They can easily use it. Overall the learning app makes learning easy.

Best 20 Arabic Learning Apps for Android

There is a most helpful app for Arabic learning that helps to learn a language nicely. It also motivates their learners to learn the Arabic language properly. These apps show the way of learning, and it’s your responsibility to grow your learning quality with this. Here are the best 20 Arabic learning apps for Android.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo language learning appDuolingo is a great learning app for Arabic learning by which everyone learns the Arabic language without cost. That means this app is free for learning. This app is a great learning tool because it explains grammar rules, audio pronunciations, and vocabulary terms. You also have the facilities to chat with other users and can observe what they do or say. The same type of learning mood makes your learning monotonous, so it changes the way of learning.  

Key features:

  • This app is a complete package for learning Arabic, which is simple and easy. You can grow your skill free of cost through this app.
  • This app has a reminder facility. So that if you forget to take your lesson, it will remind you through sending mail.
  • Besides Arabic, you can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, and more through this app.
  • This practical learning tool has different activities, such as story mood, lighting rounds, etc.
  • It helps you to learn to spell a word with this. And the most important thing is that it gives tips for each lesson at the beginning.

2. Alifbee

AlifbeeAlifbee is one of the simplest apps for learning the Arabic language. Besides the Arabic language, it offers many other languages also. It gives their learners accessible learning facilities. But it also has a process of buying premium membership by which you can continue the total learning. It is best for those who already have some knowledge of Arabic. 

Key features

  • It has a well-structured lesson. For this reason, it is straightforward to use. Learners don’t feel any irritation after using this. 
  • It provides both free and paid content for their learner.
  • The Arabic learning app for Android helps to teach a learner from the root of the words and how learners use this in a sentence.
  • It offers you to teach grammar, not only words; that’s why it’s called a very understandable app.
  • It has flashcards for vocabulary practice. 
  • It has an optional placement test system for those with Arabic knowledge already. Besides that, the audio portion is very loud and clear, making good learning. 

3. Quranic

QuranicQuranic is a fun and interactive learning app that is best for learning Quran and Arabic. It helps a learner understand the Quran. A learner can understand the Holy Quran directly without depending on the translation from this app. These app contents are so effective that they are designed to teach the Quran and Arabic simultaneously. 

Key features

  • It is an intelligent learning process of the Quran and Arabic that helps learners learn both Arabic and Quran properly in less time.
  • You can learn grammar, punctuation, and Arabic vocabulary. Besides, it conveys great techniques for memorizing a holy Quran verse.
  • Quran or Arabic, wherever you go, you can get all the information from this app.
  • It offers an optional subscription system, but it won’t affect your learning if you can buy it.
  • Its design is modern which is visually attractive. Besides, it has the facility of word-to-word translation for the whole Quran. 

4. Mondly Arabic

Mondly Arabic Arabic learning ApkMondly is an Arabic learning app that is best based on daily learning. It offers a comprehensive study method for the best result for learning the Arabic language. It teaches many other languages besides Arabic. This learning app is free for essential learning but continues the study, and you need to buy premium. 

Key features

  • It is straightforward and user-friendly, making you easily understand and learn the language quickly.
  • It teaches you every single lesson simply, so you learn all lessons quickly. 
  • The lesson structure is short and well. Besides, its voice is so clear that it makes a learner impressed.
  • It has both free and paid content. The Arabic learning app for Android offers its learners free daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges. 
  • It is quite an efficient and fun way of learning.
  • It has an opportunity to understand the alphabet, making it easier to learn.

5. Busuu

BusuuBusuu is the most straightforward app for learning the Arabic language quickly. You can learn a language faster from this app than the other language-learning app. You can easily communicate with native people through this study. It is straightforward to use. It follows systemic teaching methods like teaching the alphabet first, then the word you can’t find in another app. 

Key feature

  • It has well-structured lessons where they can correct people’s exercises so that a learner can learn the language practically. 
  • This Arabic learning app for Android has a leaderboard that motivates learners, which is more impressive. 
  • It has a lesson practicing segment where learners practice their words and what they teach. You can talk, link or also write with the interactive activities.
  • Basuu has both free and paid content.
  • It gives a certificate to the learner for completing the lesson. 

6. Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic

Speak ArabicLearn Arabic. Speak Arabic app is super helpful in learning Arabic. This helps people to talk with people in the Arabic language. A learner can speak Arabic through this app fluently. It will provide a daily lesson; you won’t participate in the weekly quiz if you miss it.

Key features

  • It has a tremendous visual association with the word. It also has an option to translate Latin words into Arabic words. You can also have the opportunity to swap between English and Arabic words.
  • It gives good grammar explanations and teaches new vocabulary regularly.  
  • The Arabic learning app for Android has both free and paid content. But the sad news is that its free content is limited for its learner.
  • Its progress chart and extra lesson help their learner to learn Arabic quickly. And make their learning way quickly.
  • It has a good feature with easy pictorials and is also user-friendly.
  • Its multifunctional feature helps to provide much information to learn Arabic.

7. Italki

Italki Arabic learningItalki is one of the best learning platforms for learning the Arabic language from more than thousands of teachers. It has lots of free content, which is safe and secure. Professional teachers take a class here that connects learners with teachers. It helps to improve your learning. You can also communicate with other students through this app, which can help develop your speaking skills.

Key feature

  • A learner can find their budget-friendly Arabic teacher from this. Usually, the range starts from $3.00 to $70.00 per hour.
  • The learner can also get discounted trial classes from their tutors.
  • It has a chat option for clearing any doubt about language learning.
  • A learner can speak with a native speaker from this app, making them fluent in their desired language.
  • Its notes feature helps to figure out learners’ language errors.
  • You can also make language partners for free learning and get their help.

8. LingQ

LingQLingQ comprises the most valuable tools that improve your learning skill within a very short time. It has varieties of content for your best teaching. You can take the opportunity to choose from them. It can help their learners to convert any language into Arabic language. You can import your lesson. This app will automatically convert these into Arabic lessons. It is a great foundation to start a language-learning journey.

Key features

  • It combines many useful tools that save time and make the lesson easier.
  • It is based on sound language acquisition principles that are fun for a learner.
  • It gives freedom to their students to make their tools for learning.
  • Its free trials are pretty limited. Its subscription charge starts from $12.99 to $39.99 per month.
  • It has a great listening playlist feature that helps increase their learners’ comprehension.
  • It follows contextual learning, which is more effective in learning a new language like Arabic.

 9. Rosetta stone

Rosetta stone Arabic learningRosetta Stone is an Arabic language learning app that follows the proper way to teach Arabic to their learner. It starts its teaching with grammar and proper pronunciation. Besides, a learner learns the Arabic words and phrases native speakers use most. 

Its learning system makes you more fluent, and you can communicate effectively. Its voice reorganization technology helps to improve a learner’s pronunciation.

Key feature

  • It has a voice reorganization feature that helps to speak Arabic fluently.
  • It has the opportunity of lifetime membership that is worth the price. And you can learn not only the Arabic language but unlimited language.
  • The subscription charge starts from $36.00 for three months, but you can also get three days trial chance.
  • For teaching, it maintains the pedagogical approach known as Dynamic immersion.
  • It visually introduces the language that helps a learner critically think about what shows and what they provide for learning.

10. Preply

Preply Arabic learningPreply is a learning app where you can learn the Arabic language from more than thousands of teachers. It is similar to Italki. It consists of helpful features like short bios, rates, time zone, and videos of tutors. Your learning is in your hand. If you want to learn the language properly, you should find a teacher; from this app, you can find your desired teacher.

Key feature

  • This app gives you a chance to learn Arabic from native speakers.
  • It gives their learner impressive and straightforward guidance, that’s why a student can easily understand and learn Arabic.
  • It gives lessons at a reasonable price. The range starts from $3.00 to $45.00 per hour, which is reasonable.
  • It gives a short clip for the teacher’s description. You can see their tone and voice first and choose who is best for your learning. 
  • Their payment method is very efficient. They also have a refund rule. After all, it is a very safe and secure platform for learning Arabic.

11. Memrise

Memrise Arabic learning app for AndroidMemrise is the best learning language app that comprises the entire feature by which a learner can get a full advantage in teaching Arabic words. Its interface is well-designed and easy to use. It is an excellent application for essential studies, especially for vocabulary education for the learner. It gives discounted payment facilities to their students, and it will be the best learning experience for them.

Key feature

  • It teaches their learner in a combinational way, like listening, writing, and pronunciation. It teaches with follow different ways for students’ needs.
  • The video option of native speakers helps a learner to learn a language quickly. How native speakers use the sentence will help to understand the language quickly.
  • For learning new words and phrases, it uses flashcards.
  • Most parts are free, but you need premium subscriptions to access all features. Its premium subscription charge starts at $8.99 per month.

12. Pimsleur

PimsleurPimsleur is a language learning app that provides multiple opportunities to teach the learner. It gives the facility to practice their learning to converse with native speakers. This Arabic learning app for Android is an audio-based learning app that makes it easy to learn the language. It is more effective than other apps because it helps to memorize lessons quickly. 

Key feature

  • It has a well-structured lesson that makes your learning flexible. 
  • This Arabic learning app for Android gives a 7 days trial class for your learning. It also has an option to subscribe, which starts from $19.95 per month.
  • It’s methodology and systemic effort help a learner to make better comprehension.
  • Their methods help you to start speaking when you start your first lesson.
  • It has excellent features like flashcards that help you learn new words.

13. Drops

Drops Arabic learning app for AndroidDrops app is an Arabic vocabulary learning app that helps you to learn new words and phrases quickly. It follows a fun learning process, such as a sentence-building game, grammar rule-learning game, and selecting the correct response game. The audio of this app is so natural that it makes learning easy. Its simple structure and design help more to learn daily language quickly.

Key feature

  • It uses an image to teach their learner instead of the word-to-word translation. 
  • Using an image for learning is more effective than traditional learning.
  • It follows the playful way of teaching Arabic vocabulary. So a learner can excellently learn some vocabulary.
  • It offers its students a monthly subscription which is charged $9.99. It also has some free content, which will help the learner.
  • This Arabic learning app for Android has a facility for a lifetime subscription.
  • It gives exercises like sentence building, filling in the blank with the correct sentence and phrase, etc.

 14. HelloTalk

HelloTalk Arabic learning app for AndroidHelloTalk app has an outstanding feature that makes learners quickly learn. Learning from a native speaker is the best way to learn Arabic quickly. Speaking with a native speaker allows you to practice your language learning. It provides free learning sessions with a live class that improves speaking skills. 

Key feature

  • It gives facilities for text chats, voice messages, voice calls, and even video call options that make the learner more understandable.
  • It provides free learning content in more than 150 languages. So you can quickly learn your desired language without any subscription. Besides, it also has premium subscription facilities for further learning.
  • You can get feedback from other users and get a free translation option.
  • Its word game option helps learners to learn with fun. It’s pretty encouraging for a learner.
  • A learner also has an opportunity to learn with a language partner. It is a great way to find a language partner. 

15. Cloze master

Cloze master Arabic learning app for AndroidCloze Master is an Arabic language learning app with a well-structured feature that lets learners practice language and improve their learning skills. It shows you a way that how you use the word naturally and communicate well. It is the best app for sentence structure acquisition and vocabulary.

Key feature

  • If you are a beginner, you get support on how to read the script.
  • It has a speaker voice feature for building up speaking skills.
  • Its huge vocabulary list and grammar practice option are more attractive to learn.
  • It offers fill-in-the-blank questions and multiple-choice questions for better learning.
  • The Arabic learning app for Android has sign-up or sign-in facilities to track the learner’s progress.
  • It has updated leaderboards and random collections. 

16. FunEasyLearn

FunEasyLearnFunEasyLearn is a modern standard Arabic learning app that motivates learning new words and expressions with great fun. This Arabic learning app for Android is user-friendly and teaches new words by classifying themes that attract a learner. It creates exciting interactions, motivating me to learn a language quickly. 

Key feature

  • Certified linguists develop this app, and all contents are tasted with strict proofreading.
  • It is a well-structured app. You can review wrong words or segments at a time, which makes it a learner easy to understand. 
  • It is an exciting and child-friendly app that makes learning interesting for both the elder and the child.
  • The app has both free and paid content. It also offers lifetime subscribers. 

17. Arabicpod 101

Arabicpod 101 Arabic learning app for AndroidArabicpod101 makes our work easy for learning the Arabic language. Around hundreds of lessons are in this app about Arabic. You can quickly learn the Arabic language through this available lesson. From beginner to advanced, these lessons are best for them. It is perfect for beginners, and it refreshes and strengthens the basics. Overall it is a very stable app for Arabic learners.

Key features 

  • This app is available for both Apple and Android users.
  • It gives an audio lesson, video lessons, lesson notes, line-by-line transcript, and vocabulary. Vocabulary has audio, so you can easily understand its pronunciation. 
  • Its audio lesson makes the lecture easier and teaches words we use daily.
  • It gives only a 7-day free trial opportunity for their learner. Besides, they have premium and premium plus account options by which learners can quickly get access to all lessons. But their premium features are available with a very low-cost subscription.
  • You can find the quizzes option from this app, also. 
  • It is well structured, and it has a sufficient amount of learning materials.

18. TenguLogi- Arabic

TenguLogiTenguLogi is a language-learning app by which a person can learn Arabic letters and numbers free of cost. It teaches you how to read and write the Arabic language fluently. It is the best app for learning the Arabic alphabet. If you don’t learn the Arabic alphabet first, you won’t learn the Arabic language quickly. 

Key feature

  • It has a well-established layout where the examples and explanations are so good that they help understand the lesson easily. 
  • It gives excellent explanations for the different letters and diacritics, that’s why its teaching is so effective.
  • The beginner can learn this language free of cost. Besides, it is straightforward to understand the lesson.
  • Its reviews and quizzes are beneficial in learning Arabic.
  • Mainly you get the fundamental basics of Arabic language learning. 

19. Language Transfer

Language Transfer Arabic learning app for AndroidLanguage Transfer is an audio-based app for Arabic learning. It is a different way of learning way than traditional learning. The app teaches its learners to learn rather than memorize. It is beneficial and in conjunction with other language learning tools. 

Key feature

  • It is an excellent structured language learning app that emphasizes speaking language, which helps to speak Arabic fluently.
  • It motivates you mentally and pressures your brain to think about your permanent learning language.
  • The most helpful thing about this app is that it is a free-based app where you can learn your desired language.
  • It is straightforward to use—no sign in need here. Just turn on the app and start learning.
  • It gives you better techniques to learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation quickly.
  • You can practice your lesson through listening.

20. Learn 50 languages

Language Transfer Arabic learning app for AndroidLearning 50 Languages is an excellent app for efficiently improving Arabic pronunciation and vocabulary. Its well-designed structure makes this app program comfortable and easy. A learner can quickly speak their desired language fluently. It consisted of a simple and pictorial lesson. If you are a beginner, it will be best for you.

Key feature

  • It has both a read and listen-to way of learning. Besides, its phrases option improves the learner’s skill more.
  • A learner can get much information free of cost. Besides, it has a paid system for the ad-free version.
  • Its good structure feature helps to quickly read, write and speak in Arabic. 
  • It is a fun learning app that helps learners reach their desired goals.
  • This app also works offline.

Final Thoughts

Learning Arabic is not so hard. But you can’t learn it overnight. Your dedication, study, and regular practice make learning easy and quick. The above app helps to read, write and speak fluently in Arabic.

These are the trusted sources for language learning, and you can also learn a language for free because most apps offer free content for easy learning. So you can learn through this app which makes your learning smooth. This app helps you as you can’t imagine.  

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