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Best 20 Quiz Games for Android (Quiz And Trivia Games)

We are stuck in our routine. We are doing the same work again and again. Sometimes, we need some break from this monotonous environment. Moreover, these quiz games for Android are like workouts for our brains.

Sometimes brainstorming is a much-needed thing to keep pace with our everyday life. You might hear about artist block or creativity block. These things happen because of less brainstorming.

You will feel lost; nothing will seem attractive in some block phase. So for your shake, you should participate in some quiz game app. This app will keep your mind fresh.

Free Trivia Game Apps for Android

Free games or offline modes are available in these quiz game apps. It helps us in many ways from these quiz apps.

Firstly, we can use these apps as the sole entertainer. We can use many of them at a party. Then can enjoy this new environment with some trivia game apps.

Secondly, we can broaden our knowledge about many things. These apps contain some valuable knowledge. You will get to know them while playing.

You will find some offline games here. However, you can play those quiz games while there is no internet connection available.

Moreover, you can play with a bot or switch to solo play mode. There you will b your partner. If you’re uncomfortable with playing with strangers, try these features. 

Best 20 Quiz And Trivia Game Apps For Android 2023

Many people always favor quiz game apps that give the most exciting vibes. Some quiz show apps were being shown on tv in the past. But nobody has that much time nowadays. So what can we do to replace that fun time? Well, we can go for these quiz and trivia game apps. 

1. 94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic

94% - Quiz, Trivia & Logic94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic is the best Android quiz app. It iAndroids for its tricky question. The questions given here seem very easy, and it may seem like everybody knows the answer. The real trick is here. What everyone presumes will be the answer, but in reality, that is not the actual answer. The app gives you multiple choices to pick the correct answer.  


  • The attractive feature of this app is that you can pick your own choices, which won’t be incorrect. 
  • The question pattern here is, what is the first thing you do in the morning? So the answer you give here will be based on your personal opinion. Whatever you put here will be correct. 
  • This app aims to detect 94% correct of the actual answer. You are playing 94% quiz app, a workout session for your brain. 

2. Logo Game – Brand Quiz

Logo Game – Brand QuizLogo Game is guessing the suitable logo that will give in the picture. It will be more complex than it seems. You will find many unknown brands and logos you haven’t seen before. Versace is a renowned brand, but people not interested in fashion don’t know about this brand. You will find nostalgic vintage brands and new famous brands like Amazon and Pepsi here. So this trivia app is an entertaining app for brainstorming. 


  • Logo Game will try to trick you with more than 500 logos. Your brain will feel tricked at some point. But it is a reflexive exercise for our brains.
  • The logo game is best for playing at parties. You can team up with your friends, and then the winning team will face some benefits. This policy can be the game rule.  
  • This trivia game app will give you hints if you are stuck at some points. So don’t feel pressured while playing the logo game. 

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3. Trivia Crack 2

Trivia Crack 2Trivia Crack 2 has a sequel quiz game for Android with an Android name. It is a late invention. But it is the best quiz app to check your IQ. Trivia Crack 2 is safe to use as there is no offensive content. But you have to use this app with caution. Because you can add and play with strangers in the app. You can join a team that is previously formed with different people. The other team member will accept you based on your profile rank. You can sharpen your brain by solving different topics and matters here. 


  • You can compete in real with this app. Several tournaments and events are going on through this app. You have to answer all the questions correctly within the given time. 
  • Winning any tournaments will be thrilling enough. But there is more. You will get prizes whenever you place a rank.
  • You can also play the hidden treasure round in Trivia track 2. Use your brains and find the hidden treasure.
  • The thematic wheel will enrich your collection. You have to spin the wheel. You will get an exciting gift on the wheel if you’re lucky enough. 

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4. HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia Quiz Apps for Android to Play in 2022HQ Trivia app was always a thing for Android users. You might wonder why. The reason why it is a thing is that you can own real cash here. HQ Trivia is a popular live show quiz app. You will have to answer questions in front of a crowd. There is no scam scheme going on in this app.

HQ Trivia app offers you real money because investors invest money, and for this unique feature, HQ Trivia has been downloaded over a million times. So investors get a percentage whenever one person downloads this app. 


  • When you win the game, you can turn your virtual money into real cash. 
  • You can set the notifications as the top priority. So you will never miss any updates that are happening on this app. 
  • Many celebrities have also taken part in this game app. You can participate with them or watch your favorite celebrity playing games live.

5. Jeopardy!® Trivia Quiz Game Show

Jeopardy!® Trivia Quiz Game ShowJeopardy, the actual game show we used to watch on tv, is now in chaos. The host of this game died last year. They are trying to replace the host, but the show cannot gain popularity like before. But to replace the emptiness, you will find online jeopardy games. This process is thrilling. But the most exciting feature is you can also own real money here. I like the Jeopardy Quiz game show. You can take part in quizzes similar to other cities around the world. 


  • You can play two modes here. One is solo play offline mode. You have to play here with the bot. Moreover, you can practice with the computer in practice mode. 
  • Another gaming mode is playing online. You will play with two people in this mode. You have stand-alone competing with others. If you win, you can earn real money. 
  • You can also challenge your friends and family here. You can choose the topic of the game. However, the topic can be music, sports, movies, etc.
  • Take part in tournaments and events. Winning a tournament can help you to climb up the leaderboard. 

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6. PopcornTrivia

PopcornTrivia Quiz Apps for Android to Play in 2022The Popcorn Trivia app is Android’s most fun quiz game for testing quizzAndroides and trivia games. You will find here questions about movies. You can select the genres. Moreover, you will get vintage movies and quizzes about recent Hollywood movies. You can arrange a game show hosted by you. In that show, you can choose the genre of movies and ask your friends to answer them. Popcorn Trivia is a mood-enhancer app. You will see that this app belongs to a high rating online. 


  • You will find a wide variety of questions here in Popcorn Trivia. This app includes every type of movie out there.
  • Popcorn Trivia is a legitimate app and can be used free of cost. You will find this app on the google play store. 
  • New movie updates are added every week. So the movie quizzes will never be out of stock. The features of this app are pretty exciting. 

7. TRIVIA 360: Single-player & Multiplayer quiz game

TRIVIA 360: Single-player & Multiplayer quiz gameTrivia 360 is another best quiz game for Android. You Android it on the Google play store, and it is safe to use. It is easy to play but good exercise for your brain. To play this game, you have to download Trivia 360 first. Some quizzes differentiate into different categories. You can select the categories that you want to play. 


  • You will face the best-friendly interface here in the Trivia 360 app. This app is recommended for both children and adults. 
  • There is no offensive or adultery statement in this app. So it is suitable for your child. You can select the category that you want to play.
  • You can access the leaderboard. Moreover, you can raise your rank by playing frequently. You can check out other players’ activities online. 

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8. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Trivia & Quiz Game

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Trivia & Quiz GameWho Wants to Be a Millionaire is a famous Indian quiz game show. Famous Bollywood celebrity Amitabh Bachchan hosted that. But it is sorrowful that everyone can’t participate in that show. But this app will meet your thirst for attending that game show. Various types of questions are here to participate in with friends online. You can directly challenge your friend and take part in some tournaments,   


  • The features in this app are pretty similar to the game show. You will get a boost up 50:50. Then you can ask your friends for help.
  • You can unlock different cities and quizzes about those cities. You will get a new opportunity every time you reach one level up. 
  • You can also unlock the premium team. That team will help you to win every trivia challenge online. 

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9. Think Quiz Games for Android

Think Quiz Apps for Android to Play in 2022Think is the best and most exciting trivia game app for Android. ThisAndroidly contains symbolic questions. You have to recognize those symbols and then answer the questions. Think is the best minimalistic, sophisticated, yet straightforward trivia app. This app has over 30 chapters. Each chapter contains different types of hieroglyphic symbols that you have to recognize. The epic features of this app will make you think logically. You can also listen to songs that are built-in features of the Think Quiz app. 


  • Think the app will make you reason. You will get a clue about the pictures given to you when you think thoroughly. 
  • This app contains the best visuals and graphics. You will get more involved with this quiz app when you cross each level. 
  • Over 360 puzzles are included here. So you won’t get bored with the strategy of this quiz app. You will always want more. 

10. Quizoid: Offline Trivia Quiz 2020

Quizoid-Offline Trivia Quiz 2020Quizoid is the best offline quiz game app in 2021. This app will also stand out for itself in the upcoming years. The most predictable answer to this assumption is playing this quiz app offline. When we are outside, it is not possible to access the internet. So we might get bored and find every chance to access the internet. But with this app, you won’t get bored. Thousands of topics and questions are included here. 


  • Three game modes with 7000 questions on different topics can be found on this app. 
  • You can challenge your family and friends here to compete. Then whoever is capable of answering more correct answers will be the winner. 

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11. TRIVIA 360: Single-player & Multiplayer quiz game

TRIVIA 360- Single-player & Multiplayer quiz gameTrivia 360 is the best quiz game for Android to brAndroidm and boost brain cells. But, unfortunately, Trivia has been closed due to some unrevealing cause. But you will find Trivia Nails 2.

TRIVIA 360 has been downloaded over billion times within just 10 days. From that, you can realize how popular that app is. Attending the quiz can give you a clean boost to your brain cells. You can also presume about IQ by this app. Trivia 360 is a free app to use. Moreover, you can download the Android 1.3 version for Samsung. So, all Android users can access this app legitimately.


  • You will feel the user-friendly environment here in the app. There are categories of quizzes that you are attending. Your child can also take part in the beginner’s quizzes. 
  • Not only quizzes but also you can play puzzles here. Puzzles can give you mental peace while solving them. 
  • The quizzes are in different categories, including true-false, flag quizzes, and quick raffle draw.

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12. General Knowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App

General Knowledge Quiz- World GK Quiz AppGK quizzes are something that everybody enjoys, much or less. You should have this one app on your phone. Because with the General Knowledge app, you can always know the unknown and discover many shocking truths about the world. There is a saying that you have nothing to lose when learning something. So learning can always be of your goodwill. This general knowledge quiz app will help you to learn about every little detail of gk. It updates now and then about the new information that has been revealed recently.


  • You will get 30+ streams of questions with answers. They are all about general knowledge. Moreover, you can participate in general quiz questions and play this offline.
  • You can get this app on the Google play store and can download the app for free. You have to plan to follow monthly. Just install General Knowledge Quiz and start sourcing knowledge.  
  • You will get a user-friendly environment, and the quizzes are also safe for kids. You can allow your kids to play these quizzes because no scams have been claimed. 

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13. Psych! Fun Party game to play with friends

Psych! Fun Party game to play with friendsPsych is the best trivia game online to remove boredom. You will also agree with the statement that why I’m telling this. You can download Psych on your computers as well. Moreover, you will find some tricky quizzes that are the best at some parties. 

Moreover, you can play the psych trivia game through Zoom calls. These options are the mesmerizing feature of this app, considering the pandemic. We can’t visit our friends due to the lockdowns and vice versa. However, you can play this trivia game through video and Zoom calls. 


  • The Psych game app is free. It will be best for pool parties and dinner parties. If you are going to a party, you can play a card game with this app. 
  • The quizzes given in this app are not something everyone can solve. You have to be intelligent enough to crack those answers. So if you arrange some prizes for the winner, playing will be more fun. 
  • You can even play with Ellen DeGeneres! Ellen DeGeneres is the creator of this game. 
  • You will find no objectionable content herein, Psych. So this app is safe for you. 

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14. Boggle With Friends: Word Game

Boggle With Friends-Word GameBoggle is the most popular word game you must have played offline. But the time has changed so you can find it online too. Boggle With Friends is the most popular online word puzzle game. You can play this game with your friends online. You can add some friends with whom you want to play frequently.

Boggle With Friends has unlimited word puzzles, daily challenges, and even tricky trivia quizzes. You will get a lot of options here. Boggle With Friends will be your favorite pass-time game. 


  • Completing a live tournament is one of the fascinating features of this app. You can choose your competitors online. That can be your friends, family, or even friends from online.       
  • Training in solo play is another feature that might attract you. Before competing in a tournament, you can measure your competence. You will face the bot system of this app. If you can beat the player, you can be assured that you are a pretty pro. 
  • You can also participate in daily and weekly challenges the app holds. That will also help you to boost your game profile. 

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15. SongPop 2 – Guess The Song Game

SongPop 2 – Guess The Song GameSongPop 2 is another fun Android quiz game that is trending in 2023. The reasons are the features of this app are too plausible and fun to play. You can link SongPop with your Facebook. But obviously, you can play this app without linking with Facebook. When linking with Facebook, you will get unlimited gifts, coupons, and other facilities. Before challenging your friends, you should play with the computer. These consolatory matches will strengthen your ability.


  • You can compete with music lovers all around the world. If you’re a music lover and listen to music a lot, this will be your game-changer app.
  • Challenge your friends to music trivia. Here in this app, you will get the best music of some songs. Then in the given time, you have to guess the song. So you can play with friends at some house parties or on road trips. 
  • Improve your music sense with SongPop 2. You can practice numerous melodies in solo play mode. You will find your best matches every day to compete with the music.

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16. Animals Quiz – Learn All Mammals and Dinosaurs!

Animals Quiz – Learn All Mammals and Dinosaurs!Animal Quiz is the best application to teach your child about animals. You will be shocked after learning the fact about animals. It is more fun to play this quiz pp because it is filled with pictures of animals. Questions like how many pairs of wings do bees have, what is a doe, and what is baby sheep called? Everyone might not know this type of question. So these questions will improve your knowledge. It is better to know more about animals than spend that time scrolling Facebook aimlessly. 


  • You will not only get to know about animals, but also you can perform in quizzes. There are easy and hard spelling quizzes for the users.
  • You can also use flashboards which means you can browse the app without knowing the animals. Then you have to guess the animals.
  • You can play the time game on this app. The rules of the time game are how many questions you can cover within one minute. You will be a master in zoology with Animal Quiz in no time. 

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17. Emoji Quiz. Combine & Guess the Emoji! 2021

Emoji Quiz. Combine & Guess the Emoji! 2021EmojiQuizz is another trivia and quiz game for Android that will blow your mind. In 2021, you can hardly find someone who doesn’t know about emojis. We all somehow use at least a few emojis in our lifetime. So the Emoji Quiz will surely gain your favor. Emoji Quiz is a bit unique from other puzzle trivia games. You can combine the emojis and then guess the emoji. It is the perfect game to play with friends.


  • Over 1200 puzzles exist in this application. So guessing emojis won’t be easy though it sounds super easy.
  • You will face extreme and expert levels. There will be hints to catch the honest answer. If you are smart enough, you can crack those puzzles. 
  • High-quality graphics are the best thing about this app. You can link your game profile with your Facebook. You can ask your Facebook friends if you’re stuck in the game. 

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18. Art quiz

Art quizIf you ask me the best trivia game app you like among these, I will point out the Art quiz. I’m an art person. I love everything related to art and design. This app lets you know the life stories and hidden truths behind your favorite artist. Each day a new article about someone is popping. You can learn many facts about artists. If you are interested in art, this app will never disappoint you. Knowing famous artists is unique to the point that you even think of uninstalling this app. 


  • You can take part in the quizzes with other participants. The questions that you will solve here are pretty complex. So if you want to win against it, you must go through the app well. 
  • You will get some hints while solving questions. Moreover, you would get a certificate if all the answers were correct.  
  • You can also get help from friends. Linking your game profile with your Facebook account will be a wise decision. So when you need help, you can ask them immediately. 

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19. True Or False

True Or FalseTrue or False is a minimalist quiz game for Android that Android finds online. I’m saying the app is simple because it has no exaggeration in the name of the trivia app. Just like the name, there will be some quizzes that you have to solve by pressing the right or wrong button. True or False is safe and free to use.  


  • You will face no ads in this app. It has no subscription process to cover as well.
  • You can rank as the top player by correctly guessing all the true-false quizzes.  
  • The top player’s name changes occasionally because many people use this app. You will always get a chance to rank as the top player. 

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20. Math Master – Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles

Math Master – Brain Quizzes & Math PuzzlesLearning Math with these Math Master apps will be a great help. If you are afraid of math and your score in maths is not good enough, you can try solving these math quizzes. You will find here all sorts of math equations from addition to statics. You will get here la logical puzzle with average and time-included maths. 


  • You will get here basic randoms 1 to 4 books. Each book contains ten chapters. The higher the chapter, the more questions will be more difficult. 
  • Timer quizzes are also included. Because of the timer quiz, you can see your speed in solving maths. 
  • Math Quiz is entirely free and designed for use for all ages. You can even find multilingual support in Math Master.

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Final Thought

You will know many unknown facts with these quiz apps and trivia games; moreover, you will be the party popper if you play these quiz games for Android. It iAndroidtime we break the monotonous environment at every party. Try these existing yet elite quiz game apps.

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
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