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The 20 Best Science Apps For Android Device in 2022

Science is an unavoidable part of our regular life. You can find science in every aspect near you. And, the availability of science has increased a lot in this modern era. People are trying to be up-to-date with the theories of science to cope up with the world. But the bookish knowledge might not satisfy you. Or, you may be searching for an easy solution for gaining scientific knowledge. The best science apps for Android are just the thing you need. 

You can meet up your thirst for science using various apps available for Android. Moreover, these mobile science apps can give you immense pleasure in learning the unknown. You can find the best free science apps covering each sector of science. Here I’m going to show you the 20 Best Science Apps For Android Device for Smart people in 2022

Best 20 Science Apps for Android

Have you already decided to use a science app? I won’t be surprised if you do so. But, at first, you have to ensure which app will be perfect for you. It is necessary to know your searching field exactly. This article will show the best 20 science apps for Android in 2022 that you might like. Among these mobile science apps, you can find covering all the science sectors applicable for kids and adults. 

1. Periodic Table 2021: #1 Science App for Android

Periodic Table 2021: best Science App for AndroidAre you a chemistry lover? Want to learn more about chemical reactions and the mysteries of the periodic table? The Periodic Table app can be your best companion in this regard. The app is considered one of the best science apps that focuses on chemistry. You can learn about a vast amount of chemical elements for free in this app.

The Periodic Table is a perfect science app for students. The app will show you the periodic table while opening it. It allows you to search for info about any element. You can get here all the things you want to know about chemistry. Just click on a specific element and get detailed information about it. This highly reviewed app can surely increase your knowledge of chemistry.

Key Features

  • The Periodic Table app contains the entire periodic table approved by IUPAC.
  • It offers you vast information about the elements, including images.
  • The app allows you to search on Wikipedia if you want to know more.
  • This app is a user-friendly one.

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2. Researcher

The Researcher app will be your best helper in conducting scientific research. It will provide you with more than 15,000 journals. This best science app for Android is perfect for enriching your research. Besides, any student or teacher can use this app to gain knowledge. This mobile science app always provides recent research material. But you can find the older ones here too!

Researcher science mobile apps

The Researcher app works as an education app. It offers you to gather knowledge regarding any matter. You can find biological issues, recent physics journals, chemistry books and journals, computer science, and whatnot! Moreover, the app also contains resources on business, arts, social science, and humanities faculties. 

Key Features

  • The Researcher app provides a large number of academic resources in science and other fields.
  • It contains a bookmark facility with an innovative notification feature.
  • The app gives you linking facilities with Mendele and Zotero.
  • It also offers you to join a fantastic community of scholars.

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3. NASA: Best Science App for Android

NASA: Science App for AndroidNASA is one of the best science apps for astronomy-loving people. The app allows you to discover the universe differently. You can find unique 3D models of the space elements in this app. Moreover, it also keeps you updated with all news relating to astronomy. NASA directly controls this app.

NASA allows you to enjoy live videos streaming from the International Space Station. Besides, it informs you of the latest NASA missions. You can select your favorite missions and learn more about them. Overall, this free virtual science app will please you with its excellent features and facilities. 

Key Features

  • NASA contains 16000+ images to inform you about space matters.
  • It shows you 2D maps and 3D models of the earth.
  • There is a live streaming feature, and it allows you to watch NASA TV.
  • It has a music station named Third Rock radio to entertain you.
  • The app contains a well-developed sharing option. 

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4. Science Basics: (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Science BasicsThis free science app for Android works as a dictionary of science! For acquiring the basic knowledge of science, Science Basics can serve excellent. If you want to revise your basics of Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, this app is perfect for you. There are diagrams, formulas, and other critical technical terms in this app.

The Science Basics app covers all the essential chapters of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. You can gain extra knowledge outside your textbooks from this app. This all-in-one app describes the chapters clearly. The users highly reviewed The Science Basic app for its comprehensive coverage. The app is indeed one of the best science apps for students. 

Key Features

  • The Science Basics app covers all the fundamental areas of science.
  • It can work offline.
  • The app contains explanations using graphs and diagrams.
  • It has a straightforward user interface. 
  • The teachers and the students highly review this app.

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5. Physics Formulas Free

Physics Formulas Free Science Smartphone appIn the area of Physics, basically different formulas control the concept. The Physics Formula Free app will help you to get all the formulas together. The app is one of the best science apps for high school students. The app explains all the necessary procedures. It helps you to understand the topics easily. This free app allows you to share these techniques with your friends too!

The Physics Formulas Free app contains well-designed tools to help you in the calculation. It will provide you with the extra information needed to learn the concept. This mobile science app will teach you the basics of essential physics topics. Here you can learn about Mechanics, Electricity, Thermal physics, Periodic motion, Optics, Atomic physics, and Constants. 

Key Features

  • The Physics Formulas Free app helps to remove your fear of physics.
  • It supports multiple languages, including English.
  • You can keep the necessary formulas in a separate folder.
  • The app contains a quick searching feature. 
  • It also allows you to add notes in the ‘favorite’ section. 
  • You can also customize your tools and add them in the ‘tools’ section. 

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6. Solution Calculator Lite

Solution Calculator Lite- science app for studentsTo use in your chemistry lab, the Solution Calculator Lite might be the perfect tool for you. It is an excellent app that helps in calculating chemical solutions. You can use this app in your chemistry, biology, and biochemistry lab activities. It will save your time, which you would have wasted in using ordinary calculators. 

The Solution Calculator Lite app determines how much chemical is needed for your solution. it is a very capable scientific calculator app. It also measures the molecular weight of any substance perfectly. You just have to press a few buttons to get the correct equation. This app serves as one of the best science apps for adults as well as students. 

Key Features

  • The Solution Calculator Lite app determines the number of chemicals for your solution. 
  • It helps to calculate the Molecular Weights of the substances.
  • The app contains a periodic table.
  • It provides detailed information on the 118 elements of the periodic table. 

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7. Science News Daily

To get the daily science news at your fingertips, you may try the Science News Daily app. The app claims itself as the fastest news app. It provides all the latest news from all over the world. This mobile science app also includes a lot of articles to enrich your knowledge.

Science News Daily

This app will show you more than 3000 breaking news and articles on science. It contains a science dictionary too. There is also a bookmark feature. Moreover, this app has a searching option to help you find your favorite topics fast. The app is regularly updated. It is one of the best science news apps available for Android indeed. 

Key Features

  • The Science News Daily app provides the latest science news in different categories. 
  • The app contains minimal design and accessible features to read the news.
  • It notifies you of the recent science news.
  • The app gives you the option to stop getting news of any specific category. 
  • It also has a news translating feature. 

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8. Science Facts Collection App

 Science Facts Collection AppAre you willing to increase your general knowledge of scientific topics? The Science Facts app will help in fulfilling your desire. This app contains a vast collection of interesting scientific facts. It covers the primary sectors of science. Besides, the app will also give you interesting information.

The Science Facts app offers you a long list of science topics. It contains facts on biology, astronomy, atomic energy, psychology, robotics, chemistry, etc. Moreover, you can acquire knowledge from these facts on random topics. It allows you to search for the issue you need to learn and get info about it. This app will make you prepared for any competition or examination too!

Key Features

  • The Science Facts app serves well in providing general knowledge on scientific topics. 
  • This app is suitable for attaining a competitive exam. 
  • It covers a vast area of science.
  • The app also allows sharing the facts with others. 

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9. Math Formula with Practice

 Math Formula with Practice education appYou might need a helping hand to solve your mathematical problems. The Math Formula with Practice app will play a significant role in this regard. This amazing science app for Android can show you the exciting features of mathematics. This app is one of the best science apps for students studying in classes one to twelve. It contains the basic formulas of mathematics with examples.

The Math Formula with Practice app will teach you the most accessible math solving methods. It will explain the formulas easily, adding examples. There are basics of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus available in this app. The Math Formula with Practice app will ensure your academic excellencies. It is also suitable for preparing for any competitive exams. 

Key Features

  • The Math Formula with Practice app teaches you to solve maths quickly.
  • The app is perfect for academic purposes.
  • You can get all the essential topics of math in this app.
  • It is appropriate for preparing for competitive exams.

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10. Factily – General Science Fact

Factily – General Science Fact appFactlity is one of the best free science apps for casual learners. This app will let your know some fantastic scientific facts that you might not imagine before. The app does not teach too profoundly. But the small quotes and information provided by Factly will surely increase your knowledge. 

Factly allows you to share this Infos with your family and friends too. This app can gather information about your body, space, ICT, biology, fundamental physics, and robotics. It will make your learning time enjoyable.

Key Features

  • Factly provides you with various information about scientific facts.
  • It is a free app. 
  • The app requires only 2 MB of space on your device.
  • It has a sharing option too. 

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11. Play and Learn Science

Play and Learn Science app for KidsPlay and Learn science is a great science learning companion for the little ones. This best science app for Android contains interesting games combining various scientific topics. It enables the kids to learn new things while playing games. Your child will love to solve the puzzles and draw pictures here. It can develop your child’s skills. 

The Play and Learn Science app increases the curiosity of the kids. They can learn about earth science, environment, life science, and physical science here with amusement. The app is one of the best science apps for kids under 5. The Play and Learn Science also contains features for child parent’s collaboration. It supports multiple languages. 

Key Features

  • The Play and Learn Science app offers you a platform for learning science with enjoyment.
  • It contains games, puzzles, and drawing features for children.
  • The app maintains a strict privacy policy. 
  • It also ensures family collaboration while learning. 
  • This app is excellent for increasing your kid’s logical skills. 

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12. All Formulas

All Formulas study appIf you want to get all the scientific formulas in your pocket, the All Formulas app can do this for you. It is a mobile science app that contains the essential formulas of physics, chemistry, and maths. You don’t have to search different books after using this app. Its easy user interface will make you eager to use it.

The All Formulas app also helps you in the calculating process. You can use it offline. The app also includes the periodic table. The necessary additional information regarding the formulas is included here too. The app contains some ads, but it won’t bother you much. 

Key Features

  • The All Formulas app contains over 100 formulas on the primary topic of science. 
  • It provides you with the essential details regarding any formula.
  • There is a well-designer search option in this app.
  • It enables you to give opinions for the betterment of this app. 
  • The periodic table and calculating tools will help you learn fast. 

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13. Solar System Scope

The Solar System Scope app will show you the beauty of the universe in a fantastic way. It is one of the best free science apps that satisfy your desire to know about space. The app contains 3D visualization features with updated maps. You can feel the vastness of the planets and the moon here by tapping a few buttons.

Solar System Scope space app

The Solar System Scope app includes up-to-date parameters to simulate celestial positions. You can enjoy the night sky views and watch the stars using this app. This virtual science app also contains a 3D encyclopedia. It can facilitate your learning procedure. The app enriches your knowledge with detailed information about the solar system. 

Key Features

  • The Solar System Scope app allows you to learn about the mysterious space.
  • It includes maps and parameters published by NASA.
  • The app contains multilanguage supporting features.
  • Its simple interface made it user-friendly for everyone above four years old.
  • The views and celestial simulations offered by this app are amazing.

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14. Academia Edu: Best Free Science Apps for Android

Academia Edu: Best Free Science Apps for AndroidThe Academia Edu app opens the pathway to a vast source of knowledge. The app will satisfy your curious mind with lots of renowned articles and research papers. It contains a vast collection of old and recent educational material. After using it once, I’m pretty sure that you won’t stop using Academia Edu. 

The academia Edu app is one of the best free science apps for research and academic purposes. It provided you with more than 23 million educational materials. You can search here to find out the topic you need. The app allows you to save and share the materials. You can also collaborate with scholars all over the world using it. 

Key Features

  • The Academia Edu app gives you access to a vast library containing academic materials.
  • It allows you to keep an eye on the viewers of your articles.
  • You can find many similar-minded people here. 
  • The app provides up-to-date sources of knowledge.

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15. Anatomy Learning

- Anatomy Learning appFor biology lovers, the Anatomy Learning app is like magic. It is one of the best science apps for high school and medical students as well. It will provide you with a 3D interface to learn the topic. Moreover, it covers all the areas of anatomy, including bones, joints, muscles, urinary, respiratory system, etc. 

The Anatomy Learning app allows you to rotate the structure models. You can zoom in on any of the parts according to your need. It also contains quizzes to evaluate your learning. You can learn about both male and female bodies in this app. The app also offers you to add labels to the structures while learning. 

Key Features

  • The Anatomy Learning app will give you a real dissecting experience. 
  • You can remove different parts of the structure to learn about a specific body part.
  • The app supports several languages.
  • The models and structures given in this app are perfect for learning anatomy deeply. 

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16. Arduino Science Journal

Arduino Science Journal for StudentsArduino Science Journal is an open-source science app for Android. It is one of the best science apps for students who are 10-18 years old. This app facilitates you to do science experiments both in your classrooms and at home. It also helps you in completing your assignments and homework.

The Arduino Science Journal allows you to gather data from all over the world. It supports external sensors to provide you the best information. The app enhances your lesson plans with exciting experiments. It is available in 45 languages. Besides, it is supported by Android, iOS, and Chromebooks. You can operate this free science app very efficiently. 

Key Features

  • The Arduino Science Journal app is an excellent pocket tool for conducting scientific experiments.
  • It supports third-party hardware like sensors to gather data.
  • The app allows you to keep notes and pictures.
  • You can save your experiments in Google Drive.
  • It allows you to export data as CSV files. 

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17. Learn Biology Beginner To Advanced – Learn Botany

Learn Biology Beginner To AdvancedLearn Biology is another student-friendly app to learn about life science. This app teaches you from the basic to the advanced level of biology. It mainly focuses on botany. But you can learn here about animal lives too. The app will let you know the biological mysteries of living beings. 

The Learn Biology app starts its course with the basics of the cell and the basic structure of the living organisms. It offers you to learn about cellular biology by enrolling in the free course on Mitochondria, conducted by Harvard University. In the next step, you can learn genetics by taking a class on DNA. 

Key Features

  • The Learn Biology app is one of the best apps for adults, high school, and medical students. 
  • It contains materials from fundamental to advanced biology.
  • The app offers you to take courses on Biology from renowned universities.

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18. Neuroscience 24h

 Neuroscience 24h Android AppYou might find interest in the area of neurological science. The Neuroscience 24h app will help you a lot in this regard. Besides, this best science app for Android will give you access to a large number of articles and information.

The Neuroscience 24h app contains articles from MIT, US News, Scientific American, Brain Facts, and other popular magazines. You can get the latest updates on neuroscience by spending some time on this app. The app contains a search option to find your favorite topic. 

Key Features

  • The Neuroscience 24h app contains a massive collection of articles in this field.
  • It has a language translating feature.
  • It allows you to stop notifications on a specific topic.
  • The app also has a bookmark feature. 
  • It has a sharing feature too. 

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19. Brilliant

The Brilliant is an all-rounder app containing the basics of science. You can learn prior knowledge of math, science, and computer science here. The app increases your thinking ability. It offers you some easy memorizing techniques.

Brilliant- scientific application

The Brilliant app works excellent in making your study enjoyable. You will love to solve the scientific problems included here. It contains an easy and exciting teaching structure. Brilliant is also a great source of general knowledge for competitive exams. As a result, it became popular among the students and the teachers.

Key Features

  • The Brilliant app includes conceptual puzzles to develop your skills.
  • It contains a large number of exercises to evaluate you.
  • There are more than 60 courses on different branches of science in this app. 
  • It will teach you to solve scientific problems quickly. 

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20. Science Dictionary by Farlex

 Science Dictionary by FarlexFor learning new scientific terms, you can use the Science Dictionary by Farlex. It is one of the best free science apps for Android. The app includes a detailed description of the terms. The pictures added to it will help you understand more quickly. 

The Science Dictionary offers you to search using typing and voice methods. It also shows you the suggestions while searching. It can identify your native pronunciation perfectly. The app covers most of the fields of science. 

Key Features

  • The Science Dictionary app contains 100,000 scientific terms.
  • It includes 35,000+ audio pronunciations.
  • The app allows you to record your previously searched terms.
  • You can also save the essential topics.

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Final Thoughts

Have you heard about these apps before? Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or not, I will suggest you try these science apps. All the best science apps for Android that I have mentioned are well-reviewed by the users. Here you can find varieties of apps having distinct features. Select an app that fits best for your purpose and start using it.

I’m sure you will have the best experience. You might use several apps to solve multiple purposes. Just make sure that you are choosing the apps after knowing their features. Hopefully, you can make the best use of these mobile science apps. Best of Luck! And don’t forget to share your experiences! 

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