The 10 Best Custom PC Builder to Boost your Gaming Performance

PCs are an essential part of every pro gamer, video editor, animator, and everyone in this industry. But there are times when we all thought, “I wish my PC could do this or my PC could do that.” For this reason, it is a good idea to build a PC according to your preferences.  We are here to help you with a comprehensive list of the best custom PC builder to boost performance.

Here on, we use custom-built PCs. There are two methods to buy the necessary stuff and make it or let the professionals do it. I prefer the latter. Building a PC by yourself is not impossible, but a tedious job. So, I choose to let the hard work be handled by the pros and give them the instructions.

Many custom PC builders in the US offer their services through the website. You can visit their website and choose the components you would like on your PC, and they will ship the complete PC at your doorstep. It is a simple process and much more efficient than building on your own and destroying RAMs, SSDs, or other sensitive modules by accident. 

What is a Custom PC Builder?

Most of the companies that sell computers give the customer the option to choose. For example, if you go to HP’s website, you can select the CPU, RAM, and some other components. The difference between a Custom PC builder and big companies like HP, Dell, or Asus is that you get to choose every item you like on a custom PC builder. From the PC case to PSU, you are the final authority to choose what you want for your PC.

So, a Custom PC builder is a company that can make you a PC as you direct or instruct them to do it. From the material to size, you choose it all.

How much does a custom-built PC cost?

Well, it depends on what components you are willing to use. For instance, if you choose an excellent casing, minimum RAM, SSD, HDD, and graphics card, it will cost you around $300 to $500. But if you go for all the best components, high performance, the excellent quality, it may cost you $3000 or even more.

It depends on your criteria, as all PCs are modular. Which means you can choose every part of it.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a PC?

In most cases, Yes. It is much cheaper to build a PC rather than buying a pre-built one. A pre-built gaming PC will cost more than just making it, even with the technician fee. If you are a gamer or professional and possible, you should choose custom building a PC.

Is it better to custom build a PC?

Yes. Way better. You see, a pre-built PC might have some reasonable specs, but you don’t have any control over the case, power supply, cooling system, CPU, and all of these are important if you put pressure on your PC while gaming.

You can change and choose these elements if you are building a pc from PC builders.

Are custom built PCs reliable?

Yes, they are entirely reliable if you are making your PC from a renowned PC builder. I hope you are not choosing a shady, back alley PC builder. Then I can not guarantee you the quality. Why don’t you look at our list and pick a PC builder from the list?

Minimum specs to have in a Gaming PC

Here are the minimum requirements of a good Gaming PC:

OS Windows 10.
CPU Intel Core i7 10700K/ AMD Ryzen 5 5600X/ Intel Core i9 10900K/ AMD Ryzen 7 5800X.
RAM Minimum 32 GB.
Graphics Card (GPU) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060/ AMD Radeon RX 580/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/ AMD Radeon R9 270X / AMD Radeon RX 590.
SSD 512 MB.
Cooling module Water cooler or powerful air cooler (Our recommendation: Corsair H115i RGB Platinum/ Noctua NH-D15/ EVGA CLC 240/ Corsair H60).
Power supply (PSU) 500W – 750W.
PC Case The case should be hardy, well-built, and with good ventilation.

Which Custom PC builder is the best?

Here is a list of 10 of the best Custom PC Builders to Boost your Gaming Performance-

1. AVADirect

best pc building site AVADirectAVADirect is an Ohio, USA based PC building site known for its excellent service and customer support. They can make any PC as you want, from a custom PC case to premium water colling feature. AVADirect is a trusted and one of the best custom gaming pc builder companies on the market. You can choose a custom paint job or a custom 3D printed model. Whatever you want, they will try their best to create it.

AVADirect, the best custom gaming pc, has a vast collection of components you can choose from. From CPU to PSU, all the things are authentic and supplied directly from companies like Corsair, Intel, AMD, Asus, etc. You can choose from around 180 options to make the best gaming laptop or PC on AVADirect.

Now in terms of pricing, you will be surprised to know AVADirect offers the lowest of them all. It also has an installment system in which you can pay over the months. Their premium work justifies the price. From custom paint to fixing the RGB, all are done with utmost care and dedication. No complaint about that. 

All AVADirect custom PCs come with 1-3 years of warranty, depending on the items you buy. It is great to see even the custom made PCs cover product warranty. If you pay a small fee, you can ensure 3-Years of warranty. Last but not least, all of the PCs from AVADirect have lifetime technical support from the company. 

2. CyberPowerPC

best custom gaming pc CyberPowerPCSecond is CyberPowerPC, the highest-rated gaming PC builders in the US. CyberPowerPC has been making PCs as per requirements from its clients since 1998, and this renowned custom pc builder is located in California. If AVADirect was known for a low price and efficiency, then CyberPowerPC is famous for its wide variety and low cost. They have so many options that a person with less knowledge about PC building might find overwhelming on CyberPowerPC. Those who want a personalized gaming PC must use CyberPowerPC, no questions asked. You will enjoy the real customization of a PC or Laptop here.

CyberPowerPC offers a competitive pricing range. On this custom pc builder website, you can get u=your PC built for as low as $1000 to $10,000 or even higher. You can choose any available component for your PC, and they will put it in your gaming rig. You have full authority over what you build.

Like AVADirect, CyberPowerPC has a 1-3 years warranty period for all desktops and a 1-year warranty for laptop parts. And don’t forget the lifetime support for every PC you built and buy from CyberPowerPC. Just make your PC on their website, and they will send the complete PC to your assigned address within weeks.

3. Falcon Northwest

Falcon NorthwestAnother reliable and best custom gaming pc builder is Falcon Northwest. This Oregon Based PC manufacturing company has been meeting the needs of users since 1992. They built custom premium PC and computer rigs for professional gamers, organizations, IT companies, and individuals. Falcon Northwest is famous as the best company to make custom pc builds for their unique cases. All of the PC cases from Falcon Northwest look like they are from some fantasy world. Each of them is unique, and all of them are a piece of artwork.

On the Falcon Northwest PC building website, there are not too many options. They prefer quality over quantity, and they are committed to 100% user satisfaction. So, only the best and premium select few items are available on Falcon Northwest.

The pricing of Falcon Northwest PCs without the paint job falls on the higher field of the price table. I mentioned earlier they prefer quality more than anything. However, the pricing may seem a little higher. You won’t be able to complain after you received the PC. 

Falcon Northwest also comes with 1 to 3 years of warranty depending on the product. They also cover lifetime technical support for your PC.

4. iBuyPower 

ibuypoweriBuyPower is another best custom pc builder website that is located in California and serving its customers since 1999. It is one of the best PC builder companies that take your order online and delivers a complete PC at your doorstep. They have a vast collection of components that you can choose from. From gaming PC to gaming laptop, everything can be custom made from iBuyPower.

iBuyPower is trusted for its lower price yet excellent service. You can choose, and brose products just like you do when you go grocery shopping. You can purchase any available product for your custom PC from iBuyPower. They have you covered.

iBuyPower PCs are less costly than other PC builders. They usually provide you what is available on the market rather than custom making it. It reduces the cost very much. I would recommend iBuyPower for those who don’t have huge money but customize a PC or gaming laptop cheaply. Most of the custom PCs on iBuyPower are in the $1000 range. For building a good PC with less money, iBuyPower is the best there is. 

iBuyPower has 1 to 3 years of product warranty for PCs. You get a 1-year warranty for any laptop you purchase from iBuyPower.

5. BLD 

BLD is a custom PC builder site offered by NZXT. NZXT is a California based American PC company serving since 2017. The company is dedicated to building custom gaming pc and laptops. Over the years, they have provided quite a several excellent gaming rigs for pro gamers and professionals.

BLD by NZXT is one of the best pc builder companies there is. On the PC building website, you can choose every component. From the Monitor to the mechanical mouse, every item can be customized and purchased from NZXT. You can also add popular games to your PC and skip the pain of collecting the game disks by yourself. NZXT will do all the hard work for you.

The cost of building a PC with BLD by NZXT is meager compared to the products’ quality. They can ship your complete PC on the same day or within 48 hours, depending on the order.

All of the PCs from BLD have a 2 years warranty. But unlike AVADirect, you can not extend the warranty period even with paying a fee.

6. Digital Storm

Digital StormDigital Storm is one of the leading and best PC building sites that has been making high-performance PCs since 2002. This best pc building company is also situated in California, USA. Their primary focus is Gaming PCS and Gaming rigs. They even custom build workstations and gaming laptops for their customers. They have an excellent reputation in the industry for building high-performance precision machines. Very few companies out there can compete with Digital Storm.

The Digital Storm PC building site is an easy system to handle. You choose every product on-site or by calling them via cellular phone. You can build work PCs, gaming PCS, laptops, whatever you want. Almost every updated product is available on Digital Storm’s shelves.

The cost of building a PC with Digital Storm is not cheap, but it is not insanely high too. With around $3,000 you can get yourself a high-performing gaming rig.

The official warranty from Digital Storm is a 3-year service warranty. However, you can extend the period to 5 years with an additional fee of $399. 

7. Maingear

best custom pc builder website MaingearMaingear is the highest-rated gaming PC builder from New Jersey. The company started its journey in 2202 and has been producing high-performance custom PCs for individuals and companies. They are famous for their efficient custom job and over the top customer service.

Just like the other best custom pc builder websites on this list, Maingear’s PC builder mechanism is excellent. They provide an extensive collection of choices as long as the products are compatible with each other. They supply all the products from wholesalers and directly from the manufacturing company. You can even custom make any of the components you like. They do a pretty neat custom case design, cooling setup, and other custom paint jobs. If you want to customize your PC fully, then Maingear could be your go-to company.

Now for the pricing, Maingear’s custom PCs are expensive. A simple Z270 Core i7-7700K paired with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti can cost you around $2,000. They are proud of what they do. And though the price may seem too much, every item is handmade and unique. To own a one in a million PC, you have to pay the fee.

Maingear covers 1 year of warranty for their inbox custom PC. You can extend the period up to 3 years with an extra fee. 

8. OriginPC 

OriginPCOriginPC is a Florida based 2009 best company to make custom PCs. Former employees of Alienware founded the company. OriginPC is famous for its unique and exclusive custom case design and top-notch customer and warranty service. They are pretty popular among the Gaming community for their high-end PC build.

On OriginPC’s PC building website, you won’t find many options as you would find on AVADirect or CyberPower. Instead, you can customize your PC as fancy as possible. From round PC to hexagonal PC Case, they will make any design possible as long as you are willing to pay for it. The people of OriginPC will go the extra mile to deliver the best PC from your imagination. You will find unique designs on OriginPC that are not available anywhere else. The materials they use are also high quality, and it is guaranteed to last many years.

Custom making a gaming PC on OriginPC will cost from as low as $900 to $20,000. It depends on the design, materials, and other additional products. But it is for sure the cheapest PC from OriginPC will still be one and unique model. They are the best custom pc builders for everyone.

All of the PCs from OriginPC come with a 1-year warranty. You can extend the period up to 3 years by paying an additional fee. The PCs have lifetime technical support.

9. Puget Systems

Puget SystemsPuget Systems is a top-notch high-performance custom PC building company. This Washington based PC company makes PCs for both gamers and professionals. They are famous for the crazy designs and durability of their products. All the materials they use are of premium quality and delivers the best user satisfaction.\

On the Puget Systems best custom gaming pc builder website, you can either make a PC from scratch or customize your one from a recommended PC. The choice is up to you. They cover a large number of products from various manufacturers. So, you will almost find all of the necessary parts you desire to put in your machine.

On Puget Systems, they use CAD to custom make the PC Cases. That is why each of the PCs is a work of art and has a unique design.

The pricing of PCs from Puget Systems has different tiers. It depends entirely on what you want. It is hard to pinpoint the lowest price of PC on Puget Systems. They have so much variety you have to check it for yourself.

All of the PCS from Puget Systems has a 1-year parts replacement warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. All products have lifetime customer support. 

10. Xidax

best custom gaming pc builder XidaxXidax is located in Utah, and they are known for the unique and best custom pc building. They make high-performance PCs, and their product is of the best quality. They deliver the PCs to your door within 24 to 72 days, depending on the order and distance.

Xidax’s product library is not as big as other big pc building companies, yet they provide the best quality products and deliver 100% customer satisfaction. The price of the PCs from Xidax is comparatively low. The starting price of PCs on Xidax is $867.

They make small PCs to larger gaming PCs within your budget. One of the best features of all the Xidax PCs is that they all have a Lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard it right. All of the PCs from Xidax fall under this policy. The people on Xidax are that confident about their custom job.

In addition to Gaming PCs, Xidax also makes workstations, professional PCS, laptops, and other computer-related products.


It does not matter whether you are a professional gamer, a photographer or video editor, or just a regular person. Having a PC that is custom made just for you is just incredible. I hope our guide will help you find the Best Custom PC Builder, and you can make your PC. Best of luck!

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