The 15 Best Free MotoGP Game PC With Fastest Speed

MotoGP games are unconventional bike racing games that people of all ages enjoy. These games are adrenaline boosted and packed with excitement. You can’t be still when you play MotoGP games on PC. It is based on actual Grand Prix Motorcycle racing held internationally every year. You might have watched this motorcycle sport on TV where bikers race in a circuit to secure victory. 

What is MotoGP?

It is the ‘Grand Prix motorcycle racing’ that has inspired all MotoGP games. The Grand Prix motorcycle racing has been held since 1949. It is the premier class of motorcycle road racing events. Popular motorbike manufacturers and professional bikers take part in this racing competition. They hold it in different road circuits allowed by the ‘Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme’ (FIM). They organize independent and group championships. The MotoGP World Championship, Moto2 World Championship, and the Moto3 World Championship are the most popular. Fabio Quartararo is 2021’s Riders’ Championship leader.

Top 20 MotoGP Racing World Champion Riders (Lowest to Highest)

Rank Rider Country Winning span Total
1. Stefan Dörflinger Switzerland 1982–1985 4
2. Jorge Martínez Spain 1986–1988 4
3. Hugh Anderson New Zealand 1963–1965 4
4. Max Biaggi Italy 1994–1997 4
5. Walter Villa Italy 1974–1976 4
6. Kork Ballington South Africa 1978–1979 4
7. Eddie Lawson United States 1984–1989 4
8. Anton Mang Germany 1980–1987 5
9. Jorge Lorenzo Spain 2006–2015 5
10. Mick Doohan Australia 1994–1998 5
13. Jim Redman Rhodesia 1962–1965 6
14. Geoff Duke United Kingdom 1951–1955 6
15. Phil Read United Kingdom 1964–1974 7
16. John Surtees United Kingdom 1956–1960 7
15. Marc Márquez Spain 2010–2019 8
16. Carlo Ubbiali Italy 1951–1960 9
17. Mike Hailwood United Kingdom 1961–1967 9
18. Valentino Rossi Italy 1997–2009 9
19. Ángel Nieto Spain 1969–1984 13
20. Giacomo Agostini Italy 1966–1975 15

Best MotoGP Game for PC

Mainly the MotoGP game series is developed and published by Milestone. Soon after that, many other developers also focused on the genre and introduced many motorcycle racing games. So get ready to have your mind blown. In this article, we will list the best MotoGP game for PC with the fastest speed

1. MotoGP 21 (Paid)

Let us start with the latest and the best MotoGP game of the series, MotoGP 21. They released it on April 22, 2021. It is the very best MotoGP to date. Live the season of 2021 of the classic MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. The game presents the most authentic and immersive bike racing experience for the players.

MotoGP 21-Best Free MotoGP Game PC With Fastest SpeedYou can take the role of the manager and plan the game accordingly. From picking the racer to assigning the crew, you can do all of it in MotoGP 21. The game features 40 of the iconic riders and their bikes. The race tracks and bikes are highly detailed. You can customize your bikes and race them in the championship. So, you can play the game in single-player mode. MotoGP 21 also offers online PVP, where you can challenge other players online. You can enjoy the full thrill of Grand Prix Bike Racing with MotoGP 21.

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2. MotoGP 20 (Paid)

Next, we have MotoGP 20 released on April 23, 2020, as part of the official MotoGP championship. In the game, you can experience the thrills and excitement of the whole motor racing career. Rev up your engine and bike in a fantastic world of motorsport. MotoGP is at its peak with MotoGP 20. You can manage your crew in the managerial mode. The game allows you to customize the bikes and develop them to ensure victory on the road circuit. At the same time, you are modifying the bike, and you have to keep in mind the engine, aerodynamics, power, and other essential performance features.

MotoGP 20-Best Free MotoGP Game PC With Fastest SpeedThis MotoGP game for PC will give you first-hand experience of the racetrack. The 3D modeling and graphics of the game are pretty amazing. The animation and game control are very smooth. You can either use the mouse & keyboard or controller to play MotoGP 20. The price of the game is also very low. So it won’t be a massive dent in your wallet.

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3. MotoGP 19 (Paid)

MotoGP 19 is another popular game of the MotoGP game series. IGN has identified this game as the best motorcycle simulator in years. However, it is the official MotoGP game for the 2019s Grand Prix Motor racing championship. We have put all the adrenaline and thrill into the game to be enjoyed by the players. From renowned bike companies to professional bike racers, MotoGP 19 has covered it all.

MotoGP 19-Best Free MotoGP Game PC With Fastest SpeedMotoGP 19 introduces all the legendary bike racers from the 500 2-strokes to the modern era. You can taste the historical point of the championship in this game. It covers over 50 racers and around 35 bikes to race in the game. You can challenge other players online in multiplayer mode. The game also supports co-op mode. The game allows us to customize the bikes and personalize them. If you are thirsty for thrill and excitement, no other game is better than MotoGP 19.

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4. MotoGP 18 (Paid)

Are you looking for a cheap but exciting MotoGP game online? Then look no more. MotoGP 18 is the perfect solution for you. Milestone released this game in June 2018. You can enjoy this game in single-player mode. It also supports online PVP. You can challenge multiple other players in the race and win points and rewards in the PVP mode. Become the center of MotoGP 18 and win all the circuits. MotoGP 18 allows you to experience the life of a professional bike racer virtually.

MotoGP game online - MotoGP 18There are different race tracks and circuits in MotoGP 18, including the Buriram International Circuit in Thailand. You can manage your crew and maintain your bike for racing. The game gives us a contemporary vibe of the championship. Whether with friends or alone, you will enjoy playing MotoGP 18.

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5. Monster Energy Supercross 4 (Paid)

Monster Energy Supercross 4 is a derby-styled MotoGP racing game. It is the 4th installment of the series. So, you can enjoy the thrill of epic biking in this dirt bike game. Build up your career as a racer in Monster Energy Supercross and be victorious. There are many bikes to choose from in the game. You can even customize them to your liking. The game also allows you to choose your racer character. There is a different category in the game, ranking lowest to highest. You can upgrade your bikes when you reach upper levels.

Monster Energy Supercross 4Explore, seek, and find your calling with natural race tracks created only for you. You can choose different race circuits and race to victory. You can challenge other players to a PVP match online. Moreover, the game has full controller support. So you can hook up your control and play Monster Energy Supercross 4.

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6. RIDE 4 MotoGP Game for PC(Paid)

RIDE 4 is a specialized motorsport game. It is a free-style bike racing game that offers hours of fun with bike racing. With new and enhanced content, RIDE 4 will give you the thrill of city racing. You can race at regional events or race in regular traffic in this game. The tracks resemble actual international circuits. You can start a career as a professional biker in RIDE 4. Another key feature of this game is that it has a day-night cycle. Which means you can race at different times of the day. It makes bike racing much more enjoyable.

RIDE 4 MotoGP Game for PCRIDE 4 offers dynamic racing for gamers. Moreover, there are different types of bikes. All the bikes are fully customizable. What makes RIDE 4 apart from other bike racing games is its AI. The A.N.N.A (Artificial Neural Network Agent) AI allows you to race against a more intelligent and more competitive system. So, if you are up for a complex challenge, try playing RIDE 4.

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7. MXGP 2020 – The Official Motocross Videogame (Paid)

MXGP 2020 is the official Motocross video game. You get to enjoy the first-hand experience of a motocross racer in this game. You can enjoy the game in single-player mode or online PVP mode. No matter which model you choose, MXGP 2020 is packed with thrill and excitement. From rocky mountains to pavement circuits, you can race anywhere to hold the title of champion. Challenge all the riders on their turf and win them all.

MXGP 2020 - The Official Motocross VideogameMXGP 2020 presents the players with highly detailed graphics and heart-throbbing music that fits perfectly. You can improve your riding in training areas. This game will increase the chance of winning the matches. So, unleash your creativity and customize the bikes to your liking. From color tone to engine power, you can tweak everything in the bikes of MXGP 2020. If you are looking for a MotoGP game download, then give MXGP 2020 a try. I promise you the game won’t disappoint you.

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8. MXGP PRO (Paid)

Milestone S.r.l. brings us another epic bike racing game, MXGP PRO. This motosport simulation has everything you can ask for in an epic racing simulation. From online PVP to the single-player mode, MXGP PRO gives you the freedom of playing and enjoying the journey of a lifetime. MXGP PRO is the best MotoGP game for PC with fully customizable features and different hardcore racing circuits.

MXGP PRO-Best Free MotoGP Game PC With Fastest SpeedMXGP PRO is the official Motocross Championship game. They released it in 2018 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The price of the game is low at only USD 2.09. You can purchase the game for PC from Steam and enjoy adventures in bike racing. Experiment with different techniques and game plans to secure victory in every race. If you are ready for the challenge, then why wait? Purchase the game and enjoy it with your friends.

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9. MotoGP 17 (Paid)

Released in June 2017, MotoGP 17 is another one of the official MotoGP racing games that you can play. It is available at a very cheap rate on Steam. You can purchase the game for only 1.63 Dollars. The game is highly rated and recommended among the other MotoGP games. Just like other MotoGP official games, it supports online PVP mode. You can connect online and play with hundreds of other players on the internet.

MotoGP 17To play MotoGP 17, you will need 4 GB RAM and a graphics card. The game is suitable for desktop gaming PCs. The graphics cards for the laptop may support the game, but they won’t run efficiently. So we recommend you play MotoGP 17 on a gaming PC.

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10. Valentino Rossi The Game (Paid)

Valentino Rossi The Game is the complete MotoGP game. It is a short game yet packed with all the thrills of motorbike racing. In this game, you get to join Valentino Rossi’s VR|46 Riders Academy and train to become the prodigy of the legend. Train hard and win the championship of MotoGP 2016.

Valentino Rossi The GameThe game is rated highly positive on Steam by players. The animation and graphics of Valentino Rossi The Game are superb. You can train and race in different tracks of the academy. It also lets you choose different bikes to race. Valentino Rossi The Game is the best MotoGP game to sharpen your skills as a professional racer.

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11. MotoGP 15 (Paid)

MotoGP 15 is an excellent MotoGP game for computers to play in your free time. The game allows you to compete in MotoGP and Moto 2, and Moto 3 racing competitions. There are around 18 circuits that you can play the game and race. It is one of the realistic PC racing games out there. You can enjoy amazing animations and graphics with this game.

MotoGP 15-Best Free MotoGP Game PC With Fastest SpeedMotoGP 15 offers an exponential experience for bike fans. You can choose between different professional bikes and enjoy the thrill to the fullest. For MotoGP fans, MotoGP 15 is the best and a valuable game. With its vast content and racing features, it is the best one out there.

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12. RIDE 3 (Paid)

RIDE 3 is another one of the fantastic MotoGP games for PC. You can feel the thrill and adrenaline pumping through your vein with RIDE 3. From conventional race tracks to muddy roads, you can ride on any of the maps. There is a decent collection of bikes too. You can choose either one of them and race for victory. Just like all the other games from Milestone, you can make your bike unique. The game has a good story base and provides you with a career opportunity in the game.

RIDE 3 offers a single-player mode. It comes with full controller support. You can also connect online and play against another player in PVP mode. You can connect your controller to your PC and enjoy RIDE 3. So, why wait?

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13. MotoGP 14 (Paid)

MotoGP 14 came out in 2014 to celebrate the 2014s Grand Prix Bike Racing competition. The game is only playable in single-player mode. Unfortunately, it does not support online PVP. This game has a mix of positive and negative reviews on Steam. The game had its complications. Thus it was not appreciated by everyone. In our opinion, MotoGP 14 was not up to the MotoGP video game mark.

Despite that, MotoGP 14 presented us with some good experiences. It featured some of the legendary bikers of the season. You could enjoy hours of motorbike racing with MotoGP 14. If you are a fan of MotoGP who watches every single race, you will be excited to play MotoGP 14. It took a very different adaptation of the actual event. You never know. You might enjoy playing this MotoGP-based game on PC.

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14. MotoGP 13 (Paid)

MotoGP 13 is the official game of the 2013 MotoGP championship. You can get this game on Steam and play it on Windows and Mac OS. The game offers a compact simulation and bike handling. You will need to have skills to control the bikes in MotoGP 13. The game allows you to start your career from zero in the industry. You have to rise to reach your goal and race in the finals of MotoGP 13. So put on your helmet and get ready to enjoy the race of your lifetime.

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15. MotoGP 10/11 (Paid)

MotoGP 10/11 has learned from its failing predecessors and upped the game. This 2011 version of the MotoGP franchise was far better than previous ones. It included the classic theme of the championship and introduced modern bikes to the game. The handling of bikes in MotoGP 10/11 was much more improved than previous versions of the game. You can also see differences in the quality and movement of characters in MotoGP 10/11. Overall, if you want to try out an old MotoGP-based racing game, then try MotoGP 10/11. You can play it on Xbox and PlayStation.

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Honorable Mentions

Some other popular games of the MotoGP series are listed below,

  • MotoGP 09/10 (2010),
  • MotoGP 08 (2008),
  • MotoGP 07 (2007),
  • MotoGP 06 (2006)
  • MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology (2005),
  • MotoGP 4 (2005),
  • Moto GP: Ultimate Racing Technology 2 (2003),
  • MotoGP 3 (2003),
  • MotoGP (2000),
  • GP 500 (1999) .

Final Thoughts

When I started writing this MotoGP game review, I was overwhelmed. Being a fan of bike racing games, I enjoy playing motorsport games. MotoGP is the best way to enjoy classic bike racing. I have never missed a season of this championship, and I enjoy playing the official MotoGP game for PC. We hope you will find this article informative. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Thank you for staying with us.

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