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The 20 Best SFTP Server for Secure File Transfer in 2022

Distributed networks are rising daily, and transferring files and data securely aren’t easy these days. This is why finding a secure way to transfer files and data is essential and vital. There are various software products available on the market that can find a secure way of transferring files. But software like Secure File Transfer Protocol, better known as SFTP, is the preferable option. So we will discuss today the best sftp server for secure file transfers in 2022.

FTP is a known and familiar term for those who are dealing with any networking. People who are experienced in networking know all the ins and outs of FTP. From the beginning of the FTP server, it has had various remarkable flaws, and lack of security was the most notable.

Whereas the main aim of SFTP, which is very successfully done, is to remedy these security issues and make the transfer secured. SFTP means Secure File Transfer Protocol, and it is indeed the most secure one. It uses the Security Shell protocol (SSH) and prevents all un-encrypted transfers of credentials and social login information.

SFTP can provide us some other advantages also, such as – at the time of initializing the first portion of a transfer, a “fingerprint” will automatically generate to make your transfer more secure and protected. In short, SFTP can provide you all the same functionality and performance of FTP but without any security and technical flaw.  

Why Should You Choose Best SFTP Server Over Ftp?

Why Should You Choose Best SFTP Server Over FtpFrom the discussion mentioned above, it is clear that SFTP can provide an extra layer of protection and security than FTP. But apart from this reason, there are more grounds on which you will choose SFTP over FTP. Which are as follows:   

● It possesses a binary format that ensures faster file transfers and can experience the user’s proper file transfer satisfaction.     

● You won’t need any dedicated control channel because SFTP only uses a single connection for both control and data packets.

Security Shell protocol or SSH will ensure consistent security, and no one will be able to turn it off or disable.

● The format of SFTP is machine-readable, and it also includes operations for various activities such as permissions, performing file locking, and manipulating attributes.

Now, we are going to discuss the top SFTP Servers, which are as follows: 

1. SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server

SolarWinds SFTPSCP ServerSolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server is the best SFTP server for secure file transfer in 2022. It can provide you TFTP and SCP-server functionality. These two things are pretty common in any networking so getting these functions and features helps the users. This software can make all types of transfers delightfully easy and handy. You can make a transfer on various devices securely by using this software.

SolarWinds SFTP/SCP Server also has some other added features which can be useful to the users. Integration and expansion can be done pretty easily on this software, for which it provides you some added value in the realm of networking worldwide. Even you don’t have to pay a single penny to use all these exceptional features. This software is available for free for the users. 

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2. OpenSSH

If you need an open-source server, then OpenSSH can be an excellent choice for you. This software will also cover a good amount of other SSH-based server needs too. Apart from your Windows OS, this app can be compatible on Linux also. It is common and famous in the Linux system. Graphically, it is a bit better on Linux OS than Windows OS. So, all those graphically driven options and features will perform better on Linux.

OpenSSH consists of an SFTP server that will allow you to use and utilize the software as an SFTP server. But the setup and configuration system of this software is a little bit tough than the other ones of this list. So, as a beginner, you need to get someone who used this software already to set up and configure this software. But once you get hold of the whole system, it won’t be so complicated anymore. 

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3. Tectia SSH

Tectia SSHTectia SSH is one of the renowned SFTP servers for transferring files and data securely. It handles all the actions and protocols of transferring, including SFTP. This one is special software in many ways. The people who invented and created SSH are the same people who created both the SSH and SFTP servers of this software. This is why the users will have excellent experience in using this software.

Tectia SSH software is a very reliable one because of its secure and encrypted data transferring system. You can use this software for an enterprise-level of applications as it has the compatibility to provide more gears and features to do so. Even the beginners can setup and configure this software, and you can have this software for free. Having all these features and applications for free is an excellent deal for the users. 

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4. Bitvise SSH Server

Bitvise SSH ServerBitvise SSH Server can be an ideal choice for the users to transfer their files and data securely in 2022. It’s perfectly designed and shaped for the Windows OS, and you can get a fantastic experience on your PC while using it.

The Chunkiness of the servers, which we often see on SSH servers, isn’t noticeable on this software. It is not console based so you won’t have any issue using it manually. It doesn’t also require any text-document-based configuration, making things easy for the users to configure and setup. This software is not graphically driven like the other ones.

Chunkiness is mainly GUI driven, and it is easy to set up and configure for this reason. There are a lot of other features that can be handy and useful for users. This app doesn’t need any money to download the evaluation version. But the paid version will charge up to $99.95.

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5. Cerberus SFTP

Cerberus SFTPCerberus FTP can support all the ranges and types of versions available for SSH. Many users need this specific feature for their use. So, if you are one of them, Cerberus FTP is the best choice for you. You can also get some other useful and unique features that won’t be available on most of the software mentioned in this list.

For example, you will get to use the web-based transfer on this software, which isn’t available on most SFTP software. An Email-notification system is used on this software for the better management of the users. To retain a file, there is a policy-based system available on this software.

Cerberus FTP software will also fulfill robust reporting, event support, and some other needs. Though there is a free trial version available, you must have to download the paid version to get access to all the features mentioned above, which will cost $79.

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6. Syncplify

Syncplify-the best SFTP serversSyncplify is one of the best SFTP servers available on the market right now. This software is hugely popular throughout the world. They boast themselves as one of the best available SFTP software for Windows. This software can be used widely, and all the features available on this will support the users to fulfill their requirements and needs. The robust feature is a worthy one to mention as its feature because it boosts this software’s speed and performance.

Syncplify is undoubtedly one of the most acceptable paid versions of the SFTP server. The interface of this software is pretty advanced and GUI-driven. You will get PCI compliance as well as HIPAA compliance on this software. Auditing features are also available on this software. There are three paid versions of this software. Basic will cost you $199, Professional will cost you $399, and Ultimate will cost you $749.

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7. SRT Titan FTP Server

SRT Titan FTP ServerIf you want to use an SFTP software or server for broad implementation, SRT Titan FTP Server can be the best option for you. It is designed in a way which it can gear and work for larger implementations. You can also get an excellent deal for regulation compliance for PCI and HIPAA, scalability, and other additional features. Though it has a free trial version to get an exceptional experience, you have to try the paid version. The paid version is a complete package of service, feature, and performance.

SRT Titan software will consume less time than the other ones while transferring because of its improved compression system. It will provide you a full range of compatibility for the servers. Remote administration and web-based transfer, user-interface are the critical features of this software.

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8. Core FTP Server

Core FTP Server is one of the most popular SFTP servers for transferring files and data in 2022. There are a lot of features available on this software. But we will point to some exceptional and vital features of this software which will attract people to use this software. This software will provide you a free mini SFTP server.

Core FTP server is a light version of the main one, but it still can function properly if you don’t put any complicated or complex transfer or input. But their main feature is the full-fledged FTP server because it does the same functionality as SFTP. This software possesses a wide range of features and functionality and makes it an excellent FTP software. If you want to use this app for large implementations, you can use it also. To complete any complex transfer, this software can be pretty useful.

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9. Rebex Tiny SFTP Server

Rebex Tiny ServerRebex Tiny SFTP server is the same as Core’s mini SFTP server feature. They even named this software as “tiny” because of that mini SFTP server. If you want to make a light transfer or simple transfer, this software can do that pretty quickly. Its interface and framework are cool and advanced though it is a light app. You won’t require any setup or configuration to install this software.

Rebex Tiny has a simple system that will make sure to do all the things it needs to do. All the features of this software are light and were designed to get a quick response. Though it was created for easy-testing in the first place, it can still be used for proper use now. You can have this software for free.

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10. GlobalScape EFT Server

GlobalScape EFT ServerGlobalScape EFT server has a reputation for making a light FTP server that can provide you the basic needs and applications. Those light-weight FTP clients are known as CuteFTP. SFTP transfers are enabled by the “Enhanced File Transfer” server of this software system. You can get various other protocol types on this software pretty easily.

GlobalScape EFT software is designed and developed for the utilization of enterprise-oriented programs. But still, it provides a wide range of functionality to the users in the fields of accountability and security.

You can also transfer files on your mobile devices using this software. You can track and check all your data transfers through this software. Automation, scalability, HIPAA compliance, regulatory, and many more features are added on this software to better experience the users. You won’t have to pay any money to download the main version of this software.

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11. Cornerstone MFT Server

Cornerstone MFT ServerCornerstone MFT Server is another program designed by the famous SRT Company who also developed the titan mentioned above server. Both of this software offers the same features, functions, and service. But yet there are some additional features on this software. It is also geared and designed to perform in the massive project so that users can use this software to transfer files and data of many computers at the same time without any issue or trouble.

Scalability, regulatory alliance, accountability, etc. are ensured in Cornerstone MFT software for the users’ better performance. This software interface is designed beautifully, and users will find it easy to use and get access to. But it will also provide you added level of security so the transfers can be fully secured. Load-balancing and native implementation can be achieved on this software pretty easily.

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12. freeFTPd – Best SFTP Servers

freeFTPdfreeFTPd is one of the most famous SFTP software in the market in 2022. It has a sibling program named freeSSHd, which provides a couple of free and light servers to the users that possess almost the same features. You will also get all the essential functions, attributes, features, and performance from this software. Basic SSH/SFTP functions are also available on this.

freeFTPd won’t bother you with its setup or configuration while installing. Flexibility is another feature you should look for on this software. Transferring files will be featured, and connecting, scaling, and other features will be provided to the users. You can get this software for free on the internet.

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13. Wing FTP Server 4

Wing FTP Server 4Wing’s FTP Server is one of the best options for you if you are searching for a reliable and low-to-midrange option. It can easily retain some scalability and perform more complex inputs and actions without carrying a hefty price tag like other SFTP software. But it can’t fulfill your large enterprise type needs as it lacks the technology to do so.

Yet Wing’s FTP also offers the users more functionality than other software apart from the basic needs. So it surely can be an excellent mid-range choice for you. It handles all types of FTP servers and transfers. It also offers users a web-based client. It ensures the supports of multiple domains on the same IP. This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

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14. JScape MFT Server

JScape MFT ServerJScape is a renowned SFTP server available on the internet. It is another MFT (Managed File Transfer) styled SFTP server option. It is designed to provide the users with a wide range of features for managing every action and overseeing each move of the user’s transfer and aspect securely. It also provides us a lot of fast transfers that can meet a range of compliance such as HIPAA, Regulatory, etc. and fulfill the requirements.

JScape also boasts the device’s platform independence. It makes things easy to access for the users to retrieve and help them send files without having to face any trouble with any little nuances of other platforms that can be used to run across a larger enterprise of the users. It has web-based interfaces and a transfer system for the users. It also can be downloaded free of cost from the internet.

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15. GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFTGoAnywhere’s MFT server is designed for the people who need redundancy and scalability in the SFTP server to provide powerful functionality to the user’s device. It is famous for its load balancing process by a usual web-based administration interface. It requires an easy setup and configuration process to install, and clusters ensure this specific MFT option remains available.

GoAnywhere’s MFT also ensures a well-performance, and these two particular things are equally important. Though it does lack some more specific and robust features, some of the other enterprise-level MFT options, but still, it has its advantages, which may make it stand out and can deliver your particular needs.

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16. Crush FTP – Best SFTP Servers

Crush FTPCrush FTP is an excellent option for light users for transferring files and data. It can make your transfers faster than the other software can. It has some added features that can help the users get a satisfactory experience using this software. HIPAA and the regulatory alliance will help your system to transfer files and data more securely. There are plenty of servers and versions available on this particular software, which will ensure any transfer on your device.

You can get Crush FTP app for free on the internet, but there is also a paid version of this software, which is, of course, better than the free one. The interface of this software is engaging and advanced, which will make your experience a great one. This software is compatible with all operating systems, which is another advantage of using this software.

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17. /n Software 

n Software The /n software SFTP Server is one of the best SFTP servers for transferring files and data. This is a highly configurable SFTP software that can support various server types and versions to secure your transfer. It is also a high performing software and a tremendous lightweight SSH file server. The company designed this software to provide users with rock-solid security and faster-transferring speed. Though the paid version will cost you some money, your experience will be prime while using the paid version of this software.

The /n software SFTP Server software provides the users with a highly configurable interface and intuitional one and can be set up in less than two minutes. You can run all the servers as a desktop application or run them as a Windows service. It also features two types of authentication, which are file-based authentication or Windows-based public key authentication.

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18. BURU SFTP Server

BURU SFTP ServerBURU SFTP Server is an excellent SFTP software with a wide range of servers and types of versions available. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux OS. It can make your transfer faster than a lot of other SFTP software. You can even manage to complete complex and complicated transfers on this software. This software has HIPAA compliance, which helps it to perform precisely according to the user’s navigation or input.

There is a free version of this software available on the internet, but it can’t provide you all the features mentioned above. So, it would be a better option if you buy the paid version to use. You can then also have all the added features. Installation process is easy and simple on this software. You don’t have to make any setup or configuration to use this app. So it is an ideal app even for the beginners who just started using networking.

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19. Bitvise

Bitvise for Secure File TransferBitvise is one of the best options to transfer data and files from one device to another in 2022. You will get an added level of security as well as the surety of fast transfer speed. There is no limit set for transferring speed, which is an advantage of this software. You can get many other features available on this software by purchasing the paid version of this software.

However, the free trial version can provide you these features. But when a complex or complicated transfer is failed, you will get disappointed by its performance. To get HIPAA and regulatory alliance system, you must have to possess the paid version of this app. The interface is pretty advanced, and it needs setup and configuration to install. So, if you are a newbie, you shouldn’t try this software out.

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20. CompleteFTP

CompleteFTPLast but not least, CompleteFTP is a special SFTP software. It has satisfactory customer experience and reviews all over the internet. People are using this software throughout the world and praising its features and performance highly. Transfer speed is a notable feature of this one. Yet you can have a lot of other features added to your PC by installing this software.

The installation process of CompleteFTP is easy and simple as there are no extra setup system or configuration process available. The interface of this software is easily accessible, even for beginners. But the main attraction of this software is its incredible security system. Various types of servers are available to secure the transfers and provide the users with a pleasant experience. Overall, you can have a great time transferring data and files securely using this software on your PC. It is compatible with both Windows and Linux systems.

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Wrap Up

We compiled this list after using hundreds of SFTP software and doing research on customer reviews and experience. So, there is no need to be worried about this software. You can easily pick anyone from this list, and you will be satisfied with its performance for sure.

There is no reason to use FTP software after getting acknowledging these SFTP software options. As they are way too secure and handy to use, you must get yourself a suitable SFTP server for transferring files and data. We will recommend you choose and try those SFTP servers, which feature an added security level that impressed you the most.

If you choose according to your preference, your experience will be much more satisfied. Please share this content with your friends, families, and known ones so that they can also learn about the importance of SFTP software and the Best SFTP Server. Thank you so much for reading this article patiently.

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