The Best 31 Business Intelligence Software – BI Tools On Expert’s Eye!

Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella for the business. BI tools mean business intelligence software. BI tools are a type of application software to collect, process, and analyze business intelligence data. It consists of the application, tools, infrastructure, and best marketing practices to assess the information, analysis and help to make the decision.

BI mixes technology and strategy. It uses for the data analysis of the organization. It provides the current, previous, and focusing preview of the business. BI tools can be integrated with cloud computing.

BI technologies can handle a large volume of unstructured and structured data. As a result, it expands a large business arena. BI connects the data warehouse. This data warehouse is a copy of analytical data that supports decision-making.

BI technologies’ common jobs include reporting, analytics, data mining, complex event processing, online analytical processing, text mining, predictive analytics, process mining, business performance management, benchmark, and prescriptive analytics.

Why is BI Tools Important?

Business intelligence tools’ potential benefits include accelerating and improving decision-making, optimizing internal business processes, increasing operational efficiency, driving new revenues, and gaining a competitive advantage over business rivals.

BI systems can also help companies identify market trends and spot business problems that need to be addressed. BI tools can store previous information in a data warehouse. Similarly, it can collect new data from various sources and enable tactical and strategic decision-making processes.

BI tools were used by data analysts and IT professionals who worked with query reports at the initial stage. Later the business executives can understand the necessity of BI tools. BI has a relation to Artificial intelligence.

Best 20 Business Intelligence Software (BI Tools)

There are a lot of BI Tools in the digital world. Some of them are costly, but the maximum is open source. Some excellent BI Tools are:

1. Jasper Reports

Jasper Reports is an open-source BI tool. This java reporting tool can write to various targets like a screen, a printer, Microsoft Excel, RTF, ODT, PDF, HTML, Comma-separated values, or XML files.

Jasper Reports

It is used in Java-enabled applications with Java EE or web applications to produce active content. It reads its orders from an XML or .jasper file. This BI tool is part of the Lisog open source stack enterprise. Jasper Reports is an extremely versatile product. It has the facilities for invoice printing to Self-service BI. Its algorithm is wonderful.


  • Best integration platform
  • Include the jar files
  • Most sophisticated document with HTML5 on PDF output
  • JavaScript API library
  • Jasper server
  • users make their own report in minutes without training
  • self-service BI portal


  • the package may be missing for any prediction
  • dashboard need more animated widgets
  • Need conditional formatting, like stoplights

Recommendations to others

  • If you want to embed a cloud or web-type application, Jasper soft is suitable for you.
  • If you want prediction-type analysis, then go for the other BI tools.

What business problems solve these tools?

  • beautify and visualization of logistic performance straight to the webpage
  • A swap old fashion paper output
  • modern style colorful graphical printout on any device or platform

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2. Palo Open Source BI Tool

Palo open-source BI Tool is a beautiful business intelligence software. It has integration with MS Excel. Palo BI Suite is very popular with business executives. It has different modules like resources, report repository, Palo admin, Users and Groups, and connections.

Palo Open Source BI Tool

Palo is a practical and pragmatic OLAP-based BI tool with web-based tools and an Excel interface. This is an open-source BI tool focused on OLAP, web, and excel interfaces. It provides high-performance access data, multi-user.


  • Real-time aggregation
  • Ideal platform for Business intelligence collaboration
  • Data loaded to OLAP server using Palo ETL Server.
  • Supports most data sources, including SAP, relational databases, and others
  • For designers and business users same user interface
  • The designer can create the report, and the business user can view the report.
  • Palo is cell-based. It is ideally suited to the Excel (or OpenOffice) interface.
  • It has two commercial versions. Jedox is free, and another version, the premium edition, offers considerably more functionality.

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3. Pentaho BI Tool

Pentaho is Orlando, Florida-based business intelligence software. Hitachi Data Systems acquired it in 2015. Pentaho became the portion of Hitachi Vantara on September 19, 2017.

Pentaho BI Tool is a business intelligence software that provides information dashboards, data integration, reporting, data mining, and extract, transform, OLAP services, load (ETL) capabilities.

Pentaho BI Tool


  • Unique ability to combine data integration
  • geo-mapping, heat grids, and scatter charts
  • Analytical processing saves users money and time
  • Vastly speeds up the results process
  • Include visual analysis, self-service reports, and custom dashboard
  • Designed to blend with mobile platforms
  • works with many data sources, such as Google Cloud, Spark, and Microsoft
  • Visual Map to decrease designer for Hadoop gets rid of coding
  • relies on in-memory data caching, which provide speed
  • Embedded analytics solution
  • Drag and drop dashboard
  • Report is Excel, CSV, PDF, and HTML supported
  • First BI tool to direct market reporting for NoSQL

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4. Zoho Analytics

Zoho AnalyticsZoho Analytics is one of the best business intelligence and reporting software used on-premise or in cloud computing architecture. The visually appealing data reporting will fascinate you to use this BI tool. It is tested by great brands like Suzuki, HP, La Liga, Johnson control, and Hyundai. You can transform a huge amount of raw data into actionable reports with this software. Moreover, this business reporting tool helps you track and identify the hidden inside from a long-time trend.

Important insight

  • Zoho business intelligence software allows you to get and blend data from multiple sources.
  • Visualization of data becomes very easy.
  • The intelligent assistant is always ready to answer your question.
  • The smart data alert will inform you if any anomalies in a report.
  • The business app integration is out of the box.
  • They also offer the Android and iOS applications of the software.
  • Zoho Business Intelligence Software can connect with any data source like web-fed, cloud storage service, and database.
  • With the easy drag and drop, dashboard capacity visualizes your data.
  • The deep analysis, sharing, and collaboration are fantastic.
  • Online bi the popular supports are business dashboard, executive dashboard, business intelligence software, reporting software, embedded analytics, help desk analytics, and marketing analytics.

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5. SAS BI Tools

SAS BI ToolsThe SAS visual analytics is another data mining and machine learning-based business intelligence platform available on the cloud and on-premise. It is usable for statisticians, forecasters, business analysts, and data scientists. With innovative and trusted technology, it becomes the analytics leader. Machine learning and artificial intelligence the most transformative technology of SAS in decision making. Moreover, it supports cloud computing, AI, IoT, and open-source platforms.

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6. Birst Business Intelligence Software

Birst Business Intelligence SoftwareBirst is a next-generation analytics and business intelligence platform for an enterprise solution. It supports network business intelligence, smart analysis, modern native cloud architecture, and agile semantic layer. The information on Birst is accessible from anywhere. The network BI approach of Birst eliminates data silos. Moreover, it supports the Infor business intelligence platform, legacy platform, and desktop data recovery tools.

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7. WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Software

WebFOCUS Business Intelligence SoftwareWebFOCUS is a single platform for unlimited possibilities. It is used as an end-to-end data analytics platform for integration in security and intelligence. There is lots of option to deploy this business intelligence software like cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid. It is designed for all to take advantage of cross-platform support. Moreover, it offers various supports like point-to-click analytics, advanced data integration, etc.

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8. SAP BusinessObject

SAP BusinessObjectSAP BusinessObject BI tool extends your analytics capabilities. This BI software grows with a single platform for reporting and visualization. It offers various facilities like on-premise deployment, increased user autonomy, real-time business intelligence, and simple data. It supports the changing needs, axis comprehensive business intelligence tool, and optimizes performance. This business intelligence software will help you with reporting and analysis, data visualization, and Office integration.

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9. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Software

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence SoftwareIBM Cognos is a web-based business intelligence software that IBM itself makes. It is awesome for reporting and analytics data. You can get access to the dashboard and optimize your information from anywhere in the world. Moreover, it also supports the offline reporting system and cloud integration. You can get access to all the information about IBM Cognos from your mobile application.

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10. MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Software

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence SoftwareMicroStrategy is one of the magnificent business intelligence software for data preparation and visualization. It allows you to start your zero-click analytics revolution to make every moment of your business a breakthrough. Almost all the big organizations like Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Weiler use this BI tool. You can use this optimization tool to discover next-generation enterprise intelligence like hyper-intelligence, featured analytics, and cloud. Moreover, this free proprietary tool supports data mining and visualization for web-based development.

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11. Microsoft BI and Power BI

Microsoft BI and Power BIMicrosoft BI and Power BI empower the team members to discover the insight of your hidden data. This BI tool creates a data-driven culture for all with the help of business intelligence software. It reduces the cost, risk, and complexity of your organization. It allows using the smart full for a strong result. 

Microsoft BI and Power BI can connect almost all the big cloud computing services platforms like Azure, Office 365, etc. This powerful business intelligence tool has iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

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12. Oracle BI (OBIEE+ and Endeca)

Oracle BI (OBIEE+ and Endeca)Oracle is one of the best proprietary business intelligence software for online data processing, query analysis, and customizes reporting. In this application, the customer can and get access to multiple ways from anywhere in the world. It is a complete solution for the integration of your business with IT. Oracle provides various analytical products with cloud integration or on-premises. It can make smart decisions with cloud analytics, machine learning, and the internet of things.

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13. Oracle Hyperion Business Intelligence Software

Oracle Hyperion Business Intelligence SoftwareOracle Hyperion is another product of Oracle. It is an effective web-based business intelligence software for customized reporting and business analytics. Oracle Hyperion includes various SAP business information warehouse applications, Microsoft SQL server analytics service, and Oracle Hyperion management application. Besides the traditional service, it also provides various features like administration, user management, access management from a single point.

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14. Qlik and QlikSense Business Intelligence Software

Qlik and QlikSense Business Intelligence SoftwareQlik is an excellent platform to accelerate your business value through data. It is one of the fastest-end data integration and data analytics that built a data-driven enterprise. For example, the data analytics health whole bo transport system to drive rapid operational improvement. Moreover, it provides a better customer experience. The feature of Qlik is a data integration platform, data analytics platform, embedded analytics, and digital literacy as a service. It offers a wide range of products. QlikSense is one of the most famous business intelligence software.

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15. Tableau BI Software

Tableau BI SoftwareTableau is one of the most magnificent BI Tool for individual analysts, business organizations, and embedded analytics. It is the best tool to harness your power over data, release people’s potentiality, and develop world-class business intelligence. Tableau business intelligence software’s power is 16000 employees, 5000 analyst hours saved, 90% less analysis time, and 43% reduction in support calls. A tableau is a costly software, but you can use it for a free trial.

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16. Board BI Tool

Board BI ToolBoard is another sparking business imagination software to analyze, simulate and plan. It is one of the best platforms for decision-making. It offers full control of planning and performance to drive the digital transformation of your organization. Board is the single platform for all the business requirements, including your one also. It has more than 3000 customers. Board is suitable for the manufacturing, retail, automatic, financial, and insurance industries.

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17. Sisense Business Intelligence Software

Sisense Business Intelligence SoftwareSisense is the power of builders and insight for everyone. It is the choice of data engineer, business analysis, and developer. Sisense takes complex data and transforms it into a powerful business app. It supports the new digital platform for enterprise-grade analytics apps. The BI software has strategic partnerships with AWS, snowflake, and Google BigQuery. Moreover, you can embed, deploy, control, mashup, analyze, and impact.

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18. Adaptive Discovery Business Intelligence Software

Adaptive Discovery Business Intelligence SoftwareAdaptive Discovery is a web-based technology the drives business performance with easy to use dashboard. You can use it for budgeting or forecasting for business. Some of the key features are data visualization, profitability analysis, strategic planning, and ad-hoc query. Moreover, it offers various products like professional services, training & education, customer success management, etc.

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19. Yellowfin BI Tool

Yellowfin BI ToolYellowfin BI is an end-to-end analytics platform that makes your platform faster. This business intelligence software has a smart BI tool to make your decision better. In the contextual result, it delivers automated insight. The dashboard of the Yellowfin BI puts all of your data in one place. Moreover, it helps to visualize data from any angle.

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20. Style Intelligence

Style IntelligenceStyle Intelligence is another business intelligence software that offers mishap-driven dashboards and reports with the machine learning model. You can deploy it on-premise or cloud architecture. It is highly effective for professional developers because of its professional, dynamic and self-service tool. It supports real-time data mishaps and comprising data block architecture. Moreover, it is open-source, so that you can customize it as per your requirement.

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21. Bizzscore BI Tool

Bizzscore BI ToolBizzscore is another interesting business intelligence software that made you like it. It is relatively cheap in the BI tools market. It is under the category of the nice product of analysis. The software aims to develop our business intelligence module for the organization. It is not like other business intelligence tools because of some extraordinary quality. Use get balance scorecard, EFQM models, and INK models in this system.

Important Features

  • Bizzscore built on Microsoft BI.
  • It is not a separate software; you can add it as a Microsoft product stack.
  • It can meet all of your organization’s needs.
  • SBI software has different modules like portal, Bizzdefinder, BizzManager, BizzForm etc.
  • This organization claims that it can increase by 40% productivity and reduce 60% reporting time.

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22. Looker Business Intelligence Software

Looker Business Intelligence SoftwareLooker business intelligence software is one of the best tools for your business analysis in 2021. It is a nice platform for your reporting data. If you need accurate, accessible, and actionable software, then you may use this one. You have to define how data sources relate one to another II and the meaning of data. Then it will provide you a matrix report—moreover, a 360-degree view of your customer.

Important Feature

  • Locker business intelligence software visualizes and creates a dashboard based on your requirement.
  • It will provide a drag and drop experience for all types of employees.
  • You can maximize your time to value by several sales analytics, digital marketing analytics, and web analytics.
  • It can send your data to slack, Dropbox, market, and many other cloud storage.
  • It is the best software as a service platform like Salesforce SharePoint and PowerPoint.
  • Some other feature includes security, embedded analytics, and data modeling.

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23.  Targit BI Tool

Targit BI ToolTargit is another popular BI Tool for data visualization, data integration, and analytics. It is a Danish software development company operating in America. It was founded in 1986 and operated worldwide. You can’t turn your business intelligence into business with this decision-making suite. Targit has proven business value, fast and lowest implementation, and total cost of ownership. The short time it can create impactful insight for your organization.

Important Features

  • With the advanced decision-making feature without an overwhelming requirement, it can decide with deep expertise.
  • Within a minute, it can enhance and identify your customer experience.
  • In the competitive market, the Targit BI tool is recognized as a leader for its data preparation, Innovation, and functionality.
  • Many big giant ventures like normal Dublin airport and butler machinery created their success story: this business intelligence software.
  • We will get embedded analytics everywhere and the opportunity to analyze data from your cloud or on-premise server.

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24. MITS Distributors Analytics

MITS Distributors AnalyticsMITS Distributors Analytics is for the better decision of your organization. It provides the best insights that you need to succeed. With its powerful reporting and analytical tool, you can unlock the business potential of your organization. The software aims to provide a better decision timely, accurate, and inside full information with an easy fingertip. You can use it as one of the best readymade tools for instant productivity. 

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25. Domo Business Intelligence Software

Domo Business Intelligence SoftwareDomo BI tool is an American-based business intelligence software and data visualization tool that can leverage your organization’s productivity. To run, learn and serve in the business organization will help to modernize and mobilize your business process. It is the key instrument process so you can understand the operation. The trillions of rows and data I will help you with thinking big. It is a good tool for dream up and delivers innovation. You can connect and empower your business with various data-like platforms as a service.

Important Features

  • Domo security connects and combines your data both on cloud storage on-premises.
  • It helps you to find new insight based on visualization and data analysis.
  • It helps create and leverage low-code custom apps for all types of stakeholders.
  • Many big organizations like ESPN and TELUS have a positive review for Domo.
  • The portfolio of Domo is enormous, like Cisco, eBay, DHL, etc.

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26. Artus Business Intelligence Software

Artus BI ToolArtus is a Business related software from Mexico developed by Bitam Software. It is to the power of your business advanced technology. Which is the complete role in offering you to visualize and manage all the indicators of your success? Artus helps you make better decisions. On a single screen, you can analyze and get the core information. Visualize your trend, optimize and share with your permission.

Important Feature

  • Artus can generate business reports and dashboards within a minute.
  • Authenticate information from any sources like XML, Excel, and various databases.
  • It set the alarm for an immediate decision.
  • You can employ it multiplatform.
  • Artus offers more than 40 modern component which is accessible, flexible and relevant to your need.
  • Moreover, it is highly secured, and the price is within your budget.

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27. Alteryx BI Tool

Alteryx BI ToolBoth of the trolls are required for your organization. Alteryx is the compensation of board business intelligence software and data visualization. So it accumulates your need and analysis based on previous performance. With the help of power bi, tableau, Qlik, and many other business intelligence tools pictures you what to do. It also provides many other solutions like technology integration, Data preparation, location intelligence, sales analytics, customer analytics, real estate analytics at healthcare.

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28. AnswerRocket BI Tool

AnswerRocket BI ToolAnswerRocket the best breaking down business intelligence software for your small and medium business. It is based on artificial intelligence for the creation of next-level solutions. It is highly effective for reporting and analysis. Based on different categories of matrices, it provides you the result for the growth of your business. You can see the 90 seconds demonstration before purchasing this software.

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29. Arcadia Data Business Intelligence Software

Arcadia Data Business Intelligence SoftwareArcadia Data is one of the first air-driven analytics and business intelligence platform to ensure security and data lakes. We know data is the most valuable asset of any organization. If your data falls to your competitors, you may be lost things. Arcadia Data is not like a traditional business intelligence tool because it provides greater agility for faster insight. The response of this software is faster with larger data. It is constant about cybersecurity, and you can implement your internet of things ideas with this business analyst software.

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30. Splunk BI Tool

Splunk BI ToolIf you love operations driven by business analytics and process mining, you can use Splunk’s business intelligence software. It increases your operational efficiency, agility, and flexibility. This bi tool quickly identifies the process and problems to meet all of your goals. It allows YouTube to see the business problems dealing with day-to-day processes. You will discover the problem hunting of your service delivery. You also can keep tracking of your KPI. This business intelligence tool is useful for financial services, health care, and communication.

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31. Tryane for Sharepoint

When you try to transform your internal communication strategy and increase employee engagement, then Tryane for Sharepoint is the best solution for you. You will get advanced insight from the analytics platform. Moreover, it allows analyzing the audience by country and department.
Tryane for Sharepoint will bring 70% more data than Google Analytics. There is no tension regarding complete data privacy and compliance because SOC 2 is certified. With one click, expense tracking and management software allow you to organize your chart. Finally, this business intelligence platform’s custom dashboard and automated report will bring you to the next level.

Additional resources:

Other Business Intelligence Software (BI Tools)

Some of their products are Pentaho BA Platform and Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) are server platforms. Pentaho Dashboard Designer (PDD), Pentaho Data Access Wizard, Pentaho Analysis (Analyzer) (PAZ), and Pentaho Interactive Reporting (PIR) are server plugins.

Besides the significant three open-source products, there are lots of Proprietary products of business intelligence. Some of them are:

1. ActiveReports

This Active Report is a wonderful.Net BI tool developed by WinForm. It supports and html5. The actual report provides a set of BI Tools in a compact form.

2. Actuate Corporation

This opentext is fantastic software. It is a publicly-traded analysis and customer communication software. This company is famous for open source Eclipse BIRT. BIRT Analytics means self-service software for business analysts.

Actuate Corporation focuses on customer behavior and purchasing patterns. It wants to perform its own predictive analytics. They use any big or small data source, including social media activity, to enhance customer engagement.

3. AnyChart

It is a US-based software company that provides the graphical representation of all data. They claimed that they provided support for more than 70% company of the fortune 1000. AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap, and AnyGantt are their favorite product.

Final Thought

BI Tools are an active component for any business that wants analysis. The person who is interested in BI tools can bookmark the website(Cloud Computing).  We will update the page from time to time for your learning. At present business, it is difficult without BI Tools. However, there are a lot of open sources of bi tools.

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