11 Fiverr Alternatives (Sites Like Fiverr) as Top Freelance Websites

Fiverr is the best site for freelancers nowadays. But most of us don’t know that more sites offer the same opportunity with high remuneration. But maybe they are not as famous as Fiverr. Today I will enlighten you about those free sites like Fiverr Alternatives (Sites Like Fiverr). It performs as Top Freelance Website that offers you the same or better facilities as Fiverr.

On Fiverr, we post some of our work, and businesses find us according to the hirer’s needs. If we both agree, then you can earn from Fiverr. It is popular because you can post whatever you’re an expert in, and you don’t have to go through some interviews. 

Today I’m going to talk about some websites as beneficial as Fiverr. Some of them are pretty helpful in earning extra money. Some pay hourly remuneration. Moreover, some want to earn extra money, so they want to freelance flexibly. These all can happen through these freelancing websites.

Freelancing can be done in your free time, or you can choose it as your primary job. You can put your priorities here first and then get a job. Some of them are working as their primary job of living. During the Covid pandemic, many of us have lost our jobs. So they tend to do something like freelancing. So over the decade, it has grown faster than before people acknowledge freelancing. 

Sometimes, people compare Upwork with Fiverr. They wonder which one of them is better. Let me tell you each of them has different features. It is nothing like Fiverr is Upwork’s upgraded version or Upwork is the sister app of Fiverr.

Best 11 Fiverr Alternatives (Sites Like Fiverr)

If you are a professional freelancer, you should go for Upwork. Because their businesses will value your work, you don’t have to go through a bidding war. It is happening on Fiverr. Businesses choose those who will take the least remuneration to complete the job. In my opinion, If you’re putting enough contribution into your writing, you are worthy of higher remuneration. 

You can know what is trending and what businesses like to have in their candidate through these websites. You can also lower your demand and get a job quickly in this competitive world.

1. Penji – The Best Alternative for 99designs

The first attractive choice to me is Penji. It has maximum flexibility in design. More than 25000 brands and agencies all over the world choose Penji. It has invested more than $500 in design services. The quality of its work is top-notch. It has been a lifesaver over the last few years. Many designers used similar services without success, but Penji has blown the project successfully. 

The first attractive choice to me is Penji. It has maximum flexibility in design.

Penji has professional designs in over 120 categories. You can manage many of your projects on a simple platform. Moreover, You can run multiple projects with point-and-click revisions. You can collaborate with your team on this platform. So, you can manage all of your brands with Penji.


  • Penji allows its user to create multiple projects from a queue. You have to fill out a simple form detailing the design needs.
  • You do not need to worry again about designing the wrong designer. Artificial intelligence will match all of your needs.
  • It allows you to download all high-res, including source files, instantly. Meanwhile, you can start your next project.
  • Penji has everything you need. Without the overhead cost, you can get production and high quality.
  • Penji is powered by the world’s top 2% talent. So, in a word, it is fantastic.

2. Upwork

Upwork can become the most robust alternative to Fiverr.Upwork can become the most robust alternative to Fiverr. It is proven that businesses tend to prefer Upwork more. Upwork has some different qualities than Fiverr. You can see the reference work of different people and clients’ reviews. We can partially understand some freelancers from their clients’ reviews. Moreover, many sites can be noticed as influencers by the reviews of their clients.

Many professionals are using Upwork all over the world. Moreover, identity verification is the feature that helps to confirm a freelancer’s identity. Businesses first confirm and then contact the Freelancer and get them to work. If you’re a beginner, you can get ideas on creating or decorating your profile and what kind of work businesses want from you. 


  • Businesses can interview freelancers on Upwork, and suitable candidates will be available. Upwork is legitimately free to use. You don’t have to pay for anything until you get hired.
  • You can make your profile here for free. Then can upload your work to your profile. Lastly, there is no hidden charge behind these features.
  • Freelancers will be benefited from Upwork. Some fake businesses tend to get work from freelancers for free. Later they refuse to pay. This system won’t occur in Upwork. Businesses are not allowed to give any personal link to the Freelancer.
  • If you share any personal link and ask to visit that link, Upwork personnel will ban you. This ban is temporary and will last until the link is removed. The same goes for the Freelancer. 
  • Upwork works as Kickstarter for beginners. If you’re a beginner, you can open your profile here, and if you’re capable enough, you will be called a freelancer by Upwork. 
  • The best feature for beginners is that it is free from bidding wars. You won’t face any bidding war in Upwork. If Businesses find you capable, then they will take your interview. You get the job after you have passed the interview. 

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3. People Per Hour

People per hour is like a platform for freelancers having professional skills. So you might think that newbies are not encouraged to perform or enroll here. But that is not true. They are also encouraged to log in and submit their work on this platform. You might also wonder if this happens between freelancers and businesses, so how come they profit?

People per hour profit from the commission they earn every time a freelancer rings some work. Or some business has found their perfect client. People per hour is a legitimate earning software for freelancers.

People per hour similarly has the features that you will find on Fiverr. But the market price offered in People per hour is relatively higher than Fiverr. So instinctively, freelancers tend to like people per hour more. 


  • You will find here all expert freelancers gathering in people per hour. You can find in people per hour if you run a business and need an expert. But you have to count a higher amount than the regular. 
  • To enroll yourself in people per hour, you have to create a profile in people per hour. This process is something that boosts up your freelance career. The stronger your profile is, the more you will get attention from the business. 
  • Profile picture, the categories you preferred most, your previous works, or projects you completed. Some categories must have been there to understand you in your profile clearly. You have to put the minimum selling price you expect from your contractor. 
  • People per hour is a safe platform for both sides. Your post offers must have a quality similar to the SEO writing method. It would be best to have an eye-catching headline or thumbnail to attract your buyer. 
  • This option is for the basics; you will get many more features and advantages from people per hour. But you won’t get the reaction that any company makes after visiting your profile. It is the only flaw that people have per hour.

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4. 99designs as Fiverr Alternatives

99designs as Freelancer Alternatives99designs is another platform that works like Fiverr. More specifically, it works best for the graphic designers out there. While we are in the freelancers’ world, nothing could beat 99designs. It is a legit platform with a lot of opportunities for designers.

Vista powers 99designs. This website serves as a platform to perform your creation and mesmerize the world with your art. Not only that, 99design consists of world-class famous graphics designers from around the world. To get work here is easy. Unlike other freelancing websites, you don’t need to seek any work. You have to post your work, and in no time, clients will contact you. But the attention you will get depends on your work. 


  • 99designs gives you even more satisfying opportunities by arranging competitions. You can join yourself in some group or community and compete with each other. The winner will get prize money. 
  • You can play with your competitors if you can’t win the competition. You can know their worth and the flow of work they are alluring. So this is a kind of win-win situation. 
  • You can compete with one person or compete with a group of people. The choice is yours. The best logo design and ideas for creating a masterpiece will also be there. 
  • 99 is free for starting your account or sharing your work. But if you want to compete, you must pay the entry fee. When working through 99 designs, you must pay for the charged minimum payment.  

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5. Toptal

Toptal is the best platform for freelancers who consider themselves finance officers, finance experts, and product managers. It ensures you find the best platform that you deserve.

You don’t have to find your potential candidate if you belong to a business. Toptal will find that for you. It always keeps its intermediaries ready for you. You have to tell them what you want in your applicant. The same opportunity goes for freelancers. Toptal first evaluate your competence, then categorizes talent and needs that the company wants.

Toptal is a legitimate Freelancer hiring company that can find you a suitable partner. It is best for small businesses as you can hire your personnel. Even if you’re a beginner, Toptal will find your best match. Toptal freelancers can also create their teams and add new freelancers to their teams. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on that. 


  • Toptal is the largest freelancer company, like any other Fiverr Alternatives. Toptal hires freelancers from all over the world. Not just the freelancers, product managers, engineers, and coders; all professionals are available on Toptal. You will get pretty based on your competence without any war bidding. 
  • Toptal will also teach you how to work on teams. As you will work on teams with strangers, they must all be environmentally friendly. It is another quality to attend to or supervise your team. If you lack this ability, you will learn to work in teams. 
  • Toptal also has several reasons why organizations should choose Toptal to hire. Businesses can find a cross path and meet their needed freelancers from overseas. Toptal also offers you to create apps for games. They have a team that is efficient to join your business immediately.

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6. Freelancer

Freelancer is another website like Fiverr. It has already survived online for thirteen years. Suppose you belong to an organization and want to post a job. You can do it free in Freelancer. Posting jobs on this website is quite the same as posting jobs on Fiverr. You have to give the title of your job post and a description covering details about your job. After that is done, your job post will be uploaded. Then Freelancer will contact you. More than that, freelancers will give you a list of potential freelancers that cover your criteria. 

You have knocked the best-trusted platform if you are an SEO writer or a designer. You will find a lot of opportunities on the Freelancer website. Moreover, most of the SEO writers on the Freelancer website are Indian. You will get the idea of writing after visiting some of their profiles.  


  • Freelancer is also free, like other websites you will find for freelancing. You will be charged a minimum pay after receiving your clients’ payments. 
  • As I’ve mentioned before, you will get many jobs here. The bidding process is also more accessible than other websites. Freelancer has segmented according to 
  • You can indeed earn more money than Fiverr. The price of every project starts from a different level and is higher than Fiverr. Freelancers get their deserved money here on the Freelancer website. 
  • Freelancer is best for small, medium, and large organizations. They have freelancers for every kind of project. They also claim that they have got freelancers covering more than 1800 mastery.
  • Businesses will get legit freelancers here in Freelancer. They have to pay after the task is done completely. There is no chance of getting scammed. 

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7. Guru as Fiverr Alternatives

A controversial thought pops up when we hear Guru as a freelancing website. That is if we can get paid more in Guru than on Fiverr. But unfortunately, that is not the fact here. You can post for a job here for free. Like other websites, you can do the basics for free. But Guru will only let you bid you ten job posts for free.

You can only bid for ten jobs free for a month, whereas on Fiverr, you can bid as many as possible. That’s the only flaw you will find in Guru. But Guru is a legitimate freelancing website with thousands of opportunities. You will get here the best recurring payment options. You can set the time and date or how you like to get paid every time your work is done.

If you want, you can get paid weekly. Guru also gives this advantage; you don’t have to mention it in your resume. Just click the button where Guru has the option of recurring payment. 


  • Guru has flexible payment plans for its clients. If you have a small organization and need some work done, you can hire freelancers on Guru. So I’m referring to this because you can pay on Guru task-based. 
  • You don’t have to hire your Freelancer for a year or make a contract with the Freelancer. Moreover, you can safely pay solely for the work you want. 
  • You won’t find any bidding here. Guru is the best choice for beginners. Here you don’t have to compete with your superiors. You can put the amount you charge for. The same thing happens in businesses. They post the amount they will pay for that job and the time and date—people who can do that quickly and follow directions always get selected.
  • Guru has the tracker software installed. So businesses can track their given work. When freelancers work on a project, their working hours will be shown to the business. In that sense, Guru is a lifesaver. 

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8. Seoclerk

Seocleck is another best alternative, like Fiverr. You will get a similar ambivalence here in Seoclerk. But Seoclerk is way cheaper than Fiverr. You will get a professional writer who charges 5 USD for 1000 words if we consider content writing. It is cheap for new businesses and organizations. More specifically, Seoclerk is the best option for small and medium organizations.

Many have guessed that SeoClerk is the best platform for those who want an SEO writer for their organizations. You will get more than perfect writers here, cheaper than Fiverr.

Seoclerk is a platform that offers you some competent freelancers for your business. On the other hand, you will get thousand of offers here in Seoclerk. You can choose what you want to do. 


  • Opening a business in Seoclerk is easy, and opening businesses can be done with some steps. First, you must create a profile on Seoclerk and then mention your prices and gigs.
  • There is another way to open a business in Seoclerk through Fiverr. First, you have to open an account on Fiverr. Then you can post an offer at a high price, and at the same time, you can select another person from Seoclerk. You can hire that person at a low price. It is the way you can start a business without any investment. You can earn money from absolutely doing nothing.
  • Seoclerk is a legit platform for all SEO writers. You will find the safest way to get your payment. Also, businesses feel secure when they hire writers from Seoclerk. Seoclerk has been serving us since 2011. 

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9. Truelancer

Truelancer is a comparatively Fiverr Alternative. But it is doing good, and Truelancer is cheaper than any random freelancing website. Truelancer hires employees from those countries where wages are eventually low. That’s why they expect low remuneration, and businesses can get their work done with minimum wages.

But you might think that in Truelancer, we won’t find any professionals. But in reality, Truelancer finds each Freelancer with much consideration and categorizes them into different categories.

Truelancer gives you the complete freedom to chat with your clients and share files through Truelancer. After you are delighted with your Freelancer, you can pay them. Truelancer makes sure you go through the safest payment plans. 


  • In Truelancer, the Freelancers will get an award plan after being finalized for their task. You can use that award plan for your money back. This plan is legit, which you won’t find on any other freelancing website. 
  • Unlike Fiverr, businesses can customize their plan during working time. But on Fiverr, this is quite impossible. Businesses have to give the command before freelancers take their job. But on Truelancer, you can customize your product as often as you want. 
  • Getting your job done on Truelance is trouble-free and painless. You must post your project and briefly describe what you want in your Freelancer. Then Truelancer will match your desired Freelancer. You can chat with him and then finalize the rest business with him. When both parties are agreed with the plan, your candidate can start working. 
  • Truelancer helps a beginner grow into a professional. Truelancer is perfect for beginners as well. They face a less competitive environment here. 

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10. Outsourcely

Outsourcing is one of the capable Fiverr Alternatives which can make remote workers acceptable freelancers. On Outsourcely, you will get many categories defining freelancer availability. You will get freelancers with more than 1800 skills.

Outsourcely is a legit and cheap freelancing website. It is best for start-ups. Not to mention the more prominent organizations as well. Outsourcely invites people from all around the world and gets them opportunities overseas. For this reason, people from all over the world are interested in Outsourcely. 


  • Outsourcely is best for a long-term relationship with your candidate. You can sign here a long-term contract with your Freelancer. This process is more hassle-free than finding a new candidate for every new project.
  • But you can’t use this website for free, alone create a profile. You have to pay 10 USD every month. But you will get long-term contracts with the business. Ultimately, freelancers are the gainer here. 
  • Outsourcely will match you with their best and most competent freelancers. They also promise to grow your start-ups. As a long-term contract, you can add all the conditions you want in your candidate.  
  • Outsourcely make remote workers into professionals. Freelancers grow through this competitive environment. So, Businesses don’t have to worry about how they will cope in the professional environment. 

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11.  Anydesk

anydesk screen shareAnydesk is the cheapest website for freelancing. You will find the marketplace starts here from 1 USD. It is the same feature you can not find on any other freelancing website. But you can rest assured Anydesk promise to keep your data safe.

You will also benefit from safe payments, as Anydesk is a legitimate app. They value your privacy and keep your data secure from businesses. But the businesses will get the preliminary information about yourself.

In Anydesk, you will find professionals as well as beginners. You can hire a beginner if you want to do work more cheaply. The professionals are privileged as they are devoted to their work. Anydesk has the same ambiance as Fiverr. You can post jobs or find gigs the same way you find them on Fiverr. 


  • Anydesk will support you 24/7. If you have any questions or have a problem using Anydesk, you can call Anydesk. The helpline employees are always ready for your service. 
  • You can earn here by doing what you like. So, you can enter your skills on your profile. You can detail your info so businesses only hire you based on your competence. Then Anydesk will match you with your matched business. 
  • The payment plan on Anydesk is secure and safe. Anydesk proceeds their payment plan through Stripe. All payments proceed through this. Moreover, Stripe is a trusted and well-known money transfer platform worldwide.
  • Anydesk doesn’t allow the buyer to pay the Freelancer until the task is done. After submitting the task freelancer will get paid. The chances of getting scammed are potentially zero. 

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Final Thought

I hope this article will help all freelancers out some Fiverr Alternatives. It is safe and secure to work remotely in this pandemic situation. But you might worry about legitimate sites. You won’t want to get scammed and let your labor go in vain. So, I’ve collected all the legitimate websites for freelancers. In some of them, you will get the highest payment. You can also open a business through these websites. Some websites are a lifesaver for start-ups. You can go through this article if you’re thinking of starting up.

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.

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