Top Free Hidden Object Games for PC and Mobile

Top Free Hidden Object Games for PC and Mobile

Hidden object games have captured the imagination of players worldwide, offering immersive experiences filled with mystery, intrigue, and captivating gameplay. Whether you’re playing on your PC or mobile device, a wide array of free games provide hours of entertainment. These games challenge your observational skills, puzzle-solving abilities, and attention to detail as you search for cleverly hidden items in beautifully designed scenes.

From thrilling detective adventures to mystical realms and haunted mansions, the world of hidden object games is diverse and exciting. In this list, we’ll explore some of the top free games available for both PC and mobile platforms, ensuring you have a fantastic gaming experience at your fingertips.

What are Hidden Object Games?

If you have escape room games, then you might be familiar with this type of game genre. Hidden games are puzzle games where players find specific items in cluttered scenes. Players become detectives, explorers, or protagonists and must search for hidden objects to progress. They use touch controls to scan scenes, zoom in and out, and tap on objects. These games have engaging stories, challenging puzzles, and stunning graphics. They are fun and test players’ observation skills and attention to detail.

Top Free Hidden Object Games for PC

Discover a world of intrigue and hidden treasures with these top free secret games for PC.

1. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure is an immersive game that takes players on an intriguing journey through a mystical hidden city. As a detective investigating the sudden disappearance of a close friend, you explore various enchanting locations to unravel the city’s secrets. The gameplay involves finding hidden objects within beautifully crafted scenes, solving puzzles, and completing quests to progress in the storyline. The game offers many scenes, including bustling streets, eerie alleys, and mysterious underground passages.Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

The captivating story unfolds gradually, keeping players engaged and eager to uncover the truth behind the city’s enigma. With stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and regular updates introducing new content and events, Hidden City has garnered a large and dedicated player base. The game can be played using simple point-and-click controls, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.

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2. Midnight Castle: Hidden Object

Enter the mysterious Midnight Castle, a secret object game that transports players to a realm of magic and intrigue. As the sole heir to the castle, you must solve puzzles, complete quests, and uncover hidden objects to unlock the secrets of your inheritance. The game features an immersive storyline that unfolds as you explore the castle’s atmospheric rooms and solve puzzles.Midnight Castle: Hidden Object

Midnight Castle offers a variety of hidden object scenes, each with its unique challenges and intricately detailed graphics. With its enchanting visuals, captivating gameplay, and an ever-growing list of quests and puzzles, Midnight Castle provides an engaging experience for hidden object enthusiasts. The intuitive controls allow players to navigate the castle and interact with objects seamlessly.

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3. Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

Step into the mysterious world of Mystery Manor, a captivating secret object game set in a sprawling mansion filled with secrets. As a detective, you embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the mansion’s owner. Throughout your investigation, you explore numerous rooms and hidden corners, searching for hidden objects and solving puzzles to advance the story. Mystery Manor boasts a gripping narrative that keeps players engrossed in the gameplay.Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects

The game regularly updates its content, introducing new rooms, quests, and events to keep the experience fresh and exciting. With its atmospheric graphics, challenging hidden object scenes, and a wide array of puzzles to solve, Mystery Manor offers an immersive and thrilling adventure. The game features intuitive controls, allowing players to interact with objects and scenes effortlessly.

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4. Pearl’s Peril

Immerse yourself in the glamorous and enigmatic world of Pearl’s Peril, a hidden object game set in the 1920s. Playing as Pearl Wallace, a talented pilot and adventurer, you embark on a journey to solve the mystery surrounding your father’s untimely death. As you travel across stunning global locations, you search for hidden objects, gather clues, and unravel family secrets. Pearl’s Peril offers captivating storytelling, drawing players into a web of intrigue and suspense.Pearl's Peril

The game’s beautiful graphics, evoking the era’s elegance, enhance the immersive experience. With its challenging hidden object scenes, mind-bending puzzles, and captivating cast of characters, Pearl’s Peril keeps players engaged for hours. The intuitive and user-friendly controls allow players to easily navigate the scenes and uncover cluesy.

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5. Mirrors of Albion

Mirrors of AlbionEnter a mesmerizing world of magic and mystery in Mirrors of Albion. As a detective, you find yourself in the enchanting realm of Albion, where crimes and supernatural phenomena intertwine. Dive into immersive secret object gameplay as you search for hidden objects, solve intricate puzzles, and interact with fascinating characters. Uncover the secrets that shroud Albion, revealing its hidden truths and unraveling its mystical enigmas. With its stunning visuals, captivating storyline, and engaging gameplay, Mirrors of Albion offers a unique hidden object adventure. Use intuitive touch controls to navigate through the vibrant world of Albion, uncover hidden objects, and unveil the mysteries that await you at every turn.

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Top Free Hidden Object Games for Mobile (iOS, Android)

Embark on thrilling adventures anytime, anywhere with these top-rated free secret object games for mobile (iOS/Android).

1. Criminal Case

Criminal CaseCriminal Case is a trendy hidden object game where players step into the shoes of a detective solving criminal cases. The game combines hidden object scenes with puzzle-solving elements and an immersive storyline. Players must find hidden objects, analyze evidence, interview suspects, and solve challenging puzzles to uncover the truth behind various crimes. With engaging gameplay, captivating mysteries, and regular updates, “Criminal Case” has amassed a large and dedicated fanbase.

Step into the shoes of a detective and solve intriguing criminal cases in this popular, secret object game. Collect evidence, analyze clues, and interrogate suspects to solve murders and bring criminals to justice. Criminal Case offers a captivating storyline, engaging gameplay, and various crime scenes to investigate. Find hidden objects, examine crime scenes, and solve puzzles to uncover the truth. Criminal Case has gained a large following with its immersive visuals, challenging gameplay, and regular updates with new cases. Use intuitive touch controls to navigate crime scenes, interact with objects, and solve the most puzzling cases.

2. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes combines hidden gameplay with an engaging garden renovation theme. As the protagonist, you inherit a neglected garden and must restore it to its former glory. The gameplay involves finding hidden objects in cluttered scenes to earn resources that can be used to purchase decorations, plants, and other items to beautify your garden. Additionally, you complete tasks and solve puzzles to progress in the storyline and uncover the garden’s secrets. Gardenscapes

With its charming characters, immersive atmosphere, and a mix of hidden object scenes and garden customization, Gardenscapes offers a unique and addictive gameplay experience. The game features vibrant and colorful graphics, providing a visually appealing backdrop to the hidden object challenges. It uses a simple point-and-click interface, allowing players to interact easily with the scenes and objects.

3. June’s Journey – Hidden Objects

June's Journey - Hidden ObjectsJoin June on her adventure as she travels the world, uncovering hidden objects, solving mysteries, and delving into a captivating story set in the glamorous 1920s. Enjoy breathtaking scenes and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era. With intuitive touch controls, find hidden objects in beautifully designed locations, solve puzzles, and progress through the intriguing narrative. June’s Journey offers a compelling blend of captivating storytelling, challenging hidden object scenes, and stylish visuals that keep players engaged.

4. Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Seekers Notes: Hidden MysteryEnter the magical and enigmatic city of Darkwood, solving hidden object scenes, completing quests, and unraveling the hidden dark secrets. Explore diverse locations, from gloomy streets to mysterious forests and haunted houses. Seekers Notes offers a captivating storyline, intriguing characters, and a wide range of hidden object scenes to keep players engaged. Immerse yourself in the game’s stunning graphics and atmospheric soundtrack. Use intuitive touch controls to search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and progress through the mysteries of Darkwood.

5. The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery

The Secret Society - Hidden MysteryEnter a secret society of explorers and unravel hidden mysteries in this immersive secret object game. As a newly initiated member, you embark on a quest to locate your missing uncle and discover the secrets of the Order of Seekers. Explore enchanting locations, solve challenging puzzles, and find hidden objects to progress through the captivating storyline. The Secret Society offers a rich and detailed world with stunning visuals, intricate scenes, and various puzzles to keep you engaged. With intuitive touch controls, navigate through scenes, collect unique items, and unlock the secrets of this mysterious society.

6. Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

Time Gap: Hidden Object MysteryEmbark on a time-traveling adventure in Time Gap, where you must uncover hidden objects across different historical eras to save the world from chaos. Explore iconic locations such as ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, and futuristic civilizations as you search for hidden objects and solve puzzles. With its unique blend of gameplay and time-traveling narrative, Time Gap offers an immersive experience. Enjoy stunning visuals, challenging hidden object scenes, and a gripping storyline as you use intuitive touch controls to navigate through time and uncover the truth behind the time anomalies.

7. Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

Abyss: The Wraiths of EdenDive into a thrilling underwater adventure in Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden. As a diver on a mission to find your missing fiancé, you discover a mysterious underwater city teeming with secrets. Explore hauntingly beautiful underwater locations, scouring for hidden objects and solving challenging puzzles. Immerse yourself in the game’s eerie atmosphere with its stunning visuals and captivating storyline. With intuitive touch controls at your fingertips, navigate the enchanting underwater world, interact with objects, and uncover the truth behind the malevolent Wraiths of Eden. Prepare to be mesmerized by this immersive hidden object experience.

8. Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past!

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past!Put on your detective hat and dive into the captivating world of Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past! Join the ranks of the police force and become a skilled investigator. Your mission? To solve puzzling crimes that baffle even the sharpest minds. Immerse yourself in crime scenes, meticulously analyzing evidence and interrogating suspects to crack each Case wide open. With a keen eye for detail, search for hidden objects, collect vital clues, and employ your deductive skills to bring justice to the city. You are engaging gameplay, a compelling storyline, and a wide range of crime scenes to explore make Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past a must-play for aspiring detectives. Get ready to unravel the secrets lurking within each crime and become the hero the city needs.

9. House of Secrets Hidden Object

House of Secrets Hidden ObjectStep into the enigmatic House of Secrets Hidden Object and prepare for an immersive journey. Explore the mysterious depths of this captivating game as you unlock hidden objects and unravel their secrets. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric setting, where every room holds intricate details and potential clues. Solve mind-bending puzzles, find hidden objects concealed within the scenery, and unlock the secrets within the house’s walls. With intuitive touch controls, effortlessly navigate through each room, interact with objects, and gradually piece together the captivating storyline. Prepare to be captivated by the House of Secrets and embark on a thrilling hidden object adventure.

10. Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Hidden City: Hidden Object AdventureEmbark on a captivating journey through a mystical hidden city as a detective, uncovering secrets, solving puzzles, and finding hidden objects in stunning scenes. Explore diverse locations, from bustling streets to eerie alleys and mysterious underground passages. With its stunning visuals, challenging gameplay, and regular updates, Hidden City has garnered a large and dedicated player base. Immerse yourself in the immersive storyline, using simple touch controls to interact with the scenes and objects.


With their immersive storylines, visually stunning scenes, and engaging gameplay, free hidden object games for PC and mobile offer an exciting way to challenge your observational skills and embark on thrilling adventures. Whether you prefer solving crimes as a detective, exploring mystical realms, or uncovering secrets in haunted mansions, there’s a secret object game to suit every taste.

The games mentioned in this list provide hours of entertainment without spending a dime. So, gather your wits, sharpen your eyes, and get ready to dive into the intriguing world of games. Download your favorite game, search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and unravel the mysteries that await you. Let the adventure begin!


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