The 12 Best WoW Classic Addons In 2024

WoW, Classic is a very popular MMORPG that’s been around since 2019. Even though it’s in its third year, the game still receives regular updates and new features. This article will look at the 12 wow classic addons- likely to be the biggest hits in 2024. 

The 12 Best Wow Classic Addons

WoW, addons are extensions that allow you to customize your World of Warcraft experience in various ways. Some wow addons- are designed to improve your character’s performance in combat. Others provide new ways to interact with the game world. Still, others make finding and using the features you need more accessible. Here is the list of the top 12 wow classic addons.

#1. Deadly Boss Mods Classic

The goal of an MMORPG is to raid bosses and explore dungeons. The goal of an MMORPG is to raid bosses and explore dungeons. These can acquire you some decent gear to help you better your situation. Deadly Boss Mods is an excellent quality-of-life upgrade for five-person dungeons, providing you critical warnings – the boss will use a spell, and you must halt that mob’s cast to rescue your buddy – and overall serve as your gaming guide.

DBM is critical for raids, assisting you in navigating complicated monster mechanics, providing timings for when important events occur in a battle, and providing you with early warning of everything you should do to keep your friends from shouting at you.

That is why DBM will be the most popular among gamers in 2024. The modifications provide features that notify you when events occur during boss battle engagements. It also has timings for when the following events will occur. It also teaches you about the boss and what you should and should not do.

#2. ELVUI TBC Classic

WoW Classic Addons ELVUI TBC ClassicThere are many addons- designed to work with the functionality of ELVUI, and they are touted as one of Wow’s best mods. ELVUI is a renowned mod worldwide. It makes it one of the essential classic addons- for players who want to enjoy their experience at Warcraft’s highest level.

With features such as an improved minimap, new class graphical representations, and more efficient vital bindings, ELVUI will help you move through your game faster and have more control over your character’s abilities. 

#3. Questie Classic

Questie ClassicQuestie is a powerful addon that provides players with various features that let them track their wow progress more effectively, from viewing your in-game quest markers to tracking the status of your current quests. These addons- make it easy to explore all the hidden content and secrets in World of Warcraft without spending hours grinding for experience.

#4. Curse

Curse wow addonsCurse wow addons provide players with a comprehensive range of features that let them perfectly customize their gaming experience. From allowing players to bind specific keys to functions in the game to providing a personalized interface for player stats, Curse offers an incredibly comprehensive set of options that lets players control every aspect of their gaming experience at its best. 

#5. Backup & Exit

Backup & ExitThis addon provides players with one central location. They can quickly back up their wow progress and exit the game should they need to leave for any reason. With features like automatic backups and easy-to-use restore functions, Backup & Exit is an essential addon for players who want to keep their Wow account safe and secure.

#6. Weakauras classic

Weakauras classicAre you looking to add more sophistication and depth to your wow Classic experience? WEAK AURAS 2 is the perfect choice for you! This addon provides many features to enhance your game experience, including macro recording, spell cooldown tracking, quest tracking, and more. 

With WEAK AURAS 2 installed, you can focus on the game without worrying about small details like spell cooldowns or quest tracking. Whether you’re a hardcore player or want to make life easier for yourself, WEAK AURAS 2 is worth considering.

#7. Auctioneer tbc classic

Best WoW Classic Addons Auctioneer tbc classicAuctioneer tbc classic addon provides many tools that make auction house easier to handle; add-ons of an auctioneer can customize the interface and color scheme. That’s why the World of Warcraft UI addon is a core feature for wow players who want to manage their inventory friends more efficiently.

Auctioneer allows players to maximize their profits from the auction house. An auctioneer is essential for any player who wants to take advantage of the world’s most popular online marketplace, from viewing auction information to placing bids. 

#8. Details wow addon

Details wow addonThere are many damage and counters, but Details help you focus on the essential parts of your raid damage, healing, and tanking. This addon displays vital raid details such as who is taking what damage, where tanks are standing, and how much mana a healer has left. Details are perfect for raid leaders who want to keep a close eye on their team’s health and make sure they’re making the best decisions possible.

#9. OmniCC addons

Best WoW Classic OmniCC addonsOmniCC addons- assist players in combat. It’s a mod that adds digital timers to everything in your arsenal, including likeability, goods, and more. This mod best suits older players because several raids need precise calculations to beat foes in battle/raid. The typical analog timer sweep in Classic is insufficiently instructive for high-level players. As a result, this mod is the best mod., including goods, likeability, and more.

#10. Best WoW Classic Addons Bagnon

Best WoW Classic Addons BagnonBagnon is a must-have for players who want to protect their base and resources. It helps players monitor enemy movements, protecting them from attempts at infiltration and sabotage. The addon adds sound notifications for when an enemy enters or leaves a range of your fortress’s walls and clock options that help keep everyone on track while working.

#11. Atlas loot

Atlas lootAtlas Loot is an addon that allows players to loot rare, epic, and legendary items. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to group raid with friends and ensure they get the best possible chance at acquiring powerful gear. Atlas Loot goes beyond just looting; it calculates how likely you are to receive a given item based on your current location in the world and character level. This addition makes it easier for players to maximize their chances of acquiring the best gear.

#12. OneBag3

Best WoW Classic Addons OneBag3OneBag3 is a must-have for solo players who want to make the most of their gold. It helps you track your riches and makes selling items or dismantling unwanted gear easy. You only need an addon-compatible disenchanting tool, and OneBag3 takes care of the rest. By tracking your materials and money, OneBag3 gives you a complete picture of your wealth to make intelligent purchases and plan for future expenses.

How to Install Wow Addons?

There are a few ways of installing wow addons. You can install it manually or via Twitch.

Manual Installation

#1 Step: Download the addons zip file

#2 Step: Open the zip file and extract it to your desired location

#3 Step: Run the game

#4 Step: Go to the characters screen and select the addons you download

#5 Step: Run the game again

Installation via Twitch

#1 Step: Open the twitch

#2 Step: Go to the Mods option

#3 Step: Click on the World of Warcraft

#4 Step: Select “Get more addons.”

#5 Step: Click on the install

#6 Step: Run the game

#7 Step: Go to the characters screen and select the addons you download

#8 Step: Enjoy the game


What is the difference between ElvUI and TukUI?

ElvUI and TukUI are two of WordPress’s most popular user interface (UI) or front-end development frameworks. They both provide a framework for developing custom themes and plugins but differ critically. ElvUI offers more comprehensive features, while TukUI is simpler and easier to use.

Can you play WoW without add-ons-?

Yes, you can play World of Warcraft without any add-ons-. However, if you want to have the best experience possible, it’s recommended that you download and install some addons-.

What is the most accessible class to play in WoW Classic?

The most accessible class to play in the World of Warcraft Classic is the hunter. This is because hunters have a passive ability that increases their damage done by 10 percent, and they also have an active ability that nets them a quick burst of damage. Additionally, hunters can use pet abilities that provide bonus assistance on the battlefield.

Does ElvUI work in Classic?

Yes, ElvUI works in Classic. You can use it in Classic, but it is not recommended. It has some extra features to make the UI look a little more modern (compared to Vanilla) and supports most of the hundred interfaces.


So there you have it! Our list of the best wow classic addons for the year 2024. Whether you’re an addon enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll find something useful on our list. Keep checking our website for more updates, and as always, feel free to leave your comments below.

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