How to Hack Kahoot? Answer And Hacks

Kahoot is a platform that allows users, such as students and teachers, to create and participate in online quizzes, surveys, and discussions. It promotes engagement and active learning through game-based activities. Users can create their quizzes or choose from a wide range of existing quizzes on various topics. During a Kahoot session, participants answer questions using their devices, and points are awarded based on accuracy and speed. It is often used in classrooms, training sessions, and social gatherings to make learning fun and interactive. So, learn How to Hack Kahoot.

Kahoot is popular nowadays due to several reasons. First, it offers an interactive and engaging learning experience, making it enjoyable for students and participants. Second, it fosters competition and a sense of achievement through its game-based format, motivating users to participate actively. Third, Kahoot is user-friendly and accessible, with various ready-to-use quizzes on different subjects. Additionally, it can be accessed on various devices, making it convenient for teachers and learners. Lastly, Kahoot promotes collaboration and social interaction, allowing participants to learn from each other and share their knowledge.

Why Do People Want To Hack Kahoot?

People may want to hack Kahoot for various reasons, but it is important to note that hacking is illegal and unethical. However, some individuals may attempt to hack Kahoot for the following reasons:

Cheating: Some students may hack Kahoot to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating the results or bypassing the system to get higher scores.

Disruption: Hacking Kahoot can be seen as a means to disrupt a classroom or an event by causing technical issues or interfering with the quiz or game session.

Personal amusement: Some individuals may find pleasure or entertainment in attempting to hack into systems, including Kahoot, as a challenge or for personal satisfaction.

It is crucial to understand that hacking is against Kahoot’s terms of service and can lead to severe consequences, including legal action. It is always best to use platforms and services responsibly and ethically.

How to Hack Kahoot Using Chrome Extension

Sean-Patrick Dupuis made an add-on for Kahoot called Kahoot!: Hacked Edition that lets you hack the game. This Kahoot hack Chrome extension lets you cheat on Kahoot with your Chrome browser or any other browser that supports Chrome extensions.

Here’s how to use the Kahoot hack extension. With this add-on, you can add bots to your Kahoot. It is a game to mess with your friends, troll them, and annoy them. It will pick answers randomly, allowing you to get to the top.

Here is where you can get the Kahoot Bot Chrome extension

Here is where you can get the Kahoot Bot Chrome extension:

  • Install the Kahoot Bot browser extension now.
  • Write down the Kahoot pin and enter the Game pin from your Kahoot game.
  • Choose what the bots’ names will start with
  • Choose the number of bots you want.
  • Click on ‘The KASPAM’

I hope the Kahoot hack extension worked for you.

More Info

How to Hack Kahoot Using a third-party cheating website

We think using the cheating website Quizit is one of the easiest ways to get answers to a Kahoot challenge or set of public and private questions. All you have to do is go to the site and type in the QuizID, which can be found in the link on your host’s page. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to complete the task:

We think that using the cheating website Quizit is one of the easiest ways to get answers to a Kahoot challenge or set of questions, both public and private.

  • Go to the services page at Quizit. Online.
  • Click Get Started on the Quizit dashboard, then click Kahoot.
  • Please open a new tab and sign in to with your account.
  • Next, choose a challenge or (Quiz) and click Start to host it.
  • Next, choose Classic mode.
  • Kahoot hacks
  • When you are finished, copy the Quizid from the URL bar of the page where the Game pin is.
  • Now, go back to the Quizit dashboard and copy and paste the link where it says to.
  • Then, click the search button and click “Get Answers.”

Using the hacking website

Kahoot. Rocks is a website that provides a third-party tool for interacting with Kahoot quizzes. It is important to note that Kahoot. Rocks is not an official or affiliated platform with Kahoot itself. The website offers a feature that allows users to join and participate in Kahoot quizzes by entering the unique game PIN. is a website that provides a third-party tool for interacting with Kahoot quizzes.

  • Select a question set.
  • Press the “The-START” button to start the game.
  • You can choose Classic mode by clicking START.
  • Now, copy the Username and Game Pin.
  • Kahoot rocks
  • Now, open a new tab and go to Kahoot. Rocks. Paste the Game Pin and Username there.
  • Enter up to 9999999999 percent of the correct answer.
  • Now, open “The settings” by clicking the three-line icon on the left. Ensure that the Random bot names toggle and the Close drawer on click toggle are turned off.
  • Go to the host’s page and look for your username. Click the START button to start the game.

Once the game starts, the hack will answer questions correctly.

Send bots to games to hack Kahoot. is an online coding and programming platform that allows users to write, run, and collaborate on code in various programming languages. It provides a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) with features like code editing, compiling, and executing code in real time. is an online coding and programming platform that allows users to write, run, and collaborate on code in various programming languages.

  • Go to reply
  • When you reach the site’s dashboard, click the blue Copy Download button and copy the link in the middle of the screen.
  • When you’re ready to download, please open a new tab in your browser, copy the URL, and paste it into the URL box.
  • Now, click the Download file from the download mirror button.
  • You must unzip or extract the ZIP file you downloaded from the download mirror site.
  • Then, use the password from the password file to unzip the Software archive under “Zipping.”
  • Last, click the button that says Install software file.

Now you can send bots by entering your username and Game pin.

Using Kahoot Bot Websites

The Kahoot Bot website makes it easy to send Kahoots to the Game sessions hosted by your teacher. With just one click, you can manage the bots. The best thing about this method, which none of the others talked about above have, is that you can delete any bot you want and send as many as you want.

The Kahoot Bot website makes it easy to send Kahoots to the Game sessions hosted by your teacher.

  • To spam game sessions, you must type in the “Game pin” and prefix and click the “spam-Kahoot button” on the website. 
  • You can choose how many bots you want to join your Kahoot game session.
  • You must choose the option if you want to manage bots.
  • Send bots, click.
  • Now, wait a few minutes because sending bots might take a few minutes.
  • Click Manage once the bots have been sent.
  • With the redirected page, you can manage bots and eliminate them.

Other than that, you can use the automatic spam button to send out any number of bots you want.

Hacking Kahoot Using Kahoothack

  • First, go to the Kahoot hack site by clicking here.
  • Now, type in the Game Pin and Name.
  • You have to sign in if you want to get an answer. 
  • So, enter your Kahoot username and password. Now, click on Initiate Hack.

Kahoot Hack Online has auto-answer feature, you can get the right answers to each quiz questions.



With this site’s auto-answer feature, you can get the correct answers to each quiz question. Then, you can play the game on our website, and all questions will be answered correctly. It lets you play and use the tool simultaneously by using iframe methods.

User Flood

You can even spam your chosen quiz by getting many fake people to take it. This was the first tool ever made for the game, and it’s still the best one. You can use this cheat tool to annoy your teacher or whoever runs a quiz game.

Bypass Username Filter

This lets you join a quiz with any name you want.

How do you get free points in Kahoot?

Follow the steps below to send a lot of bots to whichever Kahoot quiz you want.

  • To get a Game pin, go to and pick a quiz.
  • Copy the game pin once it is made.
  • Now look around the Kahoot spamming site.
  • Enter Game Pin and Username.
  • Also, add how many bots you want to send to your chosen quiz.
  • Choose “Flood” from the menu that drops down.
  • Now, if you return to the Kahoot host page, you should see how many bots you have added.
  • Then, click START to test if the hack works.

How to get free points in Kahoot

All done. That’s how you can hack Kahoot quiz answers, point stealers, and more with bots, cheating websites, hacking extensions, and scripts.

These cheats should help you get the answers to Kahoot quiz games and more. If you have any more questions or ideas, please post them in the comments section below. It would be best if you also told us what works and what doesn’t work for you. This will motivate us.

How do I use Inspect Element to break into Kahoot?

Inspect Element is a web development tool built into most modern web browsers. It allows users to examine and modify a web page’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Right-clicking on an element on a webpage and selecting “Inspect” or “Inspect Element,” a panel or window will open, displaying the underlying code and related details.

With Inspect Element, users can analyze the structure and styling of a webpage, inspect and modify specific elements, debug code, and experiment with changes in real-time. It is a valuable tool for web developers and designers, as it helps them understand how a web page is constructed and make adjustments to achieve desired results.

It’s important to note that any changes made using Inspect Element are only temporary and local to the browser session. They do not permanently modify the website for other users or affect the source code of the website.

  • Join a Game by going to the site
  • Right-click anywhere in the game lobby and choose “Inspect” from the pop-up menu.
  • Now, click Console and copy and paste this script.
  • Once you’ve pasted the script, press Enter.
  • Now, you should see a pop-up message. Carefully read it and click OK if you agree.
  • Find the Dark option and click on it.
  • Hacks for Kahoot
  • Copy this code [6cb39aed-1e5d-4b42-a422-00a9c17a2ab3], paste it into the same box, and click OK.
  • To close the Inspect Element panel, click the Cross icon in the top right corner.
  • How to get inside Kahoot
  • Return to the host dashboard and click the Start button to start the game.

When you see questions with more than one answer, the hack encrypted will answer them for you. Just click the “Next” button, and the answers to the questions will be given to you automatically.

Similar Platforms Like Kahoot

Quizizz: A game-based learning platform that allows users to create and play quizzes. It offers a competitive element and provides real-time feedback.

Quizlet Live: This platform focuses on flashcards and study sets. It incorporates collaborative team-based learning activities to engage students.

Mentimeter: It is a presentation and interactive polling tool that enables users to create live polls, quizzes, word clouds, and more. It enhances audience engagement during presentations or lectures.

Socrative: Socrative is a student response system that enables teachers to create quizzes, assessments, and educational activities. It provides real-time feedback and analytics for monitoring student progress.

Plickers: Plickers is a unique platform that combines paper-based response cards with mobile devices. Teachers can ask questions and collect responses by scanning the cards using smartphones or tablets.

These platforms offer various interactive features and learning activities, catering to different educational needs and preferences.

20 Most Common FAQs About Kahoot

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an interactive learning platform that allows users to create and participate in online quizzes, surveys, and discussions.

How do I create a Kahoot quiz?

To create a Kahoot quiz, sign in to your Kahoot account, click “Create,” and follow the step-by-step instructions to add questions, answer options, and customize your quiz.

Can I play Kahoot on my mobile device?

Yes, Kahoot has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to play quizzes on your mobile device.

How can I join a Kahoot game?

To join a Kahoot! Game, enter the game PIN displayed on the host’s screen or provided by the host.

Is How to Hack Kahoot Free to Use?

Kahoot offers a free version that allows users to create and play quizzes. However, they also have premium plans with additional features for educators and businesses.

Can I customize the appearance of my Kahoot quizzes?

Yes, Kahoot allows you to customize the appearance of your quizzes by adding images, changing colors, and applying themes.

Are there premade Kahoot quizzes available?

Yes, Kahoot has a library of premade quizzes on various topics that users can search for and use in their sessions.

Can I play Kahoot games alone?

While Kahoot! is designed to be played with a group of participants, you can also play a Kahoot! Game alone.

How can I share my Kahoot quiz with others?

Kahoot provides options to share your quiz by sharing the game PIN or sending a direct link to participants.

Can I add videos or images to my Kahoot questions?

You can add videos and images to your Kahoot questions to make them more engaging.

Are there time limits for answering questions in Kahoot?

Each question in Kahoot has a default time limit that you can customize when creating the quiz.

Can I review the results of a Kahoot game?

After completing a Kahoot! In the game, you can review the results and see how each participant performed.

Is it possible to create team-based Kahoot games?

Kahoot offers a team mode feature where participants can join teams and compete collectively.

Can I use Kahoot for remote or distance learning?

Yes, Kahoot is commonly used for remote or distance learning, allowing participants to join quizzes from different locations.

Is there a limit to the number of participants in a Kahoot game?

Kahoot has a participant limit of up to 2,000 players in a single game.

Can I download reports or data from my Kahoot sessions?

Yes, Kahoot offers data export features for premium users, allowing them to download reports and analytics.

Can I host live Kahoot games on video conferencing platforms?

Kahoot integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Are there options for gamifying learning with Kahoot?

Kahoot is designed to gamify learning by providing a competitive, interactive experience through quizzes and leaderboards.

Can I create surveys or polls using Kahoot?

Yes, Kahoot offers options to create surveys and polls in addition to quizzes, allowing for various interactive activities.

Is Kahoot suitable for all age groups?

Kahoot can be used by a wide range of age groups, from primary school.


Kahoot is a popular and interactive learning platform that has gained significant recognition in educational settings. With its game-based approach, Kahoot engages learners and promotes active participation. Its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and extensive library of quizzes make it a versatile tool for educators and students alike. Kahoot fosters collaboration, competition, and knowledge retention, making learning enjoyable and effective. Whether used in classrooms, training sessions, or social gatherings, Kahoot enhances engagement and facilitates a fun and interactive learning experience to know How to Hack Kahoot.

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