How to Make a PDF Fillable form in MS Word and MS Excel

In this era of technology, e-form has become a popular term. We have to you this kind of form to reach the maximum number of people within the shortest time. Google forms are used to collect information from others. But, if you can convert the PDF (Portable Document Format) file into a fillable form, the task becomes more manageable. Many of us think that converting a PDF form is difficult. Here I am to prove you wrong. There are various tools and software available for assisting you in this regard. You can create a PDF form quickly using these tools. Besides, creating a fillable pdf form is possible without any hassle. 

Some efficient pdf converter tools like Adobe, Jotform, pdf filler, Nitro, etc., can help you prepare your desired pdf form. These tools ensure that your interactive pdf form is accurate and easy to input. You might have a word file that needs to be converted into a fillable form. The best solution is to convert the file into pdf first and then turn it into an editable format. An excel file is also convertible into a pdf. Your business tasks or data collection for research will be effortless if you use the best techniques. This article will discuss the easiest ways of preparing a pdf fillable form. 

Turing the Existing Forms into Fillable PDF Forms

The first requirement of preparing a PDF fillable form is to convert it to a PDF format if it is saved in other formats. To do this task easily, you can take help from some tools. Adobe is such a tool that can perfectly convert your file into PDF. It can also convert a file saved into a word file or excel. Then you can turn it into a fillable PDF form. The process is straightforward. You need to follow these easy steps to create your desired form.

Step 1: Open Acrobat and choose the ‘prepare form’ option by clicking the ‘tools’ button. 

Step 2: You have to select the file you want to convert. Adobe Acrobat can automatically analyze your current form. It will also add the necessary form fields to the file. 

Step 3: Adobe will give you the option to add more fields to your form. You have to use the toolbar placed at the top of the page. You can adjust the layouts and formats of your PDF file using these tools.

Step 4: You can download the file when your PDF form is ready. You may also share the PDF filler form to collect data from your desired group of people. 

In this way, you can turn the existing forms saved on your PC into fillable PDF forms. 

Create PDF Fillable Forms with PDF Editor

You can directly create an interactive PDF form following the necessary procedures. This time, PDF editor tools will help you a lot. Tools like Jotform, Wondershare, Platforms, pdf filler, etc., can create fillable PDF forms effortlessly. After downloading any of these tools, you need to create a blank document. Now, press the ‘form’ button to get the form field options. You can set the variables according to your need. Click the ‘form edit’ option to create the fillable PDF. 

After that, include the interactive fields in the body of the form. You may add blank text areas, MCQ, checkboxes, etc. By double-tapping the fields, you can reveal the properties of the dialogue box. Select the fonts and styles of the headings according to your choice. There is also an editing option to correct any mistake. You can also include an e-signature option in your file. And in this way, it is possible to prepare a PDF fillable form using a pdf editor. 

Online PDF Editor and Form Filler

You may also create your PDF filler form without downloading any software. It is possible to complete this task online. Adobe Acrobat, PDFescape, Soda pdf, etc., tools can create online PDF filler forms. You can also edit your PDF files using these tools. Using Adobe Acrobat, you can select your desired file and drop it on the required position. Acrobat will upload your file. Then you can edit the PDF in your way. You can download the file or share the link when the file is ready. 

You can also edit your PDF file without Adobe Acrobat. Using Soda pdf, you can edit your file for free. Just select your document and upload it to Google Drive or dropbox. You may also drag and drop the file into the specified box. Your web browser will automatically open the Soda pdf tool when you open the uploaded PDF. Here you will get a lot of options to edit your file. 

PDFescape works as both a PDF editor and form filler. When you drag and drop your PDF file on their website, you can edit the file. You can add text, add other PDF links and images, use security passwords, change Infos, and use different editing options. Moreover, you can include essential PDF field calculations in the form. This tool can fill up the PDF forms using the subsisting form fields. It is also a free tool. 

Creating a Fillable PDF Form from a Word Document

You can convert the form saved as a word document into a PDF filler form. You need to convert the document into a PDF file to do this job. After that, you can turn the PDF file into a PDF filler form. You need to maintain the steps described below.

First, open the word document that you need to convert. Now, select the ‘file’ option and go for ‘print.’ Here, you have to choose ‘Adobe PDF’ as your printer. After clicking the ‘print’ button, you will see a processing sign. This sign indicates that your file is converting to a PDF. Now, select the place where you want to save your PDF file. Select desktop or File Share for this purpose and press ‘ok.’ And that’s it! Your file is converted into a PDF file. You can easily use it to make an editable PDF form.  

Now, it is time to create the fillable PDF form. Your previously created PDF file will be viewed in the Adobe Acrobat pdf editing program. You have to click the tool button. You will find out the ‘forms’ button. After that, click the ‘create’ option. Some questions will appear before you at this point. You have to select the ‘use an existing file’ option on the 1st screen. Choose the ‘use the current document’ button on the following screen. Adobe Acrobat will recognize the possible fillable variables in your form. But it might not be accurate. Also, you can edit the form to make it perfect. Now press the preview button to see the final look of your Interactive PDF. 

Creating a Fillable PDF Form from Excel

The same procedure is followed in creating an interactive PDF form from excel. Using Adobe or other tools, you can do this task. Firstly, you need to open the converting device you are using. Now, select an existing form. You have to upload the data from your excel spreadsheet. However, the spreadsheet must be saved in an accessible place. You can find some instructions on the screen. At this point, select the ‘forms’ button and click ‘edit form in Acrobat.’ 

Now, go to the toolbar and select a forms tool. You need to create a rectangular form field by dragging your cursor. Keep a ‘properties’ dialogue box open for the field. You can edit the form according to your need. After completing the preparation, save the editable PDF form under the ‘file’ option. 

Best Tools for Preparing Fillable PDF Forms

Preparing a fillable PDF form can become challenging if you do not use the right tool. You can find a lot of PDF editor tools on the internet. But not all tools can reduce your difficulties. I have already mentioned some of the software you might use for this purpose. Now I am showing you the best tools for making an interactive PDF form. You will get the basic idea of these tools from this article. 

1. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a smart option for editing your PDF file. You need to create an account before using it. This tool allows you to create PDF forms in a straightforward method. The interactive PDF forms made by this software are very convenient to use. It helps you to collect data from others and keep them safe. Just following some simple steps, anyone can create a fillable PDF file. 

Adobe Acrobat PDF Fillable form

Adobe Acrobat can automatically recognize the static form fields. After that, it can convert them to the fillable text fields and edit them. You can add headings, move the text fields, or insert buttons. Again, you can include calculations and data validations rules in your forms. Adding the option for e-signature is easy in this tool. You can share your PDF form link using email or other social networking sites. There is also an auto-reminder option for the respondents who haven’t filled in the form. Adobe offers its basic features for free. But to enjoy the premium version, you need to spend money. 

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2. Jotform

Jotform is another popular tool for making a fillable PDF form. It provides a hassle-free process to the users. A Jotform account is required for this tool. You can choose an existing file and convert it into an interactive and editable PDF form in one click. You may also prepare a PDF form using it. Jotform allows you to customize the form. You can include page numbers, business logos, brand images, and so on to make your paper look a high-profile one. 

Jotform PDF Fillable form

Another feature of Jotform is, it sends the filled copy of the PDF form to the respondents immediately. You have to save the file before sharing the link. This tool is free to use. 

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3. pdfFiller

Another well-functioning PDF editor tool is pdfFiller. You can edit any PDF document and export the file using it. This tool allows you to make changes anywhere in your PDF form. You can add text, create text boxes, erase or modify any text in the file. Different images and fillable fields can also be included here. You can rearrange the pages and create duplicates too. pdfFiller

To create an editable pdf form using pdf filler, first, you need to open the form. Now, make necessary changes and add fillable fields. You can also add additional texts or notes. Then save the file. You can share it with your business partners and other respondents to meet your purpose. 

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4. Wondershare PDFelements

Wondershare PDFelements is an excellent tool for preparing an interactive PDF form. It can create PDF files very quickly. You can save, share and print the file anytime. Moreover, the tool provides you with PDF editing functions. You can make all kinds of changes to your file to convert it into a fillable one. It also has options for adding graphical figures in PDF form. 

Wondershare PDFelements PDF Fillable form

Wondershare PDFelements can extract PDF files and export them in CSV format. It can also convert a PDF file into HTML and other shareable links. To edit a PDF form, you need to open the tool. Then select the ‘form edit’ option. You will find all the tools required to prepare a well-organized fillable PDF form.  

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5. Soda PDF

You can also try Soda PDF to make an interactive PDF form. This tool offers both the online and desktop versions of PDF creating features. Here, you can access your fillable PDF forms through multiple devices. Soda PDF makes your PDF making task effortless. It allows you to make PDF files from scratch, URL, scanned document, or other formats. 

Soda PDF

Soda PDF can turn files from Microsoft Office. It can also convert multiple files simultaneously. Besides, you can easily save and share the fillable forms created here. This tool will work for you without any charge. 

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6. Platforms

‘Platforms’ is another top-notch PDF editor tool. It can create or edit any PDF fillable app through some simple procedures. Firstly, you need to upload the file after opening the software. Then design the form as per your need. You can use all sorts of tools for making a good-looking editable form. 

Platforms PDF Fillable form

‘Platforms’ offers an easy sharing feature. You can directly share the URL with your respondents. No hazards take place while filling the forms. When someone submits the form after filling it up, ‘Platforms’ convert the file into PDF according to your preferred design. It offers the online PDF form creating feature too. 

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7. Nitro

Using Nitro as your PDF editor tool, you can get your tasks accurately in time. It can transform all types of documents into PDF format. You can achieve perfection in your work with the help of this tool. It allows you to edit your PDF file. You can also prepare new fillable PFD forms using it.Nitro

Nitro offers you a vast collection of features to create an attractive PDF form. It enables you to include fillable fields in the text. Again, you can make changes to your file too. The sharing feature of this tool is also satisfactory.

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8. Kofax Power PDF

Kofax offers you a fantastic way to make a fillable PDF for business purposes. It includes some unique features to attract business partners and customers. You can make a fillable PDF directly or convert it from an existing file. You can also create editable PDF forms for other purposes. 

Kofax Power PDF PDF Fillable form

Kofax helps you make well-designed forms to achieve the best response from the respondents. They can input their answers without any problems. It is a complete package for collecting data and restoring them altogether. 

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9. PDFescape

PDFescape PDFescape is another fillable PDF-making tool offering online facilities. It contains all PDF-related features. You can create or edit any PDF file. It prepares the primary PDF forms. Besides, this tool can merge several PDF forms. You might also compress the file size and export it. 

PDFescape provides a PDF filler option too. You can fill up any PDF file using this tool. It allows you to keep your PDF files protected with passwords. PDFescape also includes a printing option. It can convert a PDF file into other formats too. Overall, PDFespace acts excellently as a fillable PDF editor tool. 

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10. AceThinker

Last but not least, AceThinker can also serve you as an effective editable PDF creator tool. This software requires all essential features to prepare a PDF form. After installing AceThinker, you have to open the specific PDF form. Now, edit the form using various techniques. 

AceThinker PDF Fillable form

AceThinker is a perfect software for newbies. It has included the simplest methods of file conversion. This software is free to download. 

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Final Thoughts

This article contains detailed information about creating and editing a Fillable PDF form. I have tried to describe the steps in a sophisticated way. The PDF editor tools mentioned here are the best 10, in my opinion. Please send me your feedback! Hopefully, You can create editable PDF forms in word or excel by taking help from this write-up.

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