IMO For Windows 10: Download Install And 9 Secret Tricks

IMO is one of the best user-friendly text, video, and audio chatting apps in the world. It is famous for its functionality and efficiency despite having a slow internet connection. Though there are many debates for the security issue of IMO messaging application, over 7 million people are you using this messaging application. In our today’s article, we will focus on IMO For Windows 10 operating system.

Why is IMO Famous?

IMO messaging application is famous for its service during a slow internet connection. As a user, you can use both Wi-Fi and mobile data to communicate with your friends. You can do unlimited calls to your beloved ones. It is available on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android applications.

How Is This Voice Messaging App Run?

IMO is a free application, but it has sources of income. It shows advertisements to its user. Sometimes the ad is awkward and bothering. It makes an embarrassing situation.

Is It A Dating App

IMO is not a dating app, but you can do dating with this application. It is a social media application like the Pinterest alternative. Amount the social media application division is one of the best applications for sharing video, audio, images, and text.

Can Anyone Trace My IMO Voice?

It isn’t easy to trace your IMO voice, text, and video. Unless you provide the root access for IMO and incoming and outgoing calls, the other user cannot get access. The IMO voice application is highly secured for the general-purpose, though it does not use encrypted message protocol.

Live Streaming Feature

IMO becomes famous for the live streaming feature without any cost. For the group user, they can communicate with each other on an ongoing stream. Your live streaming can be seen from anywhere in the world. 

What is the Best Alternative for IMO?

Since there is a security question on IMO, many technologists suggest using the alternative voice messaging application. In that case, you can use end to end encryption messaging application. Some of the secure encrypted messaging application WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and telegram, etc. 

Installation Experience of IMO

You can download and install IMO for Windows 10 beside Mac IOS and Android operating systems. The windows application is only 11.4 megabytes. Before installation, it needs to accept the user agreement. After providing your country and mobile number, it sends you a verification code of 8 digits. When you verify the code, it synchronizes all the messages automatically from your mobile phone. You can see the YouTube video for easy assimilation.


Best 9 Secret Tips of IMO For Windows 10

All of us are using IMO for messaging and video chatting. WhatsApp prudent setting application can make you more secure for data transmission. Some of the secret tips of this Omegle alternative are given below.

1. Background change

IMO Background ChangeAs an experienced user, you can customize each of the contact lists for messaging and chatting. To customize the background, you have to select the contact at fast, then click on three dots and choose your desired wallpaper. Moreover, you can upload your customer’s picture as a background.

2. Notification setting

IMO Notification SettingWhen all the notification sound becomes familiar, it isn’t easy to find the IMO application notification. From settings, you can change the notification sound. 

3. Ringtone

Many users are skipping IMO for the bothering ringtone of this bothering ringtone. Go to the setting and find the ringtone. Now select storage and select your preferred ringtone.

4. Stop the last seen option

IMO Privacy SettingSometimes your privacy may be hamper because of the option of last seen. You can easily customize the last seen option. Go to your privacy option and select nobody for last seen.

5. Phone number change

In the IMO account setting, you can easily change the phone number of your account. It will take less than one minute to change.

6. Groups

Like Facebook and other social media group, you can easily create a group on IMO. You can brand your product and increase popularity with these groups.

7. Stop autosave

When someone sends any images and video, it saves automatically to your storage. You can easily customize this setting to stop autosave on your mobile.

8. Hide profile picture

The profile picture is another privacy issue for a user. But you can automatically hide the profile picture from the privacy option. We can customize any other option as your preference.

9. Find the deleted image

When someone sends any pictures and files unintentionally and deletes them before you seen them, then there will be doubt in your mind. To remove this doubt, you can see the deleted file. To find the deleted image, click on the deleted message and select download. At the gallery, you will see the deleted message from your friend.

Final Thought

IMO for Windows 10 is a redundant application besides a smartphone. It is a free cross-platform audio, video, and text messaging application. Though it cannot send a message from end to end encryption, it is secure for general purpose. It is wise not to use any sensitive information over the internet. However, if your internet connection is slow, you can use this slow speed messaging application.

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