Top 10 Online Astrology Software Portals for Horoscope Consultation

Astrology has been a popular term since ancient ages. People used the position of different stars and planets to predict the future of an individual, a group of persons, or even a nation. Using astrological methods, one can know the upcoming events of his life. Various Zodiac signs and astrological charts are used to make this calculation. People who believe in the connection of the stars with their fate never miss a chance to know their future life events from a horoscope. So, fint the best online astrology software portals for horoscope consultation.

Previously, people had to rely on astrologists to calculate their destinies. With the advent of modern science, we have also introduced technology in astrological matters. There are a lot of apps and software that can do this task for you. This software can find a detailed astrological chart and a personal horoscope. However, you have to choose the best one to find an accurate result. This article will give you a brief on astrology, horoscope, and different software relating to astrology. zodiac signs

Types of Horoscopes

Astrological calculations are mainly made by analyzing the astrological charts and different zodiac signs. Twelve zodiac signs are mostly used to create a personal horoscope. So, the horoscope contains the information of a person. It is a personal modification of an astrological chart. Analyzing the date of birth, place of birth, and some other information, the subsequent life events of a person can be determined. That’s why different zodiac signs are proportioned into separate time periods of the year. 

A variety of horoscopes are used worldwide. These are primarily divided into two sectors-Western and Vedic astrology. I mentioned the most common types of horoscopes below:

  • Chinese Horoscope: It bears 12 zodiac signs corresponding to years. People can find out their lucky number, color, and other matters for a specific year. 
  • Arboreal Horoscope: This horoscope focuses on the inner side of an individual.
  • Aztec Horoscope: Here, 20 different signs are used to determine an individual’s personality. Various Gods and goddesses govern these signs. It contains 260 days in a year.
  • Egyptian Horoscope: God or Goddesses govern this horoscope based on 12 zodiac signs.
  • Indian Zodiac: There are 36 signs in this horoscope. Some of them overlap the European zodiac decans. 
  • Floral Zodiac: This horoscope determines luck corresponding to a flower for a day.
  • Greek Zodiac: It is based on Greek mythology. This horoscope has ten zodiac signs.
  • Erotic Zodiac: This horoscope determines the luck in love and friendship relations of an individual. 
  • European Horoscope: The general characters of the zodiac signs are mentioned here. It is created by analyzing the position of the Sun when a person has been born. 
  • Alchemist Horoscope: It combines numerology and astrology, containing ten different zodiac signs. 

Why Do People Believe in Horoscopes?

Every person is curious to know about himself. From a horoscope, you can fulfill this desire. It can predict different aspects of your life by calculating the astrological elements. When you know about any upcoming danger in your life, you can prepare for it and prevent that. Besides, it can help you to learn more about yourself. It can read the inner feelings of your soul. 

A horoscope is famous for knowing human life’s future opportunities and success. It can also tell about your love life and luck for relations. A person believes in horoscopes to know about his life’s events before they happen. It helps a person prepare a nice plan for his future and avoid dangers.  However, modern science has found no strong evidence in favor of astrology. 

Vedic Astrology Vs. Western Astrology

The list contains the topmost astrology portals that you can select for your use. But, all of them do not belong to the same category. There is an obvious difference among them regarding the astrology type. Some of these apps follow the Vedic rules, and some have been built according to Western procedures. Now, aren’t you curious about the major differences between these two astrological methods?Vedic astrology vs Western astrology

Vedic astrology is termed the sister science of Ayurveda. This system contains detailed calculation procedures. Besides, it analyzes every major and minor aspect of human life. Under the Vedic system, it is believed that human life is made of five specific elements. Twelve zodiac signs are used in the calculations. Those are- Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. All these signs have Vedic terminologies. Vedic astrologists believe that these zodiac signs reflect an individual’s personality. 

However, Western astrology also contains these twelve zodiac signs. But, there are differences between the calculation of the position of the constellation. They followed the sidereal zodiac in the Vedic calculations. Here, the positions of the planetary elements are determined according to their placement with respect to the constellation. But, in the Western system, Tropical Zodiac is followed. It is based on the four seasons. Here, the Sun’s movements, solstices, equinoxes, etc., are determined strictly. 

Compared to these two methods, Vedic astrology is more detailed and precise. They focus the law of nature on the Vedic method. So, according to some jurists, Vedic calculations are more accurate than the western system. Actually, both ways have merits and demerits. It’s up to people’s belief, which would be convenient for them.

The Best 10 Astrology Portal Software

Horoscope software can meet up to your curiosities to know yourself intensely easily. Whether Vedic or western, astrology portals can provide you with the correct result as per your requirements. But, to get an accurate reading, the software selection process plays a significant role. Here, I will describe the top 10 astrology portal providers that can serve you properly. 

1. Solar Fire: Best Astrology Software of 2022

Solar Fire: Best Astrology Software of 2022Solar Fire is one of the most promising software for astrological calculations. This software offers you a simple interface to get your desired information. Solar Fire is prevalent among astrologists and professionals. The reason is it contains several advanced features to ensure high-precision astrological calculations. All charts and current programs are accessible from its main screen. Solar Fire has built-in ACS international Atlus. So, you can enter here any place, latitude, longitude, zone, etc., effortlessly. 

The Solar Fire includes natal, pre-natal, lunar-phase, heliocentric, harmonic, composite, and many other charts. It comprises a chart data file to find a specific chart easily. This software offers an easy search engine that instantly recognizes your desired file. It allows you to edit, comment or delete any chart. In Solar Fire, you will get a well-designed and fancy wheel. You can customize the size and number of the circles, charts, lines, etc., of the wheel according to your need. 

Solar Fire also has a unique page design. Its beautiful chart art collection makes your chart more accurate and attractive. Again, there are fifty standard points available in this program. For the first 12 harmonics, 26 pre-defined aspects are functional here. You can set separate orbs for natals, each pair of points, and use 3D aspects. A rich encyclopedia is included in this program. It helps astrology students to learn deeply. If you are a professional, it will never allow you to forget your clients’ birthdays. Overall, Solar Fire is helpful software to figure out your future life events. 

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2. Astro-Vision Life Sign Mini

One of the best online horoscope software is Astro-Vision Life Sign Mini. It is a Vedic astrology tool with straightforward interpretations. You don’t have to analyze any complex astrology charts to know about your future here. This online free portal will show you the results in a simple textual form. So, anyone can use this software and understand the results without hassle. Astro-Vision Life Sign Mini

Astro-Vision Life Sign Mini allows you to compare the horoscopes of two people. It can be used to match the horoscopes of a male and a female before their wedding. Moreover, it offers you several astrological calculation methods. You can get your result as Pancha Predictions, Sudarshana Chakra, Dasha Period, and many other calculations systems.

This software enables you to read out the transit forecast and favorable periods. Also, you can know the Ashtavarga predictions in this tool. Astro-Vision Life Sign Mini can process its calculations within a short time. The results are also accurate. Besides, you can get the results in 9 different languages! Over 100 million people use this software to know their life predictions. It is trusted among professionals and individuals. 

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3. Sirius

Price: $550

SiriusSirius is a horoscope software containing extensive facilities. You can get all the tools to make an accurate calculation using this software. It combines the main astrological methods in a single interface. So, if you are fond of Vedic astrology but also want to know about western techniques, you don’t need to go for another software. Sirius will provide you with essential information about both methods.

Sirius is one of the most comprehensive astrology portal. It gives you easy access to various astrological charts. It also enables you to put any minor planet in the chart to analyze its influence during your birth time. Using this tool, you can get all Vedic and Modern astrological techniques at your fingertips. You will get the modern, medieval, Hellenistic, cosmobiology, Symmetrical, Vedic, and Huber calculations methods in Sirius. Isn’t it a vast collection?

Sirius offers you many well-designed chart wheels. You can use the most potent astrological tools to calculate fate in its intuitive interface. There are straightforward interpretations that help you understand the software properly. It also offers forecasting facilities. In comparison with the features, the price of this astrology software is quite reasonable.

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4. Kepler

Price: $300

KeplerKeplar is another popular astrology apps with comprehensive features. This software is perfect for both novices and professionals. It contains a simple interface that is appropriate for those who are new to astrology. Besides, many advanced facilities enable professionals to make their calculations more precise and accurate. This online software contains Modern, Medieval, and Vedic astrology methods. 

Kepler offers some outstanding astrology tools. The Wheel-Charts available here can customize the Artosignature forecasts. It contains the best aromas, including the best interpreting programs. This flexible software can translate reports into different languages. It offers an extensive database to prepare reports. Besides, it includes cosmo natal, cosmo compatibility, harmonic highlights, Vedic reports, and many other valuable functions. 

Kepler gives you the freedom to use it as per your need. You can customize and adjust the features here. Also, It allows you to explore astrological matters. This horoscope portal is a great one for learning astrology. It includes an Atlus that contains over 300000 places. Moreover, it allows you to select the most up-to-date time zone and daylight-saving timetables. So, the results derived from this software contain the highest accuracy rate. 

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5. Astrolog: Free Astrology Software 

If you want to use a free but well-featured horoscope software, you can choose Astrolog. This software contains valuable tools for astrological calculations. Besides, it can give accurate readings about your life, events, dangers, etc. This software includes different wheels, aspects, and midpoints. Also, the relationship charts and alternative zodiacs provided here are pretty satisfactory.

Primarily, you will see the zodiac chart for a specific day or hour on the home screen. Astrolog includes the locations and other necessary info to the chart. The menu bar of this software contains a lot of options. You can open separate charts for knowing the solar system orbit, house wheel, midpoint list, aspect midpoint grids, local horizon, and so on. You can also modify the display of the charts. It calculates the predictions according to the movement of the planets. You can also move faster than that by animating it.

Astrolog allows you to save pictures of the generated zodiac wheels. The extra information provided by this software is needed to understand it properly. However, Astrolog might seem to be a complex software to the new people. But, professionals can easily handle this tool.

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6. What Watch

What Watch‘What Watch’ is a horoscope portal with several features. This software contains an intuitive interface. You can understand the user process of this horoscope effortlessly. Also, it is equally beneficial to newcomers and professional astrologists. This software requires the birth date, name, and birthplace to predict his future details. It can create a natal chart for you with extensive information. 

‘What Watch’ uses the Swiss Ephemeris method to calculate results. It can determine the planetary positions properly. So, the influence of the planets over a person’s life can easily be predicted. Moreover, ‘What Watch’ includes all minor planets and dwarf stars in its calculation. It makes the reports more precise. The ‘Harmonic Aspecterian’ process calculates the elements and ensures the quality of balance. 

‘What Watch’ enables you to compare between two natal wheels. This online portal can determine the compatibility among several people. This simple software gives you access to all astrological charts and other information that you might need. It includes a saving option too. Besides, it offers lots of hotkeys to make your task easy. You can improve your astrological efficiency by watching the tutorial videos of the What Watch. 

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7. Astro Gold

Price: $24.99( Android), $39.99(iOS), $229.99(Mac)

Astro Gold is an horoscope software containing separate versions for Andoird, iOS, and macOS devices. In its Android version, you will get the necessary astrology tools and charts in a precise form. It offers natal charts, return charts, Solar Arc detection charts, relationship or composite charts, etc. Besides, You can import or export these charts easily. It allows you to save and print the charts too. An Atlus is attached to this software. 

Astro GoldAstro Gold can create accurate interpretation reports. It contains single or bi-chart wheels. You can also set aspect grids with aspects of longitude and declination. It offers lots of well-decorated chart display options. In this software, you can use different chart calculation methods like zodiac types, house systems, node types, black moon types, etc. It uses the Swiss Ephemeris calculation method to prepare results. 

For macOS devices, Astro Gold offers some advanced features. It includes 44 display chart points. You can customize the charts and read your basic chart details reports easily. Moreover, it contains the professional report feature. You can get the report from an expert regarding your birth, family, relationship, child, pet, and so on from this software. Each version of Astro Gold serves pretty well. 

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8. Morinus

Morinus is another software that works under the Swiss Ephemeris system. You can find several simple features in this software for the benefit of novices. But of course, it contains lots of advanced facilities thinking about experienced astrologers. This software can effortlessly calculate the zodiac charts and transits. It also allows you to analyze the position of different planets at the moment of your birth. 

MorinusYou can view several kinds of astrological charts in Morinus. It can calculate results from the charts like- Solar, Lunar Ephemeris, Zodiacal projections, etc. Besides, this software enables you to specify different aspects of the chart. By including transits, revolution, elections, mundane, square, etc., aspects, your astrological chart becomes rich with info. Again, different techniques are present in the table menu of this software. Aspects, Speculums, Midpoints, Zodiacal parallel, etc., methods are found here. 

Morinus enables you to make changes in the preferences of the chart. You can customize the interface as per your consideration. Besides, you can edit the Speculums, Dignities, Nodes, Orbs, House Systems, and other necessary elements of an astrological chart. This software also offers multiple language features. You can download this horoscope software for free. 

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9. Jagannatha Hora: Indian Astrology Software

Jagannatha Hora is one of the best Vedic horoscope software. It can calculate the life events for both individuals or any group. Besides, this comprehensive software contains all the necessary elements to create an accurate astrological report. You can use the Atlas attached to this program to detect location. It can determine the longitude, latitude, or speed of a planet. It helps to figure out the influence of the planetary elements on a person. The calculation method used in this software is Swiss Ephemeris. 

Jagannatha Hora: Indian Astrology SoftwareJagannatha Hora is entirely different from the other western astromancy software. It follows the strict Vedic rules to make calculations. Jagannatha Hora is a complete package to know about someone in detail. It also allows you to verify the compatibility between two people. In this case, you need to input various data about those persons. The software will match their astrological charts and show you the results. 

Jagannath Hora contains the Basics, Chakras, Strengths, Tithis, transits, etc., of a person. The results are made after analyzing nine planets and three outer planets. This software is also a good learning option for novices. Moreover, it contains a list of the planets and their permanent, temporary, or compound relationships. Different signs and highlighted information help the learners to understand planetary affairs. This astrology software is also customizable.

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10. Planetdance

PlanetdancePlanetdance is a lightweight astromancy software. It contains powerful features to ensure correct results from the calculations. This software has been developed by an experienced software engineer named Jean Cremers. He has included the important elements of western astrology in this horoscope software. So, it has become a remarkable choice among professionals and learners. It can perform the calculations perfectly within the shortest possible time.

Planetdance has to calculate different planets, transits, returns, radix, composites, radix, and many other elements to make predictions about anyone. All planets are displayed here clearly, showing eleven house systems. This software contains an automatic time-zoned Atlas. You don’t have to read the complex charts to know your reports. There are simple interpretations available here to help you. 

Planetdance also uses the Swiss Ephemeris calculation method, like most Western astrology apps. The interface of this tool is quite simple. It allows you to determine between persons’ compatibility too. This software supports several languages like- English, French, Dutch, German, etc. You can customize the features of Planetdance as you want. Various Vedic, Classic, and Medieval astrology functions have made this app more attractive. You don’t have to pay money for downloading Planetdance. 

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Final Thoughts

This article bears a vast knowledge regarding astrology. I have tried to focus on the top ten astrology software features. Now, let’s see which horoscope tool can serve you the best on the list. I’ll wait for your feedback!

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