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The Best 15 PETA’s Games That You Should Play in 2022

PETA is the abbreviation for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia. They work on protecting animal rights and keep them safe from humans. Their slogan is “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way”. They have many ways of raising awareness for animal safety and rights. One of the many ways is PETA’s satirical or parody games for computers. Today we will present you with 15 of PETA’s Games that are playable on a computer. and the author neither supports nor stands against the actions of PETA. We have just presented the list of games for our reader’s enjoyment. We do not hold any liability for the actions and contents of these games produced by PETA.

PETA’s Games

PETA is an animal rights organization. It has released several browser games on its websites, such as Kitten Squad or PETA’s Pokémon Black and Blue (parody of PETA’s Pokémon Black and White 2). PETA uses these video games to spread awareness about animal cruelty, rights, and animal welfare. According to PETA’s head of online marketing Joel Bartlett, they found these games extremely helpful to reach and teach people about animal welfare and rights. 

PETA’s Game That You Can Play Right Now

PETA makes a satirical copy of those games in which we see animals not in their natural way. They also make a parody of games that include killing or eating animals. But these means have been controversial and subject to intellectual property theft. However, find the 15 Best games for you.

1. Kitten Squad

Let us start our list of PETA games with Kitten Squad. They originally designed the game for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. But now, it is available on Steam for Windows users. Just like all  games, it tasked you to play the role of the savior of animals.

Some robots have enslaved Orcas, and another group of sheep punching robots has kidnapped innocent sheep for their wool. Only the Kitten Squad can rescue these poor animals. The players have to guide the Kitten Squad, armed with advanced weapons, to rescue the kidnapped animals. The game is available for free from PETA.

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2. Monkey Fright

Monkey Fright is a game brought to us by SOS, a youth-led, PETA-backed group against human supremacy. This game is a browser game, and you can play it from any browser you want. But we recommend playing Monkey Fright on a computer.

In the game, you take control of a monkey that has been subject to lab experiments. Please find a way for it to get out from the NIH’s Terror Laboratory. You control the monkey using A, S, D, and W keys on the keyboard. However, there are several obstacles in the path. Evade them and reach for the exit.

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3. Meat Is Murder: The Game

Meat Is Murder: The Game is a satirical insight to all meat consumers. The game shows that to get meat, we kill beautiful creatures. They tried to discourage meat consumption and killing of farm animals through Meat Is Murder: The Game.

The game is playable on mobile devices and web browsers. There are 4 separate screens in the game, and in all of them, there are saw blades. Animals fall from a different side of the screen into the saw and get sliced. First, save as many animals as possible. Then, you can click on the animals to divert them from the path of the saw.

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4. Pokémon: Red, White, & Blue

PETA didn’t stop, only freeing real animals from cruel death and Pokémon from their captivity. Pokémon: Red, White, & Blue points out how animals are held captive and hurt for human consumptions.  

You control Pikachu and other Pokémon against butchers and poachers. It is a story-based game that has different levels. It also features interactive gameplay with text bubbles. Pokémon: Red, White, & Blue is similar to other Pokémon games. The only difference here is that you are fighting off against humans to protect your kind.

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5. Cage Fight

Cage Fight is a 2D game brought to us by PETA. It is a web browser game that is free to play. In Cage Fight, you knock out animal abuse. In this title, you control famous MMA fighters such as Jake Shields, Aaron Simpson, and Georgi Karakhanyan.

A group of people has caged up innocent animals. Your task is to free the animals from their cage. Destroy the enemies, too. Fight the enemy with your MMA fighting skills. You clear up a level after you have freed up all the animals and destroyed the enemies.

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6. PETA’s Pokémon Black and Blue

PETA’s Pokémon Black and Blue is a game that frees Pokémon trapped in Pokéballs for generations. Its tagline are “GOTTA FREE ‘EM ALL”, an alternative to the actual Pokémon. If PETA were in UNOVA, they would have worked not only for animal freedom but also for Pokémon’s freedom. Instead, the game shares the message that we should confine no animal despite the size, species, or habitat.

The gameplay is the same as Pokémon: Red, White, & Blue. However, it is an interactive game with different choices. You control Pikachu and fight with Pokémon trainers for its freedom. The game is exciting and has a story to it. You will enjoy playing the PETA parody game Pokémon Black and Blue.

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7. Mario Kills Tanooki

Mario Kills Tanooki tells us a sad story. Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros Mario uses different tricks and powers to save the captive princes. One of his tricks is to use Tanooki skin. In real life, Tanooki is a raccoon-like creature. So, in the game, Mario presents it is okay to skin animals and wear their fur, as he is wearing the skin/ fur of Tanooki. It is time to reclaim the fur of Tanooki for him and defeat Mario in his own game.

The game is highly similar to Super Mario Bros. But here, Tanooki is chasing Mario to get back his skin. There are many obstacles in the way. You control Tanooki’s character. There are coins to collect on the way. These coins will give you power-ups. Mario Kills Tanooki is an exciting piece to play.

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8. Super Tofu Boy

Super Tofu Boy is a game that represents vegan power. In the game, they showed meat as the villain as it captures the Bandage girl. It is the task of Super Tofu Boy to defeat Meat boy and rescue Bandage. The game is simple yet exciting. The environment is a meat factory, the hideout of Meat boy. Climb up obstacles to reach the goal. You can climb up by jumping and moving left and right. Super Tofu Boy is a web browser game. You can also download it on your PC/ Mac. Just like every game, this one is free.

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9. PETA’s New Super Chick Sisters

This time you will have to save chickens from getting fried in McDonald’s. PETA’s New Super Chick Sisters is the story of chicks as the protagonist. Ronald McDonald has kidnapped Princess Pamela Anderson. He wants to turn her into a part of the unhappy meals and chickens that are captive and tortured.

Mario was busy playing games, and that is why he could not save the princess. So the responsibility of saving the princess is now in your hand. You get to choose from two characters to play as Nugget and Chicktte. On your way to McDonald’s layer, you will get chicks that you have to collect and free. You will also get different scary facts about McDonald’s along the way. It is a web browser game and available for free.

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10. Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals is a web browser game. It is also playable on mobile devices. This game takes a unique approach to other PETA games. This game showcases all the steps of turning an animal into food. You have to kill the animals, ready them for cooking, and finally cook it. They designed this game, hoping that you might stop eating it after seeing the cruelty involved in meat preparation.

The first stage of Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals is to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. You have to complete all the steps to turn the bird into a meal. The game is playable on PC and Mac.

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11. Paintball Hero

Paintball Hero is an iOS game. It is playable only on iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). You can get the game from App Store for free. What do you support, and does it make you a hero? Paintball Hero starts a conversation like this. We will never solve a problem if no one takes a step forward. Paintball Hero has taken the task of undermining the corporate agenda and stopping animal abuse by the food industry. 

You take the role of the hero in this game and expose food companies to their horrifying secrets. Rescue chicken, cows, turkey, sheep, and other animals while destroying the enemy’s empire. The 3D game is well designed and has a story to it. The game results from a collaboration between PETA and Troublemaker Technologies. The game is highly praised and easy to play.

12. J Lo: Monster in Fur Game

J. Lo: Monster in Fur Game is another great hit by PETA and protests against animal cruelty. This time you are playing the role of an animal activist. You can customize your character from the assortment of selections. You are in J. Lo’s clothing factory, where animals are skinned for their fur. These furs are then used in making clothes.

In the game, there are some important characters. They are the animals, workers, reporters, and lastly, J. LO. You move using the arrow keys and press the spacebar to free the animals and aware of the workers. J. Lo is trying to capture you. If she touches you, then it is game over. Free all the animals and escape the factory. It is also a free-to-play web browser game.

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13. Fast-Food Nation

Fast-Food Nation is another game from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In this game, you play as an evil chef who produces unhealthy burgers to make people sick. You have to go up and down on ladders to complete making burgers. But there are cute animals on the way. You cannot touch them, as touching them will kill them. So you have to reach all the burger pieces without touching the cute sheep and pigs. Use the spacebar to stun the animals for a moment and pass them safely. The game is playable on the computer. It is not supported on mobile devices, though.

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14. Lobster Liberation

Lobster Liberation, a game where you have to help the lobsters to escape and reach their families. According to PETA, the lobsters are stripped of their rights and consumed by humans. Therefore, it is high time that we stop catching them. In the game, there are several obstacles, like polluted water, snakes, cars, and poisonous bushes. Carefully maneuver the obstacles and reach the target point. It is similar to the Android game Crossy Road. Lobster Liberation is a playable computer game only. It would be best if you had a web browser to play this game.

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15. Revenge of the PETA Tomatoes

Revenge of the PETA Tomatoes is an exciting game with interactive gameplay. In this game, PETA has declared war against all fur wearers. Use tomatoes and splat them on every far wearer in the game. The process is simple. Use your tomato and place it over any person wearing fur. Then click on the mouse to splat it on them. Be careful not to hit kids and animals. Gain 9 points to reach the next level. Each level will be more complex than the previous one. Just like most games, Revenge of the PETA Tomatoes is a web browser game. It is also free of cost to play.

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Final Thoughts

PETA is an organization that is working to protect animals from cruelty for many years. They have different ways of increasing awareness about animal rights. One of the ways is PETA’s games that are playable on computers. We have listed all 15 of PETA’s games that are currently available for playing. Enjoy these games and raise awareness against extreme animal cruelty.

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