Which Product Management Tools Should Use a Perfect Manager?

Management is a complicated process, and everyone involved hopes to run smoothly from the beginning to the actual release. Unfortunately, this is not how it goes in real life. Sometimes your knowledge, experience, and mental flexibility are not enough. Our age provided all of us with specialized services and tools that can enlighten and ease the life of a manager and increase all personnel’s efficiency. So we will discuss today the best product management tools.

Which product management tools are an excellent help to a manager nowadays?

Not so long ago, PMs didn’t have much at their disposal when organizing work in their companies. Everything they had to use was some software for product/project management and PowerPoint. Nowadays, there are variously free or paid applications to organize our lives and feel better when crossing out a few tasks. Such funky management applications cover a lot of different issues:

  • project management itself;
  • research work;
  • product analytics;
  • product roadmap management;
  • UX;
  • design and UI;
  • video preparation;
  • development of landing pages;
  • external communication, etc.

Best 6 Product Management Tools

This article focuses we describe several productivity tools that we consider to be of most importance for a manager at work. Our list might be far from perfect and limited, but it is well-revised, covering various market factors, TA (target audience), product needs, and other conditions. 

1. Crello

crello Product Management Tools for ManagerLet’s start with classics. When you want to make quick ensign in your browser, Crello is your choice. You neither need to download it nor pay unless you want to unlock advanced features and extra resources. It’s lightweight and user-friendly. When you need a digital certificate or one for print, Crello provides you with an online certificate tool that saves you tons of time with its creative templates. One of the best things about designing in the browser is that it allows you to collaborate on designs with others, whether a colleague, your boss, or a stakeholder.

2. Confluence

confluence productivity softwareConfluence is also a trendy piece of software designed to assist staff collaboration. It allows you to design blogs and pages that can be annotated and edited by anyone on your team with granted access, of course. If needed, this tool also allows you to attach and display files conveniently. JIRA and Confluence have a lot of common ground, and the latter was created to integrate with JIRA.


the best productivity tool-jiraWhen in need of multifunctional services to solve complex technical issues, JIRA comes in hand. However, this management service was abandoned not so long ago as it seems too complicated, in a technical way, for an ordinary user. Nevertheless, JIRA is a popular CRM software for managers, developers, and teams. It is suitable when one needs to manage projects and products, communicate with a team, or set and move tasks. Launching a product can be a fundamental challenge for any team. This service will help its users focus on the product, automate workflow, and be productive in time management.

4. Hygger

Hygger Product Management ToolsProduct management, first of all, means making decisions about what you do with the product and only then implementing them. Being called a JIRA alternative, Hygger.io can be a perfect Product Management Tools for fast-developing companies. When having backlog issues, this tool can help a lot. Besides, it can also create and browse convenient roadmaps and neatly prioritize all the tasks. With Hygger, managers can easily handle a constant stream of ideas, organizing and prioritizing them and tracking their further development. This management tool also helps you save time and money by not developing the wrong ideas for the wrong customers.

5. Slack

slack Hygger Product Management Tools for the perfect managerNowadays, being one of the most popular apps with its peculiar notification sound, Slack could not be omitted from our list. When PMs need to hire a new employee, start a new task, reach out to the team, decide on the budget, and more, Slack is an excellent choice as it covers all of these needs. This management service creates a healthy ecosystem for a complete product experience, brings people and information together in one place, helps to communicate effectively, stay connected, and speed up processes. The Slack workspace is a shared space where team members can easily communicate and interact.

6. Zendesk

zendesk sell softwareThe Zendesk platform helps support teams and simplifies interactions between customers and companies. Zendesk is suitable task management software for any industry and industry that provides any customer service and is also ideal for organizations large and small. The service may be of interest to a product manager because it offers the following options:

  • analytical reports;
  • ticket management;
  • platform integrations;
  • online support and much more.

Clearly, this list is not perfect, but using such a working arsenal to its fullest can quickly bring your team to a new level of work and communication and get successful results soon.

Final Thought

Efficiency is a combination of all the processes. If a manager can combine all of his processes then he becomes successful in work. It is difficult to manage all the tasks without technology. In this regard, the product management tools may become a great source of relief for managers.

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