The Best 15 Business Card Scanner Apps for Everyday Use

A Business card scanner app works as a helping tool for business purposes. Using the scanning option of a business card reader, you can quickly transfer all the whereabouts of the cardholder on your device. It also keeps all the Infos safe and synchronized. The unique features of such an app can reduce the burden of your work. This article will discuss the best business card scanner apps that you might like. 

Importance of A Business Card Reader App

To carry on any business properly, the 1st thing you need is to keep connected with the right people. Whether meeting a new customer or dealing with other business people, you must track their detailed information. Most of the time, such collaboration is made by sharing the business cards of each other. A business card contains all the necessary details, including the contact numbers.

But, you might find it hard to organize all the contacts and Infos together. Again, you might not have enough time or patience to input this Infos manually. For solving this problem, modern science has shown an easier way. Using a business scanner app, you can finish your Info organizing task within a few seconds. 

Top 15 Best Business Card Scanner Apps

There are a lot of business scanner apps available for your daily use. Their unique features can differentiate these apps. Again, you might find distinctions among their working procedures. Before installing a business card scanner app, you must know its user manual and the key features. Otherwise, you might fail to choose the right one. 

But don’t worry! I’m here to help you choose the best app. The following part of the article will let you know about the best 15 business card scanner apps and their user procedures. 

1. Biz Connect

Price: Free / $6.99 per month

Biz Connect is a popular business card scanner app that will serve you close to perfection. Its intelligent CRM(Customer Relationship Management) feature lets you manage your activities properly. The scanner of this app can work 100% accurately. It can quickly figure out blurry words and unfamiliar fonts. Biz Connect also links the social media accounts of the cardholders efficiently.

Biz Connect free business card scanner app

Biz Connect can scan any QR code. It stores all the Infos in a secured folder. You can export these digital data using Excel, Google, or Outlook. This business card reader app also gives you an importing option. You can scan up to 50 cards daily using the free version. Biz Connect maintains a strict privacy policy. It offers you a translating feature too!

How to Use: Biz Connect offers you a simple user process. There is a ‘holder’ screen in the app containing the details of the cardholder. Besides each contact, you can find options to call, send an email, and share. At the top of the screen, the export, import, and adding to CRM options are available. There is a scan button prominently appearing on the screen. 

You have to press the scan button to input the details on your device. You can find an option to scan several cards one after another. After the scanning procedure, it will process the data. Then you will get the Infos organized in a folder within a short time! 

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Price: Free/ $30 per year

ABBYY best business card scanner appABBYY is one of the most efficient business card scanner apps. Its OCR technology-based features enable you to scan correct data from any business card. The app contains a syncing data option between several devices. Moreover, it can recognize 25 different languages. 

ABBYY provides a quick verifying method of your contacts. It allows you to search for new contacts directly from the app via Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter. This app stores your data safely. You can quickly access the information for its categorical arrangements. Besides, you can also add text notes with the scanned Info. The backup and restoring feature of ABBYY is also satisfactory.

How to Use: You have to tap the camera button of the app to scan a business card at first. If the image is blurry or cannot recognize any word correctly, the app offers you to input it manually. ABBYY displays the image of the card at the top of the screen. The app displays the icons for the call, email, address, website, social media accounts horizontally. 

ABBYY business card reader allows you to edit the contact details or add more Infos. You can also export the data from excel to manage your business card database. It can scan QR codes too. You have to tap the save button after completing the process. Your contact list will be kept organized and safe! ABBYY is a perfect app to stay in touch with your contact list. 

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3. L-Card Pro

Price: Free/ $2.5 per month

L-Card Pro best business card scanner appL-Card Pro contains many features to make your business work done quickly and organized. This card scanner app saves and shares the contact details fast. It also allows you to create unlimited personalized cards using different templates. L-Card Pro offers you a touch-free scanning feature. It gives you access to all the data offline too!

L-Card Pro can read cards in 24 different languages. Using the ‘Card Radar’ feature, you can Instantly exchange L-Cards with an unlimited number of contacts. It offers you an easy exporting option through Salesforce, Google Contacts, and Outlook. L-Card Pro allows you to add the scanned info to the general contacts of your device too. 

How to Use: L-Card Pro mainly offers you to create and share your business card. But its scanning feature is also user-friendly. After opening the app, you will get an option for making your business card. Select a template from the app and add your info. You can edit and add your picture. The QR code will bear all your information. 

To scan a business card, select the ‘copy existing card’ option. Then you have to tap the ‘card-like box’ button. The scanner will start working quickly and scan the card automatically. It also asks you whether you need to edit any data. If you find everything fine, tap the ‘proceed’ button. Your data will be kept safe, allowing you to access it anytime!

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4. Wantedly People

Wantedly People business card app freeWantedly People is one of the best free business card scanner apps. Its fast scanning technology can scan ten cards within a moment. The app saves the data collected from a card in a secured folder. It also allows you to keep the Infos to your contacts as CVS files. Using the OCR feature, Wantedly People can recognize the correct data from a card.

Wantedly People is similarly famous as a free business card scanner for iOS and Android. It offers you to set your professional profile in the app. You can also get a direct messaging option here. The app also supports card sharing using a temporary URL. Wantedly People is rigorous in maintaining your privacy.

How to Use: To scan a business card, you must press the scan button, swiping the screen. Your camera will be open. It will start searching for business cards immediately. There is a purple sign that can recognize the card. This app can scan up to 10 cards at a time. 

After placing all the cards within the purple sign, press the shutter button. That’s it! Wantedly, People will scan the cards accurately. Besides, it will import all the data. But to save this Infos in your contacts, you have to open the Wantedly People Companion Web App. After downloading the data as a CVS file, you can import it to your device. 

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5. Scan Biz Cards

Price: Free/ $100 per year

Scan Biz Cards business card app freeScan Biz Cards is a perfect app for use in an event. It allows you to scan data from any business card or conference badge. Its intelligent OCR technology can identify the information correctly. It also allows you to save and share the data.

Using the CRM integration system, Scan Biz Cards offers a multiple contacts exporting feature. It also has options for human transcription services. You can get your data manually inserted into your device by taking this option. 

How to Use: Scan Biz Cards offers you two different modes for scanning your cards. Using the ‘Single mode,’ you can scan only one card at a time by pressing the shutter button. If you want to scan multiple cards simultaneously, you have to use ‘Batch mode.’ 

The scanning camera will identify the Infos from your cards. By tapping the ‘export’ button, you can save the data to any system you like- Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and even your contacts. The batch mode will save the whole batch after finishing scanning. 

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6. Camcard Business

Price: From $5/user/month (minimum three users)

Camcard Business serves as a data organizer along with its scanning feature. This business card reader can scan any cards within a few seconds. It also keeps records of your official activities. You can send this organized routine via email and add it to any other manager. Besides, the accuracy rate of this app is satisfactory. 

Camcard Business best digital business card app 2021

Camcard Business provides email templates. It also has an email scheduling feature. Its data exporting and importing components serve great. Camcard Business can be considered one of the best digital business card app, 2021. 

How to Use: By using the built-in camera of Camcard Business, you can scan a business card. You have to place the card within the marked area and press the capture button. After scanning, this app will save all the Infos in a synchronized way. Moreover, you can edit the data if needed. The ‘Company Cardholder Screen’ will display all the information you have gathers from different cards. 

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7. Evernote

Evernote best digital business card app 2021Evernote is another free business card scanner app that can serve your purpose. It contains a valuable data recognizing feature. You can find all the information scanned from a card systematically stored in this app. It also has a note-adding feature. 

Evernote allows you to access the saved data on any device. There is a powerful searching option to help you find a specific contact quickly. It can also save your business Infos and allow you to share those with others. Evernote automatically creates a Google Calendar for you. This app is indeed a perfect business card reader. 

How to Use: Evernote has a simple user procedure. First, you have to sign in on the app. To scan a card, you need to press the ‘+’ icon. You will find a camera that allows you to take photos of the card. It can automatically recognize the information. You can also snap pictures of your business documents and extract data from them. 

Evernote also allows you to scan multiple cards at a time. If the data is not saved automatically, you must press the ‘Save As’ button and go for the ‘Business card’ option. You will find your data saved. 

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8. Microsoft Office Lens

 Microsoft Office Lens appYou can get your business work done quickly by using the Microsoft Office Lens. It is one of the best free business card reader apps having various features. This app provides an easy scanning option. You can get all the information from a business card saved in your address back. It also stores the detailed Infos in Microsoft One-Note. 

Microsoft Office Lens can scan all printed and handwritten notes. It also allows you to save the data in PDF, image, PowerPoint, or Word formats. Microsoft Office Lens can scan photos from your gallery too! It is worth using this business card reader app free of cost. 

How to Use: There are no problematic features in this app. You can easily scan any card or document by placing it before the camera. The app can recognize the Infos automatically. You can also check multiple cards using the ‘Business Card’ mode. You can find these data on OneNote, OneDrive, or any local device location, where you have saved them. 

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9. Covve

Covve Business Card reader appCovve is a business card reader app that gives you an organized business environment. It can store all your necessary data safely. Besides, this app contains a powerful CRM feature that can manage your activities. With an accurate scanning option, you can get all essential data kept in one place. 

Covve works as a business scanner app to Excel by exporting files to excel or CVS forms. It also notifies you of the news of different companies and business parties. You can use this free app to get connected with your business partners and customers as well. 

How to Use: Scanning a business card suing Covve is very easy. Its AI-powered business card scanner can recognize the Infos accurately. By capturing the card image, you will get all the information stored in your contacts. Covve can read 30+ different languages. It also has a backing up feature to restore your deleted data. You can search and find any information from the app quickly.

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10. Google Lens

Google LensAre you searching for a simple tool to scan your documents? You might be unaware of Google’s scanning app. Google Lens can be the perfect one for you. Using Google Lens, you can serve the purposes of a business card scanner app. 

Google lenses can recognize the data from any document. Its accuracy rate is quite good. It also allows you to take photos of strange things and learn about them. For those who simply need the card scanning feature, Google Lens is worth downloading.

How to Use: Google Lens provides the most straightforward user procedure. After opening the app, you can see a camera icon on the bottom of the screen. By clicking on it, you will get a camera mode. It allows you to capture the images of your cards and documents. Next, there is a contact chip option that saves the data to your Google Contacts. This free business card reader app can also scan QR codes and barcodes. 

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11. Hubspot Business Card Scanner

Hubspot Business Card ScannerIf you are a Hubspot user, the Hubspot Business Card Scanner app can serve you the most. This app is integrated with Hubspot CRM. It can scan the business cards within a few seconds. So, it saves all the Infos extracted from the cards altogether in the Hubspot CRM Software.  

Hubspot Business Card Scanner can translate data into 25 languages. It supports multiple card recognition. You can also add notes and voice messages with your contacts. This free business card reader app also identifies the text from any image saved in your gallery. Besides, it provides an option for exporting data to the excel spreadsheet. 

How to Use: The Hubspot Business Card Scanner app has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Using this app, you can scan cards. It also offers you to scan multiple cards at a time. 

There is a scanning camera in the app. You have to press that icon after opening the app. It will recognize the Infos correctly. Your data will be automatically kept in the Hubspot Software. There is an encrypted recognition server connection to protect your privacy.

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12. Sansan

Price: Free/ Paid (depends on the number of users)

Sansan scanning appSansan is a business card scanner app specially designed for large organizations. It helps to collect and integrate all the Infos from various business cards. This app also keeps all the data in a synchronized order. Sansan offers you the maximum scanning speed using advanced OCR technology. It also claims a 99.9% accuracy rate of their scanning.

Sansan is integrated with Hubspot and Salesforce. The app also uses Google Workplace and Microsoft 365 as its productivity tools. It allows you to store unlimited data. The app provides a two-way card exchanging feature. You can also take the human digitization option if you need to edit or proof the data. 

How to Use: Sansan possesses an easy card scanning procedure. You can scan up to 4 cards at a time. You have to arrange the cards vertically beneath the camera. When the blue circle stops on a card, press the shutter button. The information will be automatically saved. 

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13. Haystack Digital Business Card

Price: Free individual plan/ $7.95 per month for business plans

Haystack is one of the best free business card scanner tools for personal use. Its business plans are also noteworthy. It is an excellent app for managing activities and contacts for a small business. It also allows you to create digital business cards. The sharing and card exchanging options of the Haystack are fantastic.

 Haystack Digital Business Card

Haystack offers you to scan unlimited business cards and documents. It is integrated with Salesforce, Hubspot, Evernote, SugarCRM, and Pipedrive. Its CRM integration feature works great. You can easily share your digital contacts with others. Haystack also retains a satisfactory accuracy rate in recognizing data. 

How to Use: Using the Haystack Business card scanner app is not difficult at all. It has a built-in camera to scan the cards. It can recognize the text and Infos written on the cards. You just have to capture an image of it. You will get the data automatically saved in the integrated software. Besides, you can also edit or add new Infos with each of the contacts. 

To share your contact information, you have to send the Infos to others. They do not need to install the app. They just have to share a QR code or URL to save the data to their contacts. You can scan and share the info of multiple cards in this process. 

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14. ScanContacts for HubSpot 

ScanContacts for HubSpot ScanContacts for HubSpot is another well-reviewed free business card scanning application. It offers you a simple user interface. The app can save your time by providing a 60% faster scanning facility than manual scanning. It is mainly made by Sansan and combines features of both Sansan and Hubspot. 

ScanContacts for HubSpot contains a 99.9% scanning accuracy rate. You can scan unlimited cards using this app. Moreover, it can also recognize 16 different languages. The Scan Contacts app allows you to manage your business activities and collaborate with your colleagues. It can also export the Infos to your contact list. 

How to Use: The ScanContacts for HubSpot app is straightforward to operate. You can scan up to 4 cards simultaneously using this app. After capturing the photos of your cards, the app will extract the data from them. You can find the Infos on your contacts and CRM integration managers. You will also get options for editing or adding extra information to your contacts. 

More Info

15. DigiCard

Last but not least, I’m adding DigiCard to my list. The DigiCard app is one of the best business card scanners apps available for Android and iOS platforms. It can scan and manage the data collected from the business cards of other people. It also has a feature for building your digital business card. DigiCard contains OCR technology to recognize the accurate text from the cards. You can also design, edit, or add more Info to the scanned data.


DigiCard allows you to save the collected data to your contact list. It also has data exporting features such as vCard and CSV files. This app offers you to back up data in Google Drive. You can also share your business card by linking it up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The DigiCard app offers features for exchanging business cards via Bluetooth, NFC, or Wifi. You can get all these features free of cost. 

How to Use: You can simply capture the photo of any business card and save its info using the Digicard app. First, you have to open the app. You will find an option for scanning the card. Click the scan business card button. The app will scan your card within a few seconds. 

The DigiCard app will ask you to review the data after scanning. If everything seems fine to you, click the save button. The information extracted from the card will be saved as a contact. You can also keep them as vCards or CVS files. It also allows you to export data from the card to the contact list of your device. 

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Final Thoughts

I think you have found some magnificent ways for inputting the business card Infos to your device. These apps will save your time to a great extent. You can scan all the Infos from any business card like magic. Keeping contact with the clients and partners is one of the essential tasks to run a business. An efficient business scanner app can reduce your tension in this regard.

The 15 best business card scanner apps I have mentioned here really serve great. Besides business purposes, you can use these apps to manage your data. A business scanner app can help you to organize the data you gather in everyday life. Now select the best app from the list and have a try. I will eagerly wait to hear your feedback!

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