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Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Working With Holiday Swap

Employees are Going Back to the Office All Around the World While Holiday Swap Employees Enjoy the Benefits of Remote Working.

2020 was a huge transition for many global employees as they grappled with remote working. Many people enjoyed remote work’s flexibility until they suddenly called back to work in the office. Some companies force employees to return to their offices or face the consequences. Meanwhile, employees of the largest home-swapping platform in the world, Holiday Swap, its employees were encouraged to continue working remotely.

When Holiday Swap Was founded?

Holiday Swap was founded by James Asquith, the Guinness world record holder for the youngest male to travel to every country. The Holiday Swap team has employees from over 20 countries, and I had a chance to interview some recently. The COO of the company, Andy Mcginlay, stated that “he feels alive while traveling, and this job allowed him to travel the world while working remotely”.holiday Swap Ahmet Durmaz CEO

Another employee in Holiday Swap, Ahmet Durmaz, said “The best way to work is remotely and Holiday Swap is the best place to work while traveling the world and learning new cultures. Our team members are from Colombia, Cyprus, India, Turkey, Australia, Estonia, and the US, allowing me to look at life from their perspective, which widens my world. I feel fortunate to have this team and work in this company. As long as you complete your tasks and duties, there is no limit to traveling the world. The control is in your hands, and you have to balance your work life while traveling”. Dimag Ozgum, CMO of Holiday Swap

According to Dimag Ozgum, CMO of Holiday Swap, the company is welcoming great minds from all over the world who can help scale their vision to make traveling affordable again, and the best part is that these minds can do this from anywhere, anytime without needing to go to a boring office! Holiday Swap has a superb app

What does it offer to its users?

Holiday Swap takes a few clicks to book, host, and swap homes from anywhere. More than 10,00,000 users are using this application. You can cancel the agreement anytime, and there is no commitment. The users can save 90% on accommodation costs. It is one of the best platforms to travel the world at a low cost. 


To conclude, Holiday Swap has a superb app with over 1 million users, which allows people to travel affordably and securely in over 185 countries. Holiday Swap is a company everyone would enjoy working at. They are flexible, but at the same time, the company expects to balance your work life while traveling. When I first heard about Holiday Swap, I was fascinated by their employment system. Not many companies worldwide allow the same degree of flexibility for their employees. 

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