Best 10 Badminton Anime Games and Series of All Time

You can call sports anime entertainment within the entertainment. Anime that features stories revolving around any sports is sports anime. What can be a better sports anime than an anime about intense exercise like Badminton Anime Games? 

Sports are the most common form of entertainment all over the world. The intense moment of victory and losing, turning back from the verge of defeat, or the competitive vibe that takes your breath away makes sports what it is.

We all know Anime portrays a story in the most charismatic and vivid way. Besides, sports is the most sensational and addictive segment of amusement. So imagine that Anime about sports, how interesting and enjoyable it can be! 

Best 10 Badminton Anime Games and Series

Anime badminton is an influential subgenre in this sports genre anime. There are tons of badminton anime series and games about anime sport badminton out there for you. You will be in a dilemma about what badminton games and series are worthy of your valuable time.

For this, we guide you with the best 10 badminton anime games and series. So let’s prepare some popcorn and sit in front of your screen. These sports anime and series will take you to another world you may fall in love with.

1. Salaryman’s Club

Do you hear about corporate Badminton? Yes, this story tells us about corporate Badminton’s internal politics and competitiveness. Here corporate firms compete with one another in the badminton battle. Hence it is a massive matter of reputation who is winning. Salaryman's Club Badminton Anime Games and Series

The main protagonist of this Anime is Mikoto Shiratori. He was a child star in this arena and played for the Mitsuhoshi Bank. Now being grown up, he is again in the field. He had a past occurrence that haunted him. Finally, he was compelled to play doubles instead of singles.

The Mitsuhoshi Bank sacked him. Later another corporate firm named Sunlight Beverage recruited him. But he had to work for the sales department and play for the company. So his hectic life begins. 

He worked all day long in this beverage company. Then he practiced in the evening. Besides, he was transforming himself from a singles player to doubles. So he had to cope with his partner. And here all the problems started.

This series is about the journey of Mikoto Shiratori’s badminton career and how he faced obstacles in the office, with his partner, and personal life. Finallyalhow he overcame all these and advanced in his goal.

This Anime was telecasted very recently in April 2022. It consists of 12 episodes and more seasons to come.

2. Badminton Anime Games-Love All Play

This Anime is also a recently released series running on TV like the previous one. Unlike Salaryman’s Club, its story developed around a high school. Ryou Mizushima studied in a junior high school. He admitted to the badminton club accompanied by his friend. Badminton Anime Games-Love All Play

Eventually, he started to grow passionate about this sport. He worked pretty hard to attain top-notch skills in Badminton. As a result, he qualified for a local tournament. So his hard work paid off.

But the main difficulty came when he had to enter high school. Because he had no coach, he could not join a prestigious school with a strong badminton team. So he decided to take his admission to a local school with minimum Badminton playing facilities. 

Suddenly he met with a legendary coach of Yokohama Minato High School. He found potential in him and lobbied to get admission to his school. There was a player in that club named Kento Yusa. Ryou Mizushima, our main protagonist, worshiped and followed him as his role model.

In this way, the story advances. You will be a companion of Ryou Mizushima’s journey to his destiny and dream.  

3. Emerald no Wa

This Anime is different than any anime we will recommend today. This is a short anime. This is as short as only 2.21 min. Mizutani Shiori was a university back then in 2018 and made this short Anime his university project. Emerald no Wa

It was published on 09.01.2018. Mainly this Anime is about two girls in high school, and how they pass each other while playing Badminton, that is the story you will watch here. 

You will find this sports anime badminton in AnimePlanet. It is free to watch. You should try it if you want to check a different taste and take a break from traditional full-length anime movies or series.

4. Hanebado: The Badminton Play of Ayano Hanesaki!

This may be “THE ANIME” that makes this Badminton sports anime genre popular. This is a highly well-acclaimed anime among viewers. This series is adapted from the same named Hanebado manga. Hanebado-The Badminton Play of Ayano Hanesaki

Nagisa Aragaki is a high school badminton player who led her institution’s club. Accidently, she lost in National Junior Badminton Tournament by 21-0 points. This defeat squeezed the passion for this game out of her.

As a result, she lost interest in the club. She handled her fellow player and junior apprentices rudely. They were all always terrified of her. Her inhuman drills haunt club members this intensely that this took out their tears. 

It was pretty apparent that her club would lose its fame. Eventually, members dropped out from there. At this time, a new coach Mr. Kentarou Tachibana joined, who was an Olympic-level Badminton player. But here comes the twist.

He not only joined the club as a coach but also brought a player named Ayano Hanesaki. Who is this girl? She is the one to whom Nagisa Aragaki lost that particular game. So what comes next?

Ayano did not act like a rival to hers. But the intense heartbreaking of Nagisa kept her away from Ayano. Now Ayano was in front of these most difficult questions of her life. 

  • How could she mitigate the heartache of her fellow player whom she defeated?
  • How could she make this club like it was once?
  • The ways of her bring back the good old glory to her club and high school?

5. Ani x Para World

This short anime series is something of a kind that is rarely made. Ani x Para World is based on Para Olympics. In 2020, Japan was the host country for Para Olympic. NHK Japan aired this show to promote this event. Ani x Para World

This show covered almost every Para Olympic event. For example, their first episode illustrated blind soccer. Now comes the main question is this show cover Badminton? Indeed, their 8th episode was about Para-Badminton. This episode was aired on November 12, 2019.

Para-Badminton is played by players using a wheelchair and racket in their hands. There are other formats depending on the way of playing. Such as, players in the SH6 category play in the conventional ways since they have both hands and legs but have genetic disorders. 

But the form of Para-Badminton shown in this anime series is played by players in category WH1 using wheelchairs. This episode starts with an energetic and optimistic tuned theme song. Kaela Kimura, a renowned musician from japan, composed this theme song.

A complete collection of Ani x Para World is available on Youtube. You can watch these from NHK Japan, Anime News Network, and Roku.

6. Raddminton Badminton Anime Games

We have enough talk about badminton anime. Now we will divert your mind into a game that portrays Badminton anime most intensely. Virtuoso Neomedia will publish this game that will mitigate the long thirst of anime lovers for an anime game about Badminton.

Several years back, a game was published named Jet Set Radio. This game was also designed in anime-based graphics. Moreover, this game was about some street gang that fights with their rival through sports, mainly skeet boarding.

This game is also lightly inspired by Jet Set Radio. Here you will find street badminton with the most trendy and stylish-looking characters with the most epic gameplay. Your ace will be this powerful that your shuttle will be on fire.

This hardcore game will make you forget whether you play a Badminton sports game or a street fighting one. Lots of glittering effects and flaming shuttle cork will entirely consume your consciousness in reality. 

Developers released some clips of this game recently. This game is the town’s talk in the anime games arena. Since they have not announced any release date, you may have to wait a little longer.

7. Baby Steps

Since there are not a bunch of Badminton anime available, you may want to watch Anime like Salaryman’s Club, Hanebado, or Love all play. There is an option for you if you want to experience these majestic Anime again but with different tastes. Baby Steps

Eiichiro Maruo is a high school student. Like other high school boys with traditional thoughts, he wants to fulfill his high school graduation and get into a decent college. He was just focused on his career path.

The story took a turn when he met his fellow student Natsu Takasaki. Natsu is a Tennis player and was so passionate about this sport that he wanted to be a professional player at any cost, even if he had to abandon his education and career. 

Maruo was attracted to this sport and learned from Natsu. Now they become best buddies with the same goal: becoming a professional tennis player and conquering the tennis arena with their skill.

This Anime is all about how a boy without any passion and adventure in a life devoted to something that is not too conventional. Eventually, his style and skill in this sport grew with only his dedication and tiresome work.

8. Attack on Titan

You may be surprised at this moment to see this masterpiece on this list. This is a fantasy-action anime. Why on earth is this Anime on this list? There is an episode where Levi and Mikasa play a match with Hanetsuki. This battle between them would determine whose face would be marked with ink. Attack on Titan Badminton Anime Games and Series of All Time

Now comes the real question. What is Hanetsuki? Hanetsuki is a sport that is very familiar with Badminton. This game is also played with a shuttle made with natural feathers. The main difference is shown in the racket. The Racket of Badminton is made of aluminum in the frame area. The middle part of it is a net of fiber thread. 

But in the case of Hanetsuki, solid wood is the main ingredient of the racket. Other than that, the game is very similar to modern-day’s Badminton. You can say this is the traditional version of Badminton in Japan.

So why will you see the Hanetsuki Aka Badminton match in Attack on Titan anime? Because you may already know this Anime’s intense visualization of battle and fighting sequence. Imagine a Badminton match being played in this Anime in the same manner. Wouldn’t you watch that?

9. CR Hanetsuki Gakuen

After reading about the Japanese traditional Badminton game Hanetsuki in the earlier part, you may have grown interested in this sport. So what about playing it in video game format and learning more about this?

There is a game for you that will fulfill your wish to play Hanetsuki or Japanese Badminton. The most exciting fact about it is that this game is visualized in the form of Anime. Daikoku Corporation of Japan published this game quite a while ago.

This game was published on July 6, 2000. This may be an old game, but the gaming experience will be entirely satisfactory for you. You can not expect exclusive graphics from a vintage game, but it is a competitive title.

This game is available on some anime websites to this date. This will cost you nearly 520 Japanese Yen. In the USA, the price will be around 3 to 4 dollars. This was released in a complete series. You may find this series on Dreamcast console. So gamers, let us switch on your Dreamcast console player and start playing Hanetsuki.

10. Air Hanetsuki Badminton Anime Games

This game features traditional Japanese Badminton like the game Hanetsuki. This game is available on IOS and Android platforms. So this game is playable through android and apple mobile handsets.

Masamichi Kagechika developed this game. This game is very light in data consumption. Any device that supports the android operating system will support this game. This game may have elementary graphics and 2D gameplay, but you will have an introduction to Japanese culture.

Hanetsuki is generally a game for children. This game was widely played in japan on new year’s eve. Developers uploaded this game to both platforms on December 18, 2010. 

This game has some unique features, such as the in-game gravity being changeable. Players can shift the earth’s gravity to the moon’s gravity to make this game more challenging. Secondly, the game will be much more complicated when you turn on air balloon mode. In this mode, the shuttle becomes invisible.

Your availed score will be sent to their official server. They maintain a worldwide leaderboard there. But you have to purchase this game if you are an iPhone user. The most updated price of it is currently running at 0.99 dollars. This game is also compatible with the iPad.

My Final Thoughts

Badminton anime became a craze while Hanebado came out. After the Hanebado anime was completed, the manga of it sold like a hot cake. Even after the Hanebado manga ended, people wondered what was next. This article will help you to find “the next”.

We hope that these particular recommendations will not disappoint you. Indeed, they will be your next weekend’s specials. We also attached some Badminton anime games to give you some challenging and thrilling moments.

At last, we enclosed some anime and games with an extraordinary form of a game called Hanetsuki. We can assume you as an anime lover. And more certainly, a badminton anime enthusiast. So you should know that they have a game that looks like it. 

These shows capture this game’s beauty most charmingly and fascinatingly. Anime already has a unique way of storytelling that can consume the viewers’ full attention towards it. Besides, this has an appealing way of representing things. 

We can call you will find Badminton in an unknown manner that you never could imagine. Badminton is one of the most thrilling games in the world. Secondly, Anime is something that is already said to be appealing, charming, and fascinating.

So think about this thrilling game with the essence of appealing Anime and what kind of entertainment it could be! So let’s watch these films, play these games, and let us know your experience in the comment section. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful time with these animes and games’ breathtaking thrill and wonder. If you have any recommendations or additions to this list, please inform us in the comment section below.

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