9 official anime website: Best Sites to watch anime free

Anime is a dominant genre of animation that originated in japan and getting extremely popular among our youth due to its unique aesthetic and artistic marvel. Nowadays, finding someone who has never heard of or seen anime is hard. One of the main reasons behind this expansion is the emergence of video streaming and anime website. 

Many streaming websites concerned with anime were established in previous decades. A few years ago, finding a decent site on the internet was hard. It is hard to pick a convenient anime streaming site from numerous websites. 

Out of these streaming sites, not all of them are free, legal, or rich in content. Finding a site that provides all three of these is tricky. Some sites are free but hardly legal. Most of the legal and affluent sites require a subscription fee. 

Facing all these complications, it may be hard for you to choose the most convenient sites for streaming. To ease your conquest, we tried our best to find 9 official anime websites that are free and safe. 

We focus on free streaming sites but try to balance their legal status and safety issues.  

1. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is one of the best sites to watch anime you will ever encounter. This site possesses quality streaming along with open to download. The interface of this anime site is also suitable for all ages. They use the latest 4.0 technology that will increase your viewing experience somewhat differently. GoGoAnime

This anime website is free to watch and doesn’t require any subscription. GoGoAnime also gives you access to download anime series and films. This site launched its app on both ios and android platforms. But you don’t need to download it to watch or stream anime online.

You can watch anime online for free or download it along with subtitles here. You will find plenty of English dubbed anime here.

This site has an alternative anime streaming site for free named Goanime tv. Sometimes you will find this site down. In this case, you must google Gogoanime’s official site on Reddit.

You can call it the best anime website even in 2022, as they have approximately 1000 anime series and films ready to be downloaded for you. 

Now come the question is it legal to use the Gogoanime website? Yes, it is legal since all the media are uploaded here by a third party. So technically, there is no legal barrier to using this site. 


  • Have mobile apps on both platforms (ios and android)
  • 1080p video quality
  • Latest 4.0 technology
  • Massive archive
  • Not illegal
  • It supports both streamings online and downloads
  • Dubbed Anime and subtitles available


  • Often becomes down
  • Lots of ads and pop-up links
  • Mobile apps become laggy
  • The slow server of Gogoanime tv’s

2. 9anime

Anime lovers consider 9anime as one of the best free anime streaming websites. This site is famous for its easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it is very minimalistic and straightforward. Anime movies and series are categorized very well in an alphabetic manner which will help you to find your desired show promptly. 9Anime

Despite free anime sites to watch online, you will catch new shows and movies right after the real-time aired in Japan. Subtitles for every anime show and film are available here. They update their library every hour.

You can switch between languages while watching. Mostly Japanese and English dubbed anime are accessible, but some other languages are available in some shows.

If you are looking for the best apps to watch anime for free, you are in the right place. Cause mobile apps of 9anime will provide you with all the premium features like watching later, wishlist, choosing between resolution, subtitles, and dubbed shows for free.

Their apps are available on both ios and android platforms. Like every excellent anime site, scams also produce some fake site looks and names like 9anime. To avoid this hassle, you must enter the 9anime official website.

The only problem you will face while watching is their slow server. This problem is widespread whether you use their website or mobile apps. Despite this issue, this site is the best free anime streaming service for anime lovers.


  • Upload shows and movies regularly
  • Minimalistic user interface
  • Subtitles and dubbed shows are available
  • Apps are available for ios and android
  • Dark and light mode


  • It does not let you download files
  • Slow server

3. Anime Planet

If you are concerned about legality, this site is 100% legal. It contains nearly 45000 anime content that is legally certified to publish. Here you can make your wish list, and the algorithm of the anime website will work further according to this list. Anime Planet

Maybe this is the only anime website that features legally accurate but free of cost. They have a decent amount of shows in their library. Since they are a site only promoting legally certified content, their library is not that much of massive.

Another signature of a good anime website is its fast and stable server. But they take too much time during the period of maintenance. Some users complain that they make this site down for a whole day for regular maintenance. 

The unique feature of this website is having a separate manga segment in their website. Anime planet has a huge viewer base not only for anime shows but also for manga.

They maintain a community forum for their viewers and manga readers. Their discord server is very welcoming and warm to members. Unlike most popular anime streaming sites, they don’t have apps on either ios or android platforms. 


  • Anime Planet contains only legally certified anime shows and films
  • Have a user-friendly algorithm with a wishlist
  • Fast and stable server
  • Separate manga section
  • Have a community forum on discord


  • Not possess a massive library
  • Maintenance takes too much time
  • Frequent advertisement
  • Not have any mobile apps

4. AnimeFreak

No anime lover isn’t an admirer of Attack on Titan, Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z., But you may be worried about where you will find the whole collection of these masterpiece shows. Animefreak is where you will find every single episode of these popular choices. Animefreak is where you will find every single episode of these popular choices. 

They have a unique feature revealed while your video is loading. During these loading times, a chatroom appears, and you can communicate with other anime lovers. Animefreaks website’s genre button is so versatile that you can choose your desired one from more than 80.

Anime freak tv was considered one of the best free anime streaming services in 2021. Recently a new update arrived, and ads overflowed in watch time. Every minute you have been redirected to another site or exposed to other ads. 

Still, Animefreak is very popular among viewers for its gigantic library of popular choice anime. Their user-friendly interface enables you to choose from numerous options and makes your experience more convenient. We all hope that this disturbance from the advertisement will solve in a further update.


  • Have almost all popular anime shows 
  • Chat room pops up during video loading 
  • Versatile navigation option in Anime freak website
  • Regular update


  • Excessive advertisement after the latest update
  • The server sometimes gets laggy

5. Crunchyroll

This website has the world’s most extensive anime films and shows collection. So now you may wonder why we put this site in number 5! Cause this site is not free. Crunchyroll Store to Buy Authentic Anime Figurines

If you want to watch anime free, you must endure many ads during watch time. Crunchyroll premium features ad-free anime streaming services. But the anime list is pretty standard in every version. So it does not make a big difference.

This site is a joint venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Japan’s Aniplex. So it appears that they are quite a legal site. They make available the highest possible resolution of any show with English subtitles and dub.

They produce some original series that you will find only here. You may be heard of and are eager to watch some of their original works. Dr. Ramune, Mysterious Disease Specialist, Fena: Pirate Princess, Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You, Shenmue the Animation, etc., are some of their makings that have been acclaimed critically. 

Their service is open across all platforms such as PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire Tv, Chromecast, ios, Vita, Roku, Wii U, and Android. You can switch seamlessly from one device to another, and the video playback will be the same. 

They provide an additional section for Manga, Anime mobile games, Anime collectibles and merchandise, and so on. Their mobile apps also support premium features in paid version and service with advertisements in the free version.  


  • Have the world’s most extensive collection
  • Produce original works
  • Available across all platform
  • Manga, Games, and merchandise are also available
  • There is no difference in the anime list between the free version and paid version


  • Ads free service requires a paid subscription
  • Terrible mobile apps
  • Spelling mistakes in the subtitle

6. Zoro

Zoro anime website is the latest addition to this list. They are pretty young anime sites to watch anime for free. They proclaim that they look up all the free anime sites to deduct the negative side of their site, including excessive advertisement. Zoro anime website is the latest addition to this list.Both classic and contemporary anime are categorized in the vast genres here. All their anime come with English subtitles and are dubbed in various languages. Its user interface is also convenient for everyone as it is sleek and minimalist but highly sophisticated.

The stream is also very smooth as their server adapts resolution per your internet connectivity speed. Resolution can come down to 360p and spike up to 1080p depending on internet speed. 

Another feature you may like is to download anime films and series on this anime web. There is an option, watch later, available. You can save your favorite show, which will be auto-downloaded to watch offline when your internet connectivity is down.

Their customer care is well known as they are active 24/7. If you face any difficulties using their anime website to watch shows, they will resolve the issue within the shortest period. 

Since they are a new anime site to watch online for free, they are still short on a massive library. Apart from this, they will take place in top anime sites with their other specialty shortly. 


  • Very few advertisements
  • English subtitles and dubbed in various language
  • Adjustable resolution
  • Can download files
  • Effective customer service


  • The library is not that massive

7. Funimation

Funimation website is one of the “Sony Entertainment” owned anime streaming sites. Sony is the pioneer in dubbing anime to English. Since Sony operates this site, they have an impressive library of dubbed anime films and series. FUNIMATION watch anime online

This site is out of the question in terms of legality. Crunchyroll is currently merging with them, so their massive library of anime is now getting more collective. The high-quality resolution, dubbed files, and various language subtitles are available like any other good anime website to watch anime.

They have a well-designed mobile app named “Funimation Now”. But it is only available across Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. So if you are in Europe and Asia, you can not avail this advantage.

This anime website is free if you are prepared to watch advertisements, decreased resolution, and short videos. Their premium package starts at 5.99 dollars. You will get a 14 days free trial before paying for it. 

Recently Funimation and Hulu entered into a joint partnership. Now any Hulu users have access to Funimation’s anime. Besides, many anime films and shows from Funimation are streaming on Hulu now. This website supports parental control.


  • Massive library
  • Partnership with some other best anime streaming site
  • A well-equipped mobile app
  • Parental control
  • The premium package is free for 14 days
  • Has no legal barrier


  • Mobile apps are available in only a few countries.
  • Premium features are not for free.

8. Animix Play

Animix play provides low buffering and a smooth experience because all shows are streamed through cloud services. All of their animes are high definition in resolution and streamed through Youtube and Openload, so technically, their library is unlimited. 

You can watch your favorite show later without any internet connection by just tapping the button to watch later. But you have to ensure that the file is below 300 MB. otherwise, you may split the whole video into some portions consisting of below 300 MB. 

They have an app called AniMix TV. It is considered one of the best apps to watch anime for free. Tons of customization, including resolution, language, interface color, toggle button, and download for offline, are available here. Using experience is hassle-free; unlike other apps, you don’t have to submit personal information. Just download, install and play. Need not fill up any registration form.

Along with anime films and shows, many mangas are available here. In the question of legality, it is not a legal one. So you should be careful about malicious threats. Apart from this, this is one of the free anime websites to watch anime. 


  • Streamed through cloud services
  • Customizable mobile application
  • Separate manga section
  • Fast and bufferless media experience


  • Offline video can be saved up to 300 MB
  • Concern of legality 

9. AnimeVibe

If you are looking for ads-free but free anime websites dubbed and subbed, then AnimeVibe might be the best choice. This site is funded by donations from anime lovers around the world. This way, they can afford to provide you with acceptable quality without paying subscriptions. 

A frequent problem in streaming is that site’s player stops working or collapses. But AnimeVibe has 5 different players. These multiple sources ensure that your experience should not be hampered. 

Their media files are also available for download. You can even download it while watching that particular film. However, their downloadable video supports up to 720p. Full HD (1080p) videos are available only for streaming online.

Navigation here is so much easy and suitable for all ages. You can choose a category between lots of options. Similar to KissAnime, they have an advanced search option. This option allows you to discover particular anime by its genres. 

They also have a lite version for a faster and lighter experience. If your internet connectivity is not stable and your device is old and laggy, then this lite version of AnimeVibe would be a lifesaver for you. 

If you are wondering about legality, then the answer is negative. But your device will not be open to viruses because of their no ads policy. 


  • Ads free
  • Funded by donation
  • Multiple sources to play
  • Downloadable contents
  • Advance search options like kiss anime
  • The Lite version of AnimeVibe is available


  • Can download only up to 720p
  • Not Legal

My Thoughts

The craze for Anime is increasing daily, and the anime lover community is growing. Unlike motion pictures, anime doesn’t release worldwide in theatre. Maybe Japan, the USA, Spain, and some countries release anime in their theatre. But the rest of the world had to depend online to watch anime.

So it is a frequent question for viewers what is the best anime site to watch? In this article, we tried to help you by providing the 9 best anime websites to watch anime for free. Maybe one of them will be your next companion to experience this magical world of anime.

All of these 9 sites are already very popular among anime lovers. They all cover almost every popular title. Some sites have some unique features that we enclosed here with proper research. 

So let’s check them out and pick the best anime website suitable for you. Anime is not a medium of entertainment. This is a whole new world with an extensive imagination. Moreover, sail through this epic expedition to this anime world with these nine anime websites. If any of these nine anime sites helps you experience it, we would be grateful.

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