The Best 20 Github Alternatives to Host Open Source Projects

One way to improve your tech skills is to participate in open-source projects. Join an online community if you want to grow in your career. GitHub used to be the only known community to share your works. But not anymore. I will share the best 20 GitHub alternatives for open-source projects in my article. It is now time to move away from GitHub and explore your options. 

GitHub and its Drawbacks?

GitHub is popular amongst tech geeks as a hosting service for Git. It lets you share your work, ask for help, and join teams. Like any other tool, GitHub has drawbacks that many users dislike. Knowing them will help you in your coding journey.

    • Not an open-source tool

GitHub hosts open-source projects but is not an open-source tool. Users are unable to change or upgrade their code to create custom applications. Many of its alternatives are open-source software. They provide more freedom to their users in developing apps.

    • Security issues

Many thought GitHub to be one the safest places to keep valuable data. But the site proved them wrong many times. Whatever you put on GitHub is a target for hackers. The recent cyber-criminal attack is proof of their weak security system. 

    • Pricing and less flexibility 

GitHub is a closed-source software that lacks flexibility in its features. It has some great tools that it offers in a paid version. Its alternatives can provide improved security and better custom options for free. Some offer similar features without asking for a single penny. 

The Best 20 GitHub Alternatives to Host Open-Source Projects

Let us get started with the list of the best BitBucket alternatives. Check out the entire list and choose the best platform. 

1. GitLab

GitLab github alternativesGitLab steals the number#1 spot on our list. The GitHub twin displays many similar features. With extra functions, the tool is more efficient. It also features increased security and freedom to develop custom code. It comes with a GitHub Actions alternative to provide a smooth workflow. 

GitLab offers branching tools, file locking, and time tracking: group requests, charts, and sections together in an easy way. Stay organized and collaborate with like-minded people to build projects. You can do all these without the need for third-party options. The GitLab Ultimate and Gold package for open-source projects is free.  

Key Features 

  • GitLab is smooth in joining with third-party options to provide more convenience.
  • You can host GitLab projects yourself for free or third-party hosting with payment.
  • If you own a server, you can download and install GitLab on your server. 
  • It is a smooth process of importing all GitHub files to GitLab. 

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2. BitBucket

BitBucketBitBucket is perfect for a professional team of coders that promises high performance. Enjoy the GitHub copilot alternatives for smoother operation. It is suitable for group projects of any size in a company. Import all your GitHub resources with a few steps and get a working BitBucket. 

Extra features include SMART tracking of work and issues. You will find more flexibility in arranging resources on BitBucket. It provides top-notch service in security with scanning. Join with other third-party tools like Jira to use more advanced functions. BitBucket is free for a team of up to five users. Standard and Premium versions are available for larger-sized groups. It is a top-class GitHub alternative on the market.

Key Features 

  • BitBucket free unlimited private file storage space. 
  • It comes with a lot of file space to store rich media.
  • It joins with Trello to help organize tasks. 
  • Build quality projects with code review and enhanced security. 

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3. Beanstalk

Beanstalk github alternativesBeanstalk is reliable and rich in its features. Manage all your data without worrying about data security. You can use an issues tracker, comparison review, and email digests. You get access to file history and the commits history for code reviews. It is an efficient Git submodule alternative that you are going to love. 

Beanstalk adds an extra layer of security with 2FA. You have to come up with strong passwords to create an account. Level permissions protect all your information from outsiders. Its advanced security system and efficiency make it an ideal GitHub alternative. Assign different permissions for different members when you work in a group. 

Key Features 

  • Beanstalk helps with team projects through alerts, progress trackers, and commits history.
  • Read the overview of code stats for a specified time with the stats option. 
  • Make quick changes while you browse files and edit codes. 
  • Review your work, compare it with others, and share it.
  • You can run your code in several environments without affecting work efficiency.

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4. RhodeCode

RhodeCodeRhodeCode provides some of the best collaboration tools for group projects. You will find yourself having more and better control over codes. The platform also speeds up the interaction time to give faster results. Enjoy the improved workflow automation when building projects. You will enjoy your time working on RhodeCode for sure. 

RhodeCode provides all the features needed to build your dream project. It is a well-loved alternative to GitHub for its unified approach. It helps join Git and Subversion with companies needing to manage source codes. You get the central control of managing everything through an interface. Manage all your code works by transferring the files into RhodeCode.

Key Features 

  • RhodeCode is a secure platform with options to set up access permissions.
  • It is free for those running it on-premise. It costs $8/month/user to run it on the cloud.
  • Perform code reviews and other edits to improve the quality of your program.
  • Workflow automation helps speed up the development process. 

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5. Fossil

Fossil github alternativesFossil is the ultimate GitHub alternative open-source platform. It is a replacement for not only GitHub but the entire Git system. Find everything that you see on GitHub. Wiki, forum, and bug tracking are all available to help with open-source projects. Document everything that you find in every project you build. It differs from GitHub but has all the right tools to get you started. 

Move your data from Git to Fossil with the simple in-built interface. It is a secure and excellent self-hosting platform for projects. Join the friendly community of coders to learn more about your coding journey. Chat, make friends, and have a great time working on Fossil. 

Key Features 

  • Fossil is open-source software that is free for users.
  • Compiling source codes is like a piece of cake on the platform.
  • HTTPS and SSH ensure that the Fossil network is safe to use. 
  • It features auto-sync and SQLite databases to save your data. 

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6. Git Kraken

Git Kraken best collaboration tools for group projectsGit Kraken is a cross-platform Git client for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It has an elegant design and is efficient in performance. It offers a free trial before confirming the paid version. You can use it for free if you run it on public-hosted repositories. The Pro License is free for students and teachers. So, why not grab the opportunity while you can?  

Many call it the best GitHub desktop alternative for building projects. Developers find it reliable for being productive and secure. Access the fuzzy finder, commit history, drag-drop, and many more features. You also get to choose between light and dark themes. Keyboard shortcuts and an intuitive user design make it easier to use the platform.

Key Features 

  • Git Kraken provides good-quality visuals and easy-to-use features.
  • Join third-party apps to build better projects.
  • It comes with a merge conflict editor and a built-in code editor.
  • Connect the Glo board to Git Kraken to track tasks to make progress. 

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7. SourceForge

SourceForge best collaboration tools for group projectsSourceForge has all the tools to create open-source projects. It is the perfect GitHub alternative for Linux users. It is one of the largest platforms for developers to team up and build apps. Use the platform to develop, review, and share your software with others. Be a part of a community with over twenty million users worldwide. 

Use filters by location to download analytics for projects. The platform also features browser-based code browsing for better search results. Take screenshots and create videos to share on social media. Publishing your work is a matter of seconds when working on SourceForge.  

Key Features 

  • SourceForge gives you unlimited bandwidth for building open-source projects.
  • Open-source directories allow you to group projects.
  • Track issues and download statistics by platform and region.
  • The platform provides helpful forums and blogs.

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8. Google Cloud Source Repositories

Google Cloud Source RepositoriesGoogle Cloud Source Repositories is a well-known GitHub alternative open-source tool. It provides unlimited private repositories for managing codes. Make an easy switch from GitHub and perform code browsing and code searching. Improve your coding skills with feedback from the community. Set up triggers for automatic building and testing work with Cloud Build. 

Regexp is a tool that helps you search fast. You can use filters to search through files, codes, and projects. The platform is free for up to 5 users with 50GB of storage space. If you want more, then upgrade it to a paid account. 

Key Features 

  • Google Cloud Source offers a simple process of developing and managing codes.
  • The platform ensures the security of your resources with strict security policies.
  • Join with other Google Cloud tools for a better workflow.
  • Perform various operations like push, pull, log, and clone while building apps.

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9. GitBucket

GitBucketGitBucket is easy to set up and use. It is a clone of GitHub built on Scala that works well with all GitHub APIs. Get access to GitHub and similar sites making everything easy and fast. The hosting service uses HTTPS and SSH for a smooth move from GitHub. The repository viewer provides the visuals of everything you do on GitBucket. 

Tracking issues and making changes to codes is simple. You will soon get the hang of using the platform. A list of plugins lets you add extra features for better performance. You get access to plugins like alerts, maintenance, analysis, etc. 

Key Features 

  • GitBucket can add any custom-made plugins to its site for more flexibility. 
  • This GitHub alternative features a repository viewer, pulls requests, and wiki amidst many other functions. 
  • Run the site for free on your server.
  • Host unlimited private projects on your server. 

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10. Gitea

GiteaGitea is a project based on GitHub with almost all the same features. Run codes on your server and create passionate projects with others. It is a popular Gitlab alternative self-hosted platform with some cool features. Create repositories, set permissions, create logins, and many more. You will have no problem using the option with GitHub-like functions. 

Gitea is lightweight and runs even on Raspberry Pi. It offers a vibrant community of developers to help the users. You can compile it for Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can install it or use Docker to set it up. It also offers bug tracking and code reviews like all the other alternatives. 

Key Features 

  • Gitea lets you upload code and manage data with SSH keys.
  • It is open-source with several databases and OS. 
  • Gitea takes less space on RAM and is easy to upgrade.
  • It features third-party options, Git wikis, repository tokens, etc.

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11. Launchpad

Launchpad is a free GitHub desktop Linux alternative by Canonical. Use it as a hosting service for Ubuntu or create your open-source projects. It helps with bug tracking on Ubuntu-related projects. The service also includes code reviews, mail listing, and code hosting. 

Getting all your resources from GitHub to Launchpad will be easy. The website provides a community of supporters to help you in your tech journey. The site is available in several languages. You also find more freedom in using features to create custom apps.

Key Features 

  • Launchpad features code hosting with Bazaar and excellent bug tracking. 
  • Get access to a convenient dashboard and the Ubuntu package.
  • Form teams and build open-source projects for free.
  • Create links between bugs and branches and share bug reports. 

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12. Gogs

Gogs github alternativesGogs is a lightweight and self-hosted solution for open-source projects. Use any Linux server to install it as a package. Set up Gogs on Raspberry Pi, Windows, or as a container. Install it from the source code to run the program. There are many options to use it the way you want. 

Gogs is an ideal Gitea alternative that does not use many resources on RAM. It is fast and gives a good performance in any environment. You will have a fun time using the platform to build projects. It is convenient in its features and settings. It will take you a minute to install Gogs.

Key Features 

  • Gogs can compile for Windows, Linux, Mac, and many others.
  • You will love the platform for its speed and convenience.
  • Google webhooks include Slack, Discord, and DingTalk.
  • Create a user profile to get access to a dashboard and activity timeline. 

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13. Apache Allura

Apache AlluraApache Allura is another open-source GitHub alternative. It is free and available in many versions, the latest being 1.10.0. Manage your source codes and bug reports, and take part in discussions. It also features mailing lists and forums for user interaction. 

Get access to helpful blogs to guide you in the right direction. Get your hands on its powerful bug-tracking system and wiki to handle documentation. You can build and manage several projects all at once. Work with Git and use svn to group requests, forks, etc. 

Key Features 

  • Apache Allura has an excellent search tool to provide fast search results. 
  • You can create attachments, wiki pages, and discussion forums. 
  • Take screenshots of projects and highlight notes like syntax. 
  • Use tickets to create custom labels and fields. It can also attach and format files.

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14. Gitolite

Gitolite github alternativesGitolite is minimal in its settings. It does not have an interface or a client. You have to do little coding to install it and get it started. It is a lightweight open-source tool and a good GitHub action alternative. Gitolite gives plenty of freedom to users to create custom software. 

This GitHub alternative is an ideal platform for companies and people building open-source projects. You have to create a user to run Gitolite on your server. The platform verifies users’ access permissions and manages SSH keys. It is a simple tool with proper security measures. 

Key Features 

  • Gitolite is good at automatic handling of user access permissions.
  • It also verifies the privilege level when you try to access specific repositories.
  • You do not have to manage countless Unix user accounts. Create a list of users with SSH keys 
  • Access many built-in commands to make the platform more convenient for you. 

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15. AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommitAWS CodeCommit is an alternative GitHub cloud-based platform. Everything automates to help develop your projects. Security is AWS CodeCommit’s number one priority. Every project hosted here has its own private Git repository. Transfer files to and from CodeCommit with the SSh and HTTPS. It is superb for remote teamwork for its fast performance and convenient tools. 

Key Features 

  • AWS CodeCommit is automatic in increasing your project size for growing demands. 
  • It is easy to access and use the features of CodeCommit.
  • It is one of the top platforms for collaboration and team projects.
  • The platform will offer unlimited size and unlimited repositories for your projects. 

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16. GNU Savannah

GNU SavannahGNU Savannah works well with Git, Mercurial, and Subversion. It is a superb GitHub alternative system with many third-party tools. It takes time to learn how it works, but it becomes a valuable tool for any business once mastered. The platform allows bug tracking, web hosting, mailing lists, etc. 

Key Features 

  • GNU Savannah offers free hosting for your projects.
  • A community of developers in the forum will help you in your coding career.
  • Build software, develop codes, and run projects on free Operating systems.
  • Get access to a list of other free projects and learn from them. 

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17. GitPrep

GitPrep is similar to GitHub in many ways. Use it for free, with almost all the features you need for creating projects. Any Linux or Unix system can run GitPrep. It is lightweight and easy to set up with fast installation. You will have no trouble moving the repositories from GitHub to GitPrep. It also features CGI, reverse proxy supports and built-in servers. 

Key Features 

  • GitPrep needs only Perl 5.8.7+ to run on any Linux or Unix.
  • Perform direct pull from GitHub resources with the efficient pull and push system.
  • Access CGI, HTTP, and SSL support to build more secure projects.
  • Set up GitPrep on your server with only two commands to install it.

18. CodeGiant

CodeGiantCodeGiant is one of the best GitHub alternatives with an intuitive issue tracker. Thousands of teams use it to create, manage, and track the progress of their software. It can handle any workload of any size. There are two options available for project types. You can also join other networks like GCP and AWS for more functions. 

Key Features 

  • CodeGiant is perfect for team projects with features like chat, managing documents, etc.
  • Develop your codes, review them, and publish them online for more recognition.
  • Users enjoy its simple interface with a good user experience.
  • Improve your codes with the bug-fixing feature and develop mobile apps.

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19. Kallithea

Kallithea github alternativesKallithea supports Git and Mercurial to provide more custom options for users. It has a simple web interface that makes everything smooth and easy. It is another alternative to GitHub that you set up on your server. From there, you can host projects in either Git or Mercurial. It can manage permissions settings to protect your information from outsiders. 

Key Features 

  • Kallithea offers users built-in push and pulls servers. 
  • Access the features over SSH and HTTPS for security. 
  • It is easy to team up with third-party tools and use them.
  • Find bugs and improve your codes with the code review option.

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20. Trac

TracTrac is the last one on our list of GitHub alternatives. It is lightweight and minimal in approach. It is a fantastic tool for developing software programs. You can do basic stuff like uploading projects, managing files, and tracking bugs. Trac supports self-hosting. Trac is a good choice if you do not want to host on third-party cloud platforms. 

Key Features 

  • Trac offers its functions through helpful plugins. 
  • Customize it according to how you want your workflow.
  • Use the wiki feature to manage team knowledge in group work.
  • It also performs cost reporting, budgeting, and tracking time for a project. 

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  • What is the best alternative to GitHub?

My personal choice would be GitLab. It works like GitHub and, in some cases, better than GitHub. Unlike GitHub, GitLab is open-source software. It is cheaper, faster, and more flexible to create custom applications. GitLab allows easy file transfer from GitHub, BitBucket, and Google Code.

  • Which is better: GitHub or GitLab, or Bitbucket?

Three of these platforms come with some unique features that set them apart. It depends on personal choices and needs when building projects. GitHub and GitLab have the best interfaces for open-source projects. For private projects, GitHub and GitLab are good choices. BitBucket is the right choice when you work in a team with Jira and Asana.

Some of the alternatives listed are free. Make sure you know what your project needs before paying for a service. Different projects have different sets of requirements and software that they need. Ask for help from a professional developer with experience in all these platforms. You can also join a forum or an online community for advice. 

  • Are there any alternatives to Git?

There are many alternatives, but the four most popular ones are: 

    1. Azure DevOps Server
    2. AWS CodeCommit
    3. Subversion (SVN)
    4. Helix Core
  • Which one is better: SVN or Git?

SVN has better performance and usability than Git in some cases. But Git is more popular amongst developers because it is superb at branching. In most cases, Git is better for access control. An active community of developers also keeps raising Git’s popularity bar. 

If you are looking for a switch, then check out Helix Core. It delivers better access control, performance, and usability than SVN. You will also notice a better branching system in Helix Core than in Git. 

  • Which is the best Git repository?

I would choose BitBucket as the best option. Many call it the best GitHub alternative for having a terrific Git repository. BitBucket gives you everything you need to succeed in group projects. Work with a team, write codes, test codes, and apply them to projects on BitBucket. 

  • What is the best code repository?

GitHub is usually the winner. But, if you are unhappy with it, I recommend trying other alternatives on my list. My suggestions would be BitBucket, RhodeCode, and SourceForge. 

Final Thoughts

That is a wrap, dear readers! Thank you for reading my article on the best 20 GitHub alternatives. Like all my other articles, I hope you found it helpful and informative. Each of these alternatives is a great pick having millions of developers worldwide. It depends on what you need for your project to complete and succeed. As I always say, go through each of them for the best. Lastly, do not forget to share my article with your buddies. Happy learning!

Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Anika Anamta Mehnaz
Mehnaz loves to show her creations through writing and drawing. She is a tech-savvy young individual who loves learning something new every day and helping others with her knowledge and work.

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