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The Best 10 Tentacle Animes And The Most Tragic Anime Characters

The Best tentacle animes and the most tragic anime characters

Anime is a rapidly growing entertainment sector with a lot of genres. It has an ever-growing fan base due to its significant characteristics in every genre. Tentacle anime is one of the unique genres that you may not hear that much. 

Here tentacles are like octopus or squid, two or more elongated body parts that may present in the body of any major or minor character of anime. Flexible apparatuses called tentacles are mainly used for grasping, feeding, or feeling. 

You may have seen some fascinating use for those tentacles in some animes. This unique use of tentacles gives those anime their particular characteristics. Moreover, this character associated with tentacles attracts you to watch or get obsessed with this genre.   

You may read the following discussion about tentacle animes to learn about this genre. You may enjoy watching every one of them, but the following writing may help you start with the best one. 

#1. The Squid Girl

In this anime, an evil and ruthless monster that arises from the sea called Ika Musume tries to annihilate human civilization. In this anime, an evil and ruthless monster that arises from the sea called Ika Musume tries to annihilate human civilization. 

She has a dual personality, and firstly, she is a small adorable creature that makes spaghetti from her squid ink. Secondly, she is an evil, ruthless monster seeking revenge on humans because it is humans who polluted the sea and destroyed their homes.

She seeks an adventure from the water world to the human world, disguises herself as a human, and works as a waitress. However, she encountered the Aizawa sisters, Eiko and Chizuru, who tried to bully her. 

World domination in her sight, she goes out for an adventure in the world of air breathers. To find out, if she fulfilled her vengeance on the Human world or not, you must see this fantastic anime. 

#2. Tentacle and Witches (OAV)

In this supernatural, erotic anime Ichiro Tachibana somehow find out some secret about Ms. Yuko, that she is a witch. One day Ichiro gets caught by Lily while peeping on Yuko.

Angry Yuko casts a spell on Ichiro, turning him into a twisted, purple tentacle monster. Now to retain his human form, he has to harness energy from two witches through sex.   

Somehow this new form gives him control over to witches, and as the story progresses, he discovers more sinister events. They were just a pawn in more giant games. 

#3. Ishuzoku Reviewers

This anime is about a fantasy world with different humanoid species, where prostitution is legal. There are different brothels filled with different humanoids called Succu -Girls. This anime is about a fantasy world with different humanoid species, where prostitution is legal.

Many visitors come to this planet, visit those brothels and review them in a tavern. There is a competition going on between those brothels based on review points. 

This is ultimately an out-of-the-world story with some fascinating characters like Stunk, Elf, Zel, etc. To learn more about their erotic stories, you should watch this anime as soon as possible. 

#4. Squid Girl 2

Ika Musume, the squid girl who came to dominate the human world and achieve her vengeance on humans. Ika Musume, the squid girl who came to dominate the human world and achieve her vengeance on humans.

This season, she habituated to the surface world and lost the attraction or fascination with her world, like watching squid movies, reading squid manga, making friends with other squid, etc. 

Instead, she becomes busy with the adaption and adoption of the complexity of the human world. You must see the anime to find out more about the turn of events in her life. 

#5. Kagaku Na Yatsura

Ayana Hizuk becomes a hybrid of humans and different animals due to experiments done on her by her mother. Later she was trying to give her a life as normal as possible. Kagaku Na Yatsura

She has a rival named Airi Kuze. Both of them have a crush on a boy called Haruki Komaba. 

He would join both clubs belonging to those two girls and elevate a fierce clash between Airi and Ayana. Furthermore, Ayana’s sister Touko Hizuki can become invisible at will, and she perverted between the affair of those three characters. 

Things get messier with the endeavor of each character to achieve their goals. To find out the outcome of their rivalry you may watch this anime. 

#6. Tentacle Kitty tentacle anime

Tentacle Kitty is a kitty from another dimension. This is a story about a fascinating interdimensional adventure. There are different characters in different dimensions, and they are super cute. Tentacle Kitty tentacle anime

The Pink kitty with tentacles has some friends. This kitty gang amazes us with the tale and stories of adventure over tea, hunting cotton candy mice, pirate hijinks, etc.

You can find diversified adventure stories in this anthology, and at least a few of them amaze you.  

#7. Kure Kure Takora

Kure Kure Takora is a comedy show. Where Takora, the main character, is an octopus who knows ninjitsu. He can transfer to anything, from an iguana to a guitar. Kure Kure Takora is a comedy show. Where Takora, the main character, is an octopus who knows ninjitsu.

He has a friend named Chonbo, and he falls in love with a beautiful pink walrus called Monro. But he can leave them at any moment of trouble.

He feared to soaked in vinegar and served as Sudako (Pickled Octopus). Contrarily his rival To Ro Ro is a jellyfish who can spray vinegar. Takora tries to neutralize the jellyfish, and a good story emerges from their daily activities. 

If you want to enjoy some light comedy, you can watch Kure Kure Takora any time. 

#8. Queen’s Blade

Queens Blade is a tournament held on the continent once every four years. This tournament elects the queen of the continent, and a fierce battle is fought among the contestant.  

Various contestants from all over the continent travel to the capital to fight Aldra, the current queen. They have various power and weapon to fight each other, like Funikura, a squid-like creature that controls the girl who tumbles upon it. 

The rivalry between Aldra and next to the line of Queen Leina helps the anime get going. You must see the anime to enjoy the thrilling competition for the queen’s throne. 

#9. Tokyo Ghoul tentacle anime

Ken Kaneki, the main protagonist, is attacked by a Ghoul and severely injured. Then someone took him to the hospital, and after surgery, he survived. But the surgeon had to replace some of his damaged parts with the ghoul. Ken Kaneki, the main protagonist, is attacked by a Ghoul and severely injured.

Later he turned into a half Ghoul, and he acquired many characteristics, the most prominent of them being a tentacle-like apparatus coming out from his back to grab something. 

However, he turns into a half Ghoul with a hidden tentacle and has to eat human flesh to survive. Somehow he manages to hide his identity among his friends and get familiar with the ghoul community. 

To watch this fascinating horror story you must watch all episodes at once. 

#10. Parasyte: The Maxim

A boy named Shinichi Izumi lived with her mother in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan. One day some worm-like paracytic alien attacked the earth, entered the human body through the nose, and controlled and destroyed the person’s brain. A boy named Shinichi Izumi lived with her mother in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan.

Luckily Izumi woke up when the parasite attacked him, and instead of his nose, the parasite entered his right hand. Izumi retains his control over his brain, and the parasite becomes a part of his body. 

With their mutual understanding, they can defeat and evade other parasite-ridden human bodies and find a way to survive. If you want to watch their thrilling journey on the alien-infested planet, you can see all episodes of this anime. 

Some anime characters with tragic backstories

Tentacle anime is still evolving. A lot of animes in this genre are yet to come. However, we tried our best to summarize them in this brief discussion. Now, we will go for some anime characters with tragic backstories. 

If you think about anime characters, you may find some of them have tragic backstories. Those backstories are the reason we hook up with a particular character. We not only see them but also feel their sorrow and joy related to their life. 

Their life sometimes creates the platform for border stories. Without a strong character and good backstories, you can not expect an anime’s plausible and convincing story. These tragic backstories also give the character specific attributes we like the most.  

We tried to find some characters with tragic life stories. Their stories touched my heart, and hopefully, you will enjoy them similarly while reading their stories below. 

1. Levi Auckerman (Attack on Titan)

Levi Lived in an underground brothel in a slum with her mother, Kuchel. As a single parent, Kuchel struggles to provide for him financially, but she loves and cares for he son. 

One day Kenny Auckerman, his elder brother, came to visit her mother and found her dead with Levi Auckerman sitting in front of her. He took him with him and kept him for another four years. 

When he was old enough to assassinate, Kenny abandoned him to face the harsh world. 

2. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Lucy was an orphan and usually got bullied by other orphans. She secretly raise a puppy that was her only companion. She was raised in this hellish orphanage without any real friends. 

Someday, Lucy was forced to watch her only friend’s assassination; later, while someone was tormenting her, she lashed out and massacred her tormentor. 

Due to her “crime”, she was locked in a government institution filled with despicable criminals. That enhances her loathing toward humanity. Finally, the circumstances turn the innocent girl into a dangerous assassin. 

3. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Kakashi Hatake has the most traumatized childhood among all Naruto characters. His elder turns him into a ninja at the age of five. He had to endure the complex and risky life of ninjas when most of the children didn’t even talk properly.

Kakashi Hatake had to endure towns peoples unfair criticism for all their deeds, and most of the criticism came without good cause. 

He had also lost his co-ninja and friends during his missions. From a very early age, he gets used to losing the loved one. In adulthood, his life experience becomes more miserable and devastating. 

4. Guts (Berserk)

Some mercenaries massacred a village and left some hanging corpses. A child was lying under one of those hanging corpses, its mother. However, Gambino found him and named him Guts.

However, Guts later had horrific experiences with Gambino when he sold him to some soldiers. After a long struggle, the tentacle anime joined the Hawk Band and Found Solidarity and Friendship. 

Later he experienced treachery from his close ones, which forced him to lose his loved ones and face the fierce demon that almost killed him. The demons later haunted him throughout his life until he died.  

5. The Elric Brothers (Full Metal Alchemist)

Their father was bound to leave them at a very early age, and they were raised and loved by their single mother. A few years later, their mother died, and things got more challenging. 

These orphaned brothers loved their mother so much that they tried the forbidden to revive their mother from death with the help of Alchemy. This endeavor brings disaster, and their half-formed mother-like creature dies again. 

As they broke the Tabboo, they faced a penalty. Alphonse lost his entire body, and Edward sacrificed his right hand to seal his soul in a metal body. After the disaster, the state took over their custody and fund them to become two great alchemists. 

Throughout their later life, they face lots of difficulties, sacrifice, and struggle to keep humanity alive in a massive extinction event. 

6. Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

At age 10, he witnessed the assassination of his whole family. Later he was kidnapped by a murderous cult. This cult forces him to raise a demon in him with hatred.  

The cult leader tortured him to death so that Sebastian could be summoned. Later he was forced to make a deal with the demon named Sebastian. He can summon the demon in exchange for his soul. 

This unlikely power takes its toll on his soul; later, he can smell and taste the human soul. He could go to any extent to taste the soul he feels new. His eye changed in color to pink, and he turned into a vicious monster without a soul. 

7. Tomura Shigaraki (My Hero Academia)

Tomura Shigaraki was adorable as a child but faced negligence and abuse from his parents. At a very early age, his mental state deteriorates and awakens his innate ability called Quirk. 

Following the rise of fire, he lost everything. First, accidentally he killed his dog, followed by his sister and the entire family. 

This tentacle anime experiences dissociation as he detaches himself from his physical body and all his feelings before fighting. This psychological trauma changes his physical appearance as his hair turns white. His life becomes filled with suffering and trauma.  

8. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

One of the tragic characters in Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet, has had the most challenging life. She conceived 400 years ago, but her mother forcibly retains her into her body to absorb magic and turn her into a Human. 

When her mother’s endeavor finally fails, she is born and abandoned immediately. Moreover, the Zeref-following cult abducted her. Later some kidnappers attacked her with her friend Kugara. In an attempt to save her friend, she got kidnapped herself. 

Later she was sold as an enslaved person and forced to construct the Tower of Heaven. She was tortured and tried to flee. Then her captor tortures her even more. 

On the verge of death, she lost her eye. This unfortunate event in her life makes her more vital, and at the age 11, she gains an authoritarian and extraordinary personality. 

9. Crona (Soul Eater)

Due to his demon weapon Ragnarok and his abusive mother, Medusa Crona was abused physically and psychologically. This traumatized childhood through demon and her mother makes him insane. As a psychologically disturbed and sick person, she eliminates others and sucks their soul. 

Later she makes a friend named Maka, who helps him to overcome his messed-up psychological state. This optimistic recovery is limited to the anime version. 

Contrarily, in the manga, he does not recover from his madness but his psyche devoured him. His cruel acts increased and he causes sufferings for others as he suffers himself. He killed Medusa and turned into the Kishin.  

10. Hänsel & Gretel (Black Lagoon)

Abandoned by their parents, Hänsel & Gretel, the twin was sent to a state-run orphanage. They were forced to participate in pedophiliac snuff films in this abusive orphanage. In those films, they were forced to murder other children or else they got rapped. 

Such horrific experiences cause their personality disorder and turn them into serial killers. At one point, they believed themselves to a vampire and expected eternal life. They think if they stop taking life, their life will end. 

They are disguised as innocent child innocent children and are the most dangerous and cunning killers in the anime. Eventually, this pathetic and horrific life comes to an end by their death. 

Final Thought

These 10 unique but tragic anime characters and their entire backstories help us to understand the characters themselves. This back story motivates the audience and helps them to go through the plot direction and understand the story better. 

This backstory makes the plot more pertinent and helps us fill the story’s void. We can not only understand and enjoy the character’s sophistication but also measure the story’s magnitude. 



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