Best 20 Baseball Anime for Sports Lovers

Are you a sports fan? Do you like anime? Count yourself lucky because this article is all about that. Haikyuu is the number 1 sports anime that was a big hit worldwide. After its success, many animators wanted to try a different sport. This time, it was baseball. And the results were marvelous. I decided to write about the best 20 baseball anime for sports lovers. 

So, enjoy! 

What is Sports Manga?

Almost all of the animated series are based on famous sports manga. It is a genre that focuses on competitive pursuits like sports. Creators turn comics into tv shows as readers grow in number. The popularity of sports manga has led to some of the best baseball shows in the world. 

Sports anime are popular because of the adrenaline rush it passes to the viewers. The thrill and excitement you feel when watching it is indescribable. It is as intense as a fighting scene. Baseball is a favorite anime theme by animators since it is one of the most loved sports in Japan. A series like Ace of Diamond is as good as Haikyuu. Let us find out about the other 19 anime.   

Best 20 baseball anime for sports lovers

We now start with our well-researched list of the best baseball anime series. Some are still ongoing. Every story and the athletic scenes will blow your mind away. 

1. Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond Baseball AnimeAce of Diamond is one of the best baseball animes you can find. Follow the pitcher Eijun Sawamura as he becomes an ace player. The series has three seasons in total and 178 episodes overall. It also includes five OVAs for fans to enjoy. Ace of Diamond season 4 is yet to be released. You can now watch all the Ace of Diamond episodes on Netflix.  


Eijun is a pitcher who dreams of leading his middle school baseball team into the Nationals in high school. His dream is crushed when his team loses the final game. He then enrolls in a more competitive institute called Tokyo’s Seidou High School. At first, Eijun was excited to be playing with his new team. But he soon realizes he needs to work hard to catch up with his talented team players.  

2. Cross Game

Cross GameCross Game is a mix of romance and sports. Many fans know it as the best baseball manga. Cross game is worth watching because of its engaging plot. The manga is well-loved, and so is the animated series. Cross game is a fantastic sports series that features romance. It is also one of Adachi Mitsuru’s remarkable works.


Kou is close with the four neighboring Tsukishima sisters. One of the sisters, Wakaba, had a close bond with Kou since they were kids. Wakaba died in an accident with a dying wish for Kou and her sister, Aoba. She dreamed of seeing them play in the high school baseball championship in Koshien Stadium. Will they be able to fulfill this dream? 

3. Major

MajorMajor baseball anime is a good anime for anyone who enjoys sports. We learn about a little boy named Gorou Honda who dreams big. He dreams of becoming the best baseball player in the Japanese Little League. Major has six seasons in total. The show was completed in 2010, with the final episode airing in September.  


Major is an inspiring story about Gorou. He looks up to his father, who was once a talented baseball player. We follow Gorou’s journey from kindergarten to playing for the pro leagues. He faces many ups and downs in his life, but he keeps moving forward. His strong willpower is what makes him a winner in the end. 

4. Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!)

Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!)Ookiku Furikabutte or Big Windup! It is another story about making dreams come true. It is about the journey of Ren and his teammates. Ookiku Furikabutte has a total of 38 episodes with 2 OVAs. Big Windup! Got canceled due to low sales. But it has become a cult series and is considered a classic sports TV show. There is also a bit of romance in Big Windup! 


Ren Misashi is known to be the ace of his middle school baseball team. However, he could never lead his team to win any games. Embarrassed and disappointed, Rem steps away from baseball and chooses a different path. But fate leads him back to his beloved sports. Find out how he starts all over again. 

5. One Outs

One OutsOne Outs is a baseball anime that is 100 percent worth watching. The anime will keep you hooked till the end. You can now watch One Outs on Netflix. The main character Toua is 20 years old and is playing in a professional baseball league. But he is playing under a contract. Watch to find out what it says.


Toua Tokuchi is an excellent baseball player but also a heavy gambler. He plays One Out involving only a striker and pitcher. Toua, being a talented pitcher, has won many One Out games. One day, he gets spotted by a manager of a baseball team. The manager offers him a contract that involves millions of yen. Will Toua take the challenge? 

6. Touch

Touch is the best baseball anime to me. It has romance, comedy, and of course, baseball. Touch anime is good because it has all the elements that make it worth watching. Tatsuya Uesugi is the main protagonist who, along with his younger twin brother, has a crush on Minami. Watch to find out how it all involves baseball. 


Tatsuya and Kazuya are twins who have opposite personalities. Kazuya is charming and an ace at baseball. Tatsuya, on the other hand, is good for nothing. But in reality, Tatsuya is super talented. The twins fall in love with their childhood friend, Minami. The fun begins when Tatsuya realizes he needs to up his game to make Minami his girlfriend. 

7. Taisho Baseball Girls

Taisho Baseball GirlsTaisho Baseball Girls is amongst the best baseball manga on girl power. The comic got adapted into a popular TV show. It is about a group of girls playing baseball at a time when girls were not allowed much freedom in life. It shows the struggles and resilience of these girls. Their passion for sports helps them win in the end.   


A baseball player tells Akiko Ogasawara that women should stick to doing only household chores. Akiko, being a confident woman, decides to prove the guy wrong. That is when she forms her baseball team of girls. Will she be able to prove that women are as good as men? Find that out. 

8. H2

H2 baseball animeH2 is a realistic anime show, even if it is a cartoon. Many people can relate to its story. Those who were injured and paused to play sports will find it motivational. It is one of those baseball animes that will strengthen your spirit. H2 anime is so good that you will watch all the 41 episodes non-stop. 


Hiro Kunimi is passionate about baseball. An unfortunate event leads to his elbow injury. He has no option but to quit playing his favorite sport. Hiro enrolls in high school and lives his life without his passion. He switches to playing football at school but still misses his favorite sport. Will he be brave enough to go back to his passion?    

9. Gurazeni

Gurazeni baseball animeGurazeni dives deep into the performance of the players. Natsunosuke is our baseball anime ace who gets paid the most on his team. The series shows how you can use clever tricks to get what you want. It is one of the few shows where the protagonist has some negative character traits. 


Natsunosuke Honda is one of the top baseball players playing for Spiders. He is also quite narrow-minded. Natsunosuke does not see players for their talent but judges them based on how much they earn. He realizes he cannot win a game without his team. So, he comes up with ideas to push his teammates to grow. At the same time, he makes sure he always stays the top-earning player. Will he ever come out of this low mentality? 

10. Dokaben

DokabenDokaben anime is a unique combination of comedy and baseball. The scenes, the comic timing, and the characters are fun to watch. Both the Dokaben manga and the tv show are complete. So, you do not have to wait now for the ending. The tv series has a total of 163 episodes that ended in 1979. The story is one of the most loved ones in Japan. 


Tarou Dokaben Yamada was a judoist in junior high school. He starts to grow a new passion when he enrolls in Meikun High School. He realizes he likes baseball after meeting some baseball team members. Dokaben uses his unique athletic abilities from judo training to win the games.

11. Play Ball

Play Ball is another motivational series that is similar to H2. The show has an engaging storyline with top-notch animation. Its anime baseball bat looks as incredible as that of the real world. The main character, Takao, gets injured and decides to quit baseball. It becomes an emotional journey that even the audience can relate to.


Takao Taniguchi is a high school student who injures his finger. His injury makes him unable to play baseball. He switches to football, but his heart lies in baseball. Will he be able to forget what he loves the most?  

12. Princess Nine

Princess NinePrincess Nine is another inspiring sports story on women empowerment. Here, nine girls are trying to prove through baseball that girls and boys are equal. The show was an instant hit in Japan and is one of the best sports anime. It is a must-watch TV show for people of any age and gender.  


The Chairman of Kisuragi school believes that girls can be as good as boys in sports. He forms an all-girls baseball team to give girls a golden opportunity. Ryo Hayakawa, the daughter of a legendary baseball player, is made the captain. Together with the other girls, Ryo aims to win at the Koshein Stadium. 

13. Little Busters!

Little Busters!Little Busters! is a sad anime that can make you sob. It will make you cry even if it has a lot of humorous elements. Little Busters Refrain is the second season of Little Busters! The MC of Little Busters, Riki Naoe, is an adorable character. Baseball is not the only focus of this show but still plays a big part. 


The story follows a group of close friends who fight evil in the world. One day, they start remembering their school days and decide to form a baseball team. They call themselves the Little Busters. That is how the story of Little Busters starts. Watch Little Busters! to find out how the story ends. 

14. Miracle Giants Dome-Kun

Miracle Giants Dome-Kun is another classic that is worth the watch. You can now watch Miracle Giants Dome-Kun online. The story shows a beautiful bond between a father and a son. It is touching and exciting for the sports elements. 


10-year-old Dome inherited a unique talent from his father, Yomiuri Giants. Dome’s dad was a legendary baseball player of his time. Now that his father is no more, Dome decides to pursue the same dream as his dad. His rare talent earns him the attention of the Giants team. What happens next in Miracle Giants Dome-Kun is for you to watch.  

15. Meimon! Daisan Yakyuubu

Meimon! Daisan YakyuubuMeimon! Daisan Yakyuubu is like a rags-to-riches story. It is a baseball anime about how losers become winners with hard work. We see the worst baseball team in a school that achieves greatness with determination. Viewers of all ages have a lot to learn from this series. 


Asunaro’s high school has three baseball teams. The first team is the best in town while the third team is the worst. Our MC, Asunaro, is on the third team, soon closing down. But they play hard to get a wager. The wager is a match against the first team. If Asunaro and his team win, they can replace the first team. If they lose, their team gets shut down. 

16. Shippu! Iron Leaguer

Shippu! Iron LeaguerShippū! Iron Leaguer is as cool as its name sounds. The show premiered in 1993 and ended in 1994 with 52 episodes. It has a plot that is unique and refreshing. You will admire the creators for their creativity and imagination. The series not only focuses on baseball but other popular sports as well. 


Shippu! Iron Leaguer talks about a world where only robots play sports, including baseball. There are tournaments where the best team wins. But an opposing team called Dark Prince is playing unfairly to win. Silver Prince is the excellent team that battles against the Dark Prince to reach the top.  

17. Mix

Mix baseball anime showMix is by the same author who wrote H2 and Touch. The story is a sequel to Touch and takes place at the same high school. It shows the same anime baseball bat but with different characters. We even get to see cameo appearances of other characters. What makes it worth watching is the modern animation.   


Tatsuya Uesugi puts his baseball team with Meisei Academy High School on the map. The team’s fame and glory faded after 26 years. The Middle schoolers and stepbrothers, Souichirou and Touma, hope to bring back the glory. Winning the National High School Baseball Championship is the only way.

18. Tamayomi: The Baseball Girls

Tamayomi: The Baseball GirlsTamayomi: The Baseball Girls is a baseball anime 2020 still running. The focus is on an all-girls sports team who tries to be the best. Tamayomi is a good anime that is entertaining. The show received mixed reviews from critics. Tamayomi season 2 is said to be released at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. However, nothing has been confirmed by the original creators. 


Tamaki and Yomi were always passionate about baseball. They promised to never give up on the sport. The two girls grew up and went on different paths. Tamaki becomes a talented catcher while Yomi quits baseball. The two friends meet again at Shin Koshigata High School, where Yomi wants to give baseball another try. The baseball girls’ goal is to win the National Championship. 

19. Moshidora

MoshidoraMoshidora is the second last baseball anime with a different twist. It is not about playing the sport but managing it. The show will teach you a lot about team management and teamwork. You will see an in-depth view of how to handle high school sports teams. It feels slow-paced at first, but the ending makes everything worth it. 


Minami is a friend of the baseball team manager, Yuuki. She takes up the responsibility of managing his baseball team when Yuuki gets hospitalized. Minami uses business management principles to manage her team. Will she succeed in her new role? 

20. Battery

Battery Baseball AnimeWe are at our final best baseball anime called Battery. The show contains lots of personality clashes and intense feelings of characters. It is a short series with a total of 11 episodes that ended in 2016. If you are looking for a short series, then go for this one. 


Takumi Harada is a talented pitcher at only 12 years old. His life changes when he moves with his family into a small town. He enrolls in a small school with an inexperienced baseball team. Takumi is disappointed but still decides to give his new team a try. The only problem is that his new teammates cannot catch up to him.  

Final Thoughts

Did you watch any of the above baseball anime listed? Comment down below. Let me know if you watched anything new from the list. You can suggest any other shows that I might have left out. It always feels nice reading your comments. Keep them coming, and do not forget to share my article. See you next time with another article of mine. 

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