The 10 Best Sites to Buy Authentic Anime Figurines at a Low Cost

Anime Figurines are a precious item for every Anime and manga lover. The reason behind collecting different anime figures may vary, but for most people, it is a way of showing their love for their favorite characters. Anime dolls have become an inseparable part of the Otaku culture, and the demand is still growing. So we will discuss today the 10 best Sites to Buy Authentic Anime.

As a fellow anime enthusiast, I know the importance of having authentic anime figures. As these anime action figures’ popularity rises, people sell fake and damaged goods to unsuspecting fans. So, it is essential to know where you can buy authentic Anime figurines at a low cost. We have brought you a list of 10 websites from where you can safely buy authentic Anime products.

What is an Anime Figurine?

In simple terms, Anime figurines are sculptures of different sizes based on anime or manga characters. An anime figurine is a 3D model or representation made from different materials that resemble a character from an Anime TV show. The size of the figures varies depending on the model. It can be as small as a key ring or as large as a tree.  

Anime figures are mainly manufactured in Japan, but recently other countries have been producing good quality figures. Usually, anime figures are made from PVC, Vinyl, or Polystone. Some of the best anime figurine companies are Alter, Good Smile Company, Aniplex+, AQUAMARINE, Max Factory.

Types of Anime Figures

Before getting into the list of where to buy anime action figures, let us understand the different types of figurines. We will discuss the types based on the materials and the designs.

According to the Materials

First, we will look into different materials from which these figures are made.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVCPolyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as PVC, is the most used material used in the plastic industry. It is also a popular material that is used to make anime figures. The material is flexible and rigid, perfect for constructing models and anime sculptures.

PVC has good malleability and can be put into any shape when in its flexible form. The plasticizer will make smooth the final product. The material is heavy plastic but not as much as a ceramic or metal figurine. Up to 90% of anime collectibles like action figures, dolls are made from PVC. It is cheap compared to other materials used in the industry.

However, PVCs have some downside to them. The material cannot stand high heat. It can melt and disfigure when close to high temperatures. So, it is recommended that you keep ani models made from PVC away from direct heat sources.


Vinyl Sites to Buy Authentic AnimeVinyl is one of the cheapest and malleable materials that are used in the plastic industry. It is flexible but too soft. That is why it is not possible to make solid figurines from Vinyl. Instead, this material is used to make large-scale or big anime figurines that don’t require detailing. However, vinyl is used to make Funko figures.

Similar to PVC, Vinyl is sensitive to high heat and can melt. Moreover, on a large scale, figures the paint may wear off as time passes by. But the good thing about Vinyl is that it is a cheap and available material. If you are thinking of buying a cheap gift for your anime-loving friend, then this is perfect.

Polystone (Polyethylene)

Polystone (Polyethylene)Despite having the word stone in the name, Polystone or Polyethylene is a very brittle material. Around one-third of the common plastic in the industry is made from Polyethylene or its by-products. Anime action figures made from Polyethylene need special care in handling and often have a solid base attached to the dolls. The bases are made from metal or resins.

A sculptor can give great details to a figure made from Polyethylene, and the cost of a Polystone figure is higher than most materials. So, the polystone figures might not be cheap, but the detailing will be perfect.

A doll made from Polyethylene lasts longer if you take proper care of it. If you are a hardcore hobby product collector, then you should opt for this material.


Resin Anime FigurinesWhen we say resign in the context of figurines, we mean synthetic resin. It has a rubbery and liquid texture and can be shaped into any form. It solidifies after cooling, giving the product a hard ceramic-like texture.

Silhouettes and models made from resin are much more solid than PVC figures giving them higher durability. The material is also able to withstand high heat compared to PVC and vinyl. Usually, figures made from resing are sold disassembled and require assembly after purchasing. It also does not come in any color. The collector is free to color it as they like.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a durable type of material. It is used in many areas, from construction to musical instruments as well as anime figurines. ABS is usually used on the basses of Mecha-typeMecha type figurines. Almost every Gundam action figure is made from this material.

Anime dolls made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene are resistant to high heat and harsh environments. ABS gives an excellent metallic sensation when airbrushed after making the models. However, if the figure is hand-painted, the painting might wear off as time passes as the surface doesn’t hold color. So, it would be best if you were careful about that.


ColdCastColdCast is a process where a bunch of different materials is mixed together to form other materials. Usually, for anime figures, PVC and resin are combined and then shaped into a model. The name cold cast came from the fact that the process produces less heat when mixed and poured into a mold.

The process also makes materials like PVC last longer and be durable against heat and dust. It gives new characteristics to a material. That is why figures made from ColdCast last longer and have great details. The price of these anime figures is a little higher than that of regular figurines. 

According to the Design

Now, let us see the types of Anime collectible dolls based on their designs.

Figma (Action Figure)

Figma (Action Figure)Figma or Action figures are the most common anime collectibles among all. When we think of anime figures, it is Figma that comes to our mind. Usually, Figma’s size varies between 10 to 24 centimeters or 4 to 9 inches.

Good Smile Company and Max Factory are two of the most prominent manufacturer of anime action figures. There are two types of Figmas. One is solid and used as a display piece—another one with joints that you can play with freely. 

High-Quality Figures (HQS)

High-Quality Figures (HQS)You can pretty much guess from the names that these Anime figures concentrate on high detailing and are the best of the best. Who said being an Otaku isn’t expensive. You will need to spend big money to get a hand on High-Quality Figures. The figures are highly detailed and usually come with accessories to display with the actual figure. Generally, HQS size is around 8 to 18 inches or 20 to 45 cm.

The other things that come with HQS showcase an extraordinary power or a unique scene from the Anime TV show. They are beautiful and feel realistic. However, the only downside of a High-Quality Figure is that it is very fragile. So, you need to take special care of it. 


GashaponsGashapons are cheap and small anime figurines that are below 4 inches (11 cm) in size. In Japan, you can get a Gashapon from a vending machine or as a gift with some products. They are usually made from PVCs. The companies market 6 to 8 different types of Gashapons for a single character. So that collectors will collect them all. They come in various designs, too, including key chains and magnets. Gashapons are a cheap go-to gift for any anime fan.


ChibiI can bet that every anime fan is familiar with Chibi. They are similar in size with Gashapons, but the main characteristic of a chibi is the disproportion between the head and the rest of the body- the head is bigger compared to the body of the model. They are cute and referred to as Kawai by the anime fan community.

There are different types of Chibi available on the market. Recently, Nendoroid has become one of the most famous figures. Nendoroid is marketed by the Good Smile Company. Another popular type of Chibi is Funko, or Funko pops. Funkos are made from vinyl and don’t focus too much on the details.

Acrylic Stand Figures

Acrylic Stand FiguresAcrylic Stand Figures are one of the recent hobby products. They are not very common, but Acrylic Stand Figures are cheap. Whether they can be called anime figures or not depends on the opinion of the collector.

Acrylic Stand Figures are made from cutting acrylic glass into the shape of a character. Then a sticker or art is placed on the glass. You will understand better if you look at the picture below. These types of products are solely for display purposes.

Best Sites to Buy Authentic Anime Figurines at a Low Cost

Many anime hobby product shops online, but not all offer the best quality at a reasonable price. We have searched the internet and brought you the ten best sites to buy authentic Anime figures.

1. Aniplex Plus Animate Online Shop

Aniplex Plus is the Best Sites to Buy Authentic Anime Figurines at a Low CostAniplex+ is the official online anime product store for the Aniplex Studios. It is one of the best Japanese anime production houses that has brought us famous anime like Demon Slayer, Fate/ Grand Order, Anohana, etc. you can buy authentic anime products at a reasonable price from Aniplex+.

Aniplex Plus offers anime action figures and clothing, stationery products, and other anime collectibles. They also sell complete anime box sets with surprises inside them. If you are looking to buy the best anime-themed products, choose Aniplex Plus without hesitation.

More Info

2. Kyoani Shop (Kyoto Animation)

Kyoani Shop is another one of the official online anime stores.Kyoani Shop is another one of the official online anime stores. You can buy authentic anime products featured in Kyoto Animation from Kyoani Shop. Kyoto Animation is well known for its fantastic anime TV shows, and it is no wonder their anime products will be top-notch.

You can get figurines from anime shows like Violet Evergarden, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, and Tsurune. They also sell exclusive merchandise on the store for a limited time that you can get by preordering.

More Info

3. Animate International

animate International to Buy Authentic Anime FigurinesAnimate Online Shop is the largest retailer of anime, manga, and games in Japan. It is exclusive for those who live outside of Japan. You can get almost every anime product from this fantastic anime shop online. They have products available from popular anime series, including My Hero Academia, Tokyo Revengers, Haikyu, Shaman King, and more. You can buy Music CDs, Anime DVDs, and Blu-ray disks from Animate International too.

Animate International also sells some exclusive products that can only buy from their online store. You can purchase a product, and they will ship it to you within the shortest possible time.

More Info

4. Right Stuf Anime

Right Stuf Anime to Buy Authentic Anime FigurinesRight Stuf Anime has a large variety of anime and manga products. You can buy original Japanese manga and Anime DVDs from Right Stuf Anime. The anime figures on this online anime store are of premium quality. You can buy products that are available in the store. Besides that, you can also pre-order anime merchandise.

You can enjoy free US shipping only at $50 and free Canadian shipping at $250. Only in-stock products are eligible for free shipping. If you don’t meet the free shipping threshold, the cost may vary depending on your location.

Right Stuf Anime runs different promos and offers for their customers. You can get authentic anime goods at a low price during these promos.

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5. Crunchyroll Store Site to Buy Authentic Anime

Crunchyroll Store to Buy Authentic Anime FigurinesAfter you complete your favorite show on Crunchyroll, you can purchase anime products from the Crunchyroll Store. This authentic anime online shop offers a vast collection of anime-related products. From action figures to clothing, you can find it all on the official Crunchyroll Store.

Crunchyroll Store is like anime heaven for any Otaku out there. The shop offers products from One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Black Clover, and more. You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the products. They get all of their products from Japan, and they are officially licensed. If you plan to buy an anime action figure or Nendoroid, you must look at Crunchyroll Store.

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6. Good Smile Company US

Good Smile Company USGood Smile Company, also known as GSC, is one of the greatest Japanese manufacturers of hobby products. They have introduced us to anime products such as the Nendoroid and Figma. The company created the Good Smile Company US store for anime fans living in the USA and Canada. You can now order products from this online store and get them delivered to your doorstep without hassle.

On Good Smile Company US online store, you will find figurines, clothing, collectibles, accessories, and many more at a reasonable price. Fans can collect products from famous series like Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Jo Jo’s Bizarre, Adventure, etc. You can also pre-order anime goods, just like other anime shops.

More Info

7. AmiAmi Site to Buy Authentic Anime

AmiAmi site to Buy Authentic Anime FigurinesAmiAmi is one of the best sites to buy authentic Anime products from different brands, including Square Enix, Good Smile Company, Alter, and Bandai. When you start browsing for a figure on the AmiAmi store, you notice the staggering number of anime goods and collectibles. You can also pre-order products and get your hands on the latest products from AmiAmi.

If you want to save some cash, you can also check out the second-hand category in the shop. You can find your desired product at half price if you look for it. AmiAmi ranks each used product according to its condition, so you don’t have to worry about buying a damaged piece.

More Info

8. Akiba Soul Animate Online Shop

Akiba Soul site to Buy Authentic Anime FigurinesAkiba Soul is one of the famous USA-based retailers of anime hobby products. They sell authentic anime and manga-related products within America. Aside from that, Akiba Soul is well known for having an extensive collection of used anime goods. If you are on a limited budget, then you should check out this second-hand anime online store.

You can also buy original Japanese products such as clothing, action figures, Nedoroids, plushies, key chains, Funko pop, and other accessories from Akiba Soul. They are partnered with the Good Smile Company for authentic anime merchandise. You can safely buy your hobby items from Akiba Soul.

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9. Galactic Toys & Collectibles

Galactic Toys & CollectiblesGalactic Toys is another one of the best online stores to buy anime products in the USA. You can find all types of toys, and collectible items in their store, including Funko, pops, and action figures. They also sell anime accessories and wearables. On Galactic Toys, you can find life-size models as well as large-scale models of different movie-themed products.

You can pre-order products from the Galactic Toys website. However, if you cancel a pre-order, they will deduct a 20% fee from your payment. And they do not support free shipping. So, you have to pay for the shipping too.

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10. BigBadToyStore

BigBadToyStore is a leading seller of anime and comic-related products in America.BigBadToyStore is a leading seller of anime and comic-related products in America. They have everything from high-end anime statutes to Marvel Comic’s Action figures. The best thing about BigBadToyStore is that they charge you only the product is shipped to your address, unlike many stores. However, you can cancel an order after you thought you don’t want it. You can e-mail the customer service, and they will take care of it. Moreover, you can choose your desired product from a vast collection of BigBadToyStore. You have to select the right one for you.

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Final Thoughts

Collecting anime figures is one of the valuable hobbies of every anime fan. Every Otaku cherishes these products and considers them as a part of their lifeline. So, it is imperative to get the best product without spending excessive money. Please share your experience of buying a product from any of the best Sites to Buy Authentic Anime with us. We hope our list will guide you through buying authentic anime-related figures online.

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