The Best 10 Anime Archers of All Time

Archery requires time and patience to master, and only those with perfect aim and determination can do so. Even though it is an acquired skill many people wish to have, it is not a widely used weapon. Most people would use magic, a superpower, a gun, or even a sword in battle rather than a bow and arrow. So, we will discuss today best 10 Anime Archers of all time.

Many anime characters reflect this reality by wielding a sword, such as Kirito in Sword Art Online, or possessing superpowers like Deku in My Hero Academia. Watching an anime in which the protagonist or secondary characters choose to become archers is common but possible. These are just a few characters who would rather fight with a bow and arrows than in close combat. Now we will learn about a few more of them.

Why Do People Love Anime Archers?

The characters in archery anime are so vibrant and diverse. People in anime have dynamic personalities. They’re whole people, have dreams and goals, and there’s just so much variation in who they are. Most anime fans are drawn to their favorite shows because they enjoy the characters. They want to remove them, act them out, dress up like them, and so on. Their favorite characters are usually young, attractive, and have desirable characteristics such as confidence, determination, and a positive attitude.

Archery Anime is distinct in its art style and storylines that go above and beyond. Despite being animated, these shows typically have heavy themes that range from lighthearted to mature, making them relatable to all audiences. Many people find themselves watching anime for both comfort and entertainment.

Users Rating of The Archery Anime

Character Anime Rating
Tigrevurmud Von Lord Marksman and Vanadis 7.1
Archer Fate/Stay Night 7.3
Yuka Kikushima Geobreeders 6.5
Ashitaka Mononoke Hime 8.7
Kagome Inuyasha 7.9
Yukano Dragon Ninja Slayer 6.7
Yoichi Owari no Seraph 7.5
Gieve Arslan Senki 7.7
Borgoff Marcus Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 8
Sasha Blouse Attack on Titan 8.5

From this above list, we can analyze that all the anime I mentioned in this article are the best ones released. This chart can help you with what anime you should start with.

The Best 10 Anime Archers of All Time

Recently, there have been many new anime releases. I have watched some new archery anime that are worth watching and deserve to be on this list. If you’re new to anime or have doubts about the quality of anime, this updated Top 10 Archery Anime list may persuade you otherwise. Be sure to watch the trailers before you start watching anime.

1. Tigrevurmud Von

Anime: Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Tigrevurmud Von, also known as Tigre, is a skilled archer and hunter.Tigrevurmud Von, also known as Tigre, is a skilled archer and hunter. As Earl of Alsace and a renowned war hero, he will always fight to protect his people from potential enemies, putting their safety ahead of the crown’s obligations. Tigre is known to be lazy and enjoys sleeping until noon, but his experience as a hunter keeps him on high alert. He is known as “the Monster” because of his archery abilities. He is the envy of both his allies and enemies. Tigre is also known as the continent’s best Archer because he can shoot from a great distance with perfect accuracy and three arrows while riding a horse.

If you enjoy archery, this is the anime for you, and Tigre himself is an excellent archer. He is one of the plot’s main characters, so you can expect to see him regularly tearing up the field with his bow and arrow. Of course, despite his abilities, he loses the battle to Elen and falls under her control, but that defeat was not solely due to his impressive archery. Tigrevurmud Vorn heavily focuses on archery and lots of bow and arrow fighting on the screen.

2. Archer 

Anime: Fate/Stay Night

In Fate/Stay Night, a war is waged over the Holy Grail, with the grail as the grand prize for the victor.In Fate/Stay Night, a war is waged over the Holy Grail, with the grail as the grand prize for the victor. The participants in the war are mages and the mighty warriors they summon to fight. These warriors are referred to as “servants.” The plot revolves around Shirou, a mage drawn into the war. After being nearly killed by a servant and summoning one of his own to save him.

The Servants in Fate/Stay Night are named after their class, so you can probably guess the name of the one we’re featuring: Archer. As the name implies, the Archer is skilled with a bow and arrows. He is the servant of Rin, the story’s other main mage. Shirou’s views on the world and the war, which Archer regards as naive and childish, irritate him. While being a very talented archer and a strong fighter in all battles, Archer also can be competent and deadly with melee weapons. He’s not the type of opponent you want on the battlefield.

 3. Yuka Kikushima

Anime: Geobreeders

Yuka appears to be spoiled and childish, but she is the president and CEO of Kagura Total Security.Yuka appears to be spoiled and childish, but she is the president and CEO of Kagura Total Security. She rarely goes out on missions, but she can be fearless when she does. Her forte is the crossbow. It has also been implied that she is older than she appears and has spent the most time with Kagura. You don’t want to cross Yuka under any circumstances. If you don’t do what she says, you’ll be in for a lot more trouble than the assignment she gave you. You will lose pay, be forced to pay for assignment damage and expenses or be assigned an even more difficult task, such as hunting a phantom cat alone.

Yuka prefers to delegate responsibility to others. You’ll be sorry when she’s finished if she has to do anything other than delegate tasks to others. She is very protective of her newest agent, Yoichi Taba, but she will not hesitate to put him in a fight with a phantom cat. 

“Why should we do something if we don’t get paid for it?” She believes in this motto.

 4. Ashitaka Anime Archers

Anime: Mononoke Hime

Mononoke Hime is a story about the struggle between humans and technology and trying to find a balance between human advancement and environmental preservation.Mononoke Hime is a story about the struggle between humans and technology and trying to find a balance between human advancement and environmental preservation. It sounds like a heavy subject matter, but it’s handled very tastefully, as is typical of Studio Ghibli. Mononoke Hime follows the young prince Ashitaka, whose arm has been cursed by a demon boar, which grants him special abilities but gradually robs him of his life. While looking for a cure, Ashitaka finds himself in a battle between a group of humans bent on deforestation and the forest spirits who oppose them.

Prince Ashitaka is a fantastic male archer. Given that he is the main character, a lot of screen time is devoted to him and highlighting his archery abilities. Ashitaka is caught up in the middle of a war, finds himself in numerous battles, and also has to defend himself from danger in the forest while traveling. He does both of these exceptionally well with a bow and arrow. And he frequently does so while riding his trusted elk, Yakul. It’s cool to shoot a bow while riding an elk in a battle against demons.

 5. Anime Archers Kagome

Anime: Inuyasha

Mr. Higurashi and Ms. Higurashi's firstborn child and only daughter are Kagome.Mr. Higurashi and Ms. Higurashi’s firstborn child and only daughter are Kagome. Her mother named her after the sparkling light she saw when she was born in the SG hospital. Kagome’s father died in a car accident when she was four—leaving his daughter and wife. His wife was already pregnant with Kagome’s brother, without financial support. As a result, Kagome’s mother relocated her family to the Higurashi Shrine, which belonged to Grandpa Higurashi. Kagome is the modern incarnation of Kiky, a once-famous archeress and priestess. Kagome is a sweet and innocent young lady who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She also speaks up for herself and those she cares about without hesitation.

Kagome, like Kiky, chose the bow as her primary weapon, and while she wasn’t as skilled as her ancestor, she persevered and mastered it to the best of her ability. She can now kill an enemy holding a hostage without endangering innocent people. Kagome’s grandfather told her that when the time came, she must make the correct wish for the jewel to be destroyed. The gem intended to use Kagome and Naraku in the same way that it used Midoriko and Magatsuhi to maintain its existence. Kagome was forced to return home to modern-day Tokyo to reunite with her family and almost thank Inuyasha for her life after the jewel was destroyed, with Kagome’s wish for it to disappear. As Inuyasha returns to the Feudal Era, where the well had been closed.

6. Dragon Yukano

Anime: Ninja Slayer

We know Dragon Yukano as Amnesia during her time at Ikki Uchikowashi. She is a ninja and Dragon Gendoso’s granddaughter. Yukano appears to be of general height, with long grayish purple hair held back by a red scarf, and she is dressed in a red ninja suit with red armored boots and gloves. Yukuno is dressed in red armor and has her hair in a ponytail, like Amnesia. She also wields a bow and arrow as well as a red kunai. She appears briefly before being defeated in the fight with Hugeshuriken and Earthquake to protect Ninja Slayer and her grandfather.

Yukano had lost her memories and was living under the alias Amnesia, having joined the Ikki Uchikowashi organization. It’s also revealed that when she first joined, she fell in love with a ninja from the Rapture organization. When Omura Industries’ Explosive and Motoryab attacked their base, she tried to defend it but failed and was saved by Ninja Slayer. This anime was when Ninja Slayer discovered Yukano had no memory of her past. Yukano lost her memories after the fight between Ninja Slayer and Darkninja in Menace of Darkninja. She declares Ikki Uchikowashi her enemy after she realizes he is evil and murders Flick shot.

7. Yoichi Anime Archers

Anime: Owari no Seraph

Everything had been destroyed and taken over by vampires in the world of Owari no Seraph by unleashing a virus that kills everyone over 13.Everything had been destroyed and taken over by vampires in the world of Owari no Seraph by unleashing a virus that kills everyone over 13. The vampires then establish a society they rule, promising “protection” in exchange for drinking their blood. Despite impossible odds, Yuuichirou, a young orphan boy, escapes from the vampire city and joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Company in the lands beyond. Yuuichirou, thirty, is out for vengeance on his friends and family, and he fights the vampires alongside his new army friends.

Yoichi, a soft-spoken, friendly boy around Yuuichirou’s age, is one of his friends. But don’t let Yoichi’s friendly demeanor and boyishly attractive features fool you. The Japanese Imperial Demon Company’s characters fight with special demon weapons, and Yoichi’s is a bow. The name of this bow is Cursed Gear. He may be small, but he is lethal on the battlefield as he fights vampires to protect his friends. Yoichi is fiercely protective of the people he cares about and is fearless when fighting to protect them from danger. His cursed gear is one of the unique bows we’ve ever seen.

8. Gieve Anime Archers

Anime: Arslan Senki

Arslan Senki is a story about royal succession in the mythical land of Pars, a nation built on slave labor.Arslan Senki is a story about royal succession in the mythical land of Pars, a nation built on slave labor. When a neighboring country invades and overthrows the King of Pars in the name of their god, his only heir, Arslan, flees for his life. If Arslan is to reclaim the throne and free Pars, he will need a lot of help—help that he finds in the form of a close-knit group of supporters. Arslan demonstrates a different mindset than Pars’ historical leadership, but this only increases his support and friends as he works to free his country and make it a better place.

Gieve, an unlikely member of Arslan’s party, is one of his closest bodyguards. Gieve is a bard obsessed with gold, women, and wine and with a dubious moral compass and a quick tongue. He’s also fast with a bow and arrow—swift, and his first sharpshooting target, a key prisoner, helps set the plot in motion. Gieve is a skilled sniper who can also fight in full-fledged battles, supporting his comrades and fighting bravely with his archery skills. Though most of Arslan’s other supporters initially distrust him, Gieve proves to be a valuable member of their party time and again.

9. Borgoff Marcus

Anime: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Borgoff Marcus was a vampire hunter who appeared in the anime Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.Borgoff Marcus was a vampire hunter who appeared in the anime Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. He was a tall, muscular man with long, white hair and wore a black cape and a black hat. The character was armed with a sword and a pistol and was skilled in combat and marksmanship. He was also a master of disguise and often used his abilities to infiltrate vampire strongholds and gather information.

Marcus was a member of the Marcus Family, a clan of vampire hunters who had been tracking and killing vampires for generations. He was the son of Gregory Marcus, the head of the family, and he had two brothers: Richard Marcus, the eldest, and Christopher Marcus, the youngest. Marcus was the family’s best vampire hunter, and he was also the one who killed the most vampires. Marcus first appears in the anime when the Bernadette family hires him to rescue their daughter, Charlotte, from the vampires who have kidnapped her. He infiltrates the vampires’ castle, and after a fierce battle, he rescues Charlotte and kills the vampires.

After the death of Meier Link, Marcus decides to retire from being a vampire hunter. He gives his sword to D and tells him to use it to protect the innocent. Marcus then disappears into the night, leaving D and Charlotte behind.

10. Sasha Blouse

Anime: Attack on Titan

Sasha Blouse was a Survey Corps member and one of the few former members of the 104th Training Corps.Sasha Blouse was a Survey Corps member and one of the few former members of the 104th Training Corps. She was the 9th best trainee and joined the regiment after hearing Eren’s strong desire to eliminate the Titans. Sasha was a compulsive food hoarder with an overly polite manner of speech. She was from Dauper, a village in Wall Rose’s southern territory. Sasha had the abilities of an animal hunter and exhibited exceptional archery, horseback riding, and tracking abilities. She was one of the top ten trainees in her squad, indicating solid physical skills. She was more balanced than some of the other trainees. Sasha’s hearing was also extremely acute, to the point. She could detect a group of Titans approaching before many of her fellow trainees. 

Sasha had a good understanding of wild animals, using her hunter experience. She knew precisely what the scream meant and that they should be wary of it. Sasha also appeared to be athletic and practical with a bow and arrow, injuring a 3m class Titan with only a projection. She was capable of disarming someone using only archery and causing no harm to that person. 

Four years after reclaiming the Wall Maria, she had proven to be an expert with bolt action rifles. She was sniping down multiple Marleyan soldiers from a rooftop in seconds. Sasha can also snipe a gunner through a small opening in the middle of a fight. She was a skilled thief, frequently stealing food from the infantry storage. She had some medical knowledge, having attended to Levi’s wounds after his fight with Kenny Ackerman and the First Interior Team.


Archery is a sport that requires extreme precision and accuracy from the Archer in question. Archery is an underrated activity in most movies, TV shows, and anime, particularly modern and futuristic ones. Even though the bow and arrow are more associated with the medieval and fantasy genres, many anime archers enjoy this long-range combat strategy. I have mentioned the best 10 Anime in this article. These are undoubtedly the best archers the anime medium has to offer. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write them in the comment section. That’s all for today.

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