The Best 10 Internet Browser For Roku In 2024

Many Internet browsers are available for Roku, and you must get the best out of your device. Unfortunately, not all internet browsers are created equal. That’s why knowing which browser best suits the streaming content on Roku is essential. Let’s look at the best internet browser for Roku in 2024. Read on to find out which one is best for you! 

What Is Roku?

Roku is an online streaming player and innovative TV platform. It provides one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to stream movies, TV shows, live news, and other live content. 

The content library is the biggest thing that differentiates Roku from other smart TV apps. You will find everything you want to watch here and more. Roku is an online streaming player and smart TV platform.

On your Roku device, you can watch popular programming channels like HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu. Suppose you want to take advantage of this incredible technology. 

In that case, you only need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a compatible Roku player or TV stick.

How Does It Work?

The Roku player or stick plugs directly into the HDMI port of your TV. This browser lets you wirelessly stream movies and shows from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. To access the content you want to watch, use your remote control and log in using your private Roku account.

Does Roku Have An Internet Browser?

As far as third-party web browsers go, there are only two available for Roku. Roku has always claimed to have a browser of its own. This fact has never been confirmed, and it’s only fitting that Roku does not develop these browsers.

The Roku browser is elementary and doesn’t even include things like tabs. Furthermore, it can only open websites that you have bookmarked. You cannot add new sites to your list of bookmarked sites.

Best Internet Browser For Roku – 2024

Since Roku hasn’t updated its browser in ages, it has become irrelevant to anyone looking for an alternative to their smartphone’s default web browser. Here are some of the best Internet browsers for Roku – 

1. Xfinity

Comcast's Xfinity app provides Roku users with the best Internet browser for Roku simply because it is not a mere browser. Yes, Comcast’s Xfinity app provides Roku users the best Internet browser for Roku simply because it is not a mere browser. The Xfinity app for Roku allows you to watch live TV, access On Demand movies, manage your DVR, view your bills, and make payments.

It benefits those who subscribe to Comcast’s cable services by giving them access to subscription-only channels on their big-screen TV set.

This app can be downloaded from the Channel Store on your streaming device.

2. Web Browser X

Web Browser X is a fantastic alternative to its competitors. It provides excellent functionality on both your phone and streaming device. Furthermore, the browser is compatible with many devices and operating systems.

It’s straightforward to use and provides a clean interface. It’s also lightweight and fast. Overall, it’s an excellent alternative to Roku’s default web browser.

3. Safari Browser

Safari BrowserThe Safari web browser is the most popular choice for innovative TV platforms. Apple’s brand of intelligent TV uses Safari as its default browser. It is available on almost every platform and is extremely lightweight and fast.

Safari Browser is a free browser for iOS devices. You must pay to use Safari on your Mac or Apple TV. 

4. POPRISM Web Browser

POPRISM is a simple browser free for Android, Windows, and Linux devices. It has a web interface that’s similar to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It has traditional tabs and allows you to send web pages to other devices using your POPRISM account.

Overall, it’s just what you’d expect from an Internet browser without any surprises. Like Roku, your streaming device’s default web browser is already built-in. However, there are also several third-party web browsers for Roku that you can use.

5. Opera Internet Browser For Roku

Opera Browser Fast and SecureOpera is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It has been built for people who want to work faster and be more productive. It also includes many extra features for convenience.

The free inbuilt VPN lets you view any program globally while safeguarding your online identity.

This browser has a Speed Dial feature, which allows you to add shortcuts to your favorite websites. Also included are a private browsing mode and advanced compression technology, which help to speed up your web surfing experience.

Furthermore, YouTube’s video pop-out feature is handy when watching a video while browsing for different Internet-related things.

6. Firefox Roku

firefoxThis browser is available for a wide range of operating systems and is optimized for television and streaming devices like Roku. Its features include tabbed browsing, privacy, and security settings, bookmark syncing, and more. 

Firefox on Roku also offers a remote desktop access feature to control your PC or Mac from your TV screen.

7. Vivaldi Internet Browser For Roku

Vivaldi BrowserThe Vivaldi browser has fantastic features and can automatically eliminate advertisements and tracking cookies. The browser also offers powerful tab management, providing you to access two websites in the same tab side by side.

The interface is extensively customizable, with the ability to modify the appearance of practically every UI element. For sophisticated users, there are additional capabilities like mouse motions and macros.

8. Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster Internet Browser For RokuVideo Streaming Caster is highly feature-rich, with hundreds of films and television shows. It accepts all video files and can automatically catch the captions of streaming films.

This software also supports various streaming devices, allowing your Roku TV to broadcast video from the internet instantly.

You may download as many subtitles as possible from the integrated OpenSubtitles website. You’ll also be able to cast media from your Android and iOS phones to this browser, providing an upscale surfing experience on a bigger screen.

With Web Video Caster, you can save your favorite sites, make a Home Button shortcut, and even examine your watch history for seamless access and viewing. The user experience is relatively simple.

9. Media Browser

Media Browser For RokuMedia Browser is an excellent choice if you have a Roku. It allows non-linear video playback, allowing you to choose what episode of a show you want to watch. 

Media Browser also has a few other neat features, such as screen mirroring and screen capture. Regarding playlists, Media Browser can also do dual audio playback and synchronize your media library with other devices on your home network.

10. The Roku Channel

The Roku ChannelThe Roku Channel has many apps, including a massive collection of movies. It is worth trying out with so much content.

The channels you subscribe to are displayed on the Home Screen. The home screen supports sorting by category, channel listings, rating, and publishing your channel. 

The newly added trash section lets you delete unwanted content in the Channel Store or within your channel subscriptions.

How To Use A Web Browser On Roku

First, you must enable developer mode to install the web browser.

When you turn on your Roku for the first time, it comes up with a default screen. It does not show any web application. We need to activate it from Settings-> System-> Developer Options

You can find a tab called “Developer options” and activate this option. Now we are ready to install the web browser for our Roku for free.

How To Cast Content On Your Mac to a Roku

If you have content on your Mac that you wish to watch on your Roku device, there is a way to do this. It is easier than one might imagine.

Method 1: AirBeamTV

1st Step: Download AirBeamTV on your Mac and Roku.

2nd Step: Register an account on Airbeam’s website and enter your Roku IP address.

3rd Step: Go to the control center.

4th Step: Click the mirroring icon, choose your Roku, and Enjoy your streaming.

Method 2: Juststream 

1st Step: Download the Juststream app on your Mac and Roku.

2nd Step: Go to the Juststream website and enter your Roku IP address.

3rd Step: Go to the control center icon of your menu bar and click on the screen mirroring icon. Choose your Roku Device.

How To Mirror Android To Roku

For this method, you need a Roku streaming device. Another option is to use the Roku mobile app on your Android phone.

1st Step: Open the Roku mobile app on your Android phone

2nd Step: Go to settings and then developer options.

3rd Step: Make sure “Developer mode” is turned on, and type in the API key that Roku provided for your account.

4th Step: Press the “+” button. Select screen mirroring, choose your Roku streaming device from the list of devices shown, and hit “Done.” You’re now ready to stream content from your Android phone to your TV.

How To Cast Content From Your iPhone to A Roku Device

Open your Airplay app on your iPhone. Tap the plus icon to cast content from your iPhone to a Roku device, and follow these steps – 

1st Step: Download the Web Browser for Roku from its official website.

2nd Step: Now, Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device.

3rd Step: Type in this website link http://webbrowser.roku/ and then press Enter button on the keyboard of your MacBook or PC/ laptop or any other device with a web browser option.

4th Step: Now, enter the URL you want to visit on your Roku device and click the Open button.

How To Browse Internet On TCL Roku TV

You will need internet access if you are a TCL Roku TV user and want to browse the web from your television or stream video to your Roku TV. Luckily, most Roku TVs come with an Ethernet port.

While casting your Android smartphone, you’ll see a Smart View status in your Phone notifications. Start browsing using your preferred browser app.

 Your Roku device will display your smartphone web browser on the TV. You may now display anything from your online browser on your TV.

How To Get Google On TCL Roku TV

It is not very difficult if you want to use Google on your Roku. 

1st Step: Go to the Home Screen

2nd Step: Click on Streaming Channel

3rd Step: Click on “My Apps.”

4th Step: Click on Search Channel 

5th Step: Type in “Google” and then click on search

6th Step: Tap “OK” to install the Google app on your Roku.

After this, Google will appear on your Roku device. Everything you want to do, you can do from the TV screen. This can be done by just typing on the computer keyboard.

How To Install Opera browser on Roku?

Download the latest version of the Opera app (the latest version of the app with the “Opera” logo).

1st Step: After downloading the app, open your device and open this app.

2nd Step: Right-click on the browser and click on the cast

3rd Step: Select your Roku from your device’s screen and click on the icon

4th Step: Browse the web using your Roku 

How To Install Chrome on TCL Roku TV?

Chrome is an excellent software for PC, Mac, and Android devices. Here are the step-by-step instructions to download and install Google Chrome. These instructions apply to other browsers as well:

1st Step: Download the Chrome browser from Chrome Web Store. You will be asked if you want to accept all of Google’s terms & conditions, so please read them.

2nd Step: Next, you will be asked to select which operating system you use, so choose “other.”

3rd Step: Choose the channel that works with your device. 

4th Step: You must type a code into your TV remote. Press the “OK” button. Then you can open the browser.


Can You Install 3rd Party Apps on Roku?

Yes, you can. Roku is a streaming device that offers streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Roku is also very popular with kiosk users as it can be programmed to show static content such as apps, games, and videos.

Does Roku Have A Hidden Camera?

Yes, Roku does have a hidden camera. We have seen Roku devices with a camera in the past. There are many hidden cameras embedded in the device. 

Why Won’t My Roku TV Connect To The Internet?

You must ensure no signal or signal strength disruption using a wireless signal. There might be some issues with wireless signals; you can contact your ISP for any further assistance.

How Can I Make My Non-Smart TV Smart?

If you want your TV to be more intelligent, you only need an internet dongle or a converter that can work with your TV’s HDMI port. You must also install any specific applications and apps with widgets you like. Once all the apps and applications are installed, your set-top box will connect to the TV and brighten it.


The best internet browser for Roku we shared above is dedicated to giving the best experience while watching movies, TV shows, playing games, and surfing the internet on Roku. They come with different features that ensure your entertainment is smooth and seamless.

If you’re still unsure which suits you or your family the best, try them out, and don’t forget to inform us of your experience.

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