Best 20 Android Apps to Sell Clothes That Are Similar to Poshmark

We hope to catch up with the modern world in an age of fashion and clothing. We are adopting many custom fashions in our culture to keep pace with this modern world. The world is changing. As for fashion, it is also changing drastically. It is not like before. Moreover, people use Android apps to sell clothes.

Nowadays you don’t have to buy a new dress for a special occasion. You can rent it, buy slightly used clothes at a cheaper rate, and buy from home. Technology has made our life easier; the same goes for the fashion industry.

People are now manipulating minimalist and sustainable ideas for fashion. They don’t mind using secondhand clothing. It is sustainable for our environment, and someone can get rid of the clothing he doesn’t like. 

Poshmark Clothing

A large number of selling apps are out there to make you confuse. So we have come up with some legitimate apps. These apps are proven to be authentic. The buyers are not getting scammed, and the sellers are getting money for real.

Poshmark is a kind of app that sells used and secondhand clothes. Poshmark has become a vast marketplace. You can also buy secondhand cloth for men, women, kids, pets, and accessories for the home.

Poshmark is a legitimate app. Here buyers get real money for selling goods, and sellers receive the goods shown in the picture. 

Poshmark sells gently used cloth. But the price of those products is relatively low than the actual product. Poshmark also sells branded used clothes. So if you want to buy some branded thing, you can check this website.

Some other apps also do the same thing, like Poshmark. So you can also check those apps. You can find numerous fake apps. You should be careful about checking and buying products from those apps. 

The 20 Best Android Apps to Sell Clothes

As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of fake apps out there. So you have to be careful about that. But if you check this entire article, you will find your likely app. As the world grows, fake pages are increasing drastically. And human wastage is also increasing.

Some clothes take forever to dispose of the soil. So, you should live a suit would be best if mainlined well as a sustainable fashion to reduce this disaster. Where To Sell, Poshmark, ThredUp, Tradesy, The RealReal, are the apps a large group of people liked. These apps are all legitimate, and people recommend these apps. So the app we are going to talk abowillcan access on your Android. We will also let you know from which can you can access the

1. Wallapop

WallapopWallapop is one of the best legit Android Apps to Sell Clothes. The google play store licenses it, and this app has a 4.6 rating percentage. Wallapop is an app where you can post and buy clothes, accessories, home decor, and pet items. But you have only one condition. You can only buy from one mile allotted area where the selling post address is.

The using procedure of the Wallapop app is relatively easy, like registering and creating your profile on their website. You can then personally contact the people that you want to buy from. If you are planning to sell something, you can also consume your target customers. 


  • Sometimes we don’t want to buy products for the delivery charge. It seems pretty high for the product’s price. You don’t have to face this in Wallapop. Besides that, Wallapop doesn’t charge any delivery charges.
  • Wallapop has sorted items into different categories like cars, sports, machinery, and clothing.
  • Choosing your desirable product can be completed in less time than before.
  • The deliveries are done by personally charged for the product. So if you have any queries, you can ask them personally.
  • You can earn and save money from Wallapop. You can enjoy your sustainable lifestyle, causing less harm to nature as well.

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2. eBay

eBay clothing appeBay is an American multinational company. It is very safe to buy products from eBay. It is a free app. You can download it directly from the google play store and access it for free. You don’t need money to run this app. There are a lot of outlets on eBay all around the world. 

eBay is the safest app for buyers because the app confirms and registers the authenticity of the seller. Then it approves to post you anything about sales. Buyers don’t need to get worked up about the authenticity. You can also try to huggle for any product. This feature is not commonly available for all apps out there.

To use this app, you just have to download this app and get started simply. With eBay, you can buy and sell dress items, home decor, gardening tools, and many more. You can find products of more than 175 renowned brands. Moreover, you can consider it one of the world’s best money-making apps. 


  • You can get your money back if the product is at fault or not matched with the actual item. eBay confirms a money-back guarantee. It will charge no cost for returning the product.
  • You will get a notification every time your favorite category items are uploaded. All the items are categorized in different sections. So this feature made it easier to shop on eBay.
  • eBay gives you vast options of payment like credit card, debit card pay pal, Google pay. It has a flexible payment plan, and you can choose your desired one. 
  • You can scan any product with the barcode scanner of eBay. It makes shopping more accessible than ever.
  • You can also search for items with an image. When you post that item’s picture, eBay will tell you whether it is available.
  • You are planning to run one, and don’t select your marketplace yet. eBay always supports small businesses. You can post on eBay and get a response through it. 

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3. Depop Android Apps to Sell Clothes

Depop Android Apps to Sell ClothesWe introduce another similar app with a sophisticated twist when you can’t decide whether to choose Poshmark or eBay. Depop is a legit website for buying and selling clothes. You can buy from streetwear to high-end brands, luxurious sneakers, rare vintage pieces, and many more.

The incredible feature of Depop app is its community. The community make get-togethers, launch, and also share their fashion with exclusive new content. Depop only allows you to see what your friends are buying and selling. 


  • Depop doesn’t charge any subscription fee. But when you’re selling something, you must pay a 10% rate for every item you sell.
  • Depop is safe from scammers because it holds a whole community. Its policy is pretty strict for those scammer accounts. So you can quickly know from there. 
  • You can shop brands like Nike, Adidas, many more high-end brands at a cheaper rate if those are gently used. You can also buy those vintage sneakers in Depop, which are pretty rare these days. 
  • Fake copies, master copies are not allowed to sell on Depop. So you can rest assured when you are buying something.

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4. ThredUP-Buy & Sell Clothes

ThredUP-Buy & Sell ClothesThredUP is not currently available in none but Australia and Canada. So you can only shop on thredUP if you have any relatives in Australia and Canada. Or if you live in those countries physically, you can buy products. You will get this app on the google play store. 

Walmart is becoming the resale app manufacturer with thredUP. You can also get Walmart’s product on thredUP. Moreover, ThredUP is mainly famous for the retailing of secondhand quality products. TherdUP pays 5 to 80% sale numeration depended on your product. It is pretty similar to Poshmark. 


  • The slogan of thredUP is “have more, waste less”. This app follows this slogan by handling all those mil.” using products.
  • You are allowed to donate your old product as well on this site. If you are searching for a site to sell your goods, the rest will be done by the website. Then thredUP is all for you. 
  • You can earn 90% of the paramount price of your product on thredUP. You have to submit shrink-free, washed, well-maintained cloth.
  • It has a flexible payment and returns policy. 

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Alibaba is a renowned retail shop.There are a few people who don’t know about Alibaba. Alibaba is a renowned retail shop. Moreover, it is the safest site for global trade. 

You can shop from remote corners of the world with this app. Where even doesn’t exist, Alibaba can reach there. This app follows strict rules and regulations about safe transactions. 

Alibaba is a Chinese company. Its co-founder is Chinese in nationality. Besides that, it has become the world’s largest e-commerce company. Hundred millions of people are using this every day since it has various payment options.

You will find some fundamental differences between Alibaba and Ali express. Alibaba does businesses from buyer to buyer, and Ali expresses do businesses from buyer to consumer.


  • You will get your customized products on Alibaba. It is a buyer-to-buyer merchant company. You can get products from eBay, Amazon, and many more websites as you want.
  • Alibaba ensures you super fast delivery. It manipulates many means of payment options. You can choose from any of them. 
  • You can get products from Alibaba at a cheaper rate because it does business with B2B. It buys products at a wholesale rate. You can resale those products to consumers at a cheaper rate than the actual price.
  • Alibaba has a wide range of product categories. You will get almost everything in just one app. It always has hotshot promotion campaigns going on special occasions.

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6. The RealReal

The RealReal is a 100% legit app.The RealReal is a 100% legit app. You will get here pure, authentic products and its co-founder confirms it. He says that RealReal doesn’t sell fake products. So if you like high-end products, you can always check on RealReal.

RealReal commission percentage is relatively high, though. Like if you are selling something on 20% sale. The cost of the product is 300 USD. they will cut down 60 USD instances and hold about 50% of the commission of the product. It is somewhat pricy, but people trust this name. You will sell your product in no time. 


  • You can buy high-end products here. You can buy branded products here without any worry. Moreover, this app has significant variations of different brands and products.
  • You can sell products here effortlessly. Since it is a famous brand, you will sell your product without trying any advertisement.
  • It has a comfortable return policy. You can return the product within 14 days in case of store purchases. 
  • It also has three kinds of membership options. One of them is free, and the rest of the two are paid membership. You can choose whatever from those three. 

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7. OfferUp Android Apps to Sell Clothes

OfferUp Android Apps to Sell ClothesThe app named Letgo has disbanded and met with OfferUp. Now, these two apps have merged and are serving all kinds of needs in fashion. Before it merged, Letgo had over 42 million users, and Offergo doubled its members. When they merged, it became the most significant and fastest marketplace. These two apps mainly work the same. You can buy and sell products from here.

Moreover, OfferUp has added some extra features like job offers, gift cards, and other items. You can earn extra money by the adhesion of Ads on your post. It is considered the best neighborhood marketplace. 


  • You can buy and sell anything from this app, like cars, used of un-used dresses, home decor, shoes, vintage fashion, and many more.
  • You will find great deals on discounts and offers on kids’ items, stationery, and sports items. 
  • Selling on Offergo is worth it. You can get rid of your old clothes at an attractive price. On the other hand, when you buy something, you can bargain for the price.
  • OfferUp will show you what is trending and newly uploaded near you in your locality. So you can buy without the delivery charges. 

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8. Etsy: Buy Custom, Handmade, and Unique Goods

Etsy Buy Custom, Handmade, and Unique GoodsEtsy mainly stands for easy-to-sell yourself. Esty’s privacy policy is quite strict, and buying and selling products here is safe. Every time there is a transaction, Etsy keeps a record. It is infrequent that there is a scammed situation happened. The authority of Esty never gives detailed information about the buyer to the seller. So from that, you can get an idea that it’s super easy to sell and buy goods with this app.

Esty mainly worked selling creative, handmade, and unique things. YouThis app gives you exclusive customized gift fogiftsur family and friends. You can also make a living by selling goods on Etsy. It’s really up to you whether you make 50 dollars or 5000 by selling handmade products.


  • You can save your favorite items or shop for further purchases. You will also get notified when some products will be up for sale. It saves the data from your previous purchase.
  • You can also track your parcel from the tracking number. You will get to know when your parcel is arriving.
  • Etsy is a legit app, and so far, it did not seem sketchy. But when you are purchasing something, double-check everything. You can also directly contact the seller.
  • You can also give directions about the Handmade product you will buy.  

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9. Shpock

ShpockShpock is a free and legitimate Android app to Sell Clothes. You can enlist your collection on this app if you are a buyer. You wheYoull be charged a minimum wage. W when you sell your products, you are a buyer; you must pay little wages to register. As it is a legit app, this app keeps all kinds of information it gets.

Shpock is one of the best online sites to sell and buy secondhand products. The product that you will be getting here is slightly used. Those clothes are handled with care. This feature makes this app out of the cast. Now Shpock acts safer and faster. It will upload your desired product which is nearby. You can buy those items in a hassle-free way. The chance of shopping nearby lessens the chance of getting scammed.


  • You will have secondhand clothing, from high-end vintage dresses to streetwear. There is a vast collection of shoes, home decor, gardening, and almost everything.
  • If you compare Shpock with eBay, it gets complicated. eBay worked up at a cheaper rate. So you are seeking something cheap, you can go for eBay.
  • But Shpock stands for elegant yet sophisticated. You can grow a whole community here. Share your desired fashion with your community.
  • You can also find buyers within your community and deliver goods without hassle.

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10. Vinted

VintedThis app is for you if you like vintage things like a grandfather clock, clothing, etc. Vinted can earn money from sellers. They charge a minimum wage when your product is sold. You can also post your product’s ad for free on this app.

Vinted is safe to use and recommended by people who love vintage fashion accessories. Here at Vinted, buyers always cover the shipping cost. But if you get lucky and can buy from a nearby location, you can buy goods in person. There is an issue with Vinted scams, but this app is working on it. It is a way to succeed, and they ensure money back to the scammed consumers.


  • You can set your price range and preferred products. When there is a product that covers your demands, a notification will pop up on your phone.
  • You can also create your own fellow buyers’ community. You can create a new folder with the loyal buyer’s likings for the products they like.
  • The percentage Vinted takes is relatively low compared to other apps. This app will charge you 3-8% based on your price range of products.
  • You can pay the money with the easiest option for you. It comes with a flexible payment method to buy goods.

11. Mercari Android Apps to Sell Clothes

Mercari Android Apps to Sell ClothesThe first question that might pop up in your mind is Mercari legitimate. The answer is yes. It is entirely legitimate and safe to use. This app lets you buy anything from kids’ toys to car parts and other fancy items. The work is all done by this app. The staff of this app will make sure the buyer gets his goods.

Mercari has become one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces. You can do all the things from your home. Like listing goods into categories to receive products from your doors, all are done by this app. The most fantastic jinx about Mercari is there is no single scammed incident with Mercari. You can get your hopes up and shop with this app.


  • You can go for it if you plan to open a small business besides your current job. You don’t have to do anything of your own.
  • You will feel like nothing during the start of business with this app. There are no meet-ups with consumers. And the staff will come to your house to pick up the goods. So you can rest while managing a business.
  • Once your id is verified, you can list any legitimate item on this app. Listing is quite an easy thing to do. This app doesn’t cost any money for listing. 

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12. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is a versatile and legit app.Vestiaire Collective is a versatile and legit app. If you are worried about this app’s authentication, you can rest assured. There is a whole team out there to take care of each packaging, and they ensure that every product included is authentic.

The commission percentage of Vestiaire Collective is not that high. You can already consume 80% of the actual price. If you are a regular seller of this app, you will get your payment after 21 days of the shipment of the products. If you’re a buyer, you should already fetch this app. This app uploads the latest products every week. It uploads almost 3000 products every week. If you set the notification on, this app will show the latest in the market. 


  • You can join the fashionist community here if you’re interested in fashion and follow them up. Besides that, you can join the community and get the products that the fashionist wear. 
  • You can negotiate the price with the buyer here. You can directly contact the seller with this app.
  • This app supports those who are engaged sustainably. You can get all the designer items that are gently used.
  • You can sell designer items within a short time. Since it is proven a legit app, your item will be sold in no time.

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13. Bonanza

BonanzaBonanza is a ancient app. It survived well from 2014 till now. This app charges a 3.5% commission if you own a store, and products commission are separate based on price. It is a trusted app. The top-selling items on Bonanza are men’s, women’s, home, garden, health, beauty, and many more. The average app rating of this app is 8.4 out of 10. That indicates its authenticity.  


  • Bonanza has no connection with eBay and other shopping apps. It is stated that millions of transactions have happened with Bonanza. There are not many claims about scamming and stuff. 
  • Bonanza might not have luxurious brands like Gucci, Prada, or Comfy. But it sells authentic products with full responsibility.
  • It generally takes five to seven days to deliver a product. You can track your products every moment. You will get notified if something occurs and delay in delivery. 

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14. Listia

Listia Android Apps to Sell Clothes That Are Similar to PoshmarkListia works a little bit differently from other apps. On every app, you can earn money by selling goods. But here in Listia, you can earn money by selling goods. You can earn those points when you buy something from this app. And when you can collect many points, you can buy goods worth that money. 


  • You can post the item you want to sell here for free. 
  • Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra money to sell items; you will also be charged a tiny commission for uploading. 
  • You are free to use your Listia credits on anything. It is not mandatory to buy clothes with those credits. You can use them somewhere else. 

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15. Carousell Android Apps to Sell Clothes

Carousell Android Apps to Sell ClothesCarousell is a Singapore-based e-commerce marketplace. It believes in a person-to-personal mission. 

It is a legit app. So there is no chance of getting scammed by this app.

This app is now available in the UK. the people from the UK really like this app. Millions of subscribers are shopping and selling products with this app. There seems to be no biggest issue with this app. The payment method of this app is quite simple. You can pay with Google Pay, a debit card, a credit card, or whatever you want. Because of the easy payment methods, it is loved by many. 


  • The incredible feature of this app is it charges no extra money. It is free to download. 
  • You can buy and sell whatever you want in this app without paying any commission. 
  • But the people who sell fake or sketchy products to the buyer face the consequences in police custody. So it is safe to use. 
  • You can also sell property, looking property, and even search for a ready-made house here.

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16. Tradesy: Luxury Brands and Bags

Tradesy Luxury Brands and BagsTradesy is the app where you can find only high-end, branded products. It maintains a zero-tolerance policy. When you upload something to sell, it will be checked by the crews. If declared fake, your product will be removed from this app automatically. You don’t have to worry about selling your branded products here. This app is so famous for its authenticity. If you plan to sell any branded products, you can sell them here. 


  • This app’s commission rate is pretty decent. They only charge 7% of the product price under 50 USD. Over 50 are charged 19.8% of the product’s price. 
  • Tradesy is famous for selling high-end products. You can sell any branded product and clothes here. 
  • As Tradesy is a peer-to-peer online market, negotiation is permitted. How you make the deal as the buyer or seller is up to you.

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17. Flyp

Flyp Android Apps to Sell Clothes That Are Similar to PoshmarkFlyp is a perfect Android app for selling used and unused clothes. It is a trusted platform for the buyer and the seller. Sellers make money selling all branded goods, and buyers get satisfied with the quality of the product.


  • You can post pictures of the products you want to buy. This app will inform you when the product is available.
  • You can follow the posh community here. You can know the sense of fashion of Flyp. Moreover, it allows the creation of a board.

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18. Swap

Swap Android Apps to Sell ClothesSwap is considered the biggest money saver app for shopping. It is one of the largest selling sites as well. Moreover, you can even get a 90% discount on products. 

Swap is heaven for the seller. Sellers can sell almost every product here by uploading a single picture. 


  • You can check out quickly with credit card payments.
  • You will get notified about the clearance sale. The registration procedures are straightforward. Besides that, you can register through Facebook and email.
  • It doesn’t cost any extra charge for uploading items for sale.

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19. Grailed Android Apps to Sell Clothes

Grailed Android Apps to Sell ClothesGrailed is the best secondhand clothing app for menswear. It is a legit app to use. Moreover, it has products from haute-couture brands from streetwear. 

You will get all things in one app. The seller uploads pictures of the product with full details. You can review the details first, then start shopping on this app.


  • The Grailed app charges 6% for each item based on sales. You can download this app for free. 
  • It offers a reasonable price.
  • You can track your products after you confirm your products. The buyer’s information is entirely confidential to the seller.                               

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20. Daraz

Daraz eCommerce AppDaraz is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the Asian subcontinent. It is a sister concern of Alibaba Group. It started its journey in 2002, and at present, it has more than 3500 employees. Daraz started its journey in Pakistan, but now it is popular in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Myanmar.


  • Daraz provides 100 % genuine products and ensures consumers’ benefit.
  • It is popular in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Pakistan.
  • Bjarke Mikkelsen founded Daraz, but Alibaba Group is operating it now.
  • Daraz is an excellent place to shop for online clothes. Moreover, it is safe and secure.

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Final Thought

This article is all about the best Android Apps to Sell Clothes. You will never get disappointed if you shop with these apps. Today it is all about living a minimalist life with fashion. There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that are used. You are reducing waste for our earth. You can promote your small businesses here. Selling clothes online has never been this easier without these apps. 

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.

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