The Top 20 Best Battlefield Game for PC Available in 2023

The face of modern gaming would be very different today if some game developers decided not to pursue specific projects. The world’s gamers would have been robbed of countless gaming experiences. The Battlefield is one of those projects, and now, 18 years later, there are very few gamers in the world who have not played or heard of this legendary masterpiece by EA DICE. In our today’s session, we will discuss the top 20 best Battlefield Games for PC.

Best Battlefield Game

When the game emerged in September 2002, it gave everyone a taste of modern warfare. Its concept was to recreate Historic battles that allowed players to pilot planes, tanks, and other military vehicles. The Battlefield series is a first-person shooter game. It consisted of a huge map and was focused mainly on Vehicular warfare and teamwork between the players.

In later years, the developers focused on online multiplayer modes so that players worldwide could connect with friends and play remotely with their squads. The game was first available on Microsoft Windows PCs and OS X at the franchise’s beginning.

With time, the developers worked day and night, making this excellent series available to players across all platforms, such as Playstation, Microsoft X-box, Macs, and Windows PCs.
This game was unique because no game then did what Battlefield did, so everyone wanted a piece. And as of 2012, Battlefield is one of the most popular games out there, with more than 50 million players worldwide with over 20 games. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane, see which Battlefield games are worth playing, and pick the best one among them:

1. Battlefield V (2018)

Battlefield V is the latest and the number sixteenth installment in the legendary series. It came out in November 2018. Based on the popularity of its precursors, the newest game was already a success story, with more than 7.3 million copies sold worldwide on all platforms by the end of 2018! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

Battlefield V (2018)Battlefield V mainly focuses on party-based gameplay features, gathering resources, and making players use their ideas to solve specific missions. This way, the gameplay is far more realistic than any other game that came before it. The game has different modes, such as a story mode, several multiplayer modes, and a battle royale mode for players wanting to try out different approaches to the game.

The story mode allows users to play the game as specific characters and use their skills to complete a set of challenges and know the story of those characters. The game has several multiplayer modes that put players in certain situations that they have to deal with. But in this mode, they can take help from other players. Both these modes focus on a particular storyline.

But the Battle Royale mode is focused mainly on destruction, vehicles, and teamwork. The basic principle is simple: 64 players are put in an arena. Each squad is divided into four players, each fighting until all other players are eliminated. The last person or squad standing wins the game. This focuses on teamwork between the members of the squads.

It is a 50 GB game requiring specific hardware to run smoothly on your PC. You can get it online from Origin(you must pay for a subscription ) and play it online and offline.

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2. Battlefield V: Into the Jungle (2023)

Although Battlefield V came out in 2018, the game has been updated six times after its release, and each update brought a new chapter into the game. “Battlefield V: Into the Jungle” was the latest update in 2023.

Battlefield V Into the Jungle (2020)“Into the Jungle” came with a brand new map and took place in the Solomon Islands. This complete map plays brilliantly and will test your battle skills to the fullest. The game starts with the players pushing through the sandy beaches of the Solomon Islands, entering the jungle’s deepest parts. To win the Battlefield V game, the players are required to fight off all enemies and capture the final flag.

While you are busy being ambushed by enemy soldiers and fighting off assassins, expect some parts in the map to grind your brain to go forward. This game is a perfect mixture of combat and strategy. The new update doesn’t just bring players a new map but also new ammunition and gadgets.

When you play in the Solomon Islands, you must look the part, though. So the developers put in some new cosmetics too, and players can unlock more as they play. You can look forward to unlocking “Misaki” in rank 14; this female character can be an outstanding addition to your Elite!

This game is purchasable from EA’s website, but you might get a good deal if you subscribe to Origin.

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3. Battlefield 1 (2016)

Unlike most Battlefield games, “Battlefield 1” was known for its single-player campaign. Although subtle changes were subtle, the combat was balanced with chaos and action. The game tells the story of World War 1 and the people who fought it with an incredible focus on the details. The gear and weapons in the were all from World War 1. This game tried to give players an authentic feel of what it’s like to be on a battlefield.

Battlefield 1 (2016) -the Best Battlefield Game for PCBut after six months of its release, it was decayed. Players didn’t stick to it due to its lack of content. The maps weren’t too high, and players thought the weapons were outdated & that they lacked customization. With all its flaws aside, the World War 1 setting was remarkable & on top of that, players got to learn about the history of World War 1, so it was a win-win.

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4. Battlefield Hardline (2014)

“Hardline” was the first-ever game that broke the conventional military setting the entire series is based on. The main object of attention in this game was the Police Special Response Units and what they did to stop criminals. It had a Cops Vs. Criminals’ situation is going on. As it was a non-military game, players could now use fast cars, bikes & brand new police equipment such as Tasers & handcuffs, which were not previously seen in a Battlefield game.

Battlefield Hardline (2014)The game took place in Miami, and unlike other Battlefield games, it focused on heists, drugs, crimes, and police operations rather than traditional Military warfare. It had several new game modes and tons of unique features, such as “legendary status” and “competitive matchmaking,” never done before. It had many other neat tidbits, but many users complained that it didn’t feel like a proper Battlefield game. Well, it wasn’t, so there was no point in blaming them. Critics gave the game outstanding reviews for its gameplay modes while criticizing its plot.

It was a very complicated game to rate, a lot of people loved it, and some hated it, but everyone had a great time playing it.

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5. Battlefield 4  Game (2013)

Battlefield 4 came out in 2013 & was the thirteenth installment in the franchise. This game won the hearts of many gamers and is still preferred by a few people.

It had some cool features. Its multiplayer modes & gunplay were some of the best then and are still preferred by many, even in 2023! It also had some excellent same large-scale battles, which was one of its major selling points. It even lets players bring down massive objects, such as skyscrapers, during specific game missions.

Battlefield 4  Game (2013)-the Best Battlefield Game for PCThe weather affected the gameplay and had events like sandstorms. It had everything players could ask for, ranging from helicopters, fighter jets, shotguns, assault rifles, and snipers with excellent game modes, everything but a proper campaign experience, one of the very few downsides of this game.

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6. Battlefield 4 Final Stand (2014)

Battlefield 4 Final Stand (2014)Battlefield 4 had many expansion packs after its enormous success, and “Final Stand” was one of them. As this was an expansion pack, the gameplay was the same as its precursor but had some new tidbits. It had 13 unique assignments, four new maps; all focused on the Arctic region, and some fantastic views. Battlefield 4 Final Stand got some excellent feedback because of the icy environments. There isn’t much to say about this game; it did a fantastic job. Considering it was just an expansion.

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7. Battlefield 3 Game (2011)

Battlefield 3 Game(2011)-the Best Battlefield Game for PCRight after play4free came Battlefield 3, which took everyone by surprise; it made everyone remember what the Battlefield series was about with an advanced and enticing multiplayer mode. It featured a large campaign mode and used actual physics in the game.

In 2011, few games looked as good as Battlefield 3 in graphics and gameplay. It was based on a fictional war that took place in 2014. The maps included some of the most famous cities in the world, like Paris, Newyork, Kuwait, and some parts of the Persian Gulf. It showed metropolitan areas, downtowns, and sub-urban streets best suited for vehicular warfare. And to top it all, the storyline of the single-player mode won hearts! It was so popular that DICE had to introduce five expansions for the game.

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8. Battlefield 3 Endgame (2012)

Battlefield 3 Endgame (2012)Endgame was the final DLC of the Battlefield 3 pack with some minor upgrades. Being an expansion pack, the changes weren’t significant and brought a few new game modes. Along with the original game modes came new vehicles, missions & unlocks. The gameplay was precisely like Battlefield 3 & was only available to people with premium subscriptions.

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9. Battlefield Play4free (2011)

Battlefield Play4free (2011)Battlefield Play4free was free to play an online battlefield game based on “Battlefield: 2” & “Battlefield: Bad Company 2”. It came out in 2011 and was rated as one of the worst Battlefield games ever to be made. Although it was supposedly free, they charged players $20 to get new weapons, which annoyed many people. This was a lousy year for DICE.

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10. Battlefield Online (2010)

“Battlefield Online” was the second game in the entire franchise that was available for free. It came out in 2010 and was a “Battlefield 2” remake. It used the graphic improvements of “Battlefield 2” while using the engine from “Battlefield 2142”, not a wrong move from DICE if you ask me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something that excited many people, but on the bright side, it wasn’t as bad as Play4Free, which came out later.

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11. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 came out in March 2010, but this time was also available on pc. The game featured massive destruction that looked amazing on pc. It had a single-player campaign that continued the storyline of the original lousy company game. To this date, it is one of the top-rated Battlefield games of all time.

The gameplay was pretty good, and for the first time, pc players had access to the infamous “Rush” mode, and it was all they could talk about. Battlefield Bad Company 2 was the best game in 2010, and it still rules over the hearts of millions!

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12. Battlefield 1943 (2009)

“Battlefield 1943” was a PlayStation 3 & X-box 360 exclusive in 2009. With just $15, anyone with a console could enjoy this legendary first-person shooter. The storyline was based on operations in the Pacific Theater of World War 2.

Players could enjoy the game as the Marines Corps of The United States or Imperial Japanese Navy soldiers. Although it was a compact Battlefield experience, the map consisted of three Islands and three classes and was packed with a lot of chaos, which gave players a hell of an experience for just $15. Being an exclusive, it gave console players a slight superiority and was voted the top-selling game for X-box in 2009!

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13. Battlefield Heroes (2009)

“Battlefield Heroes” was the first-ever Battlefield game that was free. It came out in 2009 & way ahead of its time. It was a third-person shooter and had several features from its precursors. Battlefield Heroes was a simple game as players of similar levels were matched against each other. It featured a conquest mode, where each team was given a flag and 50 re-spawns, the team that killed and had the most flags won the game.

This game intended to increase its audience, which it did until it started showing ads and charging players to unlock certain features. It wasn’t that bad, considering it could run on almost every rig and was free.

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14. Battlefield Bad Company 1 (2008)

Battlefield: Bad Company was an exclusive PlayStation & X-box platforms game. It came out in 2008 and was based on a fictional war between Russia & The United States.
The story takes place in the fictional country of “Serdaristan” & tells the story of 4 troublesome soldiers (together known as “Bad Company”). They embark on their journey to fight together as a team. This game gave birth to the infamous “Rush” mode players now know. There’s not much to say about this game except that it was the first game to run on the fantastic “Frostbite” engine, which is used in Battlefield games nowadays.

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15. Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike (2007)

“Battlefield 2142: Northstrike” was a booster pack of its precursor and came out in 2007. Major factors remained the same as “Battlefield 2142”, “Northern sStrike had some extra content added. The booster pack had slight upgrades like new vehicles, maps, and unlockable features. Apart from that, the game modes were the same as its “Battlefield 2142”.

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16. Battlefield 2142 (2006)

“Battlefield 2142” was released in 2006 and was a very advanced game. It tells the story of a cold war between the European Union and the Pan-Asian Coalition in the 22nd century.

“2142” featured a new Titan mode and the previous conquest mode. Titan mode was a new approach to the game, giving players a future-like experience. Each team had a heavily shielded Titan(a flying warship), and players had to destroy the opposite team’s Titan while protecting their own. Destroying the Titan was a difficult job, though.

First, players had to kill the Force Fields around it, and then players had to board the Titan, spawn their team commando, and destroy the reactors to destroy it. But while all this was happening, the Titan could protect itself with enormous firepower, which took it to a new level. The planes were futuristic, while the ground vehicles were the same ones they used in Battlefield 2. “2142” blew people away! The game gained immense popularity and got a new remake the following year.

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17. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (2005)

This was the fourth installment in the franchise and a particularly important one for console gaming. As the world was getting a grasp on console gaming, EA DICE decided to give console gamers the exclusiveness they deserved. They developed “Battlefield 2: Modern Combat” and made it available exclusively on PlayStation 2 and X-box. Suddenly, many players jumped ship and started gaming on a console instead.

The gameplay is similar to Battlefield 2 and has its fair share of bad reviews. Even though it was the first game to feature a single-player campaign mode, players complained that the game was full of bugs and was confused half the time they played it.

Players had a problem understanding which team they were representing as the game made them switch sides from mission to mission. But the bugs were all fixed when they remade the game for X-Box360, and the damage was slightly reduced.

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18. Battlefield 2(2005)

Battlefield 2 was the follow-up game after Vietnam, and it came out in June 2005. It was a classic Pc game back in the day; I had almost heard about it. The storyline of this game is based on a fictional war between Russia, the Middle East, Europe, the US, and China. It was based on Battlefield Vietnam, which gave players access to Tanks, Jets, Heavy Armored Vehicles, and Anti-Aircrafts.

Although specific features of the game were Battlefield Vietnam-like, it bought many new things to the table, such as Squad options. You could collaborate with a few players to complete the job. Nowadays, squads are standard in Battlefield games, but this was the first game to introduce this unique feature. At that time, it was a brand-new approach to gameplay, and people went nuts over it.

Players could also choose a team Commander who would call the shots about the attack and could call in supplies, vehicles, and artillery strikes. The commander could order each squad, so players often choose a higher-ranking player. This was also a new feature that changed the game. Do you know the stats system that ranks each player? This system was also introduced in Battlefield 2.

Players could warn badges, ribbons, and medals from their in-game performance and unlock several cool features by ranking their accounts. This was the game that revolutionized the team play experience of the entire franchise.

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19. Battlefield Vietnam (2004)

Battlefield Vietnam was the second game to come out of the franchise. It was released in March 2004, and its storyline was based on the Vietnam War. Just like its precursor, “Battlefield 1942”, the gameplay was control-point based but had many features that were vastly different. It was the first game in the series to introduce asymmetrical warfare. It means the Americans and the Vietnamese were given entirely different gears and vehicles.

Battlefield Vietnam was also the first game to have a 3-D map, a feature we now take for granted in all battlefield games. This helped players as they could now see which team controlled points. It was also the first game in the series to be able to airlift vehicles while players were still in the cars, but this feature was removed in the later generations.

The American team was given massive warfare vehicles such as helicopters, bomb planes& tanks to keep details about the War straight. In contrast, the Vietnamese squad got anti-vehicle weapons to fight off American cars. They also had access to a vast network of tunnels that the Vietnamese used during the War. This kept the storyline very close to the actual War.

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20. Battlefield 1942 (2002)

“Battlefield 1942” was the first game out of the legendary franchise and the most important one on this list. The game was first released for PCs.

“Battlefield 1942” allowed payers to play as aAxisor allies, allowing players to choose from five roles: Scout, Assault, Medic, Anti-tank & Engineer. Over the map, players had a lot of control points and had to fight & drain the opposite team’s resources.

The principle was pretty basic, but combined with the class system that allowed players to choose the roles they wanted to play, this game was a HIT! Everyone loved it as each player did what they liked the most while still working as a team.

As I mentioned, this is a crucial game in the series, as the other Battlefield games in the franchise that came later were all based on this (“Battlefield 1942”).

The game was so successful that EA DICE later made two expansion packs for Battlefield 1942Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome & Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII.

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Final Thought

In conclusion, if I pick one of the following games as my favorite, I would pick Battlefield 4. At the end of the gaming review, I recommend you play Marvel Games For Android if you are away from your PC. It will give you some flavor.

Well, I can back up my claim. It had a fantastic multiplayer mode and featured the best gunplay experience ever in the entire franchise. The battles were challenging and even let players shoot down huge buildings! It was just the whole package! The little details combined with the magic of the Frostbite 3 engine it was a fantastic experience!

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