The 10 Best Black Cat Anime For The Manga Lovers

Anime has been a beloved art form worldwide for decades. It originated in Japan and has captured the hearts of millions with its unique art style and storytelling. In recent years, there’s been a trend of featuring black cats in anime series and movies. These cats bring a unique dynamic to the stories, often adding a magical, mysterious, and sometimes dark element to the narrative.

The presence of black cats in anime often symbolizes death, misfortune, and dark magic. They are often portrayed as dark, mysterious creatures associated with the supernatural or bad luck. In some series, they are also associated with witchcraft and the occult. While these associations can be seen as unfavorable, they can also be interpreted as mysterious and powerful forces that have the potential to bring good fortune and protection.

Black cat anime have been gaining popularity for decades, and it’s no surprise why. Black cat animes provide viewers with storylines that revolve around strong characters, exciting action scenes, and intense plotlines. They have been around since the early days of anime, and their popularity is still strong. The characters are often lovable and relatable, making it easy to connect with them and become immersed in the story. The action scenes are full of suspense, providing a thrilling experience. 

The plotlines are often complex and captivating, allowing viewers to be pulled into the story and follow its twists and turns. The anime also features a wide range of genres, allowing viewers to explore different storylines and characters. Additionally, the visuals of black cat anime are stunning, with vivid colors, detailed backgrounds, and beautiful animation. Finally, the characters in cat anime are often stylish, with a unique sense of fashion and attitude. 

They often wear stylish clothes and accessories and have their signature style. This allows viewers to identify with their favorite characters and feel part of the story. All of these factors have led to the ongoing popularity of black kitten anime. These elements combine to create an immersive and captivating viewing experience. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder cat animes are so popular!

User Ratings of Black Cat Anime

Anime Released Rating
KonoSuba 2016 4.7
Trigun 1998 4.8
Code Geass 2006 4.2
Soul Eater 2008 4.8
Gakkou No Kaidan 2000 4.5
Kiki’s Delivery Service 1989 4.9
Nichijou 2011 4.3
Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2011 4.1
My Neighbor Totoro 1988 4.8
Sankarea 2013 4.3

These data suggest that the anime community has a favorable opinion of black animal anime, as all the ratings are above 4.0. Soul Eater, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro are the highest-rated anime, with ratings of 4.8. The lowest rated are Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi and Code Geass, with ratings of 4.1 and 4.2, respectively. These data show that most viewers find these cat anime enjoyable.

The 10 Best Black Cat Anime For The Manga Lovers

Black cat anime has gained popularity over the years, with fans everywhere enjoying the unique visuals and characters. While there are some excellent pet anime, we have compiled a list of the 10 best for manga lovers. This list should include everything from classic favorites to new releases! Whether you’re looking for action, adventure, romance, or comedy, these ten black cat anime are sure to please. 

1. Chomusuke

Anime : Konosuba

Chomusuke is a beloved companion of Megumin, the explosion mage from Konosuba. Chomusuke is a small, fluffy, black cat with short legs and an orange mane. Moreover, he has a pair of green eyes and a round face. He often rides on Megumi’s shoulder, with his tail sticking out proudly. Chomusuke is a very loyal companion and is always there to provide moral support and encouragement to Megumin. Chomusuke is also a fearless cat willing to put himself in danger to help his master. He often uses his cute and innocent appearance to fool enemies. He is not afraid to fight when the need arises.

Chomusuke Black Cat Anime
Chomusuke is a beloved companion of Megumin, the explosion mage from Konosuba.

Chomusuke has a unique ability: the power to transform into a giant version of himself. In this form, Chomusuke can take on much larger enemies, such as dragons and giant monsters, and help Megumin take them down. He is also brilliant and can always devise clever ways to defeat enemies. Chomusuke is a beloved character in the Konosuba series and a loyal companion of Megumin. He is always there to support and cheer his master, no matter the situation.


2. Kuroneko

Anime : Trigun

Kuroneko, an essential character in the anime series Trigun, is a mysterious being with a solid connection to the protagonist Vash the Stampede. Kuroneko first appears as a mysterious black cat who speaks to Vash. She reveals to Vash that she is a humanoid creature, a “Chronicle Generator” created by the planet’s inhabitants long ago to protect it from harm. She can generate temporal anomalies and uses this power to stop Vash from hurting himself or others.

Kuroneko is a kind and gentle soul who cares deeply for Vash and is willing to give her life to protect him. She has a strong sense of justice and is determined to do what is right, no matter the cost. Kuroneko is a powerful ally to Vash. Her presence is a constant reminder of the importance of friendship, loyalty, and compassion in times of chaos and danger. Her wise words and unwavering optimism in the face of adversity have earned Kuroneko a place in the hearts of many Trigun fans. And serve as a reminder that hope still exists even in the darkest of times.


3. Arthur Black Cat Anime

Anime: Code Geass

Arthur is an extraordinary cat in the Code Geass anime series. Arthur has been part of Lelouch’s adventures since the beginning of the series. He is one of the most loved characters in the series. His eyes are usually a deep blue color. He is intelligent, often helping Lelouch in his plans. Arthur loves to eat and takes great pleasure in being spoiled and pampered. 

Arthur is an extraordinary cat in the Code Geass anime series.

He is the loyal feline companion of the protagonist, Lelouch vi Britannia. He is also very fond of Lelouch and is willing to do anything for him, no matter how dangerous. Arthur is also very loyal and protective, often jumping in to help Lelouch in hazardous situations. He can also speak and understand human languages, though he only talks when necessary. Arthur’s presence in the series is excellent, providing comic relief and moral guidance. He is one of the most loved characters in the series and a great source of inspiration to many fans.


4. Blair

Anime: Soul Eater

Blair from Soul Eater is one of the series’s most beloved and enigmatic characters. She is a witch and a cat that often takes her human form when dealing with humans, but her proper form is a large black cat with a white muzzle and a bushy tail. Blair is always cheerful and playful, often teasing Maka and Soul, the two protagonists of the series. Her true purpose was never revealed in the series, but it was heavily implied that she was there to help them on their journey.

Blair is a powerful witch, and her powers often put her at odds with the other characters. She is capable of using powerful spells and curses, as well as manipulating others with her magic. She is also a master of disguise and often uses her skills to deceive and manipulate the characters around her. In addition, Blair is a master of unarmed combat and has a large arsenal of weapons at her disposal.

Despite her enigmatic nature, she is a significant character in the series and helps keep the story moving forward. Ultimately, her mysterious nature lends her a great deal of depth and makes her one of the most loved characters in the series.


5. Kaya

Anime : Gakkou No Kaidan

Kaya Cat is a character from the famous Japanese horror manga and anime series Gakkou No Kaidan. She is a mysterious cat often seen around the school, watching the students from a distance. She is calm and reserved, constantly monitoring and observing the students without speaking. 

Kaya’s appearance resembles a small, white cat with black markings. She has a long, fluffy tail, and her eyes are golden. She typically wears a white shirt with a blue bow, a long white skirt, and long black boots. Kaya has a long, slender body and is often seen with a light blue ribbon tied around her neck, with a matching blue cape hanging from her back.

Her main power is the ability to transfer knowledge between people and objects. She can also use her power to manipulate the emotions and physical bodies of others and create illusions and hallucinations. She is often seen in the series helping the students in various ways, offering advice, assistance, or warnings. Kaya is a powerful character who can make a real difference in the series.


6. JiJi Black Cat Anime

Anime: Kiki’s Delivery Service 

Jiji is a black cat and the loyal friend and companion of Kiki in the animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service. He is a sarcastic, witty, and intelligent feline who serves as Kiki’s confidante and adviser throughout her journey. He has an unwavering loyalty to Kiki, as evidenced by his willingness to accompany her on her adventures, even when she’s uncertain about her future. Jiji is a source of comic relief, often making wisecracks and quips at Kiki’s expense. He is highly protective of Kiki and often serves as her voice of reason when she’s feeling lost and uncertain. 

Jiji is a black cat and the loyal friend and companion of Kiki in the animated film Kiki's Delivery Service.

He is the one who encourages her to take risks and take on new opportunities. Jiji is also incredibly loyal and supportive, always standing by Kiki’s side and offering encouraging words when she needs them most. By the film’s end, Jiji has become integral to Kiki’s journey, and she can’t imagine life without him. Jiji is essential to Kiki’s story, providing humor, companionship, and motivation throughout her journey. He is a reminder of the importance of loyalty, friendship, and courage.


7. Sakamoto

Anime: Nichijou

Sakamoto, also known as Sakomoto, is a fictional white and gray tabby cat from the anime series Nichijou. He is the pet of the main character, Nano Shinonome, who found him when he was a stray. Sakamoto is a much-loved character in the show, with his laid-back and often apathetic demeanor and remarkable ability to take on practically any situation and make it seem effortless.

Although Sakamoto is often seen as a pompous character, he has a big heart and is fiercely loyal to Nano. He has even been known to jump in and save her from danger on multiple occasions.

Sakamoto, also known as Sakomoto, is a fictional white and gray tabby cat from the anime series Nichijou.

Sakamoto’s voice is provided by Hiroki Yasumoto, which adds to his endearing personality. His love for food, naps, and relaxation are often the source of the show’s most humorous moments. His ability to predict the future makes him even more mysterious. Sakamoto’s presence in the show lightens the mood and adds an extra layer of entertainment. He is an iconic character in Nichijou and will forever remain an essential part of the show.


8. Sorata

Anime : Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Sorata cat is a beloved character from the popular anime series Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He is the pet cat of the series’ leading character Ritsu Onodera. Sorata is a very playful and affectionate cat, always ready to provide comfort and companionship to Ritsu. He has a smoky gray coat with bright yellow eyes and loves petting and cuddling. He has a very energetic personality and loves to explore his surroundings. Sorata is also very curious, often getting into trouble.

Despite his mischievous behavior, Sorata is a loyal companion to Ritsu, always looking out for his best interests. He often gets jealous when Ritsu spends too much time with one of the other characters in the anime. His loyalty is shown through his unconditional love and devotion, never leaving Ritsu’s side even when times are tough. He is also very tolerant and understanding, often taking comfort in Ritsu’s arms when feeling down.

He reminds us that sometimes, even the most minor and unexpected things can bring us comfort. As a result, he is an essential part of the series and will continue to bring joy to anime fans for many years.


9. Nekobasu Black Cat Anime

Anime: My Neighbor Totoro

Nekobasu is a memorable character from the classic Miyazaki film, My Neighbor Totoro. Nekobasu is a magical cat bus that appears as a large, fuzzy, white cat with windows and doors and is the transportation of Totoro and their forest friends. The inside of the Nekobasu is spacious and lined with cushions and pillows. Nekobasu has two ears that move up and down to the engine’s sound. 

The Nekobasu can be seen traveling to the spirit world of Totoro with its passengers, including Satsuki, Mei, and their father. The Nekobasu can also be seen carrying the girls around the countryside while they explore the magical forests of Totoro. Nekobasu is a beautiful and unique creature. Its presence in My Neighbor Totoro makes it an unforgettable part of the story. It symbolizes Miyazaki’s magical and imaginative world, adding an extra element of magic and awe to the movie.


10. Bub

Anime : Sankarea

Bub is one of the most iconic characters from Sankarea. He is a zombie cat created by the protagonist Rea Sanka, who dies and returns to life as a zombie. Bub is a white fluffy zombie cat who is an essential part of the story as he is the one who helps Rea become a zombie. Bub is incredibly loyal and protective of Rea, despite his undead state. He often comes to her aid when she needs it and is always there for her when no one else is. 

Bub is also brilliant and can easily solve puzzles or understand complex ideas. He is a great companion to Rea and helps her in her journey. He is also a great source of comedy in the series, as he often makes amusing comments or is generally silly. Bub is a beloved character and is an essential part of the Sankarea series.


Final Thought

Anime fans have long loved Black cats for their mysterious, magical, and sometimes dark personalities. They are often seen as protectors, guardians, and even gods, a powerful force to be reckoned with. Whether they bring luck, protection, or death, black cats in anime always add a unique and exciting dynamic to any story. This article has mentioned the top 10 black cat anime for our readers. I hope you will enjoy them. Leave us a comment if you have any valuable opinions.

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