The 6 Best Rugby Anime for The Sports Lovers

Rugby anime is one of the most popular sports genres in Japan. The sport is often seen as masculine and, since the early 2000s, has become increasingly popular with men. The top rugby anime include All Out, Number 24, Try knights, etc. These anime usually focus on a team of young boys or girls competing against others to prove themselves on the rugby field. 

The characters are often very passionate about the sport and put in great effort to win. The plots of these anime often revolve around the team learning to work together and developing their skills. The matches are usually fascinating and emotional, with the characters giving their all.

Rugby anime are popular for several reasons:

  1. They are very well-made, with high production values and intriguing storylines.
  2. They often feature solid and likable characters for which fans can invest and root.
  3. The sport of rugby itself is exciting and fast-paced, making for compelling viewing.
  4. Rug rugby is not as widely known as other sports, so there is often an element of mystery and exoticism surrounding it, which can add to its appeal.

Whatever the reason, rugby anime is a genre worth checking out for any fan of sports or anime.

How to Play Rugby?

Rugby is a sport that is played with two teams of fifteen players each. The game’s objective is to score more and more points than the other team. Points are scored by carrying the ball into the other teams ending zone, known as a try, or by kicking the ball through the other team’s goal posts, known as a conversion. The game is played on a one hundred meters long and seventy meters wide field. Each team has half of the area, and the halfway line divides the two halves. The field is marked with lines called touchlines and goal lines. The touchlines keep the sidelines, and the goal lines mark the end zones.

The game started with a kickoff. The team that kicks the ball off tries to score points by kicking the ball into the other team’s end zone. The other team tries to stop that ball from going into their end zone, and they can also score points by carrying it into the other team’s end zone. The team with the ball can run with it or pass it to another player. 

The players can only pass the ball backward and run with it for a maximum of ten meters. If the ball carrier is tackled, the other team gets the ball. The game is played until either one team has scored more points than the other or until the allotted time ends.

User Ratings on Rugby Anime

Anime Name Released Year Rating
All Out 2016 7.5
Number24 2020 7.0
Try Knights 2019 6.8
Ani x Para: Who is Your Hero? 2017 6.48
Eyeshield 21 2005 7.8
Madonna 1988 6.13

Generally, the anime shows are rated higher than the Madonna anime. All Out is the highest rated, followed by Eyeshield 21, Number24, and Try Knights. Ani x Para: Who is Your Hero? has the lowest rating of the four, but it is still higher than Madonna.

The 6 Best Rugby Anime for The Sports Lovers

If you’re looking for a great anime to watch, check out this list of the best rugby anime ever released. In this article, we have discussed both modern and old ones. This list will help you in choosing your next favorite anime. You can watch these anime on Crunchyroll,9anime, or any TV channel where these anime are being broadcasted. And You can also skip the filler episodes.

1. All Out Rugby Anime

All Out is a rugby anime that follows the story of a high school rugby team. The team is full of misfits and outcasts, but they come together to form a strong team. The anime is full of intense rugby action and has a lot of heart. The characters are all likable, and you can’t help but root for them. However, the animation is top-notch, and the action is intense. There are some ferocious tackles, and the matches are exciting. Moreover, the characters are all well-developed, and you come to care about them. All Out Rugby Anime

However, anime does have some drawbacks:

  1. It is very slow-paced.
  2. The matches are often predictable, and the outcome is usually straightforward.
  3. The anime does not explore the sport of rugby in-depth or teach you anything about the game.

Overall, All Out is a good rugby anime. It is exciting to watch, and it has a lot of heart. However, it is slow-paced, and the matches are often predictable.


2. Number24

Anime has recently become one of the most popular entertainment genres, with shows like Attack on Titan, Naruto, and Fullmetal Alchemist becoming global hits. Among the many sports anime released in recent years, one that has managed to stand out is Number24. Number24 is a rugby anime that follows the story of Natsusa Yuzuki, a talented young player recruited to an elite high school rugby team. The anime follows Takahashi as he strives to improve his skills and help his team win. Number24

One thing that makes Number24 so enjoyable is the level of detail in the animation. Every tackle and scrum is beautifully animated, and the action is easy to follow. The characters are also very likable and easy to root for. Another great thing about Number24 is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. While the competition is undoubtedly essential to the characters, the focus is on the fun and camaraderie of being part of a team. This makes for some very entertaining and emotional scenes.

The only downside to Number24 is that, because it is an anime, it is not currently available to watch in English. However, there are fan-made subtitles available online. Overall, Number24 is a fantastic rugby anime that is definitely worth watching. The animation is excellent, the characters are mostly likable, and the story is enjoyable. If you can find a way to watch it, I highly recommend it.


3. Try Knights

Try KnightsTry Knights is one of the newest and most famous rugby anime. The story follows the high school rugby team members striving to win the championship. The anime is full of exciting moments, and the characters are likable. The art style is also very pleasing to the eye. One of the best things about Try Knights is that it captures the essence of rugby. The sport is portrayed very accurately, and the viewer gets a real sense of the physicality and strategy involved. The matches are exciting to watch. The characters’ development is shown through their interactions on and off the field.

However, some viewers may find the amount of rugby jargon used to be off-putting. Also, the anime is relatively slow-paced, so those looking for a fast-paced, action-packed story may be disappointed. Overall, Try Knights is a great anime that will please fans of the sport. It’s also a great introduction to rugby for those unfamiliar with the sport. So whether you’re a diehard rugby fan or just looking for a new anime to watch, Try Knights is worth checking out.


4. Ani x Para: Who is Your Hero?

Ani x Para: Who is Your Hero? is a rugby anime that follows the story of a young character named Onoda as he tries to make his way in the world of competitive rugby. The anime is full of intense action, as well as plenty of humor and heart. It’s an excellent series for any sports anime fan or anyone who enjoys a good underdog story. Ani x Para Who is Your Hero

The anime follows Onoda as he joins a small local rugby team and quickly learns he has a natural talent for the sport. With the help of his teammates and coach, Ani sets his sights on the national championships. However, some of the best rugby teams in the country are standing in his way.

The anime is excellent at portraying the excitement and intensity of rugby matches. The action is fast-paced and thrilling, and the characters are all likable and easy to root for. The series also does a great job of showing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, both on and off the field. If you’re looking for a sports anime full of action, humor, and heart, you should check out Ani x Para: Who is Your Hero? Rugby anime.


5. Eyeshield 21

Rugby is a sport that is growing in popularity all over the world. It is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, speed, endurance, strategic thinking, and quick decision-making. These are just some reasons why Eyeshield 21, a rugby anime, is so popular. Eyeshield 21

The story of Eyeshield 21 follows the character of Sena Kobayakawa, a small and unassuming high school student. Kobayakawa has always been a bit of a pushover, but that all changes when he runs into Yoichi Hiruma, the captain of the Deimon Devil Bats, a rugby team. Hiruma sees potential in Kobayakawa and forces him to join the team, giving him the nickname “Eyeshield 21” in the process.

Eyeshield 21 is not your typical sports anime. It is a true underdog story, with the unlikely team of the Devil Bats having to face off against much more physically imposing opponents. But what the Devil Bats lack in size, they make up for in heart, making this anime so unique. There are plenty of reasons to watch Eyeshield 21, but if you’re a fan of rugby or sports anime in general, this is one that you won’t want to miss.


6. Madonna rugby anime

The oldest rugby anime is “Madonna .” This anime is about a group of young women on a rugby team. The team is very successful and always striving to be the best. The anime characters are likable, and the animation is top-notch. Madonna rugby anime

One of the great things about “Madonna” is that it realistically portrays the sport of rugby. The characters are shown training hard and working towards their goals. The anime also does an excellent job of showing the camaraderie between the team members. However, there are some drawbacks to “Madonna .”One of the biggest problems is that the anime is very slow-paced. This problem can be a turn-off for some viewers looking for a more fast-paced show. Additionally, the show can be too serious at times.

Overall, “Madonna” is a great rugby anime worth watching. It is slow-paced, but it is a realistic portrayal of the sport. If you are a rugby fan or looking for a good sports anime, then “Madonna” is worth checking out.

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Final Thought

Rugby anime is very popular nowadays. There are several reasons why this is the case, but the most important ones are the following:

  • The sport is intense and thrilling.
  • The characters are relatable and likable.
  • The story is engaging.

The sport of rugby is extreme and exciting. The characters must run with the ball, dodge tackles, and score tries. This makes for some fascinating scenes. 

The characters are also relatable and likable. They are all trying to achieve their goals, and they all have personal problems that they are trying to overcome. The story is also engaging. It follows the team as they try to win the national tournament. The story is exciting.

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